My Son Became the Best Husband

An attractive woman in her late forties, Nirmala R. looks lot younger.

When I complimented her about this, she blushed happily and looked fondly at her son, Ravi, as she reached out to touch him. “It’s all thanks to my boy. He was not shy about letting me know how he felt about me … and he’s still the same. Even after two fantastic years … I still feel like a teenager in love for the first time,” she said, smiling and blushing again.

Although I could not see it, I sensed that she was holding her son’s hand under the table. When not saying something to me, mother and son often exchanged loving looks that hinted at the hot, incestuous passion that bonded them.

In fact, Ravi was unaware of the interested glances cast his way by other women at the coffee shop where we were meeting. He only had eyes for his ripe and sexy mother.

To anyone who may have been curious, he was just a virile and good-looking young man who had hooked up with an attractive older woman who clearly adored him. No one would have guessed otherwise.


It had taken me a long time to find close relatives who were genuine, and were willing to talk about their incestuous relationship on condition that their real names would never be revealed. I was happy to comply with their request, because I was only interested in presenting true stories of incest in the book I was writing.

I knew that such a book would be controversial, but it would also do a lot to dispel the fears and misconceptions many conservative people harbor about sexual intimacy within the family.

What Nirmala R. and her son Ravi had to say only served to strengthen my belief that many close relatives would be far happier if they discarded outdated taboos and took the right precautions to enjoy sex within the family. This is their story, narrated in their own frank and often colorful language

Hi everyone … my name is Nirmala. Thanks to a husband who prefers to spend most of the year working overseas, my son Ravi and I have been living together as husband and wife for two wonderful years.

Both of us won’t have it any other way and look forward to many more years of sexual bliss! We are glad to know that there are many close relatives like us who enjoy sexual intimacy and we wish them the very best in their life together. We will be reading their stories with great interest when the book comes out, because they mean a lot to a mother and son who are deeply in love with each other.

We felt it was time to share our own story with others who enjoy the pleasures of incest without any hang-ups. As a mother and son who have enjoyed hot, satisfying sex for two years, we just can’t understand taboos about incest … and we never will! We believe that close relatives should be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex without any fear or misgivings, as long they take the right precautions and do not abuse their privileges.


My son and I love to ‘taste’ each other often. Ravi has never been ashamed to let me know how he feels about me and considers himself extremely fortunate to come home to a sexy, hot-blooded 46-year old mother who still craves his sensuous lovemaking and fucking as much as she has always done.

Although my son first took me to his bed nearly two years ago, we still make love with the hunger and enthusiasm of newlyweds.

Well … what can I say? Words cannot describe the enormous pleasure Ravi gives me with his loving lips and hands … and his long, thick and well-educated cock. The amount of time my son spends on foreplay and the racy language he uses never fails to get me hot and excited about spreading my legs for the naughty boy.

Ravi has the uncanny knack of making me feel like a virgin bride eager to be fucked lovingly for the very first time – every time he takes me to bed.

“Yes … I’m really lucky that I can make love to my ripe and sexy mother so often … Guiding my cock deep into her sweet, receptive cunt and giving her a bellyful my hot sperm is a joy like no other,” Ravi says, giving his mother a long and loving look.

Nirmala adds, “I’m a mother who’s happy to admit that my son’s hot, incestuous lovemaking is the sweetest pleasure … and I can’t get enough of it! Although I’m a busy woman, Ravi is thrilled to know he’s coming home to a mother who is always eager to enjoy his sexual prowess.


“In fact, I feel very horny and restless if my sensuous son doesn’t make love to me for more than a day or so. Like many close relatives who can’t admit it openly for obvious reasons, we are grateful to know that sex between family members strengthens their bond like nothing else can.

“It is really sad that the media only chooses to present a sordid and depressing view of incest, with stories of suffering and abuse. What is conveniently left out of such news items is that these unpleasant situations are created by morons who are too stupid or uneducated to make a success of anything, let alone incest!

“Unfortunately for us, conservative people (like my husband) just go crazy when they hear the word ‘incest’ because one-sided newspaper reports only add to their fears that incestuous love will end in disaster.

