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My Neighbors Daughter

Her bra’s size was 12 B cup and her panties were a size 10 she mostly wore thongs along with and lace panties and lace push up bras. I knew her sizes because I had been stealing her underwear from the washing line for several years. Her name was Melinda and she was a single mother to a very cute young teenager named Jordan.

I had often looked through their bathroom window and had often seen them taking their showers together, Jordan’s body was slim like her mothers and she had small puffy breasts and her pussy was bald and her pussy lips protruded outwards. I had watched Melinda shaving her own pussy and then shaved her daughter’s pussy as they were in the shower together, sometimes I would see Jordan playing with her mother’s pussy and make her mother scream.

As a older teenager I was always horny and jacking off as I thought about my neighbours or as I looked at magazines. Everything changed the night I was looking through my neighbor’s bathroom window at Jordan having a shower. I had my pants and underwear around my ankles and I was stroking my hard cock waiting for Melinda to join her daughter in the shower. When from around the corner of their house walked Melinda wearing a robe, I tried to run away but tripped over and fell because my pants that were around my ankles.

What do you think you’re doing? asked Melinda as she stood over me laying on the ground. I’m sorry I won’t do it again, I told Melinda. You won’t do what.again?, asked Melinda. I won’t look through your window. I tell her as I start to get scared. You were jacking off as you looked at Jordan weren’t you? Melinda asks then before I have time to answer Melinda asks me, Do you think she is pretty? Yes I do, I tell Melinda. Well you better come inside while I think on what to do with you. Melinda says to me. Please don’t tell my mother. I pleaded. Come inside the house, Melinda tells me. I stand up and pull my pants and underwear up and follow Melinda inside.

Sit down there, while I go check on Jordan, Melinda tells me. When Melinda comes back Jordan is hiding behind her mother and when Melinda turns and brings Jordan in front of her I see that she is naked, I gasp and take a deep breath as I look at Jordan’s naked body only two feet away from me. Isn’t she adorable? Melinda asks me. Yes she is very beautiful. I tell Melinda. Show Jordan what you were doing while you were looking at her, Melinda tells me. You want me to jack off in front of your daughter? I asked with a shock. Yes show her or I will call your mother.

Melinda demands.

I stand up and drop my pants and underwear, my cock springs out already hard at seeing Jordan’s naked body up close. Melinda starts explaining what I’m doing, Jordan what he is doing is called jacking off, it’s like when you play with your pussy and it gives you a funny feeling. Melinda tells her daughter. His cock is hard because he likes seeing you without wearing any clothes. Do you like letting him see you without clothes? Melinda asks. Yes mommy I do. Jordan tells her mother.

I can’t stop myself from cumming and my cock shoots out a string of cum that lands on Jordans thigh. Melinda tells Jordan the white stuff is to make babies, and wipes up some of my cum with her finger and tells Jordan to taste it. My cock shoots another string this time it lands on Jordan’s young breasts, when I watch Melinda lean down and lick my cum from her daughter’s breasts. I my cock twitches wildly as I can’t believe what I’m witnessing.

When Melinda asks her daughter Jordan “Do you wants to touch his cock?” I closed my eyes and then open them, no I’m not dreaming this is really happening.

I watch as Jordan came closer to me and reach out and wrap her fingers around my cocks shaft. “Mommy I feel it moving.” says Jordan excitedly.

“Jordan move your hand up and down on the cock like this.” Melinda tells her daughter as she demonstrates what to do.

Jordan begins moving her hand up and down my cock shaft like her has mother showed her, oh fuck, this feels incredible, I don’t believe this is happening, I’m having my cock jacked off by Jordan, no one has ever touched my cock like this before, I say to myself.

My cock erupts without warning and shoots a string of cum over Jordan’s face, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that.” I tell Jordan and Melinda.

“Mommy did I make the cock do that?” Jordan asks her mother. “You sure did, you did a wonderful job making the cock shoot its white cream.” Melinda tells her daughter Jordan.

Jordan says, “Mommy some of the white stuff went into my eye.”

Melinda tells Jordan, “Come over here so I can clean your face.”

When Jordan moves next to her mother, Melinda picks Jordan up and sits her down on to her lap, she then leans forward and kisses her daughter, then she begins licking up the cum on Jordan’s face, each time she licks up some cum she kisses her daughter and transferring the cum from her mouth to her daughter’s mouth.

I’m sit there jacking off, watching what the mother is doing to her daughter.

Melinda asks “Jordan is your pussy tingling?” I watch as Melinda’s fingers rub over her daughter’s bald pussy and when Melinda starts pushing her finger inside her daughter’s pussy.

I hear Jordan moan and say, “I like it when you put your finger in my kitty mommy.”

My cock begins throbbing and twitching as I try to understand what is happening in front of me.

When Melinda opens her bathrobe and exposes her bare breasts, I think they’re the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, Melinda’s nipples are sticking out from her dark areolas that sit on top of a firm breast the size of a grapefruit.

Jordan cuddles up to her mother and takes a nipple into her mouth and begins sucking her mother’s breast as if she is being feed, it looks like the most natural sight except for the mother continuing to finger her daughter’s pussy.

Melinda looks at me and smiles as she watches me jacking off. “Would you like me to look after your cock for you?” Melinda asks. “Oh yes please.”

Melinda lays the now sleeping Jordan down on the couch, and moves over in front of me, she wraps her hand around my cock and gives it a squeeze, then she begins pumping my cock slowly, Melinda then leans down and kisses the knob of my cock, I gasp for air and begin to moan. When Melinda takes my cock into her mouth, I have tears in my eyes, I have never felt this happy before, as she bounces her head up and down on my cock, she continuies pumping my cock. As I feel my balls tighten, my cock starts to blast my cum into Melinda’s mouth.

This must be a dream these things don’t happen, After Melinda swallows my cum, she flicks out her tongue and licks around my cocks knob, then she sits up with her breasts still exposed she says to me “Did you like me sucking your cock?”

“Yes it felt wonderful, I’ve never had my cock sucked before by anyone.” I tell her.

“So I have given you your first blow job that’s great.” Melinda tells me, then asks me, “Would you like Jordan to give you a blow job too?” as she looks over at her sleeping daughter.

“Oh hell yes I would love that.” then I ask, “Why are you doing this to me.”

Melinda explains how Jordan doesn’t have a father to teach her about sex, and I really don’t know who else to turn too that I could trust and who would keep it a secret.

“I won’t tell anyone I promise.” I tell Melinda.

“I know you won’t.” Melinda says to me and asks, “Have you ever had sex before?”

“I fucked my friends sister one time but it wasn’t very good.”

Melinda asks,”How would you like me to teach you so you can teach Jordan?” as she opens her bathrobe to reveal her naked body, I gaze at her bald pussy and how it has opened to show off her pinky insides, I don’t say anything, I’m lost for words, I just nod my excitedly head several times.

Melinda says, “I want you to come over tomorrow when Jordan is at school.”

“I will, I promise.”

“For now you better get back home before you are missed.” Melinda says as she kisses me on my mouth. “We can work on your kissing tomorrow.” She adds.

I walk out of her house and head back to my house, when I’m in my bedroom, I lay there on my bed I think of everything that has happened, then I start thinking about tomorrow as I fall asleep.

n the morning after I had a shower, I went and had bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast that my mother had cooked for me. “Why are you so happy?” My mother asked.

“I’m just feeling happy.” How could I tell my mother the real reason that I was happy was because I was going over to our neighbors house to fuck Melinda.

“You better go and get dressed for college or you will be late again.” Said my mother.

I went to my room and got dressed for college

“Do you want me to drive you to college?” Asked my mother “I have to go into town and I can drop you off.”

“No thanks mom, I will walk.” Everything was working out great, I sat at the window looking for Melinda to arrive home from dropping Jordan off at school. As I saw her drive car into her driveway and get out her car and go into her house, I rushed out my back door and headed to her house. The back door was open and I walked inside.

Melinda sees me and smiles and says, “Hello Adam, I’m so glad you’re here.” and comes closer and kisses me.

“Hi Melinda, what would you like me to do?”

Melinda takes my hand and leads me into her bedroom, she sits down on the edge of the bed with me standing up in front of her, Melinda starts undoing the buttons on my shirt, then slips my shirt off, next she undoes my clasps my belt and slides my pants down to my ankles, I kick my shoes off and then step out of my pants, I’m standing there in my briefs with my cock sticking up making a tent in my briefs, Melinda takes hold of the sides of my briefs and slides them down to my ankles, as she does this my hard cock springs out and slaps her face.

After I step out of my briefs as Melinda gives my cock a squeeze as she stands up, she tells me to sit on the edge of the bed, I sit there and watch as she undoes the buttons on her white blouse, the more buttons she undoes the more I can see of her red lace bra, when all the buttons are undone she slips off her blouse and stands in front of me letting me see gaze at her breasts that are covered by her red bra, then she undoes the zipper on her black skirt and lets slide to the floor, she steps out of her skirt and stands there with her hands on her hips in front of me as look at her red thong covering her cunt.

