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Namrata’s sexual Fantasy

Namrata Shukla is a 32 years old married woman. Her husband Rishi is an engineer in merchant navy and he comes home once for a month or two in a year. She is a school- teacher and also gives private tuitions in the evening to pass her time. She was sex-starved until last year and used to masturbate to satisfy her sexual desire.

Last year, She visited her friend (Darshana) of college days, who lives in Delhi. Her husband  is a doctor in UAE and she is a teacher like Namrata. One day Namrata accompanied Darshana to a ladies kitty-party where she was compelled to drink more than her usual capacity. When they reached home, Namrata was not even able to stand properly. Darshana helped her reach the bedroom. She herself was little drunk but not as much as Namrata.
Namrata flopped onto the bed without even removing her sandals. When she woke up after an hour or so, Namrata was still intoxicated. She got up to change since she was still in her party clothes and high heels. But before that Namrata heard sound coming from Darshana’s room. Namrata peeked inside to find Darshana on the bed with her 29 years old servant, Ashish.
She was shocked but she felt excited too as Namrata did not have had sex for months. Her choot became wet. Namrata returned to her room and started masturbating. She was just about to climax when Darshana walked into the room. She sat on the edge of the bed and caressed Namrata’s boobs. “Mujhe lagtaa hai tujhe kisi mard ki jarrorat hai…jo apne lund se teri choot ki pyaas bujhaye.” Darshana said with a naughty smile, “Aise 16 saal ki kaliyon ki tarah kab tak haath ya mombatiyon se choot ko shaant karti rahegi.”

She called in Ashish. His eyes widened as he saw Namrata in a state of undress. “Mujhe chodne ke baad lund mein kuch jaan baaki hai ki nahin…meri saheli ki choot bhi pyaasi hai” Darshana asked Ashish. Her language further excited Namrata. Darshana took hold of Ashish’s lund and by the flick of her palm made him come alive. Namrata was too hot and drunk to refuse. Her heart was beating at the thought of what she was about to do.
Spreading her legs, Ashish positioned himself between them, rubbing his lund along her choot. “MMMMM,” Namrata moaned, stretching her arms up above her head. Ashish leaned in, pushing his lund all the way into her as he took one of her nipples into his mouth. Namrata reached down, grabbing his muscular ass as he ground into her. He nibbled at her tits and ran his hand up her body. Splaying her legs wide, Ashish continued to fuck Namrata as he lay on top of her. Namrata closed her eyes and accepted his fucking with wanton lust. He was pushing her legs wide as his thick lund slid in and out of her choot. Then, grabbing her by the ankles, Ashish forced her legs up by her head. It hurt slightly, but Namrata didn’t even care. Namrata had a hard lund in her choot and that’s all that mattered.
“Tujhe choodane mein bahut mazaa aa rahaa hai, nahin kya? Darshana said rubbing her boobs. Namrata moaned. ” haan bahut mazaa aa raha hai! Ashish aur jor se chodo mujhe!” Ashish obeyed, slamming his hips into her. Namrata was surprised at her own words, but dismissed it, realizing that she was a little intoxicated. When he reached his climax, Namrata became so wild that she passed out and didn’t regain consciousness until morning

The next morning, when Namrata got up, Darshana came to her and they talked about previous night and her problem of sex starvation.

“Yaar tu bhi had karti hai (you are too much)…..patni vrata ban kar kab tak apne armaanon ka gala ghont ti rahegi (till when will you suppress your sexual desires for being a faithful wife). Hamaare pati bhi jab paise kammane ki dhun mein hamaara khyaal nahin karte to hum kyon parwah karen.(If our husbands don’t care about us due to their lust for money, why should we care)” Darshana said convincing Namrata.

“Dekh Namrata, life mein sex bhi utna hi jaroori hai jitne ki hawaa, paani, khaana (See Namrata, sex is as basic a need as food and water, and as natural as breathing). Yeh mard to biwi ka saath na hone par raandon ke kothon par apni pyaas bujha lete hain aur biwiyon se umeed karte hain ki sati-savitri ban ne ki (These male-chauvinist husbands will go to prostitutes to satisfy their lust in absence of wives and will then expect wives to be faithful and pious).”

“Namrata.. tu itni sundar or sexy hai ki jis mard ko ishara kare voh apna lund pakde tere aage peeche ghoomta rahe….jab tak jawaani hai mauj kar lo…. Mujhe dekh..main chudwane ka koi mauka haath se jaane nahin deti. Kitne hi mere school students mujhe chod kar khud ko dhanya maante hain.(Namrata, you are so beautiful and sexy that any man’s penis you wish would become your slave….Enjoy while you are still sexy and youthful….Look at me… I don’t miss even a single opportunity to fuck. So many of my students in school feel grateful after fucking me)” She said. “tu bhi apne kisi student ko seduce kar le…(why don’t you also seduce one of your students)

Darshana’s lecture changed Namrata’s views altogether. Namrata wondered why she had never thought of that before. Every moral and inhibition in her had melted away in the heat of her renewed passions.


