Namrata’s sexual Fantasy Chapter 1

There was a sudden sound at the door of the office and the two women looked and Namrata cried out.


The security guard of the school, Mukesh Tiwari, was standing there in the doorway. Mukesh looked at the two women lying naked on the floor. He was totally confused. In fact, he had heard some sounds from Principal’s office and he came there to check. Before that day, Vandana always used to inform Mukesh when she stayed back for some work after regular school hours. Vandana had forgot to inform him today and also to lock the door after she got water for their drinks 15-20 minutes back.
Mukesh was 28 years old pathaan and married with 3 kids. He was well built with athletic body.

Namrata was shocked and dismayed but Vandana was calm. “Koi baat nahin, ab tu andar aa hi gaya hai to tu bhi hamare saath aish kar le” Vandana vinked at him and Namrata.
Namrata was really stunned at her boldness, but the whisky and the erotic atmosphere combined to weaken her to the point of yielding.
“Tera lund to hamen nangi dekh kar khada ho hi gaya hoga” Vandana said lustfully, looking at his crotch.
Mukesh couldn’t believe his luck. Without delay, he stripped his clothes. His lund dangled like huge salami halfway down to his knees. It was at least nine inches long. His balls were huge, like two hen’s eggs hanging in a pink sac. Namrata was now grinning from ear to ear. Mukesh’s lund was straight up in the air.
Namrata looked at his penis and sat there with her mouth open and said, “hey bhagwaan…” She reached over and put her hand on his lund, she could not reach all the way around it, and said, “maine pahle kabhi itna bada lavda nahin dekha.”

“Saali, tu dekhti bhi kaise.. 17-18 saal ke chokron ke lund hi to khaye hain abhi tak teri choot ne… aaj tujhe asli lund ka mazaa milega” Vandana said mockingly. They started giggling and stroking him and all he could do was just sit back with his eyes closed and let them have their way.
Vandana soon got down between his legs and put both hands around his penis and looked up at him with those beautiful eyes, and gave it a lick all the way up and down to the base then moaned, “Mmmmm kitna achha swaad hai… tu bhi try kar Namrata.”
Namrata got down beside Vandana and lick the head a little. Then, they started taking turns sucking him off and jerking him too. Mukesh placed his hands on their heads and was rubbing their hair. They couldn’t get him all in their mouths, but they tried. They took turns sucking and stroking then they kissed each other and licked and sucked him some more. 

“Oh, kitna sundar hai…aur tagda bhi…!” Namrata gasped, her wet tongue swirling out and stroking the livid thumping pole feverishly.

Meanwhile, Vandana’s rapid hands were all over Namrata’s body, squeezing and clasping and stroking her warm silky flesh, dipping to her crotch and finding the dripping folds of her wet open choot. Namrata sucked the head of Mukesh’s gigantic lund into her mouth and dove on it crazily, squeezing and pumping the fat bulging stalk of flesh with her hands. She moaned and hissed deliriously as Vandana’s fingers slid up into her flowing cunt. Namrata slurped the gargantuan stiff lavda, bathing it in warm spittle and sucking the pulsing, ballooning head of it deep into her throat. And Mukesh obliged Namrata by stuffing her mouth with it, pushing down on her bobbing head with his strong hands and fucking up vigorously into her throat.

The tempest of fuck hunger that was engulfing the other three grew more urgent, more heated and violent. Vandana tugged Namrata’s trembling body back onto the floor, moaning and cooing with lust as her mouth found Namrata’s big pointed red nipples and devoured them. Namrata was forced to release Mukesh’s throbbing, twitching wet penis from her mouth as she tumbled and squirmed backwards onto the floor.
But her creamy white thighs splayed apart, and she gazed passionately at his fierce lund, begging with him, pleading. “Ohhh, ab raha nahin jaata, ghused do apna lavda meri choot mein, pleeease, pleeease bahut aag lagi hai is choot mein…bhosda bana do iska apne lavde se…jaldi sey ghusedo.”

Slipping an arm beneath each of Namrata’s knees, Mukesh locked her long legs in his arms and swooped them upward, pinning her thighs back against her shoulders and completely baring the long wet seam of her crotch. He leaned over her that way, his twitching penis bobbing only inches from the slick open blossom of her runny choot, and smiled, and put his fingers on her tight nipples, pulling and softly pinching them. Vandana slithered down Namrata’s body to her thighs, to her ass, kneading Namrata’s uptilted taut buttocks with her hands, kissing Namrata’s ass everywhere and rubbing the knuckle of her forefinger against Namrata’s tight pinched-shut rectum.
Namrata stared up into Mukesh’s lust-torn face, her eyes wide and shiny, with crackling excitement, and she gasped and whimpered, “Ohhhh, yeh to meri choot phad dalega, is tarah nahin…bahut bada hai! Oh please, oh please … unnnnn!” She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she felt him lower his hips and place the flaring head of his long thick prick in the puffy, wet, inflamed outer lips of her cunt. Her body tensed, she stopped breathing, and then cried out. “AAGGNNNNHHIEEEE!” she howled. Mukesh had unleashed the full force of his strength and driven his massive penis down to the very bottom of her spasming channel in one violent forward plunge.

