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Naked Daughter

Terri was nervous as I led her into the room, my hand resting gently on the slight indentation of her waist. I felt a slight tremor course through her slender young body. She looked at Daddy, lying on the big double bed naked and then her big innocent eyes were once again looking questioningly into mine. I heard her take a deep breath. She wanted to run, I knew, but she also wanted to stay. She wanted to say… and be fucked, just as we had planned. Daddy looked surprised, but both of us — me and him — knew that he was pretending. For weeks I had hinted that I wanted to bring my little sister to bed with us naked, and he had made no objection. He had not openly agreed, but he had made no objection. And now she was here. He raised himself up on one elbow, as if he were startled to see her there, but there was no way he could mask the desire that was in his eyes. It seemed to flash in the dark pupils. His tongue flicked out to dampen the thin line of his lips, and I could see that his cock was already hard and pressing against the front of his shorts. I closed the door behind us. “She knows about us. She’s known for a long time,” I said as I crossed the room toward him. Before he could reply, I bent down and kissed him on the mouth, my hand going to the front of his shorts. I gave his cock a squeeze, then ended the kiss and turned to take a good look at my little sister. She was enough to stiffen the cock of any man. Slim, even for a girl of thirteen, but slim in a way that was a promise of delightful things to come. The sheer green nylon of the short little gown that ended very high up on her smoothly tanned young thighs revealed the rounded little apples of her tits. She wore no bra — as her titties were only naked now approaching the stage when she would need one and the little nipples were seen as darker circles at the dome of each breast. At the center of her transparent bikini panties was a hint of darkness — perhaps it was made by the hair that was beginning to sprout around her cunt, perhaps it was not — and on the insides of her thighs showed a flash of white, the end of her tan. Her eyes watching the floor, a nervous hand touching her long blonde hair, she shuffled from one foot to the other until I motioned for her to join us on the bed naked. My hand was still squeezing the wonderful hardness of Daddy’s prick through the cotton shorts as, entranced by the exquisite beauty of her tempting young body, I watched her timidly make her way across the room. Her bare feet padded softly on the wooden floor. I felt a warm wetness building in my cunt. “Baby, you don’t have to do this,” I heard Daddy whisper in a voice so thick that the words seemed to run together. I was sitting with my hip pressed against his naked thigh, with only the thin material of my dress between us, and I felt his muscles tighten into knots. Then Terri was there. “I want to do it, Daddy,” she said, her lower lip trembling and her voice breaking. She seemed ready to cry. “I love you. I love you just like Brenda does… and I…” Sobbing, she threw herself into his arms. I slipped my hand from between their bodies, watching as she pressed her face against his naked shoulder, her body shaking. She was sprawled between his legs, her little belly over the swelling cock I had just released, and she had slipped her hands beneath his shoulders. She gave a small whimper; then, like a swimmer diving into freezing water, she slithered upward and locked her lips to his. Time seemed frozen. Then, slowly, as if he had fought and lost a battle, his hands began stroking her naked body. They moved slowly down across her shoulders, in to the small of her back, onto the cheeks of her rounded little ass, and they paused there. They flexed on her pretty ass, playing with the yielding flesh. She wiggled between his legs. Her gown had worked its way up above her rump — or maybe he had tugged it there — and his hands began to ease her panties down, revealing her delightful little ass. It was untanned, very white in comparison to the tan of her naked legs. I was standing now, my legs feeling very weak, and I watched his fingers probe at the little cleft between her buttocks. I saw the pink flesh of her pussy for an instant as her ass lifted in reaction to the caresses of his hands, and then his wrist was blocking my view. A moan escaped his lips as her small hand shot between their bodies, finding his prick, and then he rolled her over. Her panties were stretched tight between her thighs. Her pussy was a pink slit framed by a pale golden fuzz. Her eyes were very big in her childish face. Violently he jerked her panties off, then threw them on the floor. As he moved to a kneeling position between the naked legs she had spread wide in readiness — his big cock now standing erect through the opening of his shorts — I felt my breath catch in my throat. My knees shook when Terri reached up to grasp his prick. She whispered something I couldn’t hear through the buzzing that filled my brain, and then she began to tug at his shorts. He was out of them in an instant. As he flung himself on top of her, his mouth locking on hers, one hand squeezing at her tit while the other slipped beneath the cheeks of her naked ass, she once again grasped his prick and struggled to guide it home. I began to undress. I felt a searing flame rush upward from my cunt as he gave a powerful thrust downward, plunging his cock deep into her eager little pussy, and