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My Unknown Lover

I was at a party with several friends. It was being held in an apartment block on the twenty-fifth floor. Ironically one floor for each year of my life.

It was hot and stuffy in the apartment with a large number of people in the small room, and I decided to slip out through the heavy curtains onto the balcony. The curtains were closed to contain the noise and to prevent others from seeing into the apartment from across the road.

As I leaned on the balcony taking in the noises of the traffic below, I heard somebody else behind me.

Before I could turn to see who the person who had put their hands over my eyes was, he whispered in a deep muffled voice.

“Don’t turn around, I have been wanting to do this fall evening.”

I was soon blindfolded by what I learned later was a sleeping mask.

He kissed me gently on the neck arousing my passions. He then quickly lifted my skirt and roughly ripped my thong and threw it over the balcony. I watched as it drifted down to the pavement.

Immediately he ran his hands over the smooth cheeks of my ass and then I felt his finger slipping between my legs headed for my vagina.

I realised what he was about to finger fuck me. I spread my legs to allow him better access to something I am willing to share with the right man. At that time, any man was the right man.

I had suddenly become wet with the anticipation and his finger slid into me easily and he wasted no time in finding my clit and rubbing it gently to get me far more aroused than I was already.

I bent forward over the rail to increase the pleasure I was enjoying. I wanted everything to happen before anybody decided to also get some fresh air. There was a sense of urgency for more reasons than one.

He began fumbling around behind me and I soon realised he was preparing to let loose that trouser snake that had been coiled up inside his pants. His hand spread the cheeks of my ass and then the feeling of a thick hard cock head between them. I spread my legs further and moved them back to give him easier access to me. My hands were on the railing, and I leaned right forward and put my head down level with it. I was doing everything necessary to assist him fuck me,

His cock then entered the gates of heaven, and I could not have enjoyed anything more. The wonderful warm feeling of his cock sliding into where it was more than welcome was just mind-blowing. The feeling of his cock moving inside me, the urgency of our union, the setting and the desire was so arousing. He was wasting no time himself. I was more than eager for him to fuck me and fuck me fast and before we were found.

His hands came around to my breasts and he fondled and squeezed them. He was using his grip to hold himself steady as he thrust his cock into me. The feeling of it rubbing the walls of my vagina was fantastic. His big thick, hard cock was thrilling me. He quickly settled into a rapid rhythm that was giving us both pleasures of amazing sexual excitement. There was a slight slapping sound as his cock reached the full depth inside me. The fact I was unaware of the identity of the person that was giving me this pleasure was inconsequential. We were both aware of the urgency to cum before we were interrupted.

It was evident he was more than experienced; His hands had unclipped my bra and he was fondling, squeezing, and tweaking my bare nipples as the fresh cool air had assisted in them hardening.

It was enough to spur me on and I pushed my cunt back hard as he thrust into me. The feeling was amazing, and the urgency spurred me on to the height of arousal. I just hoped he lasted long enough for me to cum.

We had not spoken. Words were unnecessary. I could hear him grunt with each thrust. He was fucking me with a sense of real urgency now, his thrusts were hard and fast. I could feel from his grip on my breasts he was getting close. Then he grabbed them tightly and that was enough for me to bring me on as well. The moment had come for both of us, we climaxed together. The feeling of him ejaculating into me filled me with more than his semen, I was filled with the joy of sex.

“Quick, quick, get it out,” I said quickly. I thought I could hear voices; somebody was coming out to the balcony.

I felt his wet cock between the cheeks of my ass as he withdrew. As he pulled out, he slapped my bum, and I dribbled a couple of drops of cum onto the balcony.

I was now intent on getting my tits back into my bra and clipping it together before anybody found us there.

My bum was now covered by my skirt but his cum was running down my legs.

I removed the blindfold and turned to see who had fucked me.

Two people were standing there to one side as my mystery man disappeared into the room. They showed no sign that they had witnessed us enjoy what was a reverse knee-trembler.

He was gone, I saw the curtains close behind him. I attempted to follow but I was blocked by the emerging couple who were attempting to get onto the balcony.

I had enjoyed my time with him but who was he?

I still had no idea who had just given me one of the fastest quickies I had ever had.

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