“The fools don’t know just how wrong they are! A few stupid people may have made a mess of incest, but there are others like me and my son who know how to manage it properly and enjoy its benefits regularly. We are thrilled and grateful to know that incest is best. So we’re certainly doing all we can to keep our hot affair going strong.

“In fact, our deep love as mother and son only makes us want to savour the ‘forbidden’ pleasures of incest a lot more because they are hotter and more satisfying than any other kind of love! You can see why Ravi and I are glad that his father spends most of the year working abroad. My boring husband will have a heart attack if he knows that his respectful and obedient son is a well-hung stud who gets full cooperation and encouragement from his horny mother and his two sisters when he undresses them for a hot and loving fuck-session.

“Both my daughters Kavita and Sudha know (as well as I do) that nothing feels as good as having Ravi kiss, caress, fondle and nibble our firm and ripe pleasure craving bodies. And nothing is as satisfying as having his long, thick penis leisurely explore our cock-hungry pussies or our well-oiled buttholes.


“Since my daughters are married now, they regret that they cannot enjoy a hot, satisfying fuck from their loving and sensuous brother as often as they used to, and are quite envious when they speak of the special relationship my son and I enjoy whenever we are having one of our heart-to-heart chats”.

“Mom,” they say, “Our husbands are so dull and boring in bed. You’re so lucky to have Ravi all to yourself most of the time. Our dear brother is such a fantastic lover and fucker… how we wish we could enjoy him as often as you do.”

“Whenever my girls say things like this, I hasten to reassure them as best as I can. ‘Darlings, I know that both of you would be happily married to your brother if it was not forbidden. I know you only got married to other men to keep up appearances in the rigid and conservative society we have to live in. All of us are lucky to have a virile, good-looking man in the family who loves satisfying our enormous appetites for sex.

‘So I’m certainly not going to stop either of you from enjoying your brother whenever you get the chance. After all, it’s thanks to you that I discovered my son’s sexual prowess. I would’ve never guessed how much pleasure Ravi could give me till I found out that both of you were giving him a lot of practice in bed.

‘It’s such a pity that many close relatives will never get the chance to ditch outdated taboos and discover the incredible pleasures hot, incestuous sex. We are so lucky! I have no regrets about going to bed with my dear son.

‘In fact, I look forward to many more years of shameless and sensual lovemaking from him. He satisfies my hottest desires in a way your dull and boring father has never cared to do.’ These are the things I told them.”


“I was well aware of the fact that my older daughter Kavita was married to a wimpy chartered accountant who spends more time counting other people’s money than taking care of his wife’s bedroom needs. So when I dropped in to visit her unexpectedly, I was not really surprised to find her in bed with another man, until I realized that it was Ravi

“Intrigued to hear suppressed giggles and moans coming from my daughter’s bedroom, I had tip-toed silently to the door to find out what was going on and was stunned by what I saw.

“My ripe, sexy daughter was moaning softly, her legs entwined around her brother as he fucked her lovingly. I watched in amazement as my son stretched and stuffed his sister’s pussy with the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen.

“And Kavita was clearly enjoying it, moaning and squirming happily under her brother as he fucked her lovingly with practiced ease.

“Ravi was sighing softly, his buttocks tightening every now and then as he reamed his sister’s juicy cunt with smooth, measured strokes – very much the horny dog pleasuring his favorite bitch.

“I could clearly see my daughter’s frothy love juices lathering my son’s massive lovestick every time he moved in and out of her, saying, ‘Uhh… mmm… Akka… your tight cunt feels so good around my cock… sooo hot and juicy.’”


Ravi said softly. “Aahhh! you benched … that’s because you have such a big cock … but it’s just what your horny sister needs,” Kavita said saucily.

Utterly fascinated, I continued to watch my son and daughter fucking. It was so exciting to watch Ravi stuff and stretch his sister’s greedy cunt with his big cock!

The naughty boy was fucking his sister with such practiced ease and vigor… it was obvious that Kavita regularly spread her legs for her brother. The horny bitch, I thought, my heart thumping loudly.

