Naughty girls made to pay by teacher

Caity was the ring leader of the trio at Ryan academy, an over confident, somewhat cocky but likeable brunette. She was also the oldest having turned 18 some months before her cohorts. All were grade A students, excelling in literature, math and science. This wasn’t uncommon in such place as Ryan’s, the academic foundation that normally ensued a transition into a good college.

The other two were made up of Emma, a sarcastic, self absorbed blond and Kwan Li, a sexy Asian who despite a stereotypical upbringing to always do her best and achieve, was in awe of the other two’s rebellious attributes towards teachers and rules.

Today was Friday and the girls had hatched a plan to celebrate Kwan’s 18th birthday yet again this week, by getting high on weed and drinking vodka concoctions. A woodland area just outside the perimeters of the academy was their favourite port of call, it was always secluded and had that earthy tone to it.

Each girl fulfilled her part, Kwan had swiped a bottle of vodka from her parents heavily filled liquor cabinet, Emma had gotten her brother to get her a packet of 20 Marlborough lights (to avoid any suspicion that she would be using them out for weed later on) and Caity had scored some weed from the local pot head in town, each of the contraband was hidden in the confines of their school bags.

Mr Sylvester was old school, his corduroy jacket with leather elbow patches and checked bow tie, said all that it needed to. Although only in his late 30’s, he didn’t appreciate the modern age and believed in discipline. No one was ever late for his class without good reason, and homework was always completed on time. His history classes were the last lesson of the day and boring as ass, but he kept the classes attention.

Caity, Emma & Kwan sat away from each other in history, the temptation to talk or play around was too great, and detentions for relatively innocuous things, were handed out too freely. Caity sat at the front of the class, her desk diagonally opposite to Mr S, giving him a great view of her body and legs under the desk.


As the history class drew to a close, the three girls were asked to remain seated.They became a little apprehensive. Why were they being singled out? The history class was located on the 4th floor in the north block, no other classes used that floor on a Friday, and the north block was desolate.

Mrs S closed the door, the key protruded out of the key hole. He spoke in a stern tone “the board have decided to do spot checks on pupils and regular bag checks are to be randomly carried out, please bring your bags here.”

Emma & Kwan started to panic “shit, fuck, no shit” they mumbled. Caity smiled, in unison all three bags were tipped onto his desk, there was no time to hide the stuff.

Mr S drew a huge breath in through his nose, “vodka cigarettes and what the hell is this Caity, is this marihuana? Do you know how much trouble you’re all in. Well do you?”

The girls all looked down in shame, Mr S still in a state of shock, growled out “well you can kiss any plans for a decent university goodbye, no one will admit you after you’ve been expelled from here.”

Kwan started to cry, her soft tears drew down her pretty cheekbones. Emma started shaking and looking for the other two for inspiration, they’d been caught red handed!


Caity was the first to speak, “congratulations, you’ve busted us,well done, but do you really need to ruin our lives over this?”

With a wry smile, she carried on adopting a sweet little girly voice, “why get us thrown out of school, when you could discipline us yourself the old fashioned way?”

“Go on” he replied looking quite sinister.

Caity smiled and still using an innocent girly tone continued, “how about a good old fashioned spanking?”

Mr S grinned ear to ear, Caity continued “no one ever needs to know what you found and we promise never to do it again, do we girls?”

Mr S glared at the girls and grinned “I’m confiscating all of this stuff.”


“Agreed” snapped Caity as the others stood in astonishment at what was about to happen. Caity approached the door and locked it, just in case.

“Right let’s get started” Mr S announced rather too excitedly.

“Line up in front of my desk, your hands must be kept on the desk at all times, and you will all lean with your bottoms in the air, understood?”

“Yes sir” came the trio’s reply in unison.

The girls all now shaking, did as they were told, Caity was first, she leant forward sticking her ass up towards the sky.

