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My Maid Lata Pt. 02

Continued from My maid Lata Part 1)

My eyes opened at 5 AM. Still it was dark outside. Lata’s body lay on me. I was really happy that she showed her concern yesterday for me and allowed me to sleep early and didn’t force sex on me. I kissed her on her shoulder, ear and hair. Lata woke up with my kisses.

“Good morning Latadidi” I whispered.

She smiled at me and kissed my lips. I said, “Thank you for allowing me to sleep yesterday, I was really tired.”

She smiled again and said, “You are welcome my love. But as usual you owe me one again. So one more task.”

“Ok Latadidi as you say,” I said.

Lata smiled and we started to kiss each other. She took me to the floor where we rolled around and kissed each other. 5 AM in the morning we were playing with each other, kissing each other with passion.

Lata then whispered in my ear, “Time for your task, we have to do it now as later on we have to be ready for Gita and Seema to arrive. Let me make you my personal chair cum table.”

I exclaimed, “What!” I didn’t understand at all what she meant.

Lata went to the kitchen, brought a small plate of biscuits and asked me to lie on the floor. She placed the plate on my belly and said, “That’s my table. Now on to my chair.”

She folded her knees on either side of my shoulders, with her face towards my leg and slowly put her ass on my face! “That’s my chair. Enjoy my ass baby,” She remarked.

I was shocked by this action and couldn’t even utter a word as Lata spread her ass cheeks with both hands and smothered me entirely under her ass. My nose was pressed right between her ass cheeks and I could smell her ass, the smell that I was still not used to.

She arched a bit forward, maybe to take a biscuit from the plate on my belly, and moaned, “Sniff my asshole baby, breath in your air from my ass.”

She spoke and occasionally shifted her weight so that I could breathe. My cheeks have turned red as I kept sniffing her ass.

Lata kept moaning as she felt my nose stuck in her asshole. “Baby please some tongue too,” she uttered and I took out out my tongue and licked the corners of her ass cheeks.

The game continued even when her biscuits were over and the plate fell off my belly. Lata enjoyed herself and wiggled her ass on my face. She gave me breathing space quite often and hence I wasn’t comfortable, but the smell of her asshole had completely blanked my mind. I couldn’t think anything, just sniffed and licked on.

At about 6 AM Lata got up from my top. A continuous breath of fresh air filled my senses and I slowly got up. Lata said, “O baby you are the absolute best you complete every task so well. Now wash your face and sleep for some more time.”

I washed my mouth and face and then Lata helped me to bed. As usual she kept kissing me and I fell asleep, tired again.

The day kept passing away, I covered a lot of the assignments that day. Lata went to her basti that day for some