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My Twin Brothers

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I was 10 when it started. My brothers were 14, the got me after I took a shower, pinned me down and wanted me so suck them off. They said its my duty

I was 10 when it started. My brothers were 14, the got me after I took a shower, pinned me down and wanted me so suck them off. They said its my duty as a sister, Christian had his hand on my throat, Christopher held his dick to my face.

Christopher.. open your mouth you little bitch

I didnt I tried to fight them off.

Christian was strong and flipped me over on my stomach..

Christian.. put it in her ass then if she is going to be a bitch

Christopher… wait, hold her and let me talk to her

Im being held down on the bed, as he talks to me, I start to cry

Christopher,, we have needs, and we have you.. you can do this peacefully or we can do it by force..

They took me by force, I should have just gave them head but instead I got what was coming to me..

It was my fault, I was the sweet Angel to everyone, who got away with anything. I cant count how many times I accidently hit them in the nuts and my mom would defend me. I lied and told girls that they hit me so they never had a gf, they found out and this was just the start.

What did I get? Mom was away that weekend, it was late February, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground, as I was thrown outside naked, it was 38 F outside as I stood there.

There I was, naked in the snow, they came out after they got dressed and walked me down the street, it was after midnight and everyone was asleep , I hoped. My feet were freezing as I walked in the snow, they pushed me down a few times and picked me up.

Christopher picked up snow and rubbed it between my legs, I felt the cold on my pussy as we walked and walked. They made me make a naked snow angel and then grabbed my hair and led me back to the house. For being 10 I had big tits already and they always looked at them.

I got my hands tied to the back porch, when I was willing to blow them they would let me back inside, they went inside and turned off the porch light. After 30 minutes I was shaking so bad and freezing, I went to the back door and knocked, they just looked at me.

45 minutes past and I was freezing, my feet were so cold and I had to come inside. I just yelled you win and waited..the door opened and I walked inside.

That was the night I got mine.. and became a sub. Soon as I walked inside, I was tied up in my room, they didnt fuck me.not yet atleast, they let me know who was boss, mom was away all weekend, so I spent friday night/ saturday morning tied up on the floor in my living room. The pastor came over the next morning. I was being a sacrifice as I was led back outside, into the trunk of his car. Naked as I heard his car start up and drive away with me in the trunk…….

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