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The things my brother did to me ill never forget but worse sometimes I think I liked it

I was always a good girl growing up raised by my father alone who treated me like a princess my brother wasn’t my father’s child but were related on my mother’s side

When I was 11and my brother was 15 I went to my mom’s house my brother was there my mother said she was going to the store for a little bit me and my brother were just sitting down when he was closer he rested his hand on my knee and I thought nothing of it I knew what sex was but this was my brother so I laid my head against his shoulder


His hand went a little higher still I thought nothing of this but he didn’t stop he got closer I was wearing jeans so he was at the very top of my thigh I was stone cold and my heart was beating out my chest I knew this was wrong I guess he could tell how I was feeling cause then he grabbed my head and pulled me to look at him

He looked directly into my eyes as grab my pussy over my pants I bit my lip to suppress the whimper no one had ever touched me here it felt so different he crashed his lips against mine I stayed still but he still envied my mouth I felt his tong swirling around trying to taste every last bit of me he moaned in my mouth so sweet as he kissed me he gave my pussy a hard squeeze signaling he wanted me to kiss back I did reluctantly

I slowly moved my lips to the motion going along with what he wanted he started unbuttoning my jeans I tried to protests but he grabbed both my hands and pinned them I wanted to scream as he ripped off my jeans and panties and left my bottom bear he looked me in my eyes and said if u move ill beat the shit out of you he got on his knees and pried my legs opened I started tearing up he slowly took one finger and trailed it up and down my pussy he touched my clit and I moaned I was so embarrassed he said so u like that he licked his finger and slowly rubbed my clit my legs shook as he did he just smirked he finally stopped playing with my clit it was so sensitive now he leaned his face closer to my pussy

I could feel every breath it made me so wet I hated myself for reacting he licked me I grabbed his hair to pull him closer he licked again and again and he got faster I was a mess a whimpering beginning mess I wanted more no I craved then he did the unthinkable he pushed his tong inside me I was in heaven I didn’t know how to react but my body did I felt my whole body shake on his tong I felt him licking the inside of me
after I can down from my high he was standing over me watching me he looked and said your so pretty when you come he grabbed my hand and see how hard you make me it hurts so bad don’t u want to help big brother it’ll feel good for you too

I wanted this all to end so I said yes he bent down and rubbed his hard member against me it felt so good once he was wet enough he positioned at my hole a pushed he was so big it hurt so much he grunted damn so tight he punched harder and he was finally the halfway in he started rocking his hips to give me a little pleasure then he did it he broke my hyem with one hard pushed that had my head hitting the side of the chair

After that he didn’t have sex with me he fucked me hard and bare He rocked his hips with such passion grunting and moaning I couldn’t help but feel pleasure as my brother fucked me I was screaming cumming over and over scratching his back it felt so good the way he pushed so deep and then he stiffens on top of me and came he came so hard if elt it hit the back of my pussy he grunted a couple of times and pulled out he stood up and started dressing breathing heavily he looked down at my bare body legs still parted and said your a good fuck I gone go take a nap good job sis and left the room I sat their disgusted with my self I quickly dressed and called my dad to go home
The end
I’m now 15 and still see my brother he never touched me again but I see him watching me all the time he has a girlfriend now shes ugly I find myself wanted to be touched and rubbed and felt the way he did I want it again


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