She gulped as her skirt was slowly lifted higher & higher, her full pink cotton panties now fully on view as the skirt was laid to rest on her back, his hand gently brushed the thin material. She closed her eyes, the first strike stung her left buttock hard through the panties, then the right with equal force, he continued with four more.


Caity fought back tears of both pain and humiliation, then the moment she’d dreaded, the large panties tugged down to just above her knees, her red ass on full display, six more slaps reined down on her bare flesh.

When it was over, she was told not to move, she complied. He dropped to his knees to closer inspect the red marks, and briefly sniff Caity’s genitalia, as she stood there, her panties slipped down her tanned smooth legs, to around her ankles.

Emma was next in line, this time though, she was told to lift her skirt slowly herself, then put her hands back, with a few sharp breaths she started to pull it up but stopped short of her thighs.

“I ccccan’t do it” she whimpered.

“Yes you can” Caity replied in a reassuring tone, “do you wanna get expelled three weeks from final exams?”

Emma sniffed hard “no” she replied in a tiny voice.


“Then do what he wants” Caity grumbled, with that the skirt started to rise, revealing a big pair of baby blue panties to play with. Twelve spanks later, Emma’s panties were also round her ankles and her pussy/ass sniffed.

Last was Kwan, she had been painfully shy before she’d hung out with the other pair, and the thought of a man touching her, made her fill with anguish, as she was still a virgin, unlike the others.

This time though, her skirt was unzipped and fell to the ground, her huge white cotton panties on show, she got 6 of the best twice as per the others, and her ass rubbed and sniffed. Each girl had very little to say now with their underpants round their feet.

When Mr S had stopped molesting the cute Asian’s ass, he took a seat in one of the students desk, so he could fully take in the three girls red asses & exposed vaginal lips. They didn’t move, speak or look at each other. 15 minutes passed.

Suddenly, Mr S blurted out “time for a game I think” with that he approached Caity & Emma and removed their long navy school skirts.

“Ok turn around” he commanded, all three turned to him, panties now on their feet.


“Kwan, unbutton and take off Caity’s shirt & tie”

Kwan complied with embarrassment on her face.

“Now put the shirt on the desk, Caity strip Emma’s shirt off and Emma take Kwan’s off, I want all of your clothing folded and put on my desk.”

The girls did as instructed and stood in just long white socks, black shoes and their white school bra’s.

“Lose the socks, shoes & bra’s and stand in front of the blackboard, it’s time for a history test to get your clothes back, so you’d better pay attention for once.”

The girls stood naked and thoroughly ashamed. There was nothing they could do, They all believed that this was better than expulsion!


“The rules are as follows, for each three questions that you get correct, you may put on an item of clothing, starting with your socks, then your underwear, then shirt etc, any two wrong answers in a row, means the last piece of clothing comes off again, and the person least dressed, has to do a forfeit of my choosing.”

The first set of questions were on ancient mythology, Kwan got 6/10 correct, and was allowed her panties & socks back, leaving her 36D boobs on show. Emma also got 6/10 and too had her panties & socks returned. Caity got 4/10 and was only able to retrieve her socks!

The next round was much more difficult, both Emma & Kwan only got their bra’s, leaving Caity in just her birthday suit. The final round saw Emma & Kwan fully dressed, and Caity still naked, her pert 34D breasts and trimmed pussy on show.

An hour had passed and Caity had been exposed for almost all of it. Mr S smiled as he stared as Caity’s clothes still neatly folded on his desk.

“Time for the forfeit, Caity.” She took a deep breath, he pulled out his smartphone!

“As your friends were smart enough to win back all of their clothes, they won’t care about these photos, but you will, and in case you’ve ever wondered, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your panties without fail every Friday, over the past two years, and also the views down your shirt, why do you think you got such good grades, when it’s obvious from your nakedness you never study hard enough!”


The girls stood in front of the class with Caity in the middle and posed for Mr S, they did every pose as instructed.

Poor Caity didn’t make it out that evening, she was made to return to her desk, to very slowly win her clothing back, doing history tests again & again.

No one ever mentions what happened that day!

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