My Mother’s Fucked Affair With our Neighbor chapter 1

I woke up at 10 in the morning. The door of my room was still locked from outside. Mom opened the door after I called her thrice. Mom didn’t look at me when I asked her who locked the door. She too had just woke up.


“Mom, are you ok?” I asked her, she was startled by the question.

“Yes…. Why are you asking?” mom answered looking away from me.

“You look exhausted….” I teased again. Mom went in the bathroom, ignoring me.

“I think you didn’t sleep well last night…” I asked her again when she returned.

“Ajit…. I’m fine… Ok? Now get ready for your college.” Mom was angry now. I decided to play a bit more.

“What is this mom…?” I asked her looking at the marks on the hands where the blouse was tied last night.

“Nothing…… Just leave me….” mom pushed me and returned to her room.

I got ready for the college. Mom gave me tea and breakfast. She was silent all the time. She was avoiding me. I left for the college after sometime.

I returned from the college in the evening. Mom was watching TV. I entered my room without talking to her. I changed clothes and went in the kitchen. I saw the half burnt candle on the refrigerator while I took out a bottle of drinking water.

“Mom, have they started power cuts again?” I asked sitting beside her in the couch.

“No. Why? ” mom looked at me for the first time.

“That candle in the kitchen…. who used it..?” I started again. She ignored again. Then came the next surprise. There was a small packet near the TV. It read ‘i-Pill’. I reached there and picked it up. Mom realised her mistake and snatched it from my hand.

“Just go to your room. And start studying.” Mom said in a stern voice.

Uncle must have given the pills to her, as he had fucked her without condom. I started my computer and checked the recordings of the day, from the cameras. Mom cleaned her room for some time then she had called uncle and asked for the pills. He came after an hour and handed a packet to her, planted a kiss on her cheek and left. Nothing had happened behind me.

I waited for their next move but uncle didn’t show up for next 4-5 days. Mom too didn’t talk about uncle.

One evening we were watching TV when mom received a sms on her phone. Mom read it and smiled a bit. She replied to the sms and put it down. Another sms came and she smiled again reading it. Mom went in the kitchen, leaving her phone and started preparing for the dinner. I opened her inbox.

‘Hi sweety, miss u so much.<3′ It was uncle’s first sms.

I opened sent sms and read mom’s reply. ‘same here,hubby. C u at dinner 9.00 pm.<3’

Uncle’s reply in next sms was, ‘Sure baby. Dinner and some fun.’

Mom prepared food and asked me to call uncle from upstairs, for dinner. I took my phone and called uncle. He came within 2 minutes.

Mom was wearing black saree with matching sleeveless blouse. Her fair skin was making it more beautiful combination. Her hair held together with a rubber band. No make-up, she still looked hot. Her anklets made some noise as she walked around.

I joined uncle and mom at the dining table. Mom was serving food in my plate, with her back to uncle. I looked at uncle, he rubbed his pants as he looked at mom’s ass. We started eating, nobody talked.

“Can we play cards tonight? What say Ajit…?” uncle broke the silence, as we finished dinner.

“No. I still have some work left. Sorry.” I replied. Uncle looked at mom, waiting for her answer.

“I’m ready.” Said mom, innocently.

“Ok then, enjoy your game, good night.” I left them. Mom didn’t look at me. As soon as I entered my room, I started computer and checked all the cameras. Everything is fine.

Mom and uncle were still sitting at the dining table.

“Ajit should not know this, Vinod. I fear….” mom couldn’t complete her sentence, tears filled her eyes.

“Come on Shilpa, don’t cry. Nothing will happen.” Uncle said wiping her tears. “We have just started this… we will take care of everything.” Mom recovered a bit.

“I love you Vinod…. Love you so much…” mom said looking in his eyes.

“I love you too Shilpi…. ” uncle said kissing her hands. There was no love in his eyes, it was pure lust.

“And you won’t be making any noise tonight….” uncle kissed again. Mom didn’t understand. Uncle stood up from his chair, lifted mom in his arms, like a child. Mom giggled as he kissed her boobs through the black saree.

Entering mom’s bedroom, uncle threw her on the bed and started unbuttoning his jeans.

“Wait…. Vinod…. we should use some protection…..” mom said sitting up on the bed.

“We don’t need one, at least tonight…..” uncle confused her again.

“What do you mean Vinod?”

“Can’t you wait bitch….?” uncle said pulling his cock out.

“You practise yoga, right?” asked uncle.

“Yes, but why?” mom asked as uncle pulled her to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Open your mouth, slut.” He pushed his cock.

