My Mother’s Fucked Affair With The our Neighbor

My name is Ajit, 19 years old. I live in Mumbai in a 2 BHK apartment with my mom, Shilpa, 38. My dad, Vikram, 42, is working in a MNC, and was recently transferred to Bangalore through the company. He visits home every 3 or 4weeks. Mom is a conservative woman and to continue her hobby, she runs music classes at home. Though her age is 38, she looks 25 as a result of regular yoga and exercise. A beautiful, smart woman, 5’4″ tall, with curves 34c-26-38, 56 kg, fair complexion. Whenever we go shopping or anywhere else, I notice men staring at her with lustful eyes. I have noticed my friends doing the same thing, whenever they visit my home. She wears either Saree or salwar-kameez. Her dress sense just adds to her beauty. Men around her always keep drooling. Being calm, she never reacted to them. I am in second year of my Engg college. I’m busy most of the time for college work.

One day I was returning from college, and as I reached the main gate of our building, I noticed a new family was moving into our building. I stopped there after parking my bike. As the ‘packers and movers’ guys left, only one man was remaining and I just said hello to him. He obviously wanted some new friends. “Hello beta, myself Vinod” As we were going upstairs, I asked him about his family. And he told me that he was living alone, divorced.

As I came to 3rd floor, where my flat was, I stopped and knocked the door. As we were exchanging phone numbers, mom opened the door and I told her about uncle.

“This is my mom”, I said to him, but he was already looking at her, stunned. Mom was in red coloured saree with matching blouse. “Nice to meet you ji”said uncle. Mom noticed the same lust in his eyes. I asked him his flat number. “412”, he answered looking at mom. Mom was short of expression; she faked a smile and went inside. Uncle too went upstairs, I told him to call me if he needs help.

I went inside my flat. Mom was in the kitchen, she told me to freshen up. I went to the bathroom. When I came out she handed me a cup of tea. “Vinod uncle seems to be a nice guy” I said while taking a sip. She didn’t reply. I knew she was not happy; the way uncle looked at her. She asked me “When is his family shifting here?” I told her his relationship status. After some time I told her I was going to a friend’s house and left.


I came back at around 8:30pm. As I was reaching my floor, I heard mom’s voice. I stopped there and tried to listen carefully, it was Vinod uncle talking with mom standing at the door. He was asking her about the water supply timings and other facilities in the area as he was new there. Mom had not invited him inside. I reached there and uncle was shocked to see me. I just smiled at him.

Uncle was standing at a distance less than 2 feet from mom. Then I noticed the difference between their heights. He was around 6’2″, a big guy. I just stepped inside and asked mom why she didn’t call him inside. She said sorry and asked him formally to come inside. He was more than happy, his eyes were telling the story. We were sitting in the hall. Mom was in the kitchen cooking food. I switched on the TV and went in my room for changing clothes.

When I came back in the hall, uncle was gazing towards mom through the kitchen door. I knew his intentions. Initially I was angry but then I thought, why not just wait and watch. “Why don’t you join us for the dinner?” I asked him. Maybe he had worked some magic on mom when they were chatting at the door, because mom too asked him to stay for the dinner. That was enough for uncle.

Mom prepared food and we were sitting at the dining table having dinner. Uncle broke the silence, “Biryani is awesome, Shilpa ji”. I wondered how uncle knew her name. Mom smiled and said “Thank you.” Mom offered him some more Biryani and he took it happily.

After we finished dinner, uncle left. Mom said, “Vinod uncle is really a nice man, Ajit. It’s really sad that he has to leave alone at 52.” I just nodded and went in my room to sleep. I knew mom had misjudged uncle as a nice man. She was easily getting trapped into his plan.

A week had passed. Uncle was regularly visiting our house. One afternoon, he called me and asked if I wanted to watch some movie at his flat. It was a holiday and he was getting bored. I said yes and went there. As I entered, I noticed the smell of alcohol. Empty bottles were lying in the balcony .He was sitting at the computer and listening songs. I sat on a chair besides him. He started a Hollywood movie on computer. After sometime uncle was feeling sleepy, so he went in bedroom to take a nap.