the soft moan that escaped her lips was not a childish cry — it was the sound of a woman being fucked. She was no cherry, not by a long shot, and her purring alone was proof enough of how much she loved a good fucking. By the time I had stripped myself bare, Daddy had settled into a steady stroke that carried his naked cock deep into her upraised cunt, then be withdrew it until only the head remained between the clinging lips. Her heels were dug into the bed, her body arched into a bow, and I could clearly see the union of their bodies. Ready to come just from the excitement of watching, I joined them on the bed. I knelt beside them, purposely letting my tits hang down so that the nipples brushed against the moving back of my father, and I began to stroke him with one hand. Across his hard and hairy ass. Lightly, down into the crack of his ass. Between his legs. Feeling the firmness of his balls, holding them and feeling them move as he fucked. Without moving from between Terri’s legs, he raised himself and threw his arm around me, pulling me to him. We kissed. Terri’s leg, raised and bent at the knee, was between us, and it felt silken and soft as it moved against my naked belly and my cunt. I could hear her breathing heavily as she writhed against the cock that was piercing her, and I found myself reaching down to stroke her tit. The perfect little tit felt delightfully rigid through the thin nylon, and the hardened nipple seemed to burn my stroking palm. I had meant to hold off — to let Terri have a good fucking before I got my own — but that was forgotten now. I needed some. And I went after it. Terri was going to have to share that cock. “Let her sit on your cock, Daddy,” I said, pulling away from the two of them. He smiled, knowing what I was going to suggest, and slipped his naked cock free. I stroked his hard shaft, wet with the juices of their fucking, released it as he rolled onto his back, and said, “If I have to wait for my cock, I’ll need some tongue to keep me going.” And I quickly moved to straddle his face. Even as my knees were sinking into the mattress and I was lowering my ass and cunt down over his face, I felt him reach up eagerly to grasp my thighs, pulling me down. I closed my eyes as I felt the first licking of his warm, wet tongue, a licking that began at the front of my cunt and ended when it had reached far back into the crack of my ass. When I opened my eyes — an eternity later it seemed — Terri was facing me, kneeling, one leg on each side of his naked body, getting ready to lower herself onto the rigid prick she grasped in her trembling fingers. The gown had been cast aside. She was totally naked. As she let herself slowly down onto that beautiful cock, I could actually see the pink little lips of her pussy spread wide to accept it. Her face looked dazed. Her eyes were glassy, her lips slack. As Daddy’s tongue licked deep into my cunt, I found myself reaching out to stroke the base of his cock, the hard flatness of his belly. His tongue licked faster. I could feel it moving hungrily back and forth between the lips of my pussy, stretching out to stroke at my clitoris, probing deep in my vagina. My naked hips pumped back and forth as if I were fucking, and he kept his head high between my thighs, licking and sucking whatever he could reach. A red haze seemed to fill the air between me and Terri. She was moving herself in tight little circles above his pumping hips, and I could see her little cunt opening and closing like a flower as his cock slid in and out of her. I leaned forward far forward bracing one hand on each side of Daddy, and very gently placed my lips on Terri’s delectable tit. It tasted sweet, clean. She put one hand on each side of my face, holding me there, and the bed groaned loudly as she began frantically pumping her hips above the cock that was in her. I sucked her rigid little nipple between my lips, nipped it once with my teeth, then lifted a hand to her naked shoulder and pushed her backward. I knew she was ready to come; I knew Daddy was ready to come, and I wanted in on the action. It was exactly like doing the sixty-nine, except that the cock I leaned forward to lick was partially covered by an almost hairless little pussy that weaved and bobbed before my eyes. With Terri leaning far back and bracing herself on her hands, I was able to touch my lips and tongue to the base of his prick, the crisp hairs of his pubis, and my new position let him do a better job on my cunt. Better and better. Faster and deeper. Faster. Licking the right spots… Faster… I began to come. The wet heat inside my cunt built like a volcano. Suddenly, it erupted. I pressed my quivering cunt down tight against his face, moving it, and I trembled as he greedily sucked the juice that flowed from inside me. And then the two of them followed suit. “I can’t… I can’t… I can’t!” Terri cried incoherently, thrusting her cunt down to meet the powerful lurch of his hips, leaving no room for me. They strained against one another, groin to groin, trembling as they came. Terri slumped backward. As if in slow motion, I watched his prick slide free from the quivering lips of her pussy, saw his prick release one last silvery spurt of semen, and watched her collapse onto her naked back, their legs tangled together, his hairy balls were almost touching her little cunt. His prick was wet and shining with the juices of their fuck, and a few pearls of come had beaded in the black curls of hair above his cock. I licked them up, tasting the