Namrata’s sexual Fantasy Chapter 2

Namrata was simply amazed by the lesbian sex she had with Vandana. She had enjoyed sex so much with men and boys but it couldn’t have been as good as with the other woman, Namrata thought. Because other woman knows how to fuck you so good, and she never gets tired. She can just go on doing it to you, and you can do it to her, until neither of you can lift a finger anymore.


After the thrill of their first climaxes subsided, Vandana put on music and they lit cigarettes and poured whisky in their glasses. The music and the gin made Namrata feel so good that she stood up and started dancing in front of Vandana. She swayed in her high heels before Vandana’s fascinated gaze. She ran her hands over her body, and moaned softly, and danced naked in front of Vandana. Soon Vandana, half-hypnotized by her whisky and Namrata’s murky, irresistible sensuality, stood and began to dance, too. Like Namrata, she caressed her own body, and the two naked women circled each other in the glowing tube-light, swaying in time with the music, yearning and swaying and teasing one another as their bare, excited bodies drew close together, then tantalizingly slipped away. They danced until the record played itself out.

Both of them poured another stiff peg of whisky. Namrata felt a strong urge to pee and when got up to go to the bathroom, Vandana whispered “nahIn”. Vandana’s lips quivered and she licked them. She poured some whisky in her glass and handed it to Namrata. “apnA .kImatI aur sunaharA amR^ita jaisA peshAba is glass mein kar…” Vandana said with a shine in her eyes. Namrata was almost overwhelmed with the depravity of Vandana’s request. She was in fact extremely turned on by the nastiness of what Vandana was saying. Without knowing what came over her, Namrata put the glass between her legs let the jet of her piss fill the glass that became warmer. Excited, she heard the sound of the glass filling up and fascinated she saw the yellow liquid foaming. Before the glass could overflow, Vandana replaced it with the other glass that also contained some whisky. Namrata put the glasses on the table devoutly. Vandana kissed one of the glasses and looked into Namrata’s eyes. Vandana felt the warmth with her tongue. Then she drank it in big gulps without putting it down. Ahhhh… garma peshAba kay swAd kA jawAb nahIn ” she panted. The taste of Namrata’s hot urine pouring over her taste buds was unbeatable.

Vandana gestured with her eyes to Namrata to pick up other glass. Namrata wanted to taste her own hot golden piss in her mouth and feel it running down her throat. She sniffed the aroma from the glass as she slowly rubbed her pussy. “UGHHHHHHHHHH,” she moaned as she brought the glass to her lips and sipped gingerly from the glass at first. It was salty and warm, and it tasted good. She drank a little more. The hot body-flavor of her own piss was making her so horny. Vandana bent down and kissed her as Namrata took a big volume of whisky-piss penistail in her mouth. Vandana’s tongue darted in and out of Namrata’s piss filled mouth and Namrata pushed a portion of penistail in Vandana’s mouth. Vandana pushed it back to Namrata’s mouth. They were swapping the piss back and forth to each other’s mouth until finally they swallowed it down. While they were kissing, both of them reached down and played with each other’s pussy. Within one minute, they were both having an intense orgasm. They were cumming at the same time and were still darting out tongues in and out of each other’s mouth, moaning and shaking and twisting in delight.

They were both so insatiable that they seemed constantly to be steaming and sizzling with lust and desire for one another. They lit cigarettes and continued drinking which somehow lit the fires of their lust again, but this time they were no longer urgent and driven by fierce, quick hunger for each other. Instead they moved languorously together, and calmly stroked and nibbled and sucked and kissed one another’s bodies, taking a smoldering, fantastic joy in pleasuring each other. “teray liye ek aur surprise hai…tujhey achhA lagegA” Vandana whispered in Namrata’s ear with a sly grin on her face.

Namrata seeing the look Vandana had on her face she was intrigued. Not asking any questions because she knew that she would get her answer soon enough.
“Merey sAth bedroom mein chal” Vandana said and Namrata followed her. Both were teetering due to intoxication as they walked. Vandana opened a cabinet, “teri choot ki sab takalIpha in sey dUra ho jAyegi” and with that pulled out a bag and took out five dildos of different kinds and sizes.
“Oh, mA!” was all Namrata managed to speak out. She stared wide-eyed and jaw dropping on the floor. She knew what they were from the porn-movies. She had never seen anything like this before. For a minute, Namrata stammered unintelligibly and picked one of those toys. It was about ten and half inches long, and the girth of about two inches at the base. The hefty member was bent towards the ground and a nicely tapered head, which went to the thickest part, nearly two and quarter inches thick. It was very realistic, every detail of blood veins and glans and testes elaborately recreated. Namrata studied the artificial penis and gonads. The testes were the size of golf balls!