After the movie finished I was just exploring his computer. There was a big list of movies. A folder was full of porn, as I expected. Just as I was about to close the folder, at the end I noticed another folder named ‘VINOD’. I opened the folder, it was full of videos. I clicked one of them to realise what it was.

The video started with a middle aged woman giving blowjob. She was on her knees with one hand wrapped around the cock in her mouth. The man was trying to gag her with his massive cock. Yes, it was massive, around 8-9 inches long, 4 inches round. He was shooting the video with mobile camera. After sometime he set the camera on a nearby table. The woman was lying on her back, as the man set himself over her to enter her. And then I saw his face for the first time and it was shocking to see that the man was none other than Vinod uncle. I paused the video and thought for a while, maybe it was his wife. She was around 25. I started the video and was shocked to see his cock had swelled even more. He started pounding her. She begged him to stop, but he didn’t. She was yelling like anything. After 20 minutes, she became silent. But uncle didn’t stop. Then I realised that she had passed out. Then uncle took his cock out and sprayed 7-8 spurts of cum on her face.

I was really shocked to see his power and stamina. I went through other videos to realise that he was a special man for women. The videos had 3 to 4 different women. In most of the videos they passed out, from the intense pounding they got from him. I closed all the folders. Uncle was still sleeping.

I came back home and sat in the hall thinking about uncle. And then the thoughts about mom came to my mind. What if uncle succeeds in pulling mom in his traps? I knew she can’t withstand his powers. I was afraid but another part of my mind wanted something else. Yes, I wanted to see them together, I wanted uncle to fuck the hell out of mom. I wanted mom to try uncle. I went in mom’s bedroom. She was sleeping; her pink saree was gathered around her knees, showing her beautiful, fair and exquisite calves and silver anklets. I imagined uncle shagging her to multiple orgasms. I was aroused just thinking about them.

I was waiting for uncle to take next step. One day I was playing carom in the hall with uncle, mom was watching TV. After sometime uncle invited mom to join us. She had never played carom.

“I have never played before” mom said.


“Why not try Shilpa ji?” uncle asked again.

“Come on mom, I’ll teach you” I added.

Mom said ok and sat down to play with us. She was in white salwar and red kameez. Uncle and I were sitting opposite each other. Mom sat near us and adjusted her dupatta to cover her chest. I started showing her how to hit with the striker and she was trying it. I noticed, uncle was looking at her with lust and desire. His eyes were roaming all over her body. Her lips, her eyes, her boobs, her beautiful, manicured hands… I thought about leaving them together. I took my phone and started a fake conversation and went in my room and pushed the door behind me. Mom knew I used to talk on phone for hours. The balcony was common to mom’s and my room. I just entered mom’s room and started peeking into hall through the slightly open door.

Uncle was telling her how to play. She tried 2 to 3 times and then uncle said “No Shilpa ji, not like that”. She was doing it right but uncle wanted to touch her, so he sat on her right side and took her hand in his hand and explained her how to use different fingers. He came close to her and now was touching her from side with her hand still in his grip. With his other hand he was rubbing his crotch area. He was now really enjoying her soft hand in his grip. Mom realised after sometime how close he was.

“Thank you Vinod ji, I can play now.” Said mom.

“You are welcome Shilpa ji” said uncle and sat at his place again.


They started playing but uncle could not concentrate as he was in heaven. He looked around to find that my door was still closed.

“Ajit seems to be busy with his girlfriend, Shilpa ji” he tried to crack a conversation.

“I don’t interfere much in his matters, Vinod ji. And I trust him, as he is good at taking decisions” mom tried to explain.

“And what about you Shilpa ji? Don’t you get bored living without your husband? I’m sorry if it’s too personal….” uncle was going deeper.

“No Vinod ji, actually I run music classes and keep myself busy with yoga and exercise and cooking…” answered mom. “And please stop calling me Shilpa ji…. You can call me Shilpa” continued mom.

“Ok Shilpa” he smiled as he called her name looking at her through angle of eyes. Mom shied away from uncle and started blushing. Suddenly she tried to stand up and instinctively uncle pulled her by holding her wrist, as a result mom fell in his lap facing him sideways, her dupatta stuck on his face. He took her dupatta away and looked at her with guilt as her boobs were inches away from his mouth. Mom was shocked. She took her dupatta from his hand and stood up from his lap. She went into the kitchen feeling offended.