familiar saltiness of his come, and I put my hand around his cock. It was fast going soft. “I can’t go again, Brenda,” he said from between my thighs, and I felt his hands drop away from my body, felt his hair brush against my naked legs as he lowered his face from my cunt. “I couldn’t fuck again if my life depended on it. Not now.” But I had already thought of a surprise for him. The surprise lay spread before my eyes — pink and coral and tempting, surrounded by a shimmering halo of pale golden fuzz, with here and there a sparkling diamond of his come. Terri’s cunt. Without really thinking about it, I had decided to eat her cunt. “You’ve got two daughters for lovers now, remember?” I reminded him in a voice that was more teasing than serious. Then, because I knew that he would be more easily aroused if he could watch what I was about to do, I shifted my body over so that I lay with my cunt near his face — my tits against his side, my face very close to his prick and his nuts — and very close to the open pussy of my little sister. We were ready. As I took his sticky, limber prick in one hand and his balls in the other, leaning down so close that I knew he would be able to feel the touch of my breath, I kept my eyes on the delicious little box that lay between Terri’s thighs. Though she was beginning to come out of the stupor that always claims a woman after she has been fucked, her slim legs were still draped over his, her gash in front of my face. I lifted his cock and fitted the sticky flesh into my mouth, tasting the sweet-salty-tasteless come that coated his prick, and I heard Terri’s breath rattle in her throat, and I squeezed his balls until I felt his shaft begin to swell slightly inside my mouth, and then I released him… and went after my little sister. Daddy slipped away from us as I used my hands to lift Terri’s ass from the bed, and I knew then that he had clearly understood what I wanted to do… and I knew what he would do. Her fine little pelvis seemed to twitch as I lifted her butt and draped her thighs over my shoulders, and for a moment I was afraid she would try to pull away. Then I kissed the center of her pussy and her reaction told me that was the last thing on her mind. Her nails clawed painfully — but pleasingly, oh, so pleasingly! — into the naked back of my neck, trying to draw my face into her sopping little pussy, and her thighs trembled against my shoulders. I resisted her. “Hold your pussy open, Terri, so I can see it,” I said, and it was all I could do to whisper the words. I shifted myself into a kneeling position, using my shoulders to raise her ass so high that she was resting fully on her own, and I watched in breathless silence as she reached down with two fingers of one hand and pulled apart the tempting lips of her tight little cunt. It was gorgeous. As she spread it wide before my eyes, revealing the inner flesh that was slightly darker than the pink lips — slightly puckered from fucking — a trickle of come was released from inside her. I went after it like a cat goes after cream. I felt Daddy coming after me. In the same instant that I clamped my mouth tight over her dripping little pussy, sucking hard as I sought the delicious come she had drained from his cock, I felt his hand reach beneath me to grasp my tit; I felt my flesh being spread wide by the head of a cock. In others words… I felt wonderful. I was near the edge of the bed, with my ass raised high in the air, and that allowed him to fuck me naked while standing. Let me tell you, there is no better way. Add that to the cloudy white come Terri was serving from the priceless cup of her pussy and you will see that. I was getting the best of everything… from two people I loved. Cunt and cock. The best of them both. In front of me, squirming in reaction to the darting of my tongue, the delicate sucking of my mouth, was a pussy that any woman would envy and any man would desire. It seemed to flex around my stroking tongue; it seemed to struggle to draw me deeper into its tasty flesh. And behind me, behind me… behind me!! His heavy cock pumped steadily in and out of my cunt, spreading me wider than he had ever done, reaching deeper than any prick I had ever known exciting my throbbing clit beyond imagination. I could feel the hair at the base of his cock teasing the sensitive flesh of my ass with each inward thrust he made, and I could feel the lips of my cunt being drawn outward each time he withdrew. For the second time that evening, I was getting ready to come. Terri beat me to it. Her thighs tightened spasmodically around my naked neck, she almost smothered me as she used both hands to hold me tight against her cunt, and her clit went prick — hard between my lips. Her cunt was slack and wet. Hot come exploded deep inside my gash, spurting from the cock of my father, at exactly the same second I felt myself reach a coming that was one for the books. For just a moment he held me like that, letting me writhe on the end of his dick, and then we collapsed across the bed. Daddy fell between us and it was a long time before I could find the energy to raise my head and look at my sister. She looked naked exhausted, satiated. I winked at her. I had made a wise decision. Daddy would need someone when I was gone. Terri would be that someone. She would love him, as I had done. She would care for him, as I had done. She naked would fuck him, as I had done. A wise decision. One I was sure I would never regret.

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