Melinda then turns her back to me and for the first time I see the bare cheeks of her arse, “Unclip my bra for me.” asks Melinda. At first I struggle with the clips, then they unhook and Melinda’s bra straps fall to her sides, still holding the cups of her bra Melinda turns and faces me, I watch as she lets her bra slide down her arms to reveal her breasts, there the size of oranges and her nipples are big and stick out like pencil rubbers, I can’t take my eyes of them.

My cock is throbbing it’s never been this hard, my balls are aching and as soon as I touch my cock it shoots a string of cum into the air and it lands on Melida’s breast, my cock shoots another smaller string over her stomach. I’ve never cum without touching my cock before and I tell Melinda I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that. Melinda just smiles at me and wipes my cum up with her fingers and then places her fingers into her mouth, she does this several times.

“Your cum tastes delicious.” said Melinda,”Jordan is going to love the taste.” she then she drops to her knees in front of me and takes my cock into her mouth, I feel her mouth sucking and her tongue licking all around the head of my cock as she continues to suck out any of my cum that I have left. I let out a moan and say, “That feels incredible, I’ve never felt like this before.”

When Melinda lifts her mouth of my cock she pulls my head towards her breast and tells me to suck her tit, I take a nipple into my mouth and start sucking, Melinda tells me to use my tongue to play with her nipple, as my tongue licks and flicks the nipple, Melinda softly moans.

She lifts my mouth of her nipple and gives me a kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth I feel her tongue playing with my tongue and I do the same as she is doing, we kissed like this for several minutes until Melinda pulled her mouth away from mine and looked at me.

“That’s what’s called tongue kissing.” said Melinda, “You kissed a lot better than you did last night did you enjoy that.”

“Oh yes it felt great, can we practice some more?”

Melinda leaned forward and we kissed each other again this time I pushed my tongue into Melinda’s mouth and moved it all around inside her mouth. When I felt Melinda fondling my cock, as if by instinct I began fondling Melinda’s breasts, they felt soft and firm I had never squeezed anything like them before. Melinda broke our kiss, she pinched my nipple and twisted it till it hurt and said. “I want you to try doing that to my nipples.” I did as she asked but not as hard, she told me to do it harder and when I did she moaned loudly telling me how good it felt.

As I continued playing with Melinda’s tits and pulling, twisting her nipples. Melinda told me to bite her nipples, when I did she scream I thought I had bitten her nipple too hard and I lifted my mouth of her breast and stopped.

“Don’t stop keep doing that it was turning me on, do it again a little harder this time.”

I did as she asked and took her nipple between my teeth and bit down on it and pulled her nipple with my teeth, Melinda was screaming and I felt her hand slide down and inside her thong to her cunt and began rubbing it furiously.

Melinda was screaming and her body started to shake, I wanted to stop biting her nipple but I waited for her to tell me to stop.

“I’m cumming I’m having a fucking orgasm oh fuck yes oh fuck.” Melinda screamed out then I felt her hand lifting my head up, I released my teeths grip and let it free from my mouth. Melinda just pulled me against her body and cuddled me tight, I could hear and feel how her breathing had increased, she gave me a quick kiss.

“I haven’t come like that for years, you were wonderful.” said Melinda.

“I made you cum?”

“Yes you certainly did.” said Melinda who took my hand and placed it on top of her thong covering her cunt, it was soaking wet as if she had pissed herself.

“When a woman or girl cums it’s not like a mans cum a woman’s cum is more like a liquid.” Melinda tells me.

“Now why don’t I make you cum.” said Melinda as she slides down the bed towards my cock.

Licking all around and up and down my cock first, then Melinda takes it into her mouth, I can feel her mouth wrapping her lips around my shaft as she sucks and begins to move her head up and down on my cock. I have heard about head jobs but never knew they could feel so good my I could feel my balls tighten and Melinda cupped my balls in her hand and gave them a squeeze, it hurt but it felt wonderful, I thought to myself it must have been the same for Melinda’s when I was biting her nipple, some pain gives pleasure.

My cock erupted and began shooting my cum into Melinda’s mouth, I watched as she swallowed each load, I must’ve shot at least five times and Melinda swallowed everything without letting any of my cum slip out her mouth. When she released my cock from her mouth, my cock was soft and shiny like it had just had a clean and polish. Melinda gave me a smile and I moved down and kissed her.

“Oh fuck look at the time I need to pick Jordan up from school.” Melinda screamed. “Get dressed and you can come with me.”

Twenty minutes later as we pulled into the parents carpark, Jordan came running out of school with her friends, when she saw her mother waving to her she came over to the car, Melinda let her sit in the front between me and her as we start driving home.

“Mommy you’re not wearing a bra, I can see your breasts.” said Jordan.

“I didn’t have time to put one on.” Melinda tells her daughter.

Jordan reaches under her Mother’s skirt and starts giggling as she says. “Mommy you’re not wearing any panties, and your kitty is wet.”

I watch as Jordan puts her wet fingers into her mouth and licks them clean. Melinda looks at me and says, “Adam why don’t you check that Jordan has her panties on.”

I lift Jordan’s school dress up to her waist, exposing Jordan’s black cotton panties, then I run my fingers over Jordan’s panties. “See i’m wearing panties.” says Jordan, pulling her panties to the side to expose her bald pussy, “My kitty isn’t wet.” I run my finger between her young pussy lips and Jordan lets out a soft moan.

As Melinda pulls into her driveway, my mother is standing in our yard and when she sees us getting out the car, she walks over to me, Melinda tells my mother, “I saw Adam walking home and offered him a lift, I asked if he could help me with a few things I need done inside the house.”

“I hope he agreed to help you.” Said my mother.

“Yes he has, he is going to be a great help.” Said Melinda.

I walk towards our house with my mother and she tells me, “I glad you are helping Malinda.” I think to myself, I’m glad Melinda is helping me with sex ed.

I hadn’t seen Melinda for a couple days, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I had jacked off several times as I remembered what we had done together, I was angry that we had ran out of time for me to fuck her the last time I was with her. I was hoping she wasn’t disappointed on how I performed and she would continue to teach me everything about sex especially how to fuck.

I was thinking about her as I walked towards my college, I heard a car horn beep and a voice call out my name, when I looked at where the voice had came from I recognized the car belonging to melinda and when I leaned down and looked through the open window I saw Melinda with a big smile on her face.

“Didn’t you hear me calling you?” said Melinda, “You looked like you were daydreaming.”

“I was.” I told her. “Hop in the car, so we can talk.” said Melinda.

I hopped into the car and she started driving and asked. “Do you have to go to college today?”

“No, why.”

Melinda said. “I was hoping to continue with your lessons.” and she reached over and squeezed my cock through my pants. “I just have to first make a quick stop at the shops.”

The smile like a cheshire cat on my face must of told Melinda that I was looking forward to learning more from her. She parked the car and rushed into the shop, when she came back to the car she threw a bag at me and told me to open it as she hopped into the car and then started driving. When I opened the bag I saw what I had only seen in magazines two smooth plastic dildos,one large and one much smaller, there was also large rubber one in the shape of a cock.

Melinda said. “These are for you to use on me and Jordan.” my cock started to twitch as she told me, I thought about Jordan and how the small dildo would look fantastic in her small pussy.

Smiling Melinda asked. “What are you thing of?”

I started to blush as I told her. “I was thinking about Jordan using the dildo.”

Melinda smiled at me as she parked her car up her driveway out of sight from my house. We both got out the car and entered the house by the back door.

Once inside Melinda grabbed me and began kissing me passionately, I kissed her as she had taught me, I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and moved it around like I was mixing up food, I held her body tight against mine, I could feel Melinda’s breast rising and falling as her breathing increased. Melinda started undressing me, she swiftly removed my shirt and let it fall to the floor, her hands ran over my bare chest before moving onto my belt buckle and pants as they slipped down to my ankles, I had trouble kicking of my shoes and stepping out of my pants, I nearly fell down pulling Melinda with me, but she held me upright and once my pants were off she led me to her bedroom.

She knelt on the floor and slipped my briefs down to my ankles and I stepped out of them, she kissed the tip of my cock then stood back up and began to undress in a urgency. She stood there in just her white thong, I could see it was already wet as she asked me to take it off. Like Melinda had done with my briefs I slipped her thong down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. I stared at her bare cunt and how her lips hung out, her cunt was covered in wetness and I again copied what Melinda had down to the tip of my cock, I kissed her pussy and covered my mouth with her juices.