“I’m sorry Shilpa… Shilpa ji… I’m so… It just happened suddenly… I didn’t want to…. Please listen Shilpa…” uncle tried to make up things. Mom didn’t reply. He left. I came back in hall, called mom. I asked her about uncle, she said he left as he was having headache.

I went upstairs. Knocked uncle’s door. He opened the door and was surprised to see me. I went inside and asked him what happened to him. He thought mom must have told me everything.

“Mom said you were having headache… ” I said.

“Headache? Oh yes, it is just decreasing… thank you” he was relieved to know that I didn’t know anything.

“Ok uncle, take care” I said and left.

A few days passed. Uncle didn’t visit us. One day, I saw uncle standing with mom at the ground floor trying to explain something. He was saying sorry again and again.


“It’s ok Vinod ji, I forgot it. I know you didn’t do it purposefully. No hard feelings.” Mom was talking confidently. “And come over for coffee in the evening, Vinod ji.”

“Thank you Shilpa…..ji….” he smiled again. Mom smiled back. Mom left for the market. He licked his lips as he looked at her figure from behind and went upstairs.

I was thinking about uncle’s next step and decided to set cameras in every room of my house as I didn’t want to miss any action.

Mom was still clueless about his plans. So she had invited him for coffee. He came at around 6pm. I was doing some college work in my room. I heard the knock on door, mom opened the door and uncle came in my room directly. I chatted with him for some time then mom called us in the hall for coffee. After finishing coffee we just sat there chatting. Then mom asked me about my holiday as she needed my help to clean the house.

“Mom please, I’m busy with my project for next 20-25 days. So please don’t expect my help.” I said.

That was a chance for uncle. He said “I can help you Shilpa.”


“Thank you Vinod ji, but no, that’s not ok.” Said mom.

“No Shilpa, it’s ok. I will take it as a punishment.” Uncle said it without realising I too was there.

“Punishment…? For what….?” I asked looking at mom.

“Nothing beta…” mom tried to end the topic. “Ok Vinod ji, done. Friday?” Uncle nodded happily. I didn’t know how she was so comfortable with him.

I was waiting for the Friday to come. I checked all cameras in my house and made sure all were working. I had connected all the cameras to uncle’s computer which he didn’t know.

Friday. 10Am. Uncle came to help mom. I told mom that I was going to the college and will be late in the evening. She had cancelled her music classes for that day. I left home, went upstairs and unlocked uncle’s flat with the keys I had already made. As soon as I entered, I started his computer and checked all cameras.


Mom was in the kitchen. That day she had worn yellow coloured salwar-kameez with white dupatta.

“I’m ready Shilpa” uncle said from the hall.

“Ok Vinod ji, I will call you if I need help. You can watch TV.” Said mom and switched on the TV. Uncle requested mom to sit with him for a while. Mom sat there. An erotic bollywood song was playing on the TV. Mom was shying away from uncle. But she was still sitting there. She tried to take the remote from uncle’s hand, which uncle denied. She waited for some time and then snatched the remote from his hand and started laughing. Uncle looked at her for a few seconds and suddenly grabbed her hand in a strong grip and asked for the remote. She was taken aback by his powers. She handed the remote back and he left her hand. Mom was massaging her hand and saw that his finger-nail had cut her on forearm. Uncle realised his mistake and took her hand in his and started kissing and sucking as blood was oozing out. Mom was totally lost in pain and pleasure. There was silence in the room except the song playing on TV. After 2 minutes mom realised the situation and stood up saying, “I’m fine Vinod ji…” and started walking towards kitchen. She went in my room and started cleaning. Uncle waited for half an hour then joined her. Nothing happened between them for next 2 hours except light jokes and flirting uncle was doing. Mom was responding him by just laughing.

“Do you want tea or coffee, Vinod ji?” asked mom.

