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My Niece

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My niece was over for a sleepover and I came home horny.

My sister, Nora, is 11 years older than I am. She is an extremely sexual woman. She lost her virginity at 10 to our older cousin who was 14 at the time. She has had a ton of partners, myself included, but that’s a different story for a different time. Nora also found the repercussions of an active sex life as a teen. She was pregnant by 14.

When the baby came I was only 4. An uncle before I even finished preschool! Her name is Brandy, and because my sister was so young and needed help with things, lived with my mom and me most of her life. She was more of a little sister than anything.

Fast forward to me being 15. Nora, now 26 had finished nursing school now and was working full time at the hospital. She also had 2 more kids and was pregnant with her 4th!

On nights she’d have to work at the hospital, she had a network of friends and family that would babysit for her. Most would stay at her house so the kids could sleep in their own beds but my mom liked when they were at our house so they stayed for sleepovers.

I came home one night around midnight, not knowing that the kids we’re staying over. I had just been out on what some would call a date. In fact it was more of a make out party. Everyone just sits in a dark basement at some kids house and makes out with someone.

When I got home, I had my first case of blue balls. For the doubters and the guys who have never had blue balls, they’re real and it sucks.

All I could think about on my short, however uncomfortable walk home was getting to my room and jacking off as much as I needed to, to make this go away. When I got in my room though, I saw my two nephews, John and Trevor sleeping in my bed. Brandy was asleep on the couch in the living room.

I had no choice, I had to go to the bathroom and rub my cock. I hovered over the toilet and started stroking. I had to take it kind of easy because even just my balls swinging or accidentally bumping them with my hand hurts like hell. When I shot my cum, it sprayed like a sink faucet! I sprayed cum all over the toilet seat and even on the floor.

After cleaning up and getting something small to eat I needed a place to sleep. My preference would’ve been next to my mom in her bed but at 15, that was pretty much impossible to come up with an excuse for. My only choice was the recliner in the living room.

I laid reclined for a bit having difficulty falling asleep. I wasn’t used to this position, Brandy was snoring, and my mind was still on the 14 year old girl that let me feel her up a couple hours ago.

My cock was rock hard again as I laid there restlessly trying to get some sleep. The only solution was to go rub another one out. So I went to the bathroom and stroked my cock again. I managed to get all the cum in the toilet this time but was still pretty surprised at how much came out considering I just jacked off an hour ago.

Another half hour passed trying to fall asleep but I couldn’t get the feel of those 14 year old tits I felt off my mind. That’s when I devised a plan. Brandy was sleeping 5 feet away from me and only wearing a sleep shirt and panties.

I quietly pulled the blanket down to her lower thighs. She was laying on her back and her shirt was all bunched up to where her stomach was almost fully exposed. She was snoring really loud but I barely noticed it at the time.

I got down on my knees next to the couch and pulled out my cock. With my left hand I slowly slid it under her shirt and gently up her body. When I got to her breasts, I was disappointed. There was nothing much there. Definitely not like the boobs I had in my hand earlier that night.

I removed my hand from under her shirt and sat there for a second thinking. My curiosity struck me. I wanted to see her pussy! It was right there and only her little panties were stopping me.

I had been fondling my mom in her sleep now for a few years at this point and I had gotten pretty good with my hands. Almost surgeon like precision when I needed it.

What I wanted to try, was something I tried with my mom many times but hadn’t been able to. I couldn’t get it right and one time she woke up, so I had just about given up on the idea. My mom was a bigger woman and much harder to get to, but Brandy was a petite little girl.

I started slowly with picking up the front of her panties. There was a little flower in the front which made it easy as fuck to get a hold of. I slowly pulled them up away from her body and got a peek. I was surprised to see that she had some pubic hair.

My next move was pulling the panties up the same way with my left hand and gently reaching my finger in there. I was able to put my finger right on top of her pussy and softly wiggle it in between her little lips a bit. She moved a bit so I reacted and yanked my hand out of there and hit the floor. She didn’t wake up! I felt so relieved.

As I lay on the floor for a moment, my cock still rock hard and out on full display, I smelled my finger. It smelled so good! At the time I didn’t know if that was how pussies smelled, or if it was pee, or what, but whatever that smell was made me even harder!

After almost waking her up I had planned on stopping but now my curiosity was much much too much! Fortunately for me, she was still lying on her back and snoring. I hoped that she was in a deep sleep. I was going to need her to be if I was going to pull this off.

I softly moved her leg a bit, opening them just a bit. On a couch it wasn’t giving me much space to work with. It wasn’t much but I had enough room to reach in there. I was able to get my fingers tight enough to grab the inside of her panties and pull them aside. I caught a glimpse of her full pussy for just a second or two before the panties slipped out of my fingers grip and snapped back into place.

I took it as a good sign she didn’t move or make a sound other than snoring when that happened so I was going to try again. This time I grabbed a little more cotton and held it tighter as I pulled it aside. I wriggled my finger inside the panties to hold it open this time. There it was! Her little pussy! I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! I couldn’t believe she was still asleep and I had gotten this far!

I slowly started to stroke my cock but it was causing my body to move which then made my hand holding open her panties to move so I knew I had to stop jacking.

I started to touch her. I knew I was in too deep now, there’s definitely no explanation if I got caught right now. Definitely didn’t want her waking up so I kept my touching on the surface and didn’t try anything much with my finger.

When I pulled my finger away to smell it though, I lost my mind! I hoped and prayed that this is what pussies all over the world smelled like because I was going to make it my life goal to lick, suck and fuck them all! I couldn’t believe how turned on by the smell I was!

What is it they say? Curiosity killed the cat? Well they’re right. Curiosity will get you into shit you never thought you’d do. And when you’re done, you always say, “I’ll never do that again.” Or “God, if you can just let me get away with it this time, I swear I’ll never do it again!”

I got up on my feet now still holding Brandy’s panties aside. I leaned down. My nose was just an inch away from her little slit. The smell was intoxicating! To my surprise she hadn’t moved a muscle. I had to try it!

I stuck out my tongue and it touched the outer lips of her pussy. I wiggled it a little bit to see what it was like and I didn’t get much. I could smell it but I couldn’t taste it. I shoved, and I mean I shoved my tongue as far as I could. Brandy popped upright and I jumped 3 feet in the air!

“What’s going on?” She asked still very groggy and blinded by the light.

“Uh, nothing. I saw a bug and was trying to get it before it got to you. Sorry, go back to sleep.” I responded with, my heart racing like never before.

“Turn off the light please.” She said as she laid back down falling asleep instantly as her head hit the pillow.

I clicked off the light and ran to the bathroom. Her scent was still faintly in my nose but I could still taste her little pussy on my tongue! I started stroking my cock again! I closed my eyes tightly only focusing on the taste of her pussy on my tongue and the feel of another girls tits in my hands.

Once again I shot out a load of cum into the toilet. It was the third time in an a little over an hour, but it still spurted all over the place. Once again I had to clean up a cum mess.

My blue balls finally had subsided and I felt better. I walked into the dark living room more relaxed and oddly satisfied. I sat back down in the recliner, pulled the blanket over me, took a deep breath and…

“What’s going on?” Brandy asked once again.

God, if you can just let me get away with it this time, I’ll never do it again…

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