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My step-daughter gets naked for first TIME

I met my wife at work. She was the executive secretary for my boss and I was his IT director. Lucy was in the midst of a very messy divorce from a real asshole and I was unhappy in a 23-year marriage. Unfortunately, Lucy was a smoker. I never smoked and neither did my first wife and I really didn’t like that bad habit. But whenever Lucy would take a smoke break from her work, she’d buzz me on the intercom and tell me to meet her outside where I’d keep her company and we’d commiserate about our shitty marriages.

Her ex is one of those macho guys around women who likes to dominate and control them. He was either abusive or overly loving depending upon the day. He would abuse her one day and apologize the next and be the most loving guy she could want. He wasn’t a very tall guy, but he apparently worked out a lot as he was quite buff. She had finally had enough of his shit when he pushed her down the stairs of their condo when she was eight months pregnant. She filed charges against him and he did some jail time and then had to take an anger management course which, we later found out, didn’t help much.

Lucy and I spent a lot of time just talking at the office and then we eventually started going out to lunch together. I wanted to leave my wife, but we had two kids and I didn’t want to leave them in a broken home. I guess they weren’t really kids at that point but I think you always consider your children your kids no matter how old they are. My youngest was about to graduate from junior high and my oldest was finishing his sophomore year in high school. There was one event at home that finally was the last straw, however, and I made the decision to leave my wife at the start of the summer after the boys got out of school.

In the meantime, I was spending a lot of time with Lucy instead of working. One day we went out to lunch and I took her to a restaurant that I knew was always very dimly lit and kind of warm and cozy. I had intended to at least kiss Lucy for the first time there in the dark. But we made it through lunch and I just never found the right time to do it. I know, I was being a dork. As we were driving back to the office, Lucy asked me to turn off and go up into an area that I’d never really been to before. She guided me along until we came to a park. We got out of the car and walked a little bit and then sat under a tree. Almost immediately, Lucy leaned over and kissed me. Clearly, she’d had the same idea as me but she’s the more aggressive between the two of us. We made out for a while and then got back to my car. Once in the car, she dived for my pants, unzipped them, took out my dick and gave me a blow job. Needless to say, our relationship blossomed at that point just as my marriage was waning.

I did end up leaving my wife in June and getting an apartment not too far from my ex so that I could easily pick up my boys to get some together time. Lucy started coming over to the apartment after work for a while, but starting coming over more on the weekends and staying over. By then, her daughter, Cathy, was about 3-1/2. Lucy and Cathy were living with Lucy’s parents because she’d lost the condo in the divorce and couldn’t afford her own place. But that made for built-in grandparent babysitters so that Lucy was free to spend the weekend nights with me.

It only took about three months for me to hate the apartment I was living in and wanted to break the lease and move. Of course, Lucy was anxious to move out of her parents’ house so we rented a house for the three of us. A year later, after my divorce was finally final and my ex gave me a big check to buy out my share of our house, I bought a house for the three of us to live in. A couple years after that, Lucy and I got married.

Cathy was not only a beautiful little kid, but she was a delight to have around. It didn’t take very long before she started calling me “daddy” even though we never asked her to. She sat in my lap every day, whether we were watching TV or if I was in my home office working on my computer. We really developed a great relationship.

We took some nice vacations and our favorite place was Hawaii. We tried three of the islands. On one of the trips when Cathy was probably eleven, we were at the beach and my wife suddenly turned to me and said, “Oh my God.” I asked, “What’s the matter?” “Look at Cathy,” she said. I looked out and Cathy was just playing in the sand at the edge of the ocean. I didn’t see anything special and said, “What”? “When did Cathy get hips,” Lucy asked? I turned back to look at Cathy and realized Lucy was right. Cathy was starting to get a womanly shape. She didn’t have the little girl look so much anymore.

It was kind of from that day on that I began to really notice Cathy’s changing with maturity. It was amazing to watch. Having had boys, I never had actually seen a young girl growing into womanhood. It was like being able to watch a caterpillar morphing into a beautiful butterfly. To top it off, I was able to see Cathy fully developing because neither my wife nor Cathy seemed to care that I saw Cathy naked almost every day.

When Lucy would get home from work in the evenings, she liked to relax for a while in the bathtub. She and Cathy would climb in the tub and it was their mother/daughter time to talk about Cathy’s day and for Lucy to unwind. As they were finishing up, Lucy would always call me into the bathroom to sit next to the tub and we’d discuss what we were going to do for dinner. Well, let me rephrase that. We’d discuss what I’d be picking up for dinner. So, I’d be in there with both of them naked in the tub. Cathy would sometimes stand up in the tub and I’d see everything and sometime she’d even want me to dry her off when she got out. Lucy never thought anything of it. I remember one night Lucy asked me if I’d noticed that Cathy was starting to get pubic hair. I hadn’t noticed that night but I did check it out the next and, sure enough, Cathy had some light wisps of hair on her tight little slit. But what I was especially starting to notice were Cathy’s budding breasts. They seemed to grow almost daily. By the time Cathy was twelve she had a perfectly proportioned womanly body, just shorter than a woman. I can truly say, aside from her lack of height and her obvious young age, I’d never seen a more perfect female body in my life. She didn’t develop dixie cup tits like a lot of young girls, her breasts started out full and continued to develop that way. I think by the time she was twelve she was almost a full B-cup.

