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Aditi Fucked By Gurnam

“Ah…Ahh… don’t open your eyes Aditi.” Arjun said as he guided me through the door of our house to the parking.

A few minutes ago, Arjun, my husband had sneaked into our house and closed his palms on my eyes from behind. Startled, I was about to scream when I recognized his voice. He said it that he had bought a surprise gift for me. I knew what the gift was. I had not been hinting him to buy it for me like a normal woman does; I had out rightly demanded it.

As we slowly walked into the parking, my heart beat faster, my mind was racing with all the thoughts of the gift that he had bought me. After a few steps, we stopped. He gently lifted his palms off my eyes and asked me to open them. I immediately opened them and my excitement died on the spot, as if run over by a speeding truck.

Stood in front of me was a ‘Maruti Esteem’. A car that had been taken off the production lines years ago. It was the ‘luxury sedan’ of a bygone era, a time when India had just opened its economy to the world. The only other cars available were Fiat 1100 and Ambassador.

My hopes for a brand new contemporary luxury sedan were dashed the moment I saw this. The anticipation and excitement that my husband built by walking me over to this abomination blindfolded drowned the moment I opened my eyes.

I looked at my husband, he was looking at the car as if he had himself had designed and built it. I could see the pride on his face. As soon as he turned to see me, the smile of his face was wiped clean. What he saw was an angry wife, pissed off at the fact that in spite of her demands for a new car he had dared to get a used one, that too a car which in a few years would be a collector’s item.

“What?” he asked with genuine surprise.

“You know what Arjun. This is not what I asked for.” I said.

“Why?? What is wrong with this car? It is a good car. Good power, decent mileage and I got it for a bargain. I always wanted to buy this when I was in college.” He said as he smiled at me.

“Then why don’t you use it and I will use your car? You know I had set my eyes on the Fiat Linea.” I said.

“I know that Aditi, but it has just been six months since you started taking driving lessons and a couple of weeks since you have started driving alone. And in these six months I have seen how you drive. You have bumped my car a couple of times.” Arjun spelled out his argument in clear terms.

That statement just kind of ended the argument. Since I had started driving, I had stalled the car on very busy traffic junctions a couple of times, cracked the rear bumper while trying to reverse, left behind a long scratch which was easily visible on a pearl white car while trying to squeeze past a concrete pillar and I had also almost run over a guy trying to cross the street.

“At all times I was there to help you out of the mess that you made by driving my car but now you will have to drive around on your own. I am not going to risk you driving a brand new, million rupee car into a wall or a street lamp.” he said as he made the last sprint towards the finish line of the argument race and won it.

I just stood there with a grumpy face, listening to his valid arguments. He was right, I still was getting a hand of driving and it would certainly be a heart ache to see an expensive card destroyed so soon.

“I bought this car as a practice car for you sweetheart. You drive it around for a year or more and once you drive perfectly I will buy you a car which is way beyond your choice.” He said as he pulled me into an embrace.

“You know I am a man of my word. Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di…uske baad to mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.” He said using a tacky movie dialogue to cheer me up. I giggled at that remark. Arjun’s silly humor always worked on me even after so many years of being together.

Arjun and I have been married for 5 years. We were in the same college campus but not in the same stream. He was into finance and I was into designing. We met thorough a common friend of ours and slowly became friends. After a year of just being friends, Arjun asked me out and I said yes and we started dating.

We continued our relationship even after passing out of college. Even though we were from completely different fields, contrasting work cultures and timings, we managed to keep our bond strong. Arjun became a banker and I started working in an interior designing firm.

After a courtship of three years, Arjun proposed and I gladly accepted. After declaring this to our respective families who had no problems about us getting married, we were married. Our first years were as they are for any newly married couple with a lot of dreams, ambitions and love. Even though we had been dating for years, being officially married kind of ignited a spark in our life. It was as if we had just started dating. We had re-discovered our love for each other and were living our married life as love struck bunnies.

I being a Sagittarian and Arjun being an Arian, our match was made in heaven. Even though we loved and respected each other deeply; there always existed this healthy competition between us. This competition helped us build a successful life. Arjun had rapidly climbed the corporate ladder and had been recently been promoted to the Assistant General Manager in his bank and I after mastering the craft of interior designing had started my own practice a couple of years ago.

We were now financially well off and so we purchased a row house in an upcoming neighborhood of our city and settled down. My business was going pretty well and I now had several contracts all over the city. I used to travel to work on a scooter that I had purchased a couple of years ago but it was really tiring to ride all over the city in the traffic and the pollution and my dust allergies just didn’t help.

So almost a year ago, Arjun suggested that I learn to drive and then we would buy a new car. And so here we were, my ‘new car’ was standing right in front of me.

“C’mon dear, check out your car” Arjun said as he held my hand and walked towards the car. He handed the keys over to me and asked to get into the drivers seat.