Pinning her knees back against her shoulders and bending her body double, Mukesh rode Namrata’s ass up off the floor and pumped sharp rapid jabs of raging lund into her, and she wriggled the smooth taut moons of her buttocks and squealed and bucked up into his thrust. Vandana managed to slip her hand between Mukesh’s heavy, dangling balls and Namrata’s ass, and she inserted her finger into Namrata’s rectum. 

Namrata whooped and coughed with surprise. “Ohh! Ooooonnnhh!” The sounds Namrata made in her sweet torment seemed to whip Vandana’s lust to a higher pitch, and she swarmed against the jouncing, thrashing, whinnying pair, sinking her teeth into the flesh of Namrata’s white flexing thigh, stabbing her finger in and out of Namrata’s asshole, finding her way with the other hand through twisted legs and arms to Namrata’s breasts and finger-banging Namrata’s stiff flaring nipples. The sight and the sounds of the blistering, yowling, squirming fuck-storm that had engulfed Mukesh and Namrata had worked the magic on Vandana. She swarmed with savage passion over whatever parts of Namrata’s thrashing body she could reach with her hands and mouth, banging Namrata’s anus with her long finger, and biting the Namrata’s up tilted squirmy buttocks with her sharp teeth, humming and moaning wildly.

Mukesh drilled the Namrata’s choot so viciously that she was simply shattered by the mad explosion of her climax, which ripped and tore through her wincing, screaming body like a thousand bolts of hot lightning. “AAIIIEEEEEENNNNGGGG!” she wailed, wracked with joyful spasms that threatened to squeeze the very life out of her fuck-flayed, doubled-up body. Vandana felt her own body pulsing and shivering with excitement, felt the sparks of desire speeding through her hot blood. Vandana somehow knew that Mukesh was not coming along with Namrata. 

Mukesh had not surrendered his seed. He turned Namrata over and positioned her on her hands and knees. Namrata felt him rise up behind her, felt him part her buttocks again with his hands, felt the thick gristly stalk of his hug erect penis swing up and down in the moist crack of her ass. It would never fit; she knew it would never fit into the tight passage. She felt his massive prick wedged between the cheeks of her ass, riding up and down, bursting and throbbing with insane power, and again she gulped with terror. “Ohhh nahin…please…meri gand phar jaayegi…itna bada lund maei gand mein nahin samayega…. mar jaaoongi main….” Namrata looked back over her shoulder scared at Vandana. Although she have had her ass fucked so many times before, but Mukesh’s penis was a monster, incredibly thick.

“Just relax Namrata, tujhe mazaa aayega, mera vishvas kar.” Vandana spread open Namrata’s ass cheeks, licked up through her crack pausing on her anus to get it good and wet. Then she fingered Namrata’s asshole probing inside with one, then two fingers to get her used to being penetrated up the ass. Once Vandana felt Namrata relax, she spread her asscheeks wide apart holding them open for Mukesh. Namrata held her breath as he lodged the huge bulb of his prick’s head in the small mouth of her rectum, holding her buttocks apart with his hands, inching his penis into her. While he started pushing in, Vandana began fingering Namrata’s cunt. He strove and pushed and grunted, but it would not go in.

Namrata began to shake with sharp continuous tremors, shivers that seized every inch of her flesh and shook her, and shook her, so that she could do nothing but moan for him to do it, to do it quick. She implored him, she begged him, going suddenly giddy and maniacal with fear and joyful anticipation. “Jaldi kar madarchod….ab ghusedta kyon nahin apna lund meri gand mein….” 

His thumbs dug even more fiercely into the edges of her pinched-shut rectum, which flamed with razory spasms of pain, and he lunged up and forward, and she felt the head of his penis slide into her ass. “AAGGGHHIIIEEEE!” she howled suddenly. “OHHH! OWWWWCH! UNNNGH OW OWWCH! ANNGGGHH!” Namrata felt like her asshole had surely ripped open, but it somehow it managed to stretch apart to accommodate Mukesh’s huge penis. Her anal hole hugged the fat bulging head of his huge tool as it passed into her rear hole. Vandana could see the tears roll down Namrata’s cheeks from the pain, but she held back screaming any more. Her anus was stretched open incredibly wide.