”teri to bolti hi banda ho gayi. ‘Oh, mA!’ kay Agey kuchh nahin bolegi kyA?” Vandana jeered. An amusing thought struck Namrata and she giggled, “aur gAnd nahin hai kyA iski?” She stroked the long, thick shaft. The skin looked as resilient as that of a real, live hard pecker. She saw that the blunt point had a slit in it–just like the genuine penis!

“Sali…gAndu kahin ki… yah hi dildo jaba main harness mein pahan kar teri gAnd mein ghusAungi taba pata chalega” Vandana mocked. “aur yeh dekh… yeh saba say kamAl ka hai…” Vandana showed her a massive 18-inch double dong, which had balls facing each end. It was black coloured solid rubber full of lifelike veins. “Yeh do auraton kay ek saath chudAi karnay kay liye hai aur yeh teesrA bhI bahut mast cheez hai…” Vandana said as she picked up and licked another 18 inch curved double dong. “yeh sirfa solo-use kay liye hai…iska thick end choot mein dAlnay kay liye aur tapered end gand mein ghusAnay kay liye…jis say ki choot aur gAnd mein ek sAth mazA ley sakein.” Vandana explained. 

Namrata was feeling so horny listening to description of toys. Then Vandana showed her fourth dildo, which was 9-inches long and 2-inches thick. It had a suction cup, which helped that dildo mount on floor or chair or table to give a sturdy base. “Yeh dildo kA ek naughty secret hai… yeh asli lund ki taraha ejaculate kartA hai! Iskey saath yeh attached bulb mein jo bhi chAhe liquid bharo aur sahi moment para squeeze kara dau… itna realistic experience miltA hai ki kyA batAoon….doosrA advantage hai ki jis position yA angle mein chAho adjust karo aur phir is para jitnA chAho Uchhalo.. ” Vandana said. The last one was a pink colored with strawberry scented 6 Inch multi-speed vibrating penis to fuck yourself silly.

Namrata was extremely excited, thinking about the fun she was going to have due to these dildos. Namrata felt her body begin to quiver. “Mmm,” she hummed as she spread out on Vandana’s bed, “bahuta majA Anay wAlA hai, eh?” She smoothed her thighs open with two palms. Her sap producing twat hole opened wide enough to accommodate an elephant hog. She reached down with two fingers and plied apart her cunt lips. “aba jaldi say yeh moTA plastic kA lund meri choot mein andara taka ghused dey!”

Vandana smiled cool white teeth between her dark-red lips, “sAli Chudakkar kutiyA, teri choot to bahuta tarasa rahii hai, parantu itni jaldi bhi kyA hai…” said Vandana as she put on the ten and half inches long dildo with harness around her waist. “tujhe ranDi ki taraha hi chodoongi…. Bol….saali… banegi meri ranDi? Vandana taunted. Namrata looked at Vandana with questioning eyes. Vandana now informed Namrata that she was her love slave for the day and she should just relax and enjoy what was in store for her. Namrata knew she was in for a real passion filled day, hoping that the bondage was as good as she knew Vandana was capable of. “hAn  main  teri ranDi hoon. tU jo bhi hukm degi, main  mAnUngi.” Namrata replied submissively.

