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My teen daughters sleepover

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A house full of drunk and high teens and I was the only adult

It’s great having a 15 year old daughter who has a lot of friends .Helena was my daughter and she wanted a sleepover but the problem was my wife was working nights on a double shift starting at 10 and I didn’t finish till 10 and a group of 15/16 year olds in the house on a Fri night didn’t sound good, but as usual she got her own way so she was Having 4 friends stay.
The Friday came and I headed home from work and pulled into the drive and could hear music blaring out of the house I opened the door and there they were jumping around the room not a care in the world I looked and I must say they were looking good small skirts and little tops definitely wanking material, I went in asking if everything was OK and they all shouted yes and kept dancing .
I went into the kitchen and noticed that the vodka bottle had been finished and it must of been them I just let it go as teens will be teens and went into my den to watch TV after a while i heard them turn the music off and Helena came said they were going up stairs to watch TV in bedroom and chat I looked at the clock it was gone 1am so I said OK I will see them in the morning I continued watching a film and heard a noise from the bathroom and went look and one of the girls was bending over the toilet being sick, I went in see if she was OK and was rubbing her back as she was being sick she was just wearing a tshirt and like loose boxers and could see down her too her little tits just sitting perfectly in view which made me get a boner she was sluring her words as she was sick ,she looked well gone they must of drank more than that vodka.
I thought to myself no one here the other girls were asleep I’m sure I could have a feel and put my arm under her and felt her tit through the t-shirt she just slumped onto the toilet as I groped away i lifted her up and sat her against the wall saying need clean you up as I put my hand up her T-shirt and lifted it up and over her head wow what beautiful tits they were and I lent forward feeling them her eyes were closed I’m sure she was asleep, I lent in putting my lips on her nipples sucking away, no movement from her I grabbed her hand it was limp she was out of it I undone my jeans and pulled my cock out and placed her hand on it wanking myself with her hand then I realised I had my phone in my pocket and got it out and put it on video and placed it so it could record me and continued to wank with her hand ,I wa so horny then I thought what her pussy looked like at 15 ,I had a thought I might get caught if another girl came to the bathroom so I lifted her up and carried her to my den which has a sofa in it and I lay her on it she just muttered but was still out-of it I pulled her shorts down reveal a little black hairy pussy I needed some of that I started fingering her and noticed her hymen was gone either she was not a virgin or using tampax but she was tight as I fingered her , I pulled my finger out and she was soaking so wet I wondered if she had been fucked and if I could get away with fucking her I got my phone out again and took some lovely photos this little black haired teen was so sexy looking and I could not let it get away without a fuck as I opened her legs and put my cock next to her pussy lips its head pushing in and i looked down and saw it disappear in her pussy,I had the head in her it was tight i pushed a bit and I had about 3 inches in and pulled back and pushed again She seemed to say something but her eyes were closed as I thrust slowly in and out till.i was ready to cum I knew I could not cum in her so pulled out and shot on her tits I was so amazed I had just fucked a 15 year old and had video evidence .I then decided to put her clothes back on and take her back into the bathroom and leave her near the toilet I put her down on the floor and went back down to the den and must of fell asleep as woke about 5 and heard a noise from upstairs and went up helena and another girl were carrying the black haired one back to the bedroom, I said what happened Helena said that one of the girls had put something in the drink and they had all fell asleep and this girl had been sick ,you could tell they were still stoned I said I will carry her to the bedroom and lifted her and put her in the room feeling her up on the way .I layer her on the floor as they were on blow up mattresses and in doing so the cover moved off another girl,who was totally naked which caused me to get a hard on which popped out my shorts.Helena nudged me saying dad your dicks out and she reached and pushed it back in she’s never even seen it before never mind touch it.I just was shocked and got up went back to my den thinking of Helena touching it when I heard footsteps and Helena came in to the Den and just blurted out dad can I see it again and touch it,I had no option as she reached and grabbed inside my shorts and immediately my cock sprung up I looked at Helena she was blurry eyed I let her grope my cock for a few seconds then pulled away go back to bed not before I had a quick feel of her tits never before have I felt them .
I was all mixed up I had at least 10 hours before the wife was home and had a room full of wasted teens and I was horny as fuck I went up to the bedroom and opened the door it smelled of perfume and I looked around 2 girls and Helena were in her bed and the others on the blow up mattresses on the floor one of the girls in the bed woke up got out of bed walked passed me not even looking and went to the bathroom she was wearing a long tshirt no idea if she had panties on.
I followed her into the bathroom she lifted her tshirt and pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet she was small under 5ft and very slim with long blonde hair down her back. I stood infront of her She was definitely out of it as I reached forward moving her hair out of her face she never stopped me ,as she was laying forward I pulled her tshirt up over her head revealing a very small pair of tits I needed suck these small tits and there was no resistance from her sucking away she just lay back and I thought it would be better again if I took her to my den,she was easy to carry and I took her down and lay her on the sofa as before her panties had dropped off on the way down as they were around her ankles as she lay there I opened her legs to see a tiny pussy which I was going to lick and lent in tasted lovely I was licking her hard as fuck and I got my phone, time for some photos and a video before I get my cock up that small pussy I placed the phone on its holder to video me fucking her it was the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked as I forced it in and rammed her till I was ready to cum so I pulled put and shot up her stomach all being videod for my plan I finished her off and did the same as before took her back to the bathroom and placed her on the toilet what ever these girls had taken had wasted them.
I had fucked 2 of them and had been felt by my daughter heaven this night had become.And it was only 7 am I had a idea to wake them all at 8 and would place my phone in the bedroom on video see what happens I went in the room and placed it on the book shelf and started recording and started shaking them to wake them up and went out.

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