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Nasty Nigerian Nancy: My Brother’s Cum

I have been in love with Dare for as long as I can remember. No, my obsession with my older brother did not start out as a physical attraction. I adored and admired him for years. Then when I was 17, we lost our parents and it was just Dare and I. By then, he was in university and had managed to get a job that made it possible for him to rent a small flat not far from his school. He brought me to live with him. I had just finished secondary school and I was working as a salesgirl so I can save some money to start university too. My brother could barely afford his own school fees and our upkeep so I insisted, instead of him dropping out, I can work for a year and get some money together. Besides, it made sense that he graduate so he can maybe get a better job and we can live more comfortably.

Being in such close quarters with my brother each day just served to strengthen our bond. Because he worked so hard at his school and at his job, I loved taking care of him. I cooked his favourite meals and made sure our home was comfortable. I would warm his bath water and happily do his laundry.

I began to notice my feelings were different when I found myself crying whenever he brought home any lady. It was rare. My brother was not the kind to chase after women. But, whenever a girl came home with him, I was angry. I would stay in my room and sulk for hours. Sometimes, he asked me what was wrong but I said nothing. I could not even explain to myself how I felt.

Then he would take them into his bedroom and I would hear my darling brother make them moan. Some would scream and yell. Oh, how I wished it was me. How I wished my brother was making me holler like that. My arousal at listening to them would dampen my jealousy and anger. If the girls were screaming loud enough, I would dig my fingers in my panties and finger myself, soaking my hand in my cum within minutes. I would hear the bed creak as they fucked and I would close my eyes, bite my bottom lip so I would not make a sound.

This was the routine for nearly a year until I met Lara. As soon as he came home that evening and introduced her as his girlfriend, I knew this was different. She was tall, curvy and gorgeous. I noticed a hint of her nipples peeking through the black chiffon blouse she wore. I never used to notice this sort of thing but I was so drawn to this lady in a way I could not explain.

I could see the love in my brother’s eyes and for the first time ever, I anticipated the moment they would fuck. Lara smiled at me and I just could not help but smile back. Knowing that my brother’s dick would be deep in her hours later did not make me angry, it actually turned me on.

I happily made them some food and as expected, they retired to the bedroom after a few hours. Like I normally would, I listened outside their door.

Even Lara’s bedroom sounds were giving me goosebumps. She did not scream and I could not call it a moan. It was a soft sound of a girl who was way too focused on the pleasure for theatrics. It was calm but I knew she was loving every minute of being fucked by my brother. Three fingers were deep inside my cunt as I bounced up and down erratically on my hand. I had to give everything in me to keep from screaming and when I finally exploded, I was shivering so bad, I collapsed to the floor.

I heard her whisper something to him and I gathered my strength so I could return to my bedroom. I was still sweating and trying to catch my breath. I laid on my bed, my body still buzzing from the experience.

I must have dozed off because a sound from the kitchen jerked me awake. It seemed I had been asleep for just over an hour. Curiously, I got out of bed, still wearing the t-shirt and panties I had on during my earlier session. I was not sure what I was hoping for but when I found Lara in the kitchen, I was elated.

She was in a very short nightdress and she didn’t seem to have anything on underneath.

“Hi Nancy, I was just about to get some water to drink?” She said when she noticed me standing in the doorway.

“Sure. Let me help you.” I replied, taking a glass cup from the shelf. “Where’s Dare?”

“Oh, he’s asleep. I didn’t want to bother him,” she said with a smile.

I filled her glass and handed it to her. As she drank, my eyes roamed over her body until they eventually settled on her cleavage. I imagined Dare kissing her breasts and my pussy tingled in reaction.

She looked at me in surprise when she noticed me watching her.

“Oh, sorry. You have really beautiful skin. How do you maintain it?” I asked.

She then proceeded to describe the daily regimen that I couldn’t care less about. Then an idea came to me.

“I bought a new body cream recently myself. Would you like to take a look and see if it is good for my body?”

She hesitated, “well I’m no expert…” she was saying but I moved towards her, took her hand and gently tugged until she followed me to my bedroom.

I led her to the table top where I had all my cosmetics. She began glancing through them, lifting each one up, examining then returning it. I paid no attention to that. I was way too focused on her enticing curves and the image of my brother fucking her.

She turned to face me and had that surprised look again when she noticed I was looking intently at her. I paused for a second to consider what I was about to do, then decided to go for it. I leant in and placed my lips gently on hers.

She pulled her head back almost immediately but both my hands had glided up towards her breasts were I gently teased her nipples with my thumb.

“What are you doing?” she asked, but I could tell she was aroused. She did not completely move away from me. I did not respond but moved in for another kiss. Her lips on mine were unsure but I urged her to let go as I gently pinched her hard nipples.

I sighed into her mouth when her hands came to rest on my waist. The kiss got deeper and I was hungrier for her. I gently guided her to my bed where I laid her down. Her nightdress rode up and like I guessed, she was naked underneath. Her legs spread apart as she got comfortable.

My lips left hers as I slowly made my way towards her breasts. I wanted so badly to kiss and caress them but there was something else I wanted more. I wanted to taste my brother in her.

My mouth went straight for her pussy and my tongue slid in as deep as it could go. I tasted a hint of semen and I nearly went mad with want. I teased her clit and sucked her cunt in an effort to bring forth every single drop my brother’s juices.

She was making that sound I heard through the bedroom door earlier and that only urged me on. She reached down and grabbed a headful of my hair as she began to tremble. Before long, she began to squirt hot, sweet cum into my mouth. I licked and sucked and swallowed every drop.

When she was drained, I leant back up and to face her and gave her a deep kiss.

“That was great,” she said when we parted. “I would like to pleasure you too.”

“There is only one thing I want,” I said, holding her gaze.

“What?” she asked eagerly.

Then I told her to go wake my brother, fuck him until his cum filled her then come to my room as soon as possible. I told her how I wanted her to return with a pussy full of my brother’s cum and to tell me every single detail of how he fucked her.

She was momentarily taken aback but I saw that spark of interest in her eyes. The idea turned her on too.

“I will be right back,” she said. I got off her and my eyes followed her as she left my room to go do my bidding.

Lara was my soulmate and that was just the beginning.

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