Melinda let out a moan, and when I tried to lift my head away from her cunt she held my head and pressed it harder against her wet cunt, without thinking I pushed my tongue out my mouth and it entered her cunt. Melinda let out a scream that would have had anyone nearby think she was being murdered. Melinda lifted my head up and laid on her bed. “Come up here beside me.” said Melinda, “Who taught you to push your tongue inside a cunt?”

“No one that’s the first time I’ve ever done that it just felt the right thing to do.”

“Oh fuck yes it was, you just made me cum.” said Melinda who kissed me then said, “Thank you.”

I was feeling very proud of myself, as young college student I had just mad a woman cum by kissing her cunt. Melinda said, “Move down the bed and get between her legs, I’m going to show you the parts of my cunt.” Melinda began by pointing out her outer lips and inner lips, she pulled her cunt open to show the entrance, she then pushed down on the top of her cunt with her fingers and I watched as a what looked like a flower bud popped out out, she told me it was her clit and the most sensitive part of a woman and That I should rub it with my fingers or lick it with my tongue.

When Melinda told me to touched her cunt and explore it, I pushed my finger into her cunt deep and hard a few times. Melinda said. “Be gentle take your time there is no rush, you don’t have to hurry.” I did as she asked and slowed my finger thrusts into her cunt down. With my fingers of my other hand I played her cunt lips, I loved how they felt in my fingers, when I began touching her clit, Melinda’s whole body gave a shake each time I rubbed my finger over her love bud.

I could feel Melinda’s cunt becoming wet, her juices were running everywhere as she moaned and laid on the bed her body shivering. Melinda said. “Put your cock inside me now I need you to fuck me.” I moved my body up between Melinda’s legs, I tried to get my cock into her cunt, Melinda felt me struggling and took hold of my cock and lined it up with the entrance to her love channel and I felt my cock slip inside her cunt and be gripped by her cunts muscles.

I laid there on top of Melinda’s body with my cock buried deep inside her cunt for a moment thinking how wonderful it felt. I then began pulling my cock back out just far enough to leave the knob of my cock still inside her cunt, then I pushed my cock back in till my pelvic bone was against hers, I kept repeating this, it felt so natural as I began to fuck my first woman. Melinda said. “Fuck me faster and harder, do it.” I was confused hadn’t she told me to be gentle and slow. I did as she had asked and began going faster and as I slammed my cock into her cunt.

Each time I slammed my cock into Melinda’s cunt I felt my balls slapping against her pelvis, slap, slap, slap, I knew this was what Melinda had wanted, she was screaming again that she was close to cumming and she screamed out loud as she had an orgasm. I don’t know why but at that moment I thought of Jordan, would she be able to have an orgasm at her age, would her young cunt get wet like her mother’s and would her kitty as she called it taste as good as her mother’s or would she taste better I couldn’t wait to find out.

My balls tightened and my cock began twitching as my cock began squirting my cum into Melinda cunt, as my cock squirted less and less and began going soft, I could feel my cock slipping out of Melinda’s cunt, I pleaded with it not to but it wouldn’t get hard, as I rolled off the top of Melinda, she pulled me up beside her and kissed me.

“You were wonderful, you did a fantastic job, I loved you fucking me.” Said Melinda.

I gave Melinda a kiss and said. “That was incredible, I loved fucking you, I’ve never felt like this before, I love you.”

“I love you too, and when you’re ready we can fuck again.” Said Melinda. I took hold of my cock and desperately tried to jack it back to full hardness but it wasn’t going to co operate with me.

“I need to have a shower, before I need to go pick up Jordan, why don’t you have a shower with me?” said Melinda.

I eagerly followed behind Melinda as we walked naked to her bathroom, the way the cheeks of her arse wobbled as she walked looked fantastic. Melinda after turning on the shower turned and asked smiling, “Were you just checking out my butt?”

“Yes, I was, your body is so sexy.” I said with a grin on my face.

It felt wonderful being in the shower with Melinda and rubbing my soapy hands all over her body touching her everywhere, when she did the same to my body, it was over to quick before we were rinsing the soap of each other and hopping out the shower. Melinda quickly got dressed.

“Take your time getting dressed, and close the backdoor when you leave.” said Melinda, “It’s the weekend tomorrow and if you’re not busy you can come over and help me with Jordan.”
After having gone to bed last night with the wonderful memories of fucking Melinda and everything she had shown me, I woke up late, it was Saturday and I remembered that I had been invited over to Melinda’s house to help her with Jordan. I quickly showered and dressed and went into the kitchen to eat breakfast that my mother had cooked for me.

“I was speaking with Melinda early this morning and she asked if you could come over and help her with a few things.” said my mother.

“After I’ve finished breakfast I will go over and see what she wants me to do.” I knew what she wanted me to do by how could I tell my mother that Melinda wants me to teach her daughter about sex.

Knocking on Melinda’s back door I heard her yell out to come in, I walked inside the house and Melinda yelled out that they were in the bedroom. When I was entering the bedroom I stopped and looked what was happening, both mother and daughter were naked on the bed, that gave me an instant erection seeing Melinda laying there with her legs wide open, with Jordan’s face buried against her cunt. Melinda’s hand was on the back of her daughter’s head pressing her daughter’s mouth onto her cunt.

“Good morning Adam, I hope your ready for some fun?” asks Melinda as she lifts her hand of her daughter’s head.

Jordan lifts her head up and looks at me and says, “Hi Adam, mommy told me you’re going to play games with me today.”

I look at Melinda who is smiling then I look back at Jordan’s face covered in her mother’s cunt juices and say. “Yes we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

I undress and am soon laying on the bed beside them, Jordan comes to me and gives me a kiss and pushes her tongue into my mouth, I can taste her mother’s cunt juices on Jordan’s lips and in her mouth. As she stops kissing me she notices my cock is standing up like a flagpole and begins fondling it, she giggles as she pushes my cock against my stomach and watches it as she lets it go, spring back up straight, she pushes it in all directions and she is fascinated on how my cock behaves.

“Baby why don’t you give Adams cock some kisses?” Said Melinda.

Jordan starts kissing my cock with wet sloppy kisses, then opens her mouth and takes the knob of my cock into her mouth. I close my eyes and think how wonderful it feels having her tongue licking the knob of my cock as it’s in her sweet young mouth, when Jordan takes more of my cock into her mouth, I open my eyes and look at Jordan pushing her head further down and taking more of my cock into her mouth, I reach out and grab Melinda’s hand and squeeze it hard as I feel Jordan beginning to suck my cock, having my cock in her mouth feels wonderful.

Jordan begins to move her mouth up and down on my cock it’s hard to believe this is her first time at sucking a cock. I reach out and run my fingers thru her lovely long blonde hair as I gently push her head a little further down on my cock, Jordan starts to gag and she stops long enough to cough, before returning to moving her mouth up and down on my cock. When Jordan looks up at me with her big brown eyes and my cock still in her mouth, I smile at her and blow her a kiss.

“Oh fuck I’m about to cum, here it comes.” I tell them as I hold Jordan’s head steady. My first squirt is massive and causes Jordan to start coughing as my cum fills her mouth and begins to leak out the edges of her mouth, now after swallowing it she is ready for the next load and when my cock squirts another load into her mouth she has no trouble swallowing it all, my third and fourth squirts are much smaller loads and Jordan easily swallows it all. My cock is now limp and Jordan doesn’t want to let it out of her mouth, she grips my cock shaft with her mouth as she sucks harder, finally she opens her mouth for my cock to slip out.

I lay there on the bed as Jordan climbs up closer to her mother, Jordan asks, “Did I do a good job sucking Adam’s big cock mommy?”

“You sure did, you made Adam very happy and now he’s going to make you happy.” said Melinda. I crawl over to Jordan and move her legs apart and look closely at her young bald cunt, I then lean in and plant kisses on her young cunt lips a few times, then I begin licking up and down her young slit making it wet with my saliva, once is wet enough I stick my finger into my mouth and cover my finger with my saliva, holding her cunt lips apart with the fingers of one hand I push my other hand’s finger into her small love tunnel.

As I finger fuck Jordan young cunt I feel my finger hitting her hymen, Jordan tells me that I’m hurting her, I withdrew my finger from her young cunt disappointed that I couldn’t continue.

“I have something for you.” said Melinda as she reaches into a bag and pulls out two plastic dildo’s and gives the smaller one to her daughter.

“Mommy what do I use this for? it looks like a big pencil.” said Jordan.

“Watch mommy baby.” says Melinda.

Melinda sucks the dildo into her mouth coating it with her saliva, I watch as Jordan copies what her mother is doing and sucks on her smaller dildo, when Melinda removes the dildo from her mouth and rubs it over her bald cunt and then pushes it all the way inside her cunt. Jordan tries to copy her mother’s actions, and as the smaller dildo hits Jordan’s hymen she stops.

“Mommy it wont go it any further.”

Melinda says, “Let Adam do it for you baby.” Jordan hands me the dildo.