“I’ll prefer milk…” said uncle, looking at her boobs, then into her eyes, then added “just kidding, Shilpa….I’ll have Coffee…”

“Milk is not enough, Vinod ji… We’ll have to arrange for it…” said mom looking at him naughtily and confidently. That was the first time I saw my beautiful, modest mom talking with a man like that, clearly hinting something. “And I’m not kidding…” mischief was added in mom’s words. Uncle was confused and surprised to see this change in mom. His mind was boggling between thoughts. He was thinking, whether he should take the next step or should he wait for another signal. Mom went in the kitchen and looked back once, as she passed the door, uncle followed. She didn’t know she was playing with fire.


She was preparing coffee. Uncle was standing beside her. After few seconds he tried to touch her hand where it was cut. He took her hand in his and started caressing. Mom pulled her hand back and said, “What are you doing Vinod ji…?” Yes, she was teasing uncle. She was playing this game of cat and mouse with uncle. Now I was really feeling sad about mom as uncle was obviously going to give it back to her. And I knew she won’t be able to handle him then.

As uncle was leaving kitchen, mom stopped him saying “Doodh nikalo Vinod ji…” (“Take the milk out Vinod ji”) as uncle stopped, mom added, “from the refrigerator….” uncle was being humiliated like never before. He took the milk jar out and gave it to mom. Mom didn’t look at him, uncle got frustrated, it was clear from his facial expressions. As the coffee was boiling, uncle thought for a second and suddenly grabbed mom from behind.

“Why are you doing this to me Shilpa…?” asked uncle.

“What are you talking about Vinod…?” mom asked innocently, without moving. Uncle courageously wrapped his hands around her waist. Mom had her dupatta wrapped around her waist and tied it at the side. Uncle was playing with her dupatta and untied it with a jerk. It fell to the floor. Mom still didn’t respond. Uncle started playing with her hair and his lips were close to her neck. From the way he was positioned, he got a good view of her boobs down her kameez (top extending below knees). He was turned on so much that he was unaware of his monster poking in her back. Now he was pressing himself on her, he couldn’t control himself and kissed her neck while caressing her stomach through the kameez.

“”Coffee…. Vinod ji…” mom said turning towards him, handing him coffee mug. He came back to the senses and realised that coffee was ready. Mom was behaving like nothing had happened.

“Can you lift me so that I can clean the fan?” asked mom as they finished their coffee.


Mom took a cloth in her hand and stood below the fan, facing uncle. Uncle wrapped his hands around her, and lifted her, pressing her ass from behind. Mom realised how strong he was and complimented him.

“Woman on top…. isn’t it, Vinod?” Mom was opening more and more, but not completely. Uncle’s face was right in front of her groin. Uncle realised she was calling him Vinod now. He pushed his face suddenly, which tickled mom and she started laughing uncontrolled. Uncle did it again and again and mom continued. She was asking him to stop but he did not listen. Mom asked him to put her down. Uncle lowered her down slowly and stopped when her boobs came close to his face. He again pressed his face slightly, licked them for a second and then put her down. She was tickled so much that tears could be seen on her cheeks. She waited and checked her clothes and again stood facing uncle. This time he turned her around and lifted her again. Mom started cleaning fan again. Uncle didn’t do anything. She was facing away from him, so she looked behind her back, down, at uncle and wiggled her ass slightly. Uncle smiled but didn’t do anything.

“I’m done Vinod. You can put me down now…” said mom. And uncle did, very slowly. Now she was standing on the ground facing away from uncle, still in uncle’s strong grip. He slowly moved his hands upwards from her waist and stopped with his palms covering her boobs.

“Thank you Vinod…” said mom and started walking away from him when uncle suddenly stopped her by grabbing her boobs. “Aaaahhhh … Vinod….” she said gasping. Uncle started massaging her boobs and was pulling her towards him. Mom was breathing heavily now. She was lost in pleasure. Uncle gathered her hair and pulled back with a jerk. With one hand he was kneading her chest roughly now. He kissed her on her cheek close to the lips and gave a lick. Mom moved her head away from him, panting, short of breath. “You are so beautiful, Shilpa…” said uncle while licking her cheek again, leaving a trail of saliva. Mom moved away from him, wiping the saliva off with the back of hand. She turned to look at him seductively. Her kameez was crumpled with a strap of bra peeking out. She straightened her dress and massaged her boobs lightly, saying “That was rough…” her eyes were wet.

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