As I stood close to the car, I noticed that the color and shine had not faded a lot as it would have for a used car. Once we got into the car, I noticed the interiors were nicely made up with leather seat covers, a decent stereo and through the rear view mirror, I noticed a white soft toy teddy bear at the back of the car.

“Did that come with the car?” I asked Arjun.

“What do you think?” he replied with a smile. I bent over to kiss him.

After the tender kiss, I started the car and we drove over to a nearby coffee house where we spent an hour before we started driving back. On the way back, I switched on the air conditioner and it worked well for a few minutes, before I noticed the temperature of the engine was rising and the AC wasn’t working properly. We made it back to our house and Arjun said that he will call a mechanic tomorrow.

The rest of the evening went normally and after dinner we resigned to our bedroom. I changed into a T shirt and a pair of shorts and got into our bed and snuggled up to him. It was my signal to let him know that I was in the mood. Arjun read it correctly and soon we were making out.

Soon we were out of our clothes and I was down and sucking his cock. He gently ran his fingers through my hair as I licked his shaft downwards before suckling on his balls. After a few minutes of sucking his cock, I went up to him and straddled him. I gently held his cock and inserted into my pussy and started rocking back and forth.

What followed were several pleasure filled minutes before Arjun and I climaxed. We soon drifted to sleep in each others arms. Sex with my husband was never a problem. During the early days of our marriage, we were humping like bunnies but with time the frequency had reduced but the passion hadn’t. Now we were having sex 3 times a week but it was still as passionate as it was 5 years ago.

The next morning, we got up late as it was a Saturday. While we were having breakfast, I reminded Arjun of the AC problem with the car. He said that he was going to call a mechanic he knew who had a garage near by. After breakfast he took his cell phone and dialed a number. He talked to the mechanic and it was agreed that he would come around noon to check out the car.

After doing our morning chores, Arjun was watching TV and I got busy with my work. Around noon, the doorbell rang. Arjun was lazing on the couch and was in no mood to walk over to the door and open it so I had to get up open it.

As I opened the door, I saw a tall, muscular man in a worn out jumpsuit and a tool case standing in front of me. I was a little surprised looking at him as I had forgotten about the mechanic.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Madam…I am Gurnam…the mechanic…Arjun saab called me in the morning to see the car.” He said calmly.

“Aah…Gurnam…come in come in.” Arjun said as he came to the door.

Gurnam entered the living room and I offered him a glass of water. From his name I though he was Punjabi and from his appearance he surely looked from that part of the country. He was taller than Arjun who himself stands at a handsome 6 feet so Gurnam must have been atleast 6 feet 3 inches tall. He had a square face with high cheek bones. He had a thick patch of jet black hair on his hair and thick stubble on his face.

He was wearing a sky blue colored jumpsuit which had been used for several years. It had oil and grease stains on it. Gurnam skin was tanned and genetically being a Punjabi, he had a muscular frame and his profession helped him maintain his physique.

After a few minutes of talking, both men stood up and started walking out of the house towards the parking and I followed them. My husband went back into the house to fetch the car keys while I and Gurnam stood in silence. I was looking at the car when I noticed Gurnam was staring at me or rather my thighs.
I was wearing a denim short and T shirt which I hadn’t bothered to change in spite of the fact that a stranger was in my house and was blatantly staring at my legs.

I looked at him sternly but that did not deter Gurnam as he continued checking me out. I felt awkward and preferred to look the other way. Seconds later Arjun returned with the keys and handed them over to Gurnam who had by then started behaving as if nothing had happened. Gurnam opened the bonnet of the car and checked something and after a minute stood up.

Then he and my husband started talking all engine stuff, half of which I did not understand. The only thing I understood that the AC compressor was not working properly and also the gas had also run out.

“Why don’t you take the car over to your garage and get all the problems worked out?” Arjun asked.

“I cannot saab. I have already closed my garage for the day as I have to attend a function and also, I have to get the gas and spare parts required for the repair which won’t be available till Monday. Why don’t you drop the car at my garage on Monday and I will fix it up. Till then don’t switch on the AC.” Gurnam replied.

My husband agreed without asking me and it was settled. Gurnam walked out of the gate and I and Arjun walked back into the house.

“I won’t be able to drop the car at his garage on Monday. I have a quarterly review coming this week and I will be leaving early. You will have to take the car there.” Arjun said as he went back to watching TV.

I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the going to the garage of a man who was a few minutes ago staring at my legs as if he had never seen a woman before. I wanted to tell this to Arjun but I let it go and thought that Gurnam was a half educated brute for whom such behavior was normal. I left it at that and went back to work.
The weekend passed by quickly and on Monday morning Arjun joined me at the dinning table for breakfast. After a hurried breakfast he wore his suite and was about to leave before he reminded me to take the car to the garage. I just nodded and he gave me a kiss and left.

The memories of the other day were still fresh and I wanted to avoid going to the garage but with summer approaching, driving a car without an AC was something I wasn’t looking forward to. So I had not choice but to go there.