I look at Melinda who whispers to me to do it quick, I push the dildo into Jordan young cunt until I feel it once again hitting Jordan’s barrier, I pull it slightly back out then with a thrust I push it all the way inside her young cunt. Jordan screams out, “It’s hurting.” and she begins to cry, her mother pulls her into her arms and tells her everything will be ok. I move the dildo in and out as I see a few drops of blood drip onto the sheets of the bed, I begin to move the dildo in and out faster, Jordan is now moaning not in pain but in enjoyment she is starting to love the feel of me pumping the dildo in and out her young bald cunt.

Jordan looks at her mother pumping her large dildo in and out her cunt. Jordan reaches down and pushes my hand away and takes hold of the small dildo in her hand and as she watches her mother she copies her mother’s action. I lay on the bed stroking my cock as I watch both mother and daughter masturbating with their dildos. When Melinda pulls out the large dildo from her cunt she says to me. “Put your cock inside me now, and fuck me so my daughter can watch.” As I push my cock inside Melinda’s cunt.

Jordan stops using the dildo and pulls it out of young cunt and gets up on her knees to watch me driving my cock in and out of her mother’s cunt. Melinda’s fingers are rubbing her clit as I keep driving my cock in and out of her bald cunt. Jordan is fascinated by my balls swinging I like a pendulum as I pull my cock out and drive it back into her mother’s cunt, Jordan reaches under me and feels my balls with her small hands, when she gives my balls a squeeze, I can’t stop from spurting my cum into Melinda’s cunt, Melinda screams as her body starts to shake as my cock keeps spurting my loads of cum into her.

As I slip my soft cock out of Melinda’s now filled wet cunt, Jordan asks, “Mommy is Adam going to put his thing inside my kitty too?”

“His thing is called a cock, baby, do you want Adam to put his cock in you like he did to mommy?” Jordan excitedly says, “Yes mommy I want Adam to put his thing, I mean cock in me too, I want to be a big girl.” “Why don’t you come lick mommy’s cunt like you were doing before?”

Jordan moves between her mother’s thighs and begins licking her mother’s cunt as my cum drips out in blobs, when Jordan lifts her head up to look at her mother, Melinda and me both see Jordan’s face covered is covered in cunt juices and cum, I think to myself, how sweet she looks and I how much I going to enjoy having my cock in her tiny cunt, I can’t wait to fuck her and I stroke my soft cock hoping it will become hard again soon. Melinda says to her daughter, “Keep licking mommy’s cunt baby.” Jordan buries her head down on her mother’s cunt and we hear her slurping noises as she sucks up the juicy mixture.

Watching the mother and her daughter action has my cock throbbing and ready for action, I reach under Jordan and run my finger between her small slit, her young cunt lips open like a flower and let my finger penetrate deep into her young love hole as I finger fuck her cunt Jordan’s juices start to squirt out, I can’t wait and I pull Jordan away from her mother and lay her down on the bed, I push her legs apart as I crawl closer.

With the tip of my cock touching her cunt lips, I push my cock against the opening of her hole, Jordan cunt is tight but with a bit of pressure I finally get my cock head inside her cunt. I wait for Jordan to get used to my cock being inside her, then I push the rest of my cock slowly inside, once my cocks all the way inside her cunt, I wait and think how wonderful it feels to have my cock buried inside her love hole.

I pull back then push in and keep doing this to a steady rhythm. I feel Jordan relaxing and hear her moaning, she begins to enjoy being fucked, I can feel her hips trying to push upwards as I pull my cock back half way out, I push my cock back into her cunt this time I’m doing it a lot faster, I’m fucking her faster and harder and she still responds by pushing her hips upwards against my cock.

When I start to cum, I keep my cock buried inside her bald cunt, I can feel my cock shooting my cum into Jordan’s cunt, shot after shot, when I’m finished cumming I know by the amounts of cum that I have shot into her, her cunt must be full of my cum and when I withdraw my limp cock I look at the hole I have left in her young cunt as it drips with my cum as it runs out of her hole. The feeling of having just fucked a mother and daughter is incredible, and when Jordan asks me to fuck her again, her mother explains that I need to recover first.

We all lay there on the bed, and Melinda suggests we clean up and have some lunch before we continue again this afternoon. Melinda throws on a bathrobe and heads to the kitchen to make us some lunch, Jordan and I hop into the showers and wash each other and only hop out the shower when Melinda calls to us to come and eat. Jordan and me wrap a towel around our bodies and go into the kitchen and sit down at the table. Were all given a fright when we hear my mother yell out and walk into the house.

As my mother walks into Melinda’s kitchen, she stops in her tracks and looks at the three of us, Melinda wearing a bathrobe and Jordan and I with just a towel wrapped around our bodies. “What’s going on, why are you undressed Adam?”

Before I can reply to my mother, Melinda says, “Karen please let me explain.” And leads my mother into her lounge room.

Jordan and I finish eating our lunch, and we wait patiently for them to return, after 30 minutes I decide to go and see what’s keeping Melinda and my mother from returning to us. With Jordan following close behind me as I approach the lounge room door and look inside, I can’t believe what I am seeing, Melinda is sitting laid back against the couch with her bathrobe open and her legs apart, with my mother’s face buried against Melinda’s cunt.

Jordan and I watch this incredible sight for a few minutes before moving into the room, when Melinda sees us she smiles and lifts my mother’s head up of her cunt. “After I had explained everything to Karen, she told me how long it had been for her having sex.” Said Melinda. My mother looked at me with her face covered in Melinda’s cunt juices and said, “When Melinda’s bathrobe fell open I lost control and couldn’t stop myself.”

Jordan dropped the towel from around her body, and I followed her lead and dropped the towel I had around my body to the floor. My mother was staring at Jordan and me, I think it was the first time my mother had ever seen me naked with a hard cock, when Jordan reached over and began stroking my cock, my mother let out a loud gasp. “Why don’t you help make your mother more comfortable and undress her?” Says Melinda.

Helping my mother to her feet first, I then begin undoing the zipper on her dress, when she lets the dress slide of her shoulders to the floor and stands there in just her pink panties and pink lace bra, I kiss her then reach around her and unclip her bra.

My mother stands there holding her bra against her breasts and says, “You are enjoying this aren’t you Robert?” Giving her a large smile I say, “mom I’ve always had a fantasy about undressing you.”

My eyes stare at her breasts as she lowers the bra and slips it of her shoulders, as my mother lifts her bra up in the palms of her hands she asks, “do you like what you see?” As I keep staring at her large breast and big nipples, I say, “mom they’re gorgeous I’ve love them.” I feel someone trying to push my mother and me further apart and I look down to see its Jordan, and she is lowering my mother’s panties, when my mother steps out of them, Jordan giggles and says, “mommy look Karen has a lot of hair on her kitty.”

I move back closer to my mother and kiss her on the mouth passionately, my mother returns my kiss by pushing her tongue into my mouth, as we tongue wrestle I begin to fondle and squeeze my mother’s breasts, when I pinch her large nipple, she breaks our kiss and let’s out a loud moan and says, “oh fuck that feels incredible, I so much have missed having my tits played with.” As I run her nipple between my thumb and finger, she lets out a louder moan.

Melinda has been playing with her daughter as they both watch us. Melinda says, “Rob lay Karen down on the couch.” When I lay my mother down on the couch next to Melinda, I watch as Melinda kisses my mother and moves my mother’s legs apart and begins rubbing my mother’s cunt with her fingers. I sit next to my mother and take one of my mother’s large nipples into my mouth and begin sucking like a baby being feed.

When I lift my mouth of my mother’s breast, I look at Melinda pumping her fingers in and out of my mother’s cunt and watch as Jordan moves her sweet young mouth nearer my mother’s cunt, Melinda removes her fingers letting her daughter take over playing and licking my mother’s cunt, my mother screams, “I’m cumming, fuck I’m going to have an orgasm, oh fuck yes. I haven’t felt like this for ages.”

Melinda moves next to and starts squeezing my already hard cock and gives it a few strokes, and whispers, “are you ready to fuck your mother? I so much want to see you fuck her.” As I stand up Melinda pulls Jordan back away from my mother, I look down at my mother, her eyes are closed as she takes deep breaths trying to recover from her orgasm. When I rub my cock over my mother’s cunt lips she opens her eyes and sees me, holding my cock as I begin to rub it up and down her hairy slit.

“NO you can’t do this, you can’t fuck your own mother.” screams my mother. Her cunt lips part as if their inviting my cock to enter her love hole, with a sudden push my cock starts going into my mother’s cunt. My mother screams, “You shouldn’t be doing this it’s wrong.” I take no notice of what she is saying as I push my cock into her cunt as far as I can, my mother tries to get out from under me screaming, “NO stop this at once, right now do you hear me?” I couldn’t stop myself if I could or if I wanted too.