Back home in Bombay, Namrata began her search for prospective guys from among her students in school and those who took tuitions from her. Namrata began putting on revealing dresses during tuitions at her home and in school too. She would wear low cut blouses and saris below her navel. Namrata started cracking double-meaning jokes while tutoring the students at her home. It was easier to seduce the students at home. Moreover, they were older than the students in her class at school.
Namrata found herself attracted towards a boy, Kshitij, who was gorgeous hunk of masculinity at age of 17. He gave her many sleepless nights. 

For nearly two weeks Namrata did not make move. Every night she ended up drinking and masturbating while thinking about him. Namrata would sit for hours puffing cigarettes and make different plans to seduce him. She wanted him but did not have courage till she finally decide to go by bolder route.

One day Namrata told him to come alone on Sunday, as he required some extra coaching. She had chosen Sunday because it was an off for other students. He said he goes to gym in afternoon on Sunday and that he would come directly from there in the evening.

Namrata waited for him nervously. What pretense would she use to seduce him? Namrata poured out a couple of stiff measures of gins, knocked them neat, and lit a cigarette. As the alcohol climbed, she felt warm under the collar and her hesitation was gone.

There was a knock at the door. Namrata exhaled a lungful of smoke and ground the rest of the cigarette under her sandal before letting him in. She felt at least a decade younger as Namrata watched him clad only in running shorts and T-shirt. Kshitij, upon seeing that she was dressed in fancy salwar-suit with high-heeled sandals and nice make-up, hesitated.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” he said, his eyes fixed on the jutting swell of her full rounded breasts, which were almost exposed through the low neckline of her salwar. “I didn’t mean to come here while you were going out somewhere.”

“Nonsense. Main tumhare hi bare nein sauch rahi thi, (I was just thinking about you)” Namrata said, smiling as sweetly as she could. Despite Kshitij’s obvious wide-eyed wonderment, she was certain of the brassy glint of sexual interest in his eyes. “Kuch piyoge (would you like something to drink) Kshitij,…thumsup, 7up?”

Namrata could see that his penis had ballooned in his shorts… and was getting larger even as she looked at it. “Kya baat hai (What’s the matter)? Tum aise dikh rahe ho jaise main tumhen kha jaaoongi, Kshitij (You look like I’m going to eat you, Kshitij).” Namrata said in a throaty, sultry voice. Deliberately she let her gaze fall once again to the crotch of his shorts, and Namrata couldn’t help smiling as she saw Kshitij squirm in embarrassment under her blatant scrutiny of the long, hard bulge that was straining the material of his shorts. Namrata knew that he was in an agony of confusion and frustration. “maine poocha, Kshitij, kya baat hai,” Namrata purred huskily. “kya tumhein mera salwar-suit acha nahin lagaa?”

The red-faced boy wordlessly shook his head. The torment he was experiencing apparent in his expression. “Kyon, Kshitij, Kya soch rahe ho jiski vajeh se yeh ho raha hai (Whatever are you thinking about to have that happen to you)?” ” Namrata said in a mock reproof, pointing towards his bulge.

“Miss, I…I…” he stuttered, “I’m sorry”. “Mujhe bhi pata hai ki yeh kya hai… (I know what it is, too

she whispered. “tumhara lund bahut sakht ho gaya hai, hai na?” (“Your penis is very, very hard, isn’t it?”).

His expressions showed that he was too overwhelmed to speak, but Namrata didn’t give him a chance to think very much. Instead, she pressed her lips tightly against his. They kissed passionately, her arms circling him and drawing him against the softness of her sensual curves. His chest was pressed against her full, yielding breasts, and the luscious globes flattened as Namrata held his body tightly against hers, her belly pressing against his.

Beyond this point, he took initiative like an experienced person although it was his first time. His hands massaged her back and his thighs pressed against hers. He leaned Namrata back over the table and his tongue licked her neck down to her cleavage. His hands undid the hooks of her kurta. Soon he was pawing over her bra, pulling its cups down to release her large boobs.

He lowered his lips to suck up a ruby nipple, his mouth opening to take the coned-out hardness of it completely inside his mouth, including the darker pink of its aureola and a generous portion of the soft, white flesh of her breast. Namrata felt his other hand slide inside her salwar. He pulled the nada (string) and pushed her salwar down.