One day, my wife wanted to wash our two dogs. She and Cathy got naked into the shower and took one of the two dogs in with them while I sat outside the shower and watched. When we had remodeled the bathroom, we removed the tub and made it a big, two-person shower with a fixed shower head on one side and a removeable, hand-held on the other. As the girls bent over the dog washing her, my wife’s big tis would sway while Cathy’s perfect mounds jiggled. More than once, Cathy bent over to rinse the dog with her ass and pussy pointed right at me. Damn, she was only twelve. A twelve-year-old should never look that good. And she didn’t seem to care at all that I was staring at her naked body.

And of course, as she developed the boys at school took notice. She’d always had friends that were boys but now they were starting to be classified as actual boyfriends. She seemed to move back and forth between a few boys and she’d “be with” one and then they’d break up and she’d use one of the other boys for a while. There were two boys in particular that she just didn’t seem to be able to pick between, yet they were very different. One of the boys was named Bobby. He clearly still looked like a little boy and I don’t know if he’d even started puberty by then. I remember one day in particular; the phone rang and I answered it. This light, little voice asked for Cathy so I called out the Cathy that one of her girlfriends was on the phone for her. After she got off the phone, Cathy came to me and said, “Daddy, that wasn’t one of my girlfriends. It was Bobby.” His voice hasn’t even begun to change yet.

The other boyfriend was the opposite of Bobby. He was a tall, good-looking kid named Christian. At twelve, he was probably at least 5”8” with a mop of dark, curly hair. His uncle was a professional football and played quarterback in the NFL for a few years. His mother was smoking hot. I’d met her a few times at functions at their school. A simply stunningly beautiful woman. Christian lived just up the street from us a couple of blocks. Three blocks past that was the school the kids went to.

I worked from home back then and my wife tasked me with picking up Cathy from school every day. The school was only four or five blocks away, but Lucy was an overly-protective mother and insisted I pick up Cathy every day. I usually did and quite often one of Cathy’s girlfriends would come home with us as well. Sometimes, though, Cathy would beg me to let her walk home. She would walk either with her girlfriend, Christian, or both. I don’t think Bobby lived very close to us so I rarely saw him.

Over the summer before the seventh grade, Cathy started pestering me that she wanted to invite Bobby over to the house after school sometime. I didn’t have a problem with that so I asked why she was even asking if it was okay. She hemmed and hawed for a bit but then told me she just wanted to be alone with him. I finally caught the drift. She wanted to have him in her room so they could make out. I asked her if that’s what she was hoping for. She said yes and maybe more. I was a bit shocked at that. “What do you mean,” I asked? “Are you thinking some of your clothes would be coming off?” “I might want to,” Cathy replied.

I initially told her I didn’t think it was a good idea. It was a month before school would start back up and she hadn’t seen him all summer so she kept pestering me every day or two, especially once school started back up. I finally gave in, but I told her there would be some rules and that I’d go over the rules with both of them when he came over. She wasn’t happy about that because she thought it would be embarrassing. One rule I told her before he came over was that she was not to close the door to her room all the way. She could close it to the jam, but could not latch it. I told her that was so that if things got out of hand with Bobby and she called out to me for help that I’d be able to hear her. Actually, I wanted her to do that so that I could look through the gap and see what they were up to and make sure they abided by my other rules. I also gave her another rule that she needed to abide by as Bobby left.

She finally brought little Bobby over to the house. He looked like he was ten, but I assume he was twelve, like Cathy, as they were in the same grade. Christian, on the other hand, looked like he was about fifteen. But her heart was set on Bobby at that time for some reason. I sat the two of them down and told them that I wasn’t too sure exactly what they intended to do together behind the closed door. I didn’t know if any clothes were going to be coming off, but if so, the main rule was that one of them had to be wearing underwear at all times. So, if one had their underwear off, the other had to have theirs on. The other rule is that if Cathy tells him ‘no’ or ‘stop’ he is to immediately stop what he’s doing. If not, I was going to come in and he would be sorry. They agreed to my conditions and went to Cathy’s room.