I began pulling my cock back out of my mother’s cunt, when it was just the knob of my cock still inside her, I trust my cock back all the way inside her cunt until our pelvic bones were pressing against each other, I heard my mother gasp, and I repeated pulling my cock back out and thrusting it back into her cunt. My mother screamed out, “NO you shouldn’t be doing this.” Then as I kept pumping my cock in and out, she started telling me, “Yes fuck your mother, Yes keep fucking me, I’m your slut, you can do anything you want to me.” Hearing her tell me this made me thrust my cock harder into her cunt.

Jordan was sucking one of my mother’s nipples as her mother, Melinda was twisting and pinching my mother’s other nipple. I could feel my mother was about to have another orgasm as her body tightened, my mother screamed as she had and orgasm, I was close to cumming too, with a few more thrusts, I began squirting my cum into my mother’s cunt. As she feels my cum squirting into her cunt she screamed. “Fuck don’t cum inside me, I’m not on the pill.” I smiled at the thought of making my mother pregnant, as the last of my cum oozed out of my cock, as I withdrew my limp cock, my mother sat up in the couch beside Melinda and her daughter Jordan.

Melinda asked for me and Jordan to get them both a glass of wine, when I came back with a bottle Jordan was handing them each a glass, after I finished filling their glasses I sat down in the arm chair next to them and listened to what they were saying to each other. I heard my mother telling Melinda how the first time she had sex was when she was Jordan’s age and how it had been her father who had fucked her. Melinda smiled as she told my mother how it was her father that had fucked her when she was younger than Jordan.

Melinda went on to tell my mother if her father had been still alive she would’ve had him teach Jordan all about sex. My mother told Melinda told her how her mother had caught them fucking, and she divorced him, and since he moved away, she has had no contact with him ever since, she also believed that her mother made my father have no contact with her. My mother was interrupted by Jordan trying to lick up the cum that was dripping out my mother’s cunt. “You have taught Jordan to be a great cunt licker.” said my mother.

As I move and sit beside my mother, Melinda pushes my mother’s head down to my waiting hard cock. “Suck your son’s cock for him, I know he wants you too.” said Melinda. “NO, I don’t like doing that.” said my mother. My cock is soon rubbing over my mother’s mouth as Melinda keep pressing down on my mother’s head, when my mother begins to say something and opens her mouth the knob of my cock enters her mouth, I reach out and hold my mother’s head and push her head further down forcing her to take more of my cock into her mouth.

Hearing her gag I lift her head slightly up and let her catch a breath, then I push her head back down, I keep repeating lifting her head up and pushing it back down, I can feel her tongue moving around my cock in her mouth. Melinda is rubbing my mother’s back telling her she doing a great job. I can feel my mother’s lips begin to tighten as they wrap around my cock’s shaft and I can feel her sucking as she begins bouncing her head up and down, for someone who doesn’t like cock sucking she is giving me a great blow job.

I’m close to cumming and shooting my load of cum into my mother’s mouth, how many others have dreamed of doing this and here I was fulfilling another of my fantasies, My cock erupted and blasted a large load of my cum into my mother’s mouth, as I held her head steady I blasted another load and felt my mother struggling to swallow fast enough, she desperately wanted to lift her head of my cock and as I released my grip on her head she lifted her mouth of my cock, just as I blasted another load this time all over her face, I looked at my mother and how sexy she looked, the sight of how she looked would stay with me for ever.

Melinda picked up my mother’s panties and began to wipe my cum of my mother’s face, “Mommy let me clean up Karen’s face for her.” squealed Jordan. Melinda handed my mother’s panties to her daughter, who puts them back down on the couch as she began to lick of my cum from my mother’s face, within a few minutes my mother’s face is clean of cum, and she opens her eyes and looks at me and says, “Robert you did that on purpose, didn’t you, you wanted to see me covered in your cum.” I smile at my mother and say, “Mom, I didn’t do it on purpose, it was you who lifted your head up before I was finished cumming.”

“Karen why don’t you have some dinner with us tonight, I can phone up for some pizza to be delivered.” said Melinda. My mother thinks for a while and then says, “Yes I would like that and it will save me cooking something for Robert.” My mother watches as Jordan climbs onto her mother’s lap and stares at Melinda as she begins fingering her daughters bald cunt. I reach out and run my fingers over my mother’s hair cunt and ask, “Mom can you shave your cunt bald and be like Melinda and Jordan?” Looking at Melinda my mother says, “I might need some help with shaving myself.”

There was a knock on the front door it was the pizza delivery man, Melinda throws on a bathrobe and then answers the door, after paying for the pizza she brings it back into the kitchen and places the pizza on the table. “Help yourselves, there is plenty for everyone.” Said Melinda. As we all enjoy the pizza, I look around the table at everyone, my mother and Jordan and myself are still naked, Melinda is still wearing the bathrobe which now hangs open to expose her beautiful body.

After we all had finished enjoying the pizza, Melinda took my mother’s hand in hers and said, “Come with me and I will give your cunt a shave.” As Melinda led my mother into the bathroom. I was about to follow them but changed my mind when I felt Jordan’s small hand wrap around my cock and begin stroking it. I looked down at Jordan and saw her looking up at me with a big smile on her face. I reach down and squeeze her small puffy breasts making her nipples become harder and stick further out.

With my cock now fully hard I lifted Jordan up by her butt cheeks and lowered her young bald cunt onto my throbbing cock, her young cunt slid down the shaft of my cock until it was all the way in. She sat there straddling my legs with my cock buried deep inside of her cunt and began to rock back and forth. Jordan was enjoying herself and the smile on her face made it clear that she loved having a cock in her cunt. She wasn’t the only one enjoying themselves, I loved how her young cunt gripped my cock it was a totally new experience for me and I loved it.

Jordan raised her body up slowly, her young cunt slid up the shaft of my cock until it was only the knob of my cock that was still inside her, when she dropped her body back down quickly, she repeated raising and dropping her body again and again I could feel her young cunt muscles beginning to milk my cock. For someone who only recently had started fucking Jordan was doing a fantastic job, it was the same for me, my first fuck was Jordan’s mother followed by her daughter Jordan and then it was my mother, I could not have asked for three more wonderful females to enjoy my first few times fucking.

When I felt my balls begin tighten I knew I was close to cumming, the same thing would happen when I masturbated, my balls would tighten before I started shooting my cum out of my cock. Now my cock was about to fill Jordan’s small young cunt, I held her steady to stop her from bouncing up and down as my cock erupted shooting my cum into her young cunt, after another three blasts my cock was empty and was beginning to become soft. Jordan leaned against my chest, I felt her small puffy breasts pushing against my chest as she began kissing me, I opened my mouth and took her small tongue inside my mouth as we kissed each other passionately.

We cuddled and kissed each other for nearly half an hour, I loved having Jordan’s arms wrapped around my neck, and with my hands squeezing her small butt cheeks that just fitted in the palms of my hands. As I stood up I lifted Jordan up with me keeping her body held against my chest, I carried Jordan with me as I went looking for Melinda and my mother, after I looked into the bathroom and saw it was empty, I moved up the hall towards Melinda’s bedroom, when I looked inside I saw that they were together, my mother was laying on her back and Melinda was laying on top of her, their faces buried against each other’s cunts.

Jordan wanted me to let go of her and as soon as I lowered her the floor she walked up to the edge of the bed and climbed up beside her mother. When Melinda lifted her mouth of my mother’s cunt and gave her daughter Jordan a kiss, Jordan began licking her mother’s face that was covered in cunt juices, once Jordan had cleaned up all the juices from her mother’s face she buried her face into my mother’s now bald cunt and began licking and sucking up the cunt juices that flowed out of my mother’s cunt. I stood there watching a mother and daughter sharing a woman’s bald cunt, what made it more exciting for me was that the woman was my mother.

I stood there stroking my cock watching them and when I saw Melinda lifting her cunt of my mother’s face I moved closer to my mother’s head and began rubbing my cock over her wet mouth, without any hesitation my mother took my cock into her mouth and began sucking my cock. With my mother’s head leaning over the edge of the bed with my cock in her mouth I began to pull back and then thrust my cock back into my mother’s wet mouth, I was face fucking my mother something I had dreamed off and jacked off too, never thinking it could happen but here I was fucking my mothers mouth with hard forceful thrusts. I was close to cumming and when I started to squirt my loads into my mother’s mouth, I felt her sucking and swallowing everything I had squirted inside her mouth.

When I had nothing more to give to my mother to swallow, I slowly pulled my limp cock out of her mouth and sat down beside her. Melinda and I watched as her daughter Jordan kept licking my mother’s cunt, when I saw my mother start humping Jordan’s small moth I knew my mother was close to cumming, then she screamed out that she was having an orgasm, I saw her cunt squirting out her cunt juices all over Jordan’s face. I was amazed at how much and how many times her cunt squirted her juices, it was like she was having a piss.