Mukesh pushed in deeper, forcing his thick meat through Namrata’s asshole and up inside her tiny rectum. Namrata was breathing heavy almost in a panic as the thick log between Mukesh’s legs disappeared deeper and deeper inside Namrata’s precious little ass. “Oh!!! bahut bada hai,….. ahhhhh!!!!…” “yeh…. ba..h. uuuu t. ba..da.. hai.!!!” ahhhh!!!!!… dukhta hai……….” Namrata had his penis stuffed in her, buried in her ass and it was hurting. 

Vandana fingered harder pushing her fingers deep inside Namrata’s cunt. That seemed to work pretty well. Namrata was getting turned on, which gave Mukesh a chance to start pumping her super tight asshole. She coughed and choked with helpless delight through the shocks of molten pain-pleasure that jolted her, that tore at her every pulsing nerve, as his fiendishly huge penis slid deeper and deeper into her asshole, lubricated by the greasy jelly and powered by the firm passionate thrust of his hips.

Namrata felt every hidden nerve in her body flutter and spurt and pop and burst again and again. Tense with the agony of pain-pleasure that came from being completely impaled in the ass by the merciless slicing sword of this chowkidaar’s beautiful stupendous prick, she squirmed into the floor, grunting mindlessly with lust and impatience, lifting her ass to him, wanting him to ravish her brutally. Some part of her brain knew he had gone briefly crazy, but it was okay with her, she wanted more, and more! Mukesh had embedded his fantastic prick deep within her and now lay slumped on her naked back, his teeth roaming and nipping the flesh of her coppery shoulders as he enjoyed the intensity of pleasure that came from her tight ass muscles pinching his burning shaft. 

But Namrata was delirious with impatience. She tilted her ass up to him, begged him in incoherent gasps and pleasure. “jor se, gandu, aur jor se! Unngghhhh! Oh bahut mazaa aa raha hai..! kya hua gandu, kya tu … unh oh! Kya tu aur jor se gand nahin maar sakta? Mar le meri gand! Ohhh phad daalmeri gand!” she shrieked, imploring him, egging him on, bucking her hips back into him, her whole twitching body washed with flashing heat as she felt the huge monster that was sunk in her.

And whether it was her words or the frantic undulations of her pelvis that whipped him into frenzy, Mukesh suddenly began to give her what she wanted. He reared up behind her, pulling his prick out to the edge of her anus, grasping her thighs with his strong steady hands, and plunged it into her so brutally that she squealed with shock and joy, thrashing and squirming so wildly that the bonds on her wrists and ankles bit into her skin. Again he slammed his cruel, piercing, punishing penis into her, and again, and again! “Unh! Unh!” she grunted as his penis drove into her, rearing and surging into the spasming depths of her belly. His hard lower belly slammed and slapped into her jouncing, quivering buttocks as he hammered his ass-splitting prick deeply into her, and she thrusted back and up into him with her shuddering hips, taking the full piercing penetration of his brutal shaft, pinching it and wrenching it with her ass muscles, driving him crazier still. 

Already she was coming, she felt the hot arrowing rockets of honey fire squirting through her, but it was only the beginning, the first popping explosions of the holocaust she could sense was coming. “UNNHH! UNNHH! AAGGGHHNNNIIIEEE!” she screeched. “UNNNNEEEE!” She was shrieking and cawing mindlessly with agony, she nevertheless swooped her ass up again and again to the pounding, hammering, relentless penetration of his amazingly stiff and tireless penis. She dug her elbows and her knees into the carpet and tilted her ass up to him, swirling it in small circles, twitching it back into his plunging tool grunting as he slammed forward and crammed her asshole with it.

Vandana could almost feel the fiery, stabbing, piercing tip of the immense steel-hard penis digging unbelievably deep up into her own belly, and she whimpered in sympathy and envy as she saw Mukesh pull it halfway out and slam it home again, bringing new shrieks and squeals of insane delight from Namrata’s cawing throat.

Wheezing and groaning, her body taut as a stretched wire and burning everywhere with a torment of honey fire, Namrata could not tell where the blazing, whooping rockets of her pain fled and melted into the stupendous red-and-purple manias of the violent killing paroxysms of her growing, expanding bombshell orgasms. She came and came, and still the fiery cluster of nerves in the clenching ring of her splitting rectum spurted with hotter and hotter flames. Suddenly she felt his massive plunging penis grow even bigger inside of her. She felt it swell and elongate and grow harder still, harder than rock, harder than steel. She thought she had taken as much as she could, as much as anybody could, but now she had to take even more as he swarmed over her back, sinking his teeth savagely into the flesh of her shoulders, clawing her breasts with his hands, and lifting the lower part of her shuddering body off the bed completely with each brutal piercing lunge of his penis. Now instead of ploughing and probing her with it, however fiercely, he was drilling her, sinking the huge shaft so far into her ass that she feared he would actually tear her apart.

Mukesh bit her shoulder cruelly, and she screeched, throbbing and twisting and thrashing with now blinding bursts of coming. “AAGGIIIEEE! OOOOWWWCHH! OHHHH GOD! ANNGGGG! UNN! OH SHIT UNNHH!” Namrata cried. 