“ghuTane jhukA kar baiTh jA, kutiyA,” Vandana ordered. Namrata slowly sank to her knees before Vandana. Vandana smiled down at her, then abruptly turned sat on the comfortable chair, leaving Namrata in the middle of the floor on her knees. Vandana rested her legs on the coffee table, her sandalled feet dangling over the edge, bobbing back and forth in front of Namrata. “chAla idhara Aa,” Vandana ordered as she lit another cigarette. Namrata began to rise, but was stopped. ” nahIn , dhIre dhIre ren gate hu.ay idhara Aa.” Namrata leaned forward onto all fours, and slowly crawled over to Vandana. Namrata reached the edge of coffee table in front of Vandana, and sat back on her feet awaiting her orders. “meray sandal aur paira chat kay sApha kara… chudakkar kutiyA!” I Namrata scurried over to her feet and began raining very sincere kisses of worship and gratitude across her sandals, their soles and heels and her exposed toes and feet. A ravenous tongue, lapping sloppily at her high-heels, trying to pleasure her, soon replaced kisses. Namrata licked the top of her feet with broad stokes of her tongue. They glistened with saliva, wet with her mouthing, smearing her glossy burgundy lipstick. Namrata sucked the heels of sandals like they were peniss. “Sandals kay talve bhi hain …chut-marani ! jIbha say chAT kay sAf kar… kutti . Namrata kissed the under-soles of the sandals. She cleaned the soles with her tongue. She cleaned them well. She cleaned one then she did the other. The exotic flavour of leather drove her wild as her tongue danced and slid over shiny straps and soles of Vandana’s sandals. “aba behatara hai,” Vandana sneered, “bol harAmee ! kyA inAm chaahi_e?.” “Mujhe apni kutti… randi… banA lo…mera gala sUkha rAhA hai… thodi si whisky pilA do is apni randi ko” Namrata replied. Grabbing hold of her hair, Vandana jerked Namrata’s head up to look into her face and blew a plume of cigarette smoke into the Namrata’s face. “Saali… dialogue mArti hai… bewadi ko whisky chaahi_e!! Vandana sneered and poured some whisky on her own feet. “le kutiya… merey pairon  se chAT whisky.” Vandana laughed, a cloud of smoke wreathing her cruel features. Namrata lapped at Vandana’s feet and sandals drenched in spirit like a dog licking water from a bowl.

The attention Namrata was giving to her feet was also having a sexual effect on Vandana. Vandana leaned back in her seat and her hand wandered down to her pussy. She lifted up her dildo and started to slowly stroke her pussy. Vandana began to moan and move sensuously within her chair. Vandana then suddenly lifting her long leg and placed the sole of her sandal immediately under her chin, all the while exhaling a long drag of smoke in her face. “randi! teri choot ko apni sandal sandal se chodoon  kya…bol” Vandana grinned.

‘hAn  chodo meri choot ko apane sexy sandals se” Namrata mumbled. With her legs to either side of Vandana’s leg, Namrata squatted over Vandana’s foot encased in high-heeled sandals, the leather against her choot. Vandana flexed her toe. Namrata moaned as she rubbed up and down the sandaled foot leaving a wet, shiny trails. Lower now, the toe of the sandal slid in and out of her dripping sex. Swollen, pink lips spread against gleaming straps of the sandals. Her hands caressed the slim, calves of her dominating lover. Vandana pulled away her foot from Namrata’s pussy and placed her sandal clad foot in the center of her chest and gave a little push indicating to her to lay on the floor. Namrata lay on her back on the floor near her feet and Vandana slid her left sandaled foot smoothly over Namrata’s breasts while rubbing her other foot across Namrata’s throat, up along her cheek to her forehead, then back down across the other cheek. Namrata felt Vandana’s sandal slide across her lips to her nose. Vandana’s left foot slowly and softly began sliding down Namrata’s stomach over to her crotch and then slowly and softly began sliding up her legs again while Namrata allowed her to rub her other sandal all over her face, mouth and nose.
Vandana began rubbing the sole of her sandal on Namrata’s wet pussy. Then while she was still kneading Namrata’s tits with her heels, she slowly inserted the 5”-heel of her other sandal inside Namrata’s pussy. When it was all the way in she withdrew it slowly and then plunged it in harder. Namrata began moaning uncontrollably with the heel of the sandal embedded deep inside her cunt and the soles of the sandal rubbing against her clit. Vandana pressed tight the sole of sandal against her clit and slowly rotated it. Her own wet cunt was coursing and burbling with prickly fires, but somehow she didn’t mind postponing her own satisfaction, because she knew it would come. For the moment, it was Namrata’s squirming sweat-damp naked body that consumed her, and kneaded Namrata’s firm round beautiful breasts with her sandal and fucking her cunt with the heel of the other sandal, making Namrata howl and groan with pleasurable agony. “UNH! UNH! UNH! AOOWWWNNNGGGH! UNH! UNH!” Namrata grunted and wheezed with mad delight, simply shattered and wrenched into a hot throbbing jelly of smoldering flesh as the peak of her climax crashed through her.