“How long can you hold your breath? Think and then answer.” Uncle said sternly.

“Around two minutes….” mom was unaware of his plan.

“That I can do without yoga…..” he said sarcastically, challenging mom.

“Well I can stretch it to 2 minutes and……… 45 seconds…….” mom was making it difficult for herself.

“Sure? If you lose, I will fuck you tonight, at a place of my choice.” Uncle smiled while saying that.

“I can do that easily… hubby. Should I start?” mom was ready.
“Wait bitch… Take this first….” uncle pushed his semi erect cock in her mouth.

Mom was unaware of his plan, and the fact that it’s not only about holding breath, but his monster cock would be gagging her.

His cock started swelling. Mom licked the purple head looking at him. Uncle pushed a bit more, this time holding her head.

“Start….” uncle said making his grips firm. Mom widened her eyes and looked up at him, struggling against his cock. Within 15 seconds, she started pushing him away. Uncle left her after 10 more seconds.

“What are….(gasp) you……(gasp)….. Vino…(gasp) “mom couldn’t speak as she collapsed in the bed, breathing rapidly, curling her body. Uncle stood there, looking at her with sadistic smile. His intentions clear.

“Do you quit, Shilpa?” uncle said looking at the clock. “25 seconds…… ha ha ha ha….. you call that yoga….?” he continued.

“No. That’s not fair, Vinod. You can’t do this to me.” mom was angry.

“Do you quit, Shilpa?” he said with 8 and half inch monster in his hand. He squeezed the shaft from the base, making the purple head even bigger.

“No. I am ready.” Mom was looking a bit determined now.

She sat up on the bed and took his monster in her hands. Her subtle, long, white fingers wrapped around the black monster. She took her tongue out and licked the underside of the purple head. Uncle was surprised by this move. Mom started massaging his balls with one hand and took half his length in her mouth. Her bangles started singing. He knew her plans, she wanted to make him cum faster.

Mom looked up and signalled towards clock, asking him to say start.

“Not like this darling. It’s only half inside.” Uncle laughed again.

“What? Do you think it’s possible, Vinod?” mom blurted out.

“Do you quit, Shilpa?” uncle asked again. Mom looked with frustration.

“Don’t argue then, whore” uncle pushed again and fucked her mouth with his monster for few seconds.

“Now, it’s between this monster and your mouth…. ” He continued. “You can’t talk now, unless I ask you to.”

With that he made her sit on the floor, her back to the bed with her head resting on it. Uncle stood with his legs on either side of mom, holding his cock above her.

“No hands…” uncle ordered with a light slap on her hand. He pushed his cock in again while gathering her hair in his fist. He pushed roughly, plunging more than half his cock in her mouth this time. Mom gagged a bit and lifted her hands to stop him but stopped before touching him. she was being obedient. Uncle gave two quick thrusts and smiled sadistically. A trail of saliva started hanging from the corner of her mouth as uncle started moving in and out.

After 10 minutes uncle left her hair and rested her head on the edge of the bed. He leaned over her, supporting himself with his hands on the bed. Mom opened her mouth again. Uncle moved his cock on her cheeks, her nose, forehead and chin, teasing her. Mom waited with parted lips. Uncle moved his purple head on her lips before pushing it in. He pushed more this time with only an inch of his length out of her lips. Then he pulled his monster out slowly and pushed in with same pace. Mom wanted to finish the game so she was co-operating. Her jaw must have started aching by now, it was clear from her expressions. Uncle stopped for a few seconds and started again putting his right kHee on the bed. He wanted to fuck her mouth with all his length, he wanted to ravish her beautiful face, those delicate lips.

“Take it slut….” he pushed in with a grunt, forcefully. His hips flexed as he worked his remaining length in mom’s mouth. He stayed there. His big cock was in a modest, beautiful, married woman’s mouth. After only 30 seconds mom started struggling for air with a monster gagging her. Tears started rolling out from the corners of her eyes. I thought uncle would remove his cock but he didn’t move. He stayed there for another minute, and moved out slowly.

“Good job baby…. its 90 seconds…. come on, do it again.” Uncle fucked her mouth for 15 seconds with half his length before driving it home. Staying there he lifted his left foot off the floor, putting his weight on her mouth. He was treating her roughly. It was brutal. How could mom handle this? Mom didn’t move for a minute this time.

“Only a slut like you can take this…. deepthroat…. bitch.” He flexed his hips again making it difficult for her. Mom pushed him suddenly and started breathing heavily, sitting on the floor. Uncle didn’t respond. After controlling her breathing, mom positioned herself, taking her place, wiping off tears.