“Ooooooohhhhh… uuuuuuunnnnhhhh… UUUUHHHHGGG!” The violent excitement of his aggressiveness made Namrata moan in pleasure. As her salwar got stuck due to her high-heeled sandals, he just tore it away without bothering to open the sandals.

His strong hand reached her panties. Savagely, he ripped the material downwards. Namrata drew up her legs one by one, enabling him to pull the panties off her one leg and then the other. Namrata started moaning uncontrollably… “mere pyaare…Kshitij….. meri choot chaato….”

Kshitij rammed his worming tongue up into the soft-rimmed flesh. Ovalling his lips and pressing tightly to her pulsing pussy he began to suck, alternating with deep tongue thrusts that raised choking moans from the depths of her being. Namrata whimpered beneath the unbelievable enchantment of the Kshitij’s voracious sucking and licking.

“kha jaao meri choot ko…AAAAAHHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHH…………peeeeeeee jaaaaaaao meri choooot kaaa ras…” Namrata wailed like an uncontrolled animal, her naked gyrating body twisting and writhing in the last untamed throes of orgasm.


Namrata lit a cigarette and fixed herself a strong drink while Kshitij preferred only the thumsup with very little gin in it. Namrata was intoxicated and full of lust at that time. She removed his shorts while he was still having thumsup. “ab main tera lund apne munh mein le kar choosongi.. iske liye kab se tadap rahi thi…. Is chodu lund ka ras pi kar hi meri pyaas bujhegi…” she was muttering as Namrata took his lund in her hand. She began to stroke it gently, teasingly, letting her fingers trace delicate patterns down the length of his lund, which stood upright like a truncheon from his loins. Namrata kneeled between his legs and took the whole length of his hardened lund into the warmly wet cavern of her mouth.

Feverishly, Namrata sucked and licked, thoroughly examining with her tongue every inch and ridge of his pulsing youth penis. She cupped his sperm-filled testicles in one palm while the clasping finger and thumb of her other hand held to its thickly rigid base. Namrata felt him thrusting his hips upward to her descending motions, fucking his aching hardness between her wetly clasping lips deep into her sucking mouth. Then, she began to swallow in lustful demand, trying to take the throbbing penishead completely into her warm, wet throat.

“Ooooooohhhh…!” he hissed,

Namrata choked back the moan of delight trying to rise in her throat. She felt the heated secretions seeping wetly from her pyaasi choot and flowing down between her widespread thighs to puddle wetly on the floor near her sandals. Namrata pressed her thighs together and pinched the tiny throbbing bud of her clitoris between her hair-less choot.

His prick began a sudden wild, convulsive jerking that flooded Namrata’s sucking mouth with torrent after torrent of burning semen, bloating her cheeks and forcing her to swallow desperately to keep from choking. Namrata was crooning excitedly and ticking his testicles with the tips of her fingers as she continued to suck and swallow without letup.

Finally, with one last groan and convulsive shudder as she drank the juices of his passion, Kshitij spiked the final drops of his seed into her mouth.

They rested for sometime. With little foreplay like teasing his penis with her sandals and sexy talk, he was ready for the main course of chudaai very soon. This is what Namrata like most in teen-aged boys.

“Ab bardaasht nahin..hota….Kshitij..apna lund meri choot mein pail do…..” Namrata had to have something fucking in and out of her… nothing else mattered. “Mujhe peeche se ghodi bana kar chodo…”

Namrata went on all fours and felt his strong gripping at her hips, and the wet tip of something hot and hard probing between her thighs. With an unrestrained moan, Namrata began to move the twin mounds of her buttocks in little searching circles, attempting to trap the phallic hardness, while her wanton actions continued to build the mad erotic tension within her to a nearly unbearable peak.

Namrata had to have it… had to have it prodding… fucking deep inside her belly now! Reaching frantically back through the arch of her hungering loins, Namrata grasped his lund, guiding its blunt, blood-engorged tip toward the mouth of her pyaasi choot.

Instantly, Kshitij fucked, spreading open her wetly receptive choot with a breath-taking thrust. Wider and wider her choot walls expanded before his deep lunge. He buried his lund to the hilt, deep up between her squirming, quivering fair thighs!

“Aaaaaaahhh…!” Namrata grunted as she felt felt choot walls flowering before his thickened lund. “Ooooooohhhhh… uuuuuuunnnnhhhh… UUUUHHHHGGG!”

And as Namrata continued to grunt and groan, Kshitij began to fuck unceasingly into her from behind, soft, satiny flesh of her choot rippling like tiny wavelets before his body-jarring thrusts.