Vandana felt her own body pulsing and shivering with excitement, felt the sparks of desire speeding through her hot blood, felt her cunt moistening, gushing, flooding, and itching like crazy. Planting her feet wide apart and lifting up the dildo, Vandana spread her pussy. “chala SAli.. ghuTanon pe baith jA… aur meri choot ko chaT kar iski pyAs bujhA” she ordered, She grabbed a handful of hair at the nape of Namrata’s neck and jerked her head and pressed Namrata’s face in her cunt. Vandana was so excited that she was heatedly shaking. “aur yadi mujhe khusha kar diya… to teri choot ki pyaas main  is lund se bujhAungi” Vandana said before placing the cigarette between her painted lips. 

Reaching her tongue out to flick across the Vandana’ clit, Namrata ran her tongue through the soft pink folds. She slid her tongue deeply into Namrata’s sweet entrance. She tasted her, her senses filled with the Vandana’ scent. She started thrusting then slowly at first, slow even strokes with her tongue, then speeding up. Vandana thrust her hips into Namrata’s mouth, holding her head still. “jor jor se chAT meri choot,” Vandana moaned, feeling Namrata’s velvet tongue stroking harder and deeper. Stroking the Vandana’ inner walls with her tongue she drove it in and out faster creating a rhythm, her hands clawing at her own thighs with the force of her need. The bridge of her nose pressed against the Vandana’ clit and rocking back and forth on it with every stroke of her tongue. She withdrew her tongue and flicked the tight, hard clit, then drew it into her mouth sucking on it as her tongue danced over it. Vandana’ moans were coming louder, her grip on Namrata’s head never slack. Each stroke of Namrata’s tongue pushed her hips harder against Namrata’s mouth.

“Ooohhh, meri pyAri randi..khusha kar de mujhe… meri rAni…Ohmmmm…” Namrata heard the Vandana gasp loudly and tasted the sweet cream flow over her tongue. Vandana’ body quivered as her knees and thighs held Namrata in between them and her stiletto heels dug into Namrata’s thighs. Namrata’s nose and mouth were buried in Vandana’s wet cunt and it became difficult to breathe. Namrata never slacked up on her tonguing and sucking of the Vandana. Namrata’s tongue drew Vandana over the edge again as her hips began to buck on Namrata’s tongue. Vandana’s body writhed, her hips twisting and undulating on Namrata’s tongue, her cunt dripping pussy nectar down her willing throat. Vandana came quickly, spasming wildly, gushing great flood of cream as she actually ejaculated over Namrata’s face. The hot pungent fluid covered her face, stinging her eyes and filling her mouth and nostrils. Vandana released her grip then and Namrata pulled her face away gasping desperately for breath. Namrata coughed and spluttered as she swallowed a mouthful of her juices. Vandana looked down at her then, with a cruel grin on her sated face. Namrata knelt with her head bowed, still gasping for air. Vandana could see the results of her explosive orgasm dripping from Namrata’s chin. Slowly Vandana drew Namrata to her feet and kissed her deeply, her tongue reaching out to taste her own flavor on Namrata’s face and lips.

Namrata was on the very brink, hoping for Vandana to fuck her hard, fast, rough with that dildo. Vandana also realized the hunger in Namrata’s eyes as she saw her eyes burning with lust and knew she was dying to get fucked by her strap-on dildo. “tu ney mujhe bahut khusha kiya hai… to aba teri KhwaahiSH bhi poori kar deti hoon… bahut ta.Dap rahi hai nA teri choot, is dildo say chudwAney kay liye…bol chhinaal ! Vandana asked as she stroked the 10 and half-inch length of the dildo with one hand. Half-terrified, but also half-starved with hunger for it, Namrata stared at the massive thundering dildo. “hAn  chod mujhe… jaise chAhe… chod apni is kutiya ki pyaasi choot!” Namrata replied. Vandana held her roughly by her hair. Namrata screamed in pain and the moment her mouth was opened, Vandana pushed her dildo between the soft lips and deep into Vandana’s mouth. “chala sAli! Andara tak le.’ Vandana pressed further forward grinding her hips as the full length of the dildo slid into Namrata’s mouth and then her throat. Namrata gagged as the rubber balls came to rest against her face. Namrata’s jaw was forced as wide as it could go by the huge rubber penis. She was totally defenseless against Vandana as she began banging her mouth, forcing the dildo into her throat. Vandana looked down on the gagging Namrata as she made her suck her big black penis. Namrata attempted to withdraw, but Vandana wouldn’t allow it. Instead, she grabbed Namrata’s head and drove the tool even deeper, yelling at her to suck it. Namrata’s eyes bulged from her face as Vandana started to fuck her throat, driving strap-on down her gullet. Her face was purple and her eyelids were fluttering. Sensing her dismay, Vandana gave one last thrust and finally withdrew the dildo from her mouth. Pulling her penis from Namrata’s mouth, Vandana watched as she gasped for breath. A long thread of saliva ran from the head of the strap-on to Namrata’s wet mouth.