It took me a few seconds to realize that my panties were soaking up with my juices and my cunt was aching with need. Right away, I began to wonder if I could motivate my son to take care of my bedroom needs.

His father had lost interest in doing so many years ago and I was tired of seeking relief with masturbation. My doubts were answered just a few minutes later as my son and daughter carried on fucking.

Ravi varied his strokes, sometimes working his long, thick penis in and out of his sister’s wet, welcoming pussy slowly. At other times, his strokes were faster and and more intense, making his sister cry out joyfully, her heels digging into his buttocks as she spasmed in ecstasy.


“Uhh… ah… Akka… can’t hold back much longer… I… I …I’m gonna come,” Ravi groaned suddenly. “Ah… uhhh… aahh… urrhh… feels… soooo guddd,” he moaned, his buttocks tightening as he pumped faster to flood his sister’s womb with potent sperm.

Kavita sighed happily, her heels digging into her brother’s back to keep him inside her as he filled her belly with his seed. “Akka, I’ll make you pregnant again if you do that!” Ravi exclaimed.

“Umm … mmm … it’s just what I’m hoping for, you horny bastard, another baby from my loving brother would be just fine,” she said, smiling up at him.

I was amazed to see how much sperm my son’s big balls had produced. Some of it had oozed out of Kavita’s well-fucked pussy to coat her ass cheeks.

I was also surprised and excited by what my daughter said. I’m a successful pediatrician with my own practice and it suddenly dawned on me that it was my virile, good looking son who had fathered his sister’s first baby and not her wimpy husband!

Ravi’s daughter was now a healthy, high-spirited two-year old girl who was restless bundle of energy.


“Bro, it’s time to stop. Mom is likely to drop in, and I don’t think I want her to find us like this,” Kavita said, smiling at her brother as she fondled his limp cock.

Ravi teased her a little. “Oh… I do hope so. She may want to enjoy her son’s hot loving too! Kavi, you and Sudha know very well that it’s my dream to satisfy Mom in bed.

“I’m glad to know that my lovely mother is a hot-cunted woman like her daughters and spends a lot of time playing with herself. Mom’s such a sexy woman… Ooofh … I’ve wasted a lot of cum stroking myself… thinking of her.

“I especially love smelling her soiled panties … her hot cunt has such a heady fragrance … I wish I could actually smell and lick her pussy.

“I wish my sexy mother knew how well her sensuous son can pleasure her with the hot loving and fucking she needs so much!” Ravi said, winking at his sister as he fingered her well-reamed pussy, often smelling her juices.

“Naughty man! I wish you best of luck with Mom. Maybe one day … who knows? You might get lucky enough to take care of her bedroom needs. It’s clear that Dad can’t be bothered to satisfy her, so I don’t blame her for using her fingers,” Kavita said smiling.


Hearing my children speak, a hot thrill of pleasure coursed through my voluptuous body. I’d no idea that my son was aware of my bedroom activities, and I was aroused to know that he had been watching me.

It’s no wonder Kavita prefers to be fucked by her brother. I’d certainly like to be pleasured by my virile and sexy son, I thought, going back home without disturbing my daughter and son as they wallowed in post-coital bliss.

My mind was a whirl of emotions, and my cunt was wet with a need that my clever fingers could no longer satisfy. It’s such a relief to know that my son is a very satisfying lover and fucker … he will certainly spare no effort to satisfy a hot-cunted woman like me in bed, I mused.

I’m a hot-blooded Andhra woman who sorely missed the frequent lovemaking and fucking I enjoyed from my husband during the first few years of our marriage. When his surgeon’s career began to make heavy demands on his time, Anand began to neglect me more and more often. I’d had no complaints about the rest of my life. My three children were getting along nicely. Kavita had finished college and was doing well at her bank job.

In his second year at college, Ravi was already making money as a freelance programmer and my youngest daughter Sudha was in her final year at medical school. The only thing that really bothered me was the lack of sexual satisfaction. My husband usually came home tired and listless after a long day’s work. Even when he occasionally mounted me, he finished quickly before rolling off to sleep.