I finished my chores and sorted out the day’s schedule. I wore a faded jeans and a yellow colored top. I took my hand bag and the keys to the car and the house and headed out to the parking. It was almost noon and the car had become really hot after being in the sun. I broke a sweat the moment I got into the car and it was just clear to me. I had to get this AC fixed!

Arjun had told me where Gurnam’s garage was. It was three kilometers to the east of my neighborhood. As I approached the area, I slowed down and started looking around for his garage. Along the way I realized that this part of the town was still undeveloped. There were a couple of buildings which were complete and a few under construction building scattered around.

As I turned towards the last lane of the neighborhood, I saw the board of his garage. I slowly drove towards it and as I approached I could read the hoarding clearly. It said ‘Gurnam Da Garage’. The name just confirmed that he was a Punjabi.

The garage was pretty big and stood over a large plot of land. It was not a concrete structure, it was just brick walls with worn out white plaster with tin roofs over them. I took a right turn into the garage and saw a large rust gathering gate which lead into the garage. I slowly drove in and I saw a few cars parked around.

I stopped my car and got out of it and started walking towards the interior of the garage. As I walked inside I saw several broken down, mangled cars or at least what was left of them. There were a couple of men who were working on them and they were oblivious to the fact that a beautiful young woman was walking towards them.

I saw a teenage boy sitting on a tiny stool, cleaning the engine parts with what looked like petrol. He must have been no more than twenty years old. The garage was filled with sounds of hammering and sheet cutters and all the clanky noises that one hears in every garage.

“Where is Gurnam?” I asked the boy as I walked over to him.

The boy looked up at me and for a few seconds just started at me. He just sat still staring at me as if we were playing the game of statue. I again asked him where is Gurnam. Without uttering a word, he pointed in a direction.
I walked in the direction that the boy had pointed and I soon was in a big shed which had a few more cars in it but the cars here were very different. These were the cars which were being dented and were waiting for the paint job. There were several car doors and bonnets sheets resting on the wall of the shed. This place was like a garage within a garage within a garage.

I was looking for someone who could tell me where Gurnam was or perhaps better, take me to him. As I looked around, I saw a man standing in one corner of the shed. His back was facing me and it seemed that he was working on something. As I neared him I saw that he had a gas cutter in his hand and he was wearing the protective mask and was working on some metal sheets. I slowly walked towards him and stood a few feet away from him.

“Can you please tell me where Gurnam is?” I asked as I sounded clearly agitated.

The man stopped working, switched off the gas cutter, put it down and turned around to face me. With his protective mask on, the man looked somewhat like a 60’s era movie robot. The man was wearing a wife beater which stuck to his body from all the sweat and below he was wearing faded blue jeans. The sweaty wife beater and his tanned skin left nothing for imagination and I could clearly see a muscular, chiseled body underneath. The man was tall and with the mask on he was looking scary.

He just kept staring at me through the mask, his chest heaving and sweat sliding down his large hairy chest. After a few seconds the man took off the mask and kept it on the table. It was Gurnam.

I was a little relieved seeing him considering

that I was walking around this maze like garage looking for him for the past several minutes, not that I was very enthusiastic about meeting him but he was the only familiar face in this unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces. He smiled looking at me and I also responded with a smile which looked more like a formality.

“Namaste Aditi madam.” Gurnam said as he stepped towards me.

“Namaste Gurnam. You had told my husband to drop the car here the other day. He couldn’t come because he was busy at work so I brought the car.” I said. The moment I said that my husband wasn’t here, Gurnam stepped really close to me.

“Well…that is wonderful…I mean it’s wonderful that your brought car here…it needs a lot of repairs.” He said, staring down at me from just a foot away.

His comment surprised and confused me. Gurnam continued staring at me for a few seconds. His glare made me uncomfortable and I stepped away from him. That brought Gurnam back to his senses and he walked passed me. He picked a piece of cloth and started wiping his hands.

“Come with me…let’s check out your car.” He said as he started walking out of the shed.

I just followed him and in half a minute we were standing next to my car. He took the keys from me and we sat in the car. He started the car and drove it through a tiny lane which went around the garage to the other side of the plot. He parked the car and we got out of the car. He opened the bonnet of the car and peeped inside.
“At your place the other day, I had shown Arjun sir all the problems with his car. Arjun sir told me that he bought this car for you but you didn’t see what was wrong with your car…let me show you.” He said as he stood up for a while.

I nodded and walked over to the bonnet and peeped inside. He pointed me toward something inside and started talking about it. I wasn’t sure which part he was talking about and tried really hard to figure out what he was talking about. After a few seconds, I realized that Gurnam had stopped talking. I looked at him and I saw that he was looking at my cleavage which was clearly showing as I was slightly bent over as I tried to look at the part that he was pointed at. The yellow top that I was wearing had a loose round neck and even if I bent slightly, one could clearly see my ample cleavage.


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