“mujhe ummiid hai ki too ney achhi tarah say laura chATA hai, chhinaal! kyon ki yeh teri gAnD mein ghusane wAlA hai. poorA ka poorA ghused doongi teri gAnD mein ,” Vandana snarled, and rose to move behind Namrata. “nahin  gAnD main  nahin … meri choot ko chod… itnA baDA meri gAnD mein nahin  jAyegA…please” Namrata pleaded. Vandana planted the heel of her sandal in the center in the center of Namrata’s back and pushed her face down on the floor. “sAli! choot bhi chodun gi teri, kintu pahale teri gAnD maroongi…kala shAm ko to neelay gagan kay tale kissi anajAna kay muusal lund se apni gAnD marwA rahi thI… aba chup kar aur mujhse bhi gAnD marwA.. kutiyA…” Vandana said as she manoeuvered into position and blew a stream of smoke over Namrata from the cigarette clamped between her lips.. She shifted until the head of the great thick dildo was pressed firmly against Namrata’s anus. Namrata grimaced and gritted her teeth as the mighty phallus was positioned at the end of her asshole. Vandana grinned and spit on the entrance of her bum, then began to slowly but firmly insert the ribbed dildo, giving Namrata a savage slap with each rib that slipped inside the distended anus.

Namrata felt split in half with a searing pain. She cried out, loudly, and then bit her teeth after three stinging blows from Vandana. The dildo continued its relentless assault, until Vandana’s groin bounced off Namrata’s fleshy buttocks. Satisfied, Vandana then really went to work. Namrata began to weep tears of pleasure and pain as the tool ripped into her guts, thrust savagely by Vandana. Each thrust became a little easier to bear, and the pleasure emanating from her stretched anus began to outweigh the pain. Vandana continued her verbal assault as well- “sAli kutiyA, teri gAnD ko aaj phAD Daloongi. teri gAnD ko itni baDi kar doongi ki isme meri muThThi bhi aarAm say ghUs jAyegi ismen ” Excited by the dirty talk and the revelation of how much this fantasy of Vandana’s also turned her own, Namrata began to buck like a horse, thrusting back onto the rubber penis, trying to take it deeper, ignoring the pain as it punched past her second sphincter, even though it brought fresh tears to her eyes. After another full five minutes of rampant thrusting, at last Vandana stopped her thrusting, leaving the dildo embedded in Namrata to the hilt. Vandana began a rapid circular motion grinding her own erection, her long stiff clitoris, against the butt of the plastic penis. Her breathing increased rapidly, becoming loud in Namrata’s ear as she approached her climax. Vandana humped her cunt one last time against the end of the dildo pushing it deeper still into Namrata’s arsehole. Vandana came with a scream and Namrata felt her juices on her butt-cheeks and thighs as Vandana ejaculated a thick river of cream all over her bum. Vandana groaned and pulled out, mimicking the actions of a man who had just emptied his load in Namrata’s gaping butt. Namrata twitched and collapsed, exhausted, on the floor, while Vandana gazed in adoration at her gaping anus, which was distended to the width of the dildo, refusing to close after that assault. Vandana swayed the dildo in front of Namrata’s face showing how slimy the rubber penis was from being in her ass so long. “chala haramzadi mun ha khol apna… aur chAT kay saaf kar” she told Namrata. Namrata opened her mouth to her. Vandana put the penis on her tongue pushing some of the sticky shaft in her mouth. Namrata opened her mouth wider to accommodate the huge black scummy dildo. Vandana pushed more in. Namrata didn’t resist; she took it. Then Vandana forced it deeper making her swallow the big black rubber penis. Then Namrata wrapped her lips tight around the penis while Vandana slowly extracted it. All of the slime covering that coated the shaft, the scum from deep within her ass, Namrata cleaned off with her mouth and lips. Then in one gulp, she swallowed her own dirty asshole gunk down. Vandana kissed Namrata on mouth and felt the taste of her scat on her tongue.

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