“I’m sorry Vinod…. I’ll do it….” mom said looking at uncle.

Uncle lifted mom in his arms and put her on the bed. Lying beside her, he kissed her on her lips. Her lower lip was swollen and red at the corner, from the assault. Uncle licked mom’s lips with his tongue. Mom smiled. She was still wearing the black saree. Uncle had not removed any of her clothes yet.

“Sorry Shilpa, I hurt you.” Uncle played with her lip.

“That’s ok, Vinod ji. This body is yours. You can treat me the way you want.” Mom sat on him saying that. Uncle was surprised, he looked at her with questioning eyes.

“Yes hubby. I love being dominated. I love being tortured. I LOVE PAIN.” Mom told uncle the truth, looking directly in his eyes.

“What a naughty bitch you are, Shilpa. You shouldn’t have told me this one. You are going to regret that.” He said putting her on her back and riding her.

“I don’t know your fantasies yet, hubby.”

“Will you fulfil them?” uncle asked. Mom nodded yes.

“If you do it, I will give you what you want.”

“Yes. Tell me.”

“I love fucking women in front of others, I love humiliating them. I love….” uncle stopped as mom was taken aback, listening this. She was dumbfounded.

“Vinod, are you sure what are you talking? How many women have you fucked like that?”

“No. I didn’t do it yet.” Uncle tried to calm her down.

“How is it possible Vinod?”

“Trust me Shilpa, I’ll take care of everything, If you say yes.”

“It is risky, isn’t it?” mom asked again.

“Shut up, and get back to your job, slut. Worship my cock.”

Uncle pulled her to the foot end of the bed, on her back, her head hanging from the head end. Uncle attacked her mouth, standing on the floor. Within 5 thrusts, saliva started flowing from her mouth to her nose and cheeks, covering her eyes, she lifted her hand to wipe it off. Uncle slapped her hand and reminded her “Last warning, no hands.” He started fucking again, her head banging to the foot board every time he pushed in.

“Get ready.” Uncle said and pushed the monster in completely. A bulge formed in her throat. Uncle pressed it with a finger. Mom didn’t move, her hands signalled him to stop pressing at the bulge. He waited for close to two minutes, mom gave up and pushed him away, unable to breath. Her face was wet with her saliva. She sat up on the bed and looked pleadingly at uncle. He moved slowly to the side of the bed, stood facing mom.

“Don’t you understand bitch?” he pulled her from the bed. She was shaking, standing in front of him. Uncle took her beautiful hands, kissed them and placed them behind her back.

“Don’t you understand?” he moved hair strands from her face, putting them behind her ears. She was shaking heavily now. Uncle started moving his palm on her cheek, lightly. Her beautiful face was covered with saliva, lower lip was swollen, eyes closed. I knew, if he slaps her hard, she would fall on the floor. Uncle must be aware of this. He slapped her, not so hard, but hard enough to leave a mark. Mom was in tears, sobbing. She stood there, looking down.

“Look at me, whore. ” uncle pulled her by hairs. “Do you quit?”

“No.” mom was going to swallow him again. She kneeled in front of him, hands behind her back. Uncle slapped her twice with his big dick.

“aahhh… ” mom squealed. Uncle grabbed her hair and slapped her with the monster again.


Mom started moving her tongue on the big purple head, probing his pee hole. She wrapped her lips on the base of the crown and pulled back, taking uncle by surprise.

“ohh… yessss…” uncle was enjoying as mom repeated her move. She wrapped her lips and moved forward in a swift motion, swallowing his cock, to the hilt. She started moving faster, gripping his monster with her luscious lips.

Knowing her plans, uncle stopped her. He sat on the bed, his back to the head board, positioning mom with her face down on his tool. Her shoulders must have started aching as she struggled to keep her hands back. Uncle pushed her head down suddenly and wrapped his legs around her head, taking her hands in his, locked fingers with mom. Mom was caught in his strong grips now, unable to move her head.

“Well done baby, it’s 2 minutes…” uncle said pressing hard on her head. After 15 more seconds, mom started kicking the foot board, hard. She tried to escape, uncle laughed out and left her.

“I…. (gasp)… Quit…(gasp)… I… Quit (gasp)… I can’t….take it..” mom was short of breath.

“Ha ha…. I told you bitch. You can’t. ” uncle said, making mom sit down on the floor, head resting on the bed.

“Vinod…. please stop it now… I can’t….” mom pleaded.