I found myself using my fingers more and more often to relieve my sexual urges. I knew it was a poor substitute for some good, strong fucking from a virile man, but my position in society prevented me from having an extra-marital affair.


Unsafe sex with a man I didn’t know well was a big risk, both for my health and my professional reputation as one of the city’s top pediatricians. But seeing Ravi’s performance in bed had changed everything.

I see no point in denying myself the enormous pleasure my well-hung son is giving his sister. It’s so good to know he will enjoy taking care of his mother’s needs too, I thought, aroused and excited as I fingered myself.

A shiver of excitement rippled through my voluptuous body and I felt dizzy with sexual hunger as I considered my incestuous intimacy with my son.

Ravi is so much bigger and thicker than his father. My son’s succulent cock is just what my hungry pussy needs, I thought, light-headed with pleasure as I brought myself to a climax by rubbing my clit vigorously.

I wasted no time in letting my son know what I’d seen and heard when he returned home. Though Ravi was surprised, he recovered quickly when I made it clear that I understood and approved of his incestuous desires.

I was also very frank about my own needs. “My darling, although I was shocked at first, I was also highly aroused to see you in bed with Kavita. It’s also clear that you’re taking care of Sudha’s needs when you can. I don’t mind you satisfying both your sisters in bed. Just remember that Mummy has needs too. My darling son … I … I need your hot loving and fucking just as much as your sisters do!” I blurted out, looking straight into his eyes.


I felt my heartbeat quicken and I smiled with relief when I saw the expression on my son’s face change from confusion to delight.

Ravi didn’t waste much time telling me exactly how he felt about incest. “Yes Mom. I’m lucky to have two loving sisters who allowed me to discover that incest is best. All of us were smart enough to see that sex within the family was the best way to avoid deadly disease and emotional entanglements with the wrong people. And like many sons who are attracted to their mothers, I’m not ashamed of my hunger for you Mom … Yes, I’d love to pleasure a ripe, sexy and mature woman like you. Although I’d spied you playing with yourself many times, I was not sure if you had an open mind about family love.

“So I didn’t want to force you into anything you were not ready for.

“Yes, I’m thrilled to hear what you just said, but I won’t go any further unless you can promise me that you’ll enjoy the pleasures of incest without any regrets. I love fucking both my sisters because they frankly admit that being fucked by their loving brother is the only sex they really crave. If you’re going to feel guilty about enjoying sex with your son, its just not worth it. But I certainly won’t.

“Mom, the way my lovely sisters and I see it is like this … while society may frown on sexual intimacy between close relatives, there are many mother and sons, brother and sisters, fathers and daughters, even aunt and nephews and uncles and nieces, who secretly enjoy sex without any hang-ups.

“They know that life is filled with pain, suffering and struggle. So they don’t waste time feeling guilty or ashamed about doing something that only brings them a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.


“In fact, the natural love between close relatives only makes their fucking so much hotter, sweeter and a lot more satisfying. Yes, I definitely want to make love to my sexy, big-titted and big-butted mother. I’ve always wanted to, but only if you’re gonna enjoy it wholeheartedly … without any regrets Mom. What do you say … huh?” Ravi inquired, his hands casually dropping down behind me to cup and squeeze my big, full buttocks lovingly.

“Life is so short, my darling. We can’t afford to waste time on useless taboos, can we? Seeing you in bed with your sister … the way Kavita was moaning happily as you fucked her with so much hunger, and so much love, I knew what I’d been missing for so long.

“My darling, rest assured from now on that your mother wants to enjoy your hot loving and fucking as much as your sisters do,” was all I said as I lifted my head to let my son kiss me passionately.

Overcome by the intensity of my son’s need for me, I responded just as ardently, my tongue lashing at his as we explored each other’s mouths. “Mmm… feels so good to know my dear son will enjoy making love to me,” I said, smiling at Ravi as he undressed me slowly.

My suppressed hunger for sex found joyous release as my son worshipped every inch of my ripe, nutbrown body with hot, loving and hungry kisses. In fact, I was aroused like I’d never been before by the time Ravi finally carried me to his bedroom and treated me to something I’d rarely enjoyed from his father.

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