But even now, as she knew he was only a second away from coming, she felt the power of the climax that had been building in her. He roared and ripped into her, and she dissolved, her body flying to pieces in pulsing tornadoes of pulverizing spasms. They seized her and wrenched her, and bled and pummeled and stomped and squeezed every last crashing throbbing pulsation of pleasure out of her flesh. 

Namrata was nothing but a shuddering, gagging mass of joy-burning flesh under him as she felt the long ass-murdering rocket of his prick explode deep within her, squirting hot strings of jism into her, the wild animalistic cries tearing themselves out of his throat as Mukesh crushed her beneath him and pumped his endless fiery gobs of seed deep into her ass.

Locked together in the immense holocaust of the fuck-storm they had created, they quivered and shuddered, and groaned and gasped, dying through the violent beauty of the incredible spasms that tore through them. Time was obliterated, and it seemed to Namrata that the huge, shattering bomb of their mutual orgasm kept on exploding forever. Stream after stream of cum flooded her tiny rectum. When Namrata eventually felt the throbbing stop and the hot spurting subside, Mukesh withdrew from her stretched asshole, leaving her moaning. Seeing Namrata kneeling there with her anal hole still spread open and knowing that just inside that hole was a big pool of fresh cum. 

Vandana moved over to Namrata’s behind and licked her just fucked asshole feeling on her tongue the slimy cum residue that coated Namrata’s anal opening. Vandana spread Namrata’s ass-cheeks further apart forcing them open wide and stretching her anus. Vandana tongued Namrata’s asshole more, smearing the sperm around her ass-crack using her lips and face. The nasty slut within Vandana was now emerging. Her lust and frenzy for cum brought out her filthy whore side.

With her face still buried between Namrata’s ass-cheeks, Vandana placed her lips onto Namrata’s stretched open asshole, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down onto the floor until Namrata was seated on Vandana’s face. Then Vandana started sucking, sucking hard on Namrata’s anal opening. Namrata was going wild with the incredible feeling of her asshole getting sucked and rimmed. Vandana pushed Namrata off her face. 

She sat up looking at Namrata and Mukesh. Her lips glistened with white sperm and some brown slime running down her chin. Her face was a mess covered with Mukesh’s spunk and some sticky slimy filth that she sucked from inside of Namrata’s ass. But Vandana merely sat there tasting the nasty sticky stuff she extracted from Namrata’s behind. She ate everything that she sucked out, swallowing several times to get the entire residue clinging to the inside of her mouth.

“kaisi raand hai tu,” Namrata exclaimed. “jarra dekh apne cheherey ko”. Namrata moved forward and kissed Vandana on her face. Namrata licked Vandana’s lips, and used her fingers to remove the sticky scum dripping from her face, pushing it into own her mouth to eat that too.

Vandana was herself crazy with hot incredible desire. She was positively dying with fuck-hunger. After watching the scene of Namrata being fucked by Mukesh, Vandana’s own wet cunt was coursing and burbling with prickly fires. Vandana got down between Mukesh’s legs and grasped his semi-erect penis in her soft, skilled hand and began to lightly stroke her hand up and down the length of his penis, stimulating the super-sensitive underside with her supple fingers, feeling it still growing and swelling in her hand. She held his almost erect penis in both hands and started sucking him like it was the last penis she would ever see. Namrata bent down and held my penis with both hands for Vandana as she was sucking the life out of it. Trying to get it hard again. Meanwhile, Namrata also licked his balls and thighs. Mukesh was going nuts. Vandana’s magic mouth brought him back to life again. She loved the taste of it. The heat of it caused her pussy to quiver and burn.

Vandana slowly moved her head downward, savoring every inch of penis-flesh she sucked into her mouth. She felt the head of his red, steaming prick pressing against the back of her throat, but she relaxed and let it slide still deeper inside. Inch by inch, his big lund disappeared into her voracious mouth, filling her mouth and throat until she thought she couldn’t hold any more. But she knew she still could. She opened her mouth still wider and drew the last few remaining inches of his lavda into her throat. She loved the feeling of being stuffed full of his penis, feeling her lips brushing against his pubic hair, his big prick throbbing and pulsing in her mouth. She raised her head back up to the top of his penis-shaft and was beginning another downward plunge. She sucked him back in faster this time, hearing him grunt in response. She released him again, his shaft now glistening with her saliva, and made her next stroke harder and more forceful as she plunged downward. She sucked strongly and smoothly, savoring the feeling of his big prick sliding in and out of her mouth. The burning in her pussy was growing fiercer and she knew that she did want his monstrous penis shoved deep inside her cunt. She slowly removed her mouth from his delicious prick, lingering just long enough to press her tongue once more into the tight piss-hole.

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