Melinda picked up her daughter and cuddled her in her arms she kissed her daughter wet face a few times and then said to her, “Did you like licking Karen’s cunt baby?” Jordan smiled at her mother, giggling she said, “Yes mommy I did, I made Karen’s kitty get very wet.” Melinda says, “You sure did baby, you made her have an orgasm, you know what an orgasm is don’t you.” Jordan face beamed with delight, “Yes mommy, it’s when our kitty’s makes us feel really good, and get very wet.” Melinda smiles at her daughter and says, “Why don’t you go play with Adam’s cock and Adam’s mother can give me an orgasm.”

As Karen hears what Melinda is saying to her daughter, she is already moving between Melinda’s legs and plants a kiss right on top of Karen’s love bud, then she starts running her tongue up from the edge of her arse hole to the top of her slit and over the hard knob that is sticking out from under its hood, as my mother sticks her tongue out and licks around Karen’s puckering butt hole, then sticks her tongue out and touches the entrance to Karen’s butt, Karen begins moaning and her body shivers, my mother licks all the way back up to Karen’s love bud and begins sucking it into her mouth, my mother sticks her fingers into Karen’s cunt and begins finger fucking Melinda, then without saying anything my mother pulls her fingers out of Karen’s cunt and pushes one finger deep into Karen’s butt hole. Melinda screams out louder than I have ever heard her scream before, Then as my mother lifts her mouth of Karen’s love bud I watch a stream of her cunt juices squirt out from her cunt.

Melinda is moaning and telling my mother that she has just given her the biggest orgasm she has ever had, my mother looks up into Karen’s face as she starts to pump her finger in and out of Karen’s butt hole, Melinda reaches down and pushes my mother’s head back down onto her cunt, my mother continues to finger fuck Karen’s butt and at the same time keeps sucking and licking Karen’s love bud. I watch as Karen starts pulling and twisting her own nipples, I nearly had forgotten about Jordan fondling my soft cock, Jordan had made my cock hard again and was now bobbing her head up and down on my cock as she desperately sucked my cock trying to get at my cum.

When I felt my cock getting close to cumming I lifted Jordans head up, taking her mouth of my cock, I didn’t want to shoot my load of cum into young Jordan’s mouth I had a better place in mind, I lifted Jordan up of her knees and turned her around to watch my mother licking her mother’s cunt. As Jordan straddled my legs I lowered her down onto my cock, I felt her young bald tight cunt stretching to let my cock penetrate her kitty, my cock slipped further into her cunt and Jordan got closer to sitting on my lap, when my cock was all the way inside her, and she was sitting on my lap I reached around her and began pinching her nipples. Having a young girl impaled on my cock was and incredible feeling, I loved how she just swayed back and forth causing my cock to move inside her cunt.

I lifted Jordan up and then let her fall back down, taking all my cock back inside her cunt, after lifting her up several times Jordan began to rise and fall on her own, I could hear her moaning softly, she held my hands against her young breasts and just kept rising and falling on my cock, her young cunt was so tight it was milking my balls I could feel them begin to tighten and as I started to shoot my cum into her young cunt I held her down impaled on my cock, even after I finished cumming I was in no rush to remove my cock from her young cunt, in fact I was hoping it would become hard again right away. When I heard Melinda scream again, I looked over at my mother I saw that she was using the dildo that Melinda had bought a week earlier, my mother was pumping the dildo in and out of Melinda’s butt as she kept licking her wet slit, giving Melinda another orgasm.

I couldn’t take my eyes of my mother licking Melinda’s cunt, I had no idea that she loved having sex with other females and by the way she was enjoying herself she was making up for all the lost years of not having a female to enjoy. Jordan sat beside me playing with my soft cock, she was stroking it, wishing that it would become hard again, I had no idea how long my cock would take to recover its erection. My cock had never been used as much as it had been in the last few hours, even when I jacked off at home, my cock wouldn’t get hard as quick as it had, I couldn’t believe how much come I had shot out of my cock today, this was all new experience for me to enjoy.

Jordan had given up trying to make my cock hard, she let go of my soft limp cock, and she moved to the side of the bed beside her mother, she opened the bedside drawer and pulled out a plastic dildo, then laid down beside her mother. Jordan opened her legs and began pushing the dildo in and out of her young cunt, as if she had experience using a dildo. Melinda reached out and began twisting her daughter’s hard nipples between her thumb and index finger, causing Jordan to pump the dildo in and out of her cunt faster.

I could hear my mother’s mouth slurping up the cunt juices that was flowing from Melinda’s cunt, I watched as every few moments my mother’s tongue would flick out and lick over Melinda’s hard love bud causing her to shake. My mother wasn’t pumping the dildo in and out of Melinda’s butt hole as fast as she had been, every now and again, she would just let go of the dildo to use her fingers to pull Melinda’s cunt lips further apart so her tongue could go deeper into Melinda’s love hole.

I moved down to the floor and laid on my back and shuffled my body along the floor to get my head between my mother’s knees, right away I felt my mother’s cunt dripping her cunt juices onto my face, opening my mouth wide, I let her juices drip into my mouth, then I pushed my tongue out and licked up and down my mother’s cunt lips. My mother’s body tensed up as my tongue flicked over her clit, she dropped down placing her cunt on top of my mouth and sat there, then began to grind her cunt back and forth over my mouth, I struggled to breath and took deep breaths when I could, my mother kept pressing her cunt down harder on my mouth, I had to push her hips up, so her cunt would lift of my mouth and I could take a breath, otherwise I would’ve suffocated, my mother didn’t seem to care, she just wanted to grind her cunt on my mouth.

Melinda’s screamed out, “Fuck, I’m coming again.” then yelled out, “Karen take it out.”

My mother removed the dildo and then rolled off my face and sat down next to me on the floor. Both my mother and I had our faces covered in cunt juices and as we kissed each other’s sloppy faces we smiled at each other.

My mother said, “Adam if I knew you could eat cunt I you just did, I would have had you in my bedroom years ago.”

I placed my arm around my mother and cuddled her, and said, “I love you mom, I wish I had got to have sex with you years ago.” I then reached out my other hand and began playing with my mother’s breast and nipple.

I looked up at Melinda only to see the back of her head, her face was buried against her daughter Jordan’s young cunt.

My mother whispered to me, “Let’s continue in my bedroom, and leave Melinda and Jordan by themselves.”

As we stood up and picked up our clothes we quietly left Melinda’s bedroom without Melinda or her daughter noticing us leaving.

I started to get dressed and my mother said, “don’t bother getting dressed leave your clothes off.”

I then watched as my mother opened Melinda’s back door and stepped into the backyard naked.

As soon as I closed the door my mother said, “First one home gets to pick what we have for dinner.”

Luckily no one saw my mother and me running to our house naked carrying our clothes, my mother would have beaten me except that she dropped her bra between the houses and had to stop and bend down and pick it up of the grass. I stopped and waited for my mother to catch up at ou r door, once inside our house we dropped our clothes and began cuddling and kissing each other passionately.

“Let’s go have a shower together.” said my mother, as she dragged me into the bathroom.

After she turned shower on, we kissed each other again as we waited for the hot water to flow. Once the water was hot enough we both stepped under the shower, our hands immediately began running over each others body, my mother poured body soap into her hands and began washing my body everywhere, then it was my turned to use the body soap on my mother’s body, my hands and fingers went everywhere, I spent time washing her breasts, then as I began washing her cunt, my mother handed me the shower head and turned it to jet and told me to use that to clean her cunt, my mother held her cunt lips apart as I directed the jets of water into her cunt, I watched as the water flowing out of her cunt became cleaner.

My mother washed her hair and mine then we turned off the shower and stepped out and began drying each other, when we were dry we headed to her bedroom, my mother collapse onto her bed and as I looked down at my mother’s naked body I thought of how lucky I was at having someone so sexy as my mother.

When my mother opened her legs wide apart and reached down and pulled her bald cunt lips apart and asked, “Do you want to fuck me now or later?”

I didn’t answer her, I just moved between her open legs and rubbed my cock up and down her slit.

“Hurry up and put your cock inside my cunt.” said my mother.

I gave my cock a thrust and it slipped inside her cunt, the hole that I had come out off all those years ago. My mother wrapped her legs around my waist as I began thrusting my cock inside her cunt and then pulling it back out before thrusting it back inside. I kept repeating this action and began getting faster and faster, my mother was screaming louder and louder.

When she creamed out, “Fuck your slut harder, I’m your slut to fuck anytime.”

I wondered if she had really meant what she had just said, that I could fuck her anytime I wanted. My thrusts were now harder and faster, my balls slapped against her butt cheeks each time I thrust my cock into her cunt.

“I’m having an orgasm, oh fuck yes, oh, oh ah, yes I’m coming.” screamed my mother.