“This monster needs relief, slut, open your mouth….” he wanted to cum in my beautiful mom’s mouth.

“No. Vinod, I won’t drink your cum. That’s disgusting. Please.” Mom looked away.

“That’s an order, bitch…. (slap, slap) You can use your hands now. And if I see even a drop coming out of your mouth, I’ll smash you.”

Mom took a deep breath and started sucking his dick, making a sweet noise of her bangles as she moved her hands faster on the shaft. Within seconds, uncle threw his head back and grabbed mom’s head, flexed his hips and cursed while cumming hard, “Take it slut, take your prize. Drink it.” Mom was struggling hard to keep all that cum in her mouth, her eyes popping out, lips wrapped around uncle’s meat. Uncle moved back after shooting all the juice from his balls down her throat. Mom licked few drops from his thighs, before uncle parted himself. Her eyes were filled with tears.

They rested on the bed for half an hour.

“You don’t taste that bad, Vinod.” Mom broke the silence.

“Thank you, darling. You too have great oral skills. But you lost the game. Which means, I will fuck you… at a place…. of my choice.”

“And which is that place, janu?” mom asked caressing his tool, making it hard again.

“Ok. I’ll give you options. You choose the place where I would fuck the hell out of you…”

“Thanks. What are the options?” mom was eager.

“Choose one….” uncle showed her four fingers.

“That’s not fair…. where are the options?”

“Choose one. Now.” uncle ordered. Mom chose index finger.

“Oh my God… you are going to be in trouble tonight.” Uncle teased mom.

“What do you mean?” mom was afraid now.

“A slut…….. Shilpa….. is going to be fucked….. in her….. Son’s bedroom….. An adventure…” uncle completed the sentence slowly.

“Vinod….” mom almost screamed.

“Sshhhh….. do you want to wake him up and look at us while we fuck? Just shut up and get ready.”

“Do you know, Vinod, what does that mean? Just leave, Vinod. I can’t do that. Leave me.”

“Oh… Really?” uncle said standing up on the floor. The bedroom door was slightly open, uncle opened it completely and came back to mom. Sitting on her thighs, he placed his hands on her boobs, grabbing one in each hand, through the saree and blouse.

“Scream now. Come on.” He pressed her boobs a bit.

“Aahhhh….. ” mom squealed.

“What happened bitch? Not screaming?” increased the pressure.

“ouiiii maaaa…. Vinod…. Nahii….” mom was in pain.

“I sure know what I’m doing bitch. You better obey. Or….” he said with a devilish smile.

“Are you sure, Vinod…? What if….?” she couldn’t complete as uncle locked lips with her.

“So what? Let him come to know that his mom is fucking a stranger… ” he smiled. Saying that, he reached for the pallu of her saree, on her left shoulder. Mom stopped him and begged, “Please don’t take my saree off at least, please…. we will finish it quickly, with clothes on. Please?” she begged again.

“Ok, slut. Come with me….” he picked her up in his arms, like a toy.

I switched off the monitor, leaving the recording on and took my place in the bed, waiting for them.

They came in the hall and uncle told mom something, I couldn’t listen. He opened the door to my room and there was silence for a few seconds. All the lights were switched off, it was completely dark except some light coming in my room from the streetlight. I couldn’t see what was going on in the hall. Then I heard the sweet noise of mom’s bangles and some slurping. It continued for three to four minutes. As I started adapting with the dark, I saw uncle sitting on the couch, mom wasn’t in the picture. It was clear from all that noise what she was doing. Uncle threw his head back and started enjoying mom’s mouth on his huge dick.

“Aaahhh… …. …. Shilpa…..” he whispered something, I couldn’t understand. He pulled mom’s hair and made her stand behind the couch, bending forward with taking its support. Now she was in front of my door. I looked with half open eyes. Uncle sat behind her and started lifting her saree along with the petticoat, kissing her legs at the same time. Lifting her saree above her knees, he kissed her at the back of the knee, making her shiver as he licked. He continued moving up, kissing the back of her thighs, he might have nibbled there as mom started giggling. She was really enjoying it. He nibbled on other thigh. While kissing her beautiful, creamy thighs, he threw her saree and petticoat on her back, without looking up. Within seconds, I realised, I was rubbing my cock mercifully, looking at my beautiful, gorgeous, modest (now a slut), shy (now a shameless) mom, with her black coloured panty at the top of two most beautiful legs, wet at some places now, with uncle’s saliva. Uncle started moving up, reaching at the top, he stopped as he reached her panty covered pussy.

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