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Nailed on the Rails

I saw him every day on the subway. He was tall, dark, and sexy as fuck. But, while I consider myself reasonably attractive, I doubted very much he even noticed me. A tall man like that doesn’t see a woman who barely tops five feet, even with long red hair.

Then one day, he wasn’t in his usual spot. I was disappointed, silly as it was, as I had convinced myself that this would be the day that I got brave enough to say hi.

Suddenly I felt someone’s hot breath on the back of my neck. I froze until a voice said, “I’ve noticed you watching me. I think you dream about having my hands all over your body. If I’m wrong, just say no, and I will walk away. But if I’m right, say nothing, and I’ll give you a subway ride to remember.”

I should have said no. We were on a subway, for fuck’s sake! But my libido decided for me, and I remained silent.

“Just to make sure you heard me, nod if you want me to use you like a dirty little girl right here on this train.”

I nodded enthusiastically and wondered just how he planned to pull this off on a crowded subway. I prayed to God he wasn’t considering the disgusting lavatory with its smell of vomit and other putrid odors.

I needn’t have worried; my mystery man had no intention of moving anywhere. He nibbled on my earlobe and whispered, “I’m not a psycho killer, so you’ve no need to fear me.”

Then I heard a switchblade open and felt myself tremble. He lifted the back of my dress and pressed the cool blade against the back of my left thigh. When he felt me flinch, he made soothing noises in my ear and said, “Trust me.”

Before I could respond, I felt him use the knife to liberate the black lacy thong from my body. He closed the knife and stuffed it, along with my panties, into the left front pocket of his trousers. “A souvenir for me,” he laughed.

I held onto the pole and tried to see his reflection in it, but the chrome was dull from years of wear and dirty hands. When the train stopped, I should have gotten off and walked away. But I was too entranced by the idea of what he would do next.

He waited until the subway car resumed its journey. Then he reached under my dress and found my slick, swollen labia with his fingers.

“Oh, fuck,” I sighed.

“Soon, my dirty little girl. I want to play with you first.”

He deftly manipulated the silky pink folds until he inserted a determined digit inside me. I was dripping like a faucet as he explored my intimate parts. I felt my legs threaten to give way beneath me. But he wrapped an arm around me to prevent me from falling while he played to his heart’s content.

Eventually, he found my hard nub and flicked it like a musician might pluck guitar strings. I was oblivious to the occasional looks from others in the subway car, but he was reveling in the attention.

“There’s a woman over there in the corner who wishes she was you,” he said in a low, sexy tone. “Do you want me to stop?”

I shook my head, incapable of speech, and backed my ass into his body. I felt his hardness poking through his trousers and moaned a little.

“Ah, my dirty girl needs more than a finger, doesn’t she?”

I whimpered, “Mm-hmm.”

I felt his hand reach between us and unzip his pants. Suddenly, the head of his dick was rubbing where the fingers had been playing.

“Oh, God!” I said a little too loudly. My eyes flew open, and I made uncomfortable eye contact with an elderly man who was sitting across the way. He had a newspaper on his lap, and his hand was beneath it. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that he was wanking under the New York Times.

“He wishes he was me,” the voice said in my ear. “Are you ready to take all of me, my dirty little girl?”

I should have stopped this, but I had reached the point of no return. If I didn’t let him fuck me, I was sure I would go crazy with need.

“Yes, please!”

“Please, what?”

“Please fuck me!”

He pushed into me in one firm thrust with the biggest cock I’ve ever taken inside me.

“Hold on tightly to the pole while I fuck you, baby. And try not to scream when you cum. I’d hate for us to get arrested.”

My eyes flew open wide at the realization that we could get in trouble for lewd acts in public. But I gripped the pole as instructed and tried not to moan loudly while his giant shaft banged against my cervix. He felt so damn good in me that I didn’t care who was watching.

The older man groaned loudly as the newspaper slid off his lap at the most inopportune moment. However, this worked in my favor as the attention of other subway riders was no longer on me. I closed my eyes again and allowed myself to enjoy the amazing cock jackhammering its way into me.

“I’m gonna cum, baby! Can I cum inside you?”

“Yes! Fuck, yes!” I hissed, trying not to scream.

As I felt his cock explode inside me, my own orgasm ripped through my body! Panting, I leaned against the pole, exhausted from my intense release. As the still semihard cock pulled out of me, I felt his cum trickle down the inside of my thigh. He nibbled my neck and said, “You’re so fucking hot, my dirty little girl!”

I nuzzled the side of my face against his and asked, “Mm, same time next week?”

“Oh, fuck yeah! But let’s meet on a bench near Central Park Zoo!” 

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