With a few more thrusts of my cock I was about to come too, when I felt my cock twitching and my come start to shoot into my mother’s cunt, I pushed my cock into her cunt as far as I could and held it there, three more full squirts of my come filled my mother’s cunt, then a couple of smaller spurts emptied my balls and I slowly pulled my now limp cock out of my mother’s cunt.

As I moved up beside my mother she gave me a kiss then moved down and began licking my cock clean, sucking it into her mouth she licked all around the knob of my cock once she was satisfied she had cleaned my cock good enough she moved back up beside me. We laid there chatting with each other about sex, when I asked my mother about her enjoying sex with Melinda, she told me the first time she had been with another female, it was with her school friend years ago, and she still kept in touch with her, but they hadn’t seen each other for years.

My mother went on to tell me that her friend was a divorced mother like her. When I asked my mother what her friend looked like, she reached into the bedside drawer and took out a couple photographs and showed me. The photos showed my mother’s friend in a bikini, she was a gorgeous brunette with a fantastic figure, there was a young girl wearing a bikini standing next to her, when I asked my mother who it was she told me it was her friends daughter. My mother explained that she been often invited to visit them on the holidays, but because of me that she had declined the invite because she didn’t want me finding out about what they had got up to together. My mother then asked me if I wanted to go for a visit and meet them. I told my mother I would love to watch her and her friend enjoying each other. My mother then told me she would phone her friend the next day.

A few days later when I arrived home from school my mother told me she had spoken Julie on the phone and that Julie and her daughter Suzy would be visiting us next week during the school break, at first I was disappointed that we weren’t going to visit my mother’s friend. When my mother told me what the sleeping arrangements would be, she explained that Julie had no idea that we have been sleeping together, and she thought it would be better if Julie slept with her in the main bedroom and Suzy could sleep in my bedroom with me.

My mother left me at home and drove to the train station to pick up Julie and her daughter Suzy, I was laid on the couch watching TV when Jordan walked into the house from the back door, what are you doing she asked me, I sat up and Jordan sat down beside me on the couch. Nothing, I told Jordan, I’m just waiting for mom to come home with her friends. I explained to Jordan that Julie and her daughter would be staying with us for a week.

“Does that mean we can’t have any fun?” Jordan asked as her hand slipped inside my shorts.

“No we can still play, but we will need to use your place,” I told Jordan.

When Jordan started pulling my shorts and underwear down to my ankles, my hard cock sprang out, without saying anything Jordan leaned down and took my cock into her young mouth, I felt her tongue licking the knob of my cock before she slid her mouth further onto my cock, as Jordan began bouncing her head up and down on my cock, I ran my fingers over her head and through her hair trying to slow her down, I was in no hurry to come and I wanted to enjoy having my teenage cock inside Jordan’s young mouth.

Jordan was a great cock sucker, her mother had taught her well, it didn’t take Jordan very long before she was making my cock squirt my come into her mouth, I squirted another load of come into her mouth, then we heard car doors being slammed closed, Jordan jumped to her feet and stood there looking so innocent, I quickly stood up and had just pulled my shorts and underwear up, as my mother walked inside the house, with Julie and Suzy behind her.

“Adam this is Julie and her daughter Suzy,” said my mother.

We each said hello to each other and Julie came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “It’s nice to meet you Adam, your mother has told me all about you.”

I wondered what my mother had told her friend Julie, did she tell her that we were now lovers and my mother wanted to be my slut to fuck anytime.

Julie then asked, “and who is this cutie?” turning and looking at Jordan.

“This is Jordan she lives next door my mother,” I told Julie.

As my mother looked at Jordan she noticed that Jordan’s face had some come on the side of her mouth, my mother used her finger to indicate for Jordan to wipe her face, Jordan wiped the side of her mouth with her finger and looked at what she had wiped up, she immediately then placed her finger inside her mouth and sucked her finger clean. My mother looked at her friend Julie and hoped she had not seen what had happened.

Jordan told us all that she had to go home, Suzy and I walked with her to the back door, as she said goodbye to us she leaned into me and gave me a kiss, then unexpectedly leaned over and kissed Suzy on the lips, I was more shocked that Suzy had returned the kiss that lasted longer than was necessary, I immediately wondered if Suzy could taste any of my come from Jordan’s mouth.

As Jordan left, Suzy turned to me and said, “I like her, is she your girlfriend?”

I replied, “No were just friends.”

Jordan smiled at me and said, “very close friends by the look of it.” then walked back into the lounge to join her mother.

After dinner my mother suggested that we should all changed into our night wear to get comfortable and come back into the lounge and watch a movie on the television, I was the first to return and was sitting there in my boxer underwear. When my mother came into the lounge I saw that she was wearing a baby doll nightie, she might of well been naked as her breasts and cunt were clearly visible under her nightie. As Julie walked in my eyes nearly jumped out of my head, she was wearing a short pink see thru nightie that showed of her wonderful C cup breasts, she was also wearing pink panties and it was easily to see that her cunt was bald.

My cock was already starting to stir and become hard, and when Suzy came into the lounge wearing a blue t-shirt and pink panties my cock began throbbing, as Suzy sat down beside me I saw her small budding breast through her t-shirt dropped armholes, as I looked at her pink panties, my eyes fixed onto her young cameltoe, her young cunt was bald, I couldn’t tell if she was naturally bald or if she or someone else had shaved her young cunt. Looking over at my mother and Julie sitting together on a couch I saw that were holding each other’s hands, I heard them whispering and giggling like they were school children again.

As I watched them, I saw Julie’s hand rubbing up and down my mother’s thigh, her fingers were so close to my mother’s cunt that she must have been able to feel how wet my mother was. My mother moved her arm around Julie’s shoulder and cuddled her, Julie rested her head against my mother’s shoulder her mouth only a few inches from my mother’s nipple. I was anxious for them to go further, I wanted to see Julie having sex with my mother just like she had done all those years ago.

Suzy had moved closer to me and was resting her body against mine, I jumped and let out an unexpected squeal when Suzy squeezed my hard cock through my boxers. My mother and Julie looked over at us to see what was happening.

Suzy still holding my hard cock said, “mommy Adam’s cock is hard.”

Julie smiled and said to her daughter, “I hope you asked Adam if you could touch his cock, he might not like you touching his cock.”

I looked at Suzy then at Julie and said. “It’s OK, I just wasn’t expecting Suzy to grab my cock.”

My mother spoke up and said. “It’s late and passed your bedtime, I think you both should go to bed.”

Suzy let go of my cock as I stood up and headed towards my bedroom with Suzy close behind me.

I showed Suzy the bed she was sleeping in and watched in amazement as she removed her t-shirt and panties and then crawled into bed and pulled the sheets and covers over her naked body.

Looking at me she said, “mommy likes me to sleep without any clothes on.”

As I hopped into my bed, I wondered and had a feeling that Julie would also sleep naked, the idea of my mother and Julie being naked in bed together made my cock start throbbing, I turned off the bedroom lights and slipped my hand down inside my boxers and began stroking my hard cock.

As I was about to shoot my load of come, I felt the sheets and covers on my bed being pulled down.

I couldn’t see who it was in the dark, but knew it was Suzy when she said, “can I sleep with you tonight?” and crawled into bed beside me.

When Suzy moved closer to me and began cuddling me and, I felt her young budding breasts squeezing against my chest, there was no way that I could say no. Wrapping my arms around her, I told Suzy to go to sleep. When Suzy moved her hand down and inside my boxers and squeezed my cock, it erupted without warning and blasted my come all over Suzy’s hand and fingers, she giggled and rubbed my come all over my cock.

I got up out of my bed and removed my wet boxers and wiped my cock clean of my come, then I crawled back into my bed, this time I was naked. Suzy once again moved closer to me, when I clicked on the bedside light I saw that Suzy was sucking her wet fingers, as I reached down and squeezed her small butt cheeks, I asked her, do you know what sex is, have you ever done anything before.

Suzy giggled and said, “I’m not a little girl, of course I know what sex is, me and my mommy play with each other’s pussies all the time.”

I asked, “can I play with your pussy?”

Suzy didn’t say anything, she just opened her legs as wide as she could, the light from the bedside light gave me a clear view of her young bald cunt. Rubbing my fingers over her young slit, I was amazed at how her lips opened to accept my finger and let me push my finger into her young hole, as I pushed my finger deeper inside her young cunt until it was all the way inside her, I felt no resistance, Suzy had already lost her virginity which I didn’t expect, feeling Suzy trying to hump my finger, I began finger fucking her tight young hole, pushing my finger in and pulling it back out over and over, Suzy was softly moaning that she wanted me to finger her young cunt faster, I would never have thought that Suzy at her age could come and squirt her cunt juices like she did, she covered over my fingers and hand with her juices.