At first it seemed to Namrata that a huge log had been forced into the sensitive core of her body, but as he kept up the fucking strokes with amazing rhythm, there was hardly time to dwell on anything but the fulfilling pleasure it was bringing to her. In unprecedented passion, Namrata was fucking rhythmically back to meet her student’s panting thrusts into her clutching choot. Namrata felt his hands clinging to her hips as she wantonly undulated her naked body except for sandals, rotating her buttocks backward in tiny lascivious circles, giving herself fully to the delight the young boy was fucking into her from behind.

Namrata wanted to feel him explode deep in her choot… She wanted to feel his fresh young cum flowing deep in her quaking body. Nothing else mattered to her… there was nothing in the world for her at that point then the thought of his hot nectar shooting into her and filling her choot to bring her the total rapture she so desperately wanted… Namrata sensed it then, swelling convulsively; cumming.

His wildly jerking penis gushed forth-hot thick jets of his pungent secretion to flood her ravished choot. Namrata’s lips bore back over her teeth as she groaned and bucked furiously against him. The ecstasy of it was greater than ever before, and as the first hot squirts of searing boy-sperm hit, her long-sought climax was finally triggered. Salaciously, Namrata fucked her naked buttocks back at her panting young lover to get the full benefit of his shaft of hardness buffeting into the inflamed cuntal passage. Every muscle in her naked body contracted as Namrata felt the erotic jolt of sensual pleasure spasm through her screaming choot.

“Oooohhh… chod…! jor se chod… aur jorrrrr se… main gayi, meri chooot…” Namrata moaned. “I’m cccccuuuuummmmmmmiiiinnnnngg!”

There was no time… no space… no motion, only the unbelievable bliss of her insane orgasm as Namrata was struck again and again by the spasmodic twitching of every straining muscle. He continued to spew his reservoir of youthful sperm deep into the hidden recesses of her trembling belly, and Namrata climaxed again, groaning and slamming her naked buttocks frenziedly back onto his hosing lund.

Namrata became a hedonist after that. She would never let an opportunity pass to indulge her sexual appetite. Her sexual appetite went wild steady supply of sex. She turned into a nymphomaniac who basically thought of nothing but sex. There was nothing like the feeling of a man’s steel-hardened lund fucking in and out between her legs. She started drinking more than ever. During the next month, she had seduced all the ten students in her home tuitions class. The expensive private school where she taught had the students who came from very well to do families. Namrata had managed to seduce some of the students in school also. 

As the month passed, however, she found that she was becoming more and more skillful in relieving their initial fears when she took their pants down and began massaging their lovely, precious penises. These young boys actually enjoyed having their lund sucked or enveloped by her always pyaasi choot.

There were three young macho-looking boys in her class upon whom she had her eyes on for some days but did not get a chance to seduce them. Since, they were Kshitij’s friends, she planned an orgy at her home and asked him to invite those guys at her place for small party. She asked Kshitij not to tell them anything about what she would do to them.

She licked her lips in anticipation of the meeting. She started drinking even before their arrival. She put on a seductive, slinky dress that showed her contours. She also wore five-inch black heels, which showed, off her sexy painted red-nailed feet. By the time guys arrived, she was already tipsy and had smoked five cigarettes. As Namrata opened her door, she saw the four handsome boys standing there, looking as though they had been asked to report to her for some sort of punishment.

“aao …aao… ander aao…” she said as sweetly as she could.

The four boys huddled together as she closed the door behind them. She turned to look at them, their sweet innocent faces full of wonder at what she wanted them for.

“Main seedhe point par aati hoon… tum mein se kaun whisky pasand karega…” she asked them. “aaj hum bahut masti karenge, piyenge, aur choodai karenge….” Namrata was saying whatever came to her mind. She was pretty drunk

“main tum logon ko sexy lagti hoon kya?… At first the boys (except Kshitij) had been totally shocked. They simply could not believe this was happening, but the talk of sex nevertheless caused their teen peniss to start swelling in their pants. Namrata then lowered her dress to expose her boobs and their eyes bulged along with a couple other things. Looking in their eyes, licking her lips, she then began playing with her large breasts, kneading them, pinching her now very erect nipples. Boys were nervous, breathing heavily, but unable to take their eyes off of her. They gulped down their drinks, which made them little comfortable.

“Mere muume acchey lage tum logon ko?” Namrata saked. They managed to say yes in-between nervous giggles. Before their disbelieving eyes, she then let her dress fall to her feet. Their mouths fell wide as she stood naked except for black sandals with five inches heels and started playing with her now very wet pussy lips.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Namrata moaned as she masturbated for them. With them staring at her choot, she looked at their crotches and saw wet spots. Only a sexually starved, thirty-two year-old woman like Namrata could truly appreciate what kind of compliment it was to have those four young men, and their peniss, leaking pre-cum in their pants!

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