I waited about ten minutes and then quietly went down the hall to Cathy’s room and peeked through, the crack of the door. The room was laid out perfectly for this in that Cathy’s bed was against the far wall, just to the right facing the door so I had a clear view of the bed. Bobby was laying on the bed fully clothed. In fact, he even still had his shoes on. Cathy was laying on top of him topless and they were kissing. She looked so beautiful like that. I couldn’t help think what a waste it was for her to be on top of Bobby. He looked like he didn’t know what to do with her. He wasn’t hardly even touching her and she had exposed her perfect breasts to this kid. What a dufus.

I watched them for a while and then went back to my desk for a while. I kept checking back with them. Eventually, Cathy was completely naked on top of Bobby and he was still completely dressed. At one point she was on her hands and knees above him. Her lovely tits were hanging down and her perfect bubble butt was pointing right at the door. And still, Bobby wasn’t touching her. He didn’t kiss or suck those tits. He didn’t grab those firm butt cheeks. He just laid there like a dork.

After probably an hour and a half or so, they came out of her room and they were both dressed. I gave Cathy a look and she knew why and started taking her clothes back off. She then took Bobby to the door and showed him out with her naked. What I had told her to do was that if she got naked during their session, I wanted her to stay naked and take him to the door. Then, after he got a few steps away from the door, I wanted her to call out to him so he’d turn back and look at her and she’d tell him how much she enjoyed their time together. I thought that seeing Cathy standing in the doorway naked would be a sight that he’d never get out of his head. I think Cathy is such a beautiful young girl that surely Bobby will never be with a more beautiful girl in his life. But Cathy kind of messed it up.

When she came back into the room after Bobby left, I told her I was disappointed that she didn’t follow my instructions. She was about to leave the room when I stopped her and asked her to sit in her mother’s desk chair across from me. She sat down with her legs tight together. I told her to open her legs for me. She reluctantly did. Her pussy was quite hairy at this point in her life and she was too young to start shaving it so the hair hid most of her pussy. I asked her to use her hands and open up her pussy and show it to me. As she did that, I stood up and dropped my shorts. I sat back down and started stroking my hard cock while she watched. She started to get up to leave, but I told her to stay and I kept stroking. It didn’t take too long looking at this beautiful, young angel with the perfect tits for me to cum all over my belly. She looked at my cum covered belly for a bit and then got up and went to her room and got dressed. I so wished she wasn’t so young, not to mention my step-daughter. I would have loved to touch her, but I couldn’t do that. She’s very loving, but had never given me any indication that she wanted me to touch her in a sexual way. I was left wondering how I was ever going to last until she turned at least eighteen. It would still be wrong, but not quite so illegal. But damn, she’s so perfect. Not helping is that her mother, Lucy, had been gaining weight steadily since the day we started living together and was damn near obese now. The woman that was so hot when we first met was now a woman I wouldn’t normally give a second look at.

A few months after the Bobby incident, Cathy was now in her Christian phase. She wanted to walk home from school with him every day. I usually let her. What she didn’t know is that I would check up on her. I could drive around the block and come out a side street from which I could clearly see Christian’s house. I would see the two of them standing on the side of his house behind the garage making out. At least this time she’s making out with a hunk.

Cathy wouldn’t stay at his house too long because she didn’t want me to know she was stopping to make out and because her mother called the house every afternoon to talk to Cathy. I think she was just checking to make sure I didn’t forget Cathy at school or something. So, there were several times that she’d come home, talk to her mom, maybe change her clothes and then go back out and up to Christian’s house. Unfortunately, one day she went to Christian’s house before talking to her mom and I didn’t know she’d left. So, when Lucy called to talk to Cathy, I couldn’t find her. I ended up walking up the street and pretty much dragging her home to talk to her mother. That caused a big uproar that evening. From then on, Cathy would ask me if she could go to Christian’s. One day she asked if she could go and I told her she could if she followed my directions. She wasn’t sure about what I had in mind. I told her it would be fun and that I was sure both she and Christian would enjoy it. If she didn’t agree to do it, she couldn’t go. So, she agreed.

I told her to take off all her clothes and that I’d be back in a minute. She started to complain and all I had to say was, “Do you want to go see him, or what?” She started taking off her clothes and I went to my room and rooted through one of my dresser drawers and pulled out a large tank top. I went back to her room and looked at that gorgeous body and, once again, wished it could be mine. I told her to put on the shirt. It was long enough to cover her butt like a short skirt, but the arm holes gave a good view of her side boob. And what a view it was. Her breasts are just so firm and the perfect size. I love small tits. Lucy’s tits were a D-cup before she started to gain weight and now they’re at least double D’s and hang down to her waist. Not real attractive. I, then, gave Cathy instructions on what I wanted her to do. She didn’t think she could do it. I told her she needed to and that she’d love it. I had her repeat it back to make sure she knew exactly what to do. Cathy called Christian and told him to meet her in the side yard that she was coming up and had a surprise for him. With that she put on just a pair of sandals and walked up the street to Christian’s.

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