I placed my wet fingers into my mouth and tasted her young cunt juices, she tasted sweet and delicious and I wanted more, moving my face closer to her cunt, I began licking up and down her young slit, then pushed my tongue deep into her young hole as far as I could. Suzy placed her hands on my head and pushed my mouth harder against her young cunt, as I licked and sucked up her juices, I wondered how many times her mother had done this very same thing to her daughter’s young cunt. Then I thought of my mother, did she know that her friend was enjoying the love of her daughter’s body.

Suzy asked, “can you put your cock inside my pussy?”

I was shocked but not surprised, I lifted my mouth of her young cunt and asked, “have you been fucked before?”

Suzy nodded her head and said. “Yes!”

With my cock already hard and throbbing, how could I refuse her, I moved between her legs, letting my cock poke against her young cunt, then I guided the tip of my cock to the entrance of her young hole and with a thrust I pushed my cock all the way inside her cunt. Suzy let out a squeal then began moaning as I began thrusting my cock in and out of her cunt, I looked down at her face, she was biting her lip, she gave me a big smile then let out a loud moan, at first I was worried that our mother’s would hear Suzy’s screams of pleasure and come rushing into my bedroom to see what was going on.

I stopped fucking Suzy and listened, everything was quiet except for the television, that gave me the courage to keep fucking Suzy with hard forward thrusts of my cock, I could feel the knob of my cock hitting the bottom of Suzy’s young cunt each time I thrust my cock into her. It didn’t take me long before my cock was squirting my come into Suzy’s young cunt, after several squirts my cock was limp and I withdrew it from Suzy’s young cunt, as I did I watched my come flowing out of Suzy’s cunt, only to see Suzy wiping my come up with her fingers and putting them into her mouth and sucking them clean, then Suzy pushed her fingers into her come filled young cunt and soaked them in her juices and my come, Suzy brought her fingers back up to her mouth and once again sucked her fingers clean once more.

After Suzy had finished sucking her fingers clean, we laid there in each other’s arms, I thought about what the rest of the week might bring, Suzy must have been tired as she fell asleep in my arms, I removed my arm from around her and then climbed out of bed and headed to the toilet for a piss, after I had finished I started to head back to my bedroom, when I heard someone squeal over the sound of the television. I looked into the lounge room and saw that my mother and Julie were naked and were licking each other’s cunts, the sight gave me an instant erection and I began stroking my cock as I watched my mother eating her girlfriend Julie’s cunt.

I stood there watching my mother and Julie eating each others cunts, it was the most erotic sight I had ever seen, two adult females going wild with each other. My hand went straight to my cock and my fingers wrapped around the shaft and I began stroking, I was in a daze, how many other sons have witnessed their mother’s making love to another woman. When Julie climaxed and lifted her mouth of my mother’s cunt and let out a scream, I saw that Julie’s face was covered in my mother’s juices. I was close to ejaculating my loads of come and when Julie open her eyes and saw me, she smiled and motioned for me to come closer and lay down on the floor beside her.

My cock erupted and started squirting loads of come, some squirted onto the carpet, I caught most of it with the palm of my hand, I looked around for somewhere to wipe my hand clean, I couldn’t see a towel or anything else to use and was about to wipe my come over my body. Julie reached out and took hold of my hand and let my come run into her mouth, after she swallowed most of it she began licking my hand and fingers clean. When Julie guided my head towards my mother’s wet cunt, I didn’t need to be told what to do, my mouth clamped over my mother’s cunt and I flicked out my tongue and licked up and down her outer lips, my mother ground her cunt against my mouth.

As Julie’s fingers begin to fondle and stroke my cock, it started to grow and become harder, Julie gave the knob of my cock a kiss and licked all around it. I let out a gasp and began to moan softly, when she took my cock into her mouth and began sucking. My mother lifted her mouth of her friends cunt and turned her head and looked at me, she then looked at her friend Julie sucking my cock, my mother moved down beside Julie and began licking all around my balls, when Julie lifted her mouth of my cock, my mother kissed her and then took my cock into her mouth to suck. The feeling was incredible, having my cock shared by two females, who were swapping my cock back and forth between themselves, was driving me wild and close to coming.

Julie must have known I was about to come, and sat up and straddled my cock, as she lowered her cunt towards my cock, my mother took hold of my cock and guided it inside her friends wet cunt. Julie’s cunt was tight, not as tight as her daughters but still tight. My cock slip further inside her cunt until it was all the way inside, Julie was sat on my lap for a moment and then began to bounce up and down, it was like she hadn’t been fucked for ages and was making up for lost time, she was riding and thrashing about with my cock inside her wet hole like animal.

“I’m going to come, oh fuck yes your cunt feels incredible.” I yelled.

“Don’t you fucking dare come now.” Screamed Julie.

I felt my mother’s fingers wrap around the base of my cock and balls and squeeze, I was in some pain, my mother was stopping me from coming I had never had this happen to me before. Julie kept bouncing up and down on my cock, she was really enjoying having a cock inside her cunt after all those years of missing out.

When Julie screamed, “I’m having an orgasm, oh yes I’m coming.”

My mother released her grip from around my cock and balls, my cock erupted and started blasting load after load of my come into Julie’s cunt.

“Oh, oh fuck, I’m coming again.” Julie screamed as she felt my come being shot into her cunt.

Julie collapsed on top of me and laid there breathing and panting and gasping for breath, when her breathing returned to normal she kissed me, I could taste my mother’s juices on her lips, I pushed my tongue inside Julie’s mouth, and we kissed passionately for several minutes.

“Thank you, Adam, that was wonderful I haven’t felt like this for years.” said Julie then added, “Karen you weren’t joking when you told me Adam was a great fuck.”

As I laid there between two wonderful naked females my mother cuddled me and placed her breast against my mouth, I sucked on my mother’s large nipple and gave it a bite, my mother squealed and pulled my mouth tighter onto her breast. Julie reached out and took my mother’s other nipple between her finger and thumb and twisted and pulled on it, my mother let out a squeal then moaned softly.

“I see you still enjoy having your nipples tortured Karen.” said Julie, “did you tell Adam about the nipple clamps you liked to wear?”

My mother shook her head as she told Julie, “No I didn’t, I don’t have any clamps these days.”

Julie said, “I have some clamps in my bags, Suzy and I love using them on each other.” then said, “Would you like to see your mother wearing nipple clamps?”

“Hell yes.” I said, then asked Julie, “What else did my mother like doing then?”

“Julie keep your mouth shut, don’t tell my son anything about those days.” screamed my mother.

Julie started laughing and said, “I won’t tell Adam anything about the handcuffs and rope and you being tied up.”

“Your a bitch.” my mother screamed.

“Can we tie my mother up together?” I asked Julie.

My mother screamed, “NO, that’s not going to happen, that all happened in the past.”

Julie said, “There are heaps more I can tell you about your mother when we were at school together.”

I started thinking about my mother being a school girl, I had never thought about her as a young girl and I wondered what other stories Julie was going to tell me.

“We all need to get some sleep, so let’s go to bed.” said my mother.

“Can I sleep with Julie? I want to hear more what you were like then.” I asked.

“No, you can sleep in your own bed, with Suzy.” my mother told me.

Climbing to my feet I headed of back to my bedroom, I could hear my mother and Julie giggling like school girls in the next bedroom, as I climb into my bed next to Suzy. Cuddling up next to Suzy I wrapped my arms around her and felt her nipples, they were small hard and pointy and I wondered if the nipple clamps were the cause. As I started to fall asleep, I began dreaming about what I was going to find out about my mother tomorrow, tonight had been wonderful, I had just fucked another mother and her daughter, could life for a teenage boy get any better than this, I’m sure I was going to find out in the next few days.

The morning sun shined through my bedroom window as I laid there naked in my bed, I began stroking my cock as I thought about what had happened last night, then I remembered Suzy and reached over and pulled the bed sheets of her young naked body, I kept stroking my cock as I looked at her naked body. As Suzy woke up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, I reached over and ran my hand over her young breasts and hard pointy nipples. When Suzy saw my hard cock and without saying anything she moved down the bed and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking, the feeling of having my cock sucked by this young girl was incredible.

If only I could wake up each morning and have my cock sucked, what better way is there to start the day. I heard the shower running and giggling and knew it was my mother and her friend Julie, they must be having a shower together, thinking of them washing each other, just made me come faster and my cock began squirting my come into Suzy’s young mouth, Suzy must have thought I had finished coming and lifted her mouth of my cock only for my cock to squirt another two loads of my come over her lovely face.

Suzy started giggling and said, “I like you coming on my face.”

“So do I, you look wonderful covered in come, sweetheart.” said Suzy’s mother Julie.

I quickly turned my head and looked at my bedroom doorway, standing there was my mother and Suzy’s mother, for how long I don’t know and what did they see.

“You both better go have a shower and then come join us for breakfast we have a big day planned for us all.”

As Suzy and I climbed out the bed and headed to the bathroom, I wondered what plans our mothers had for us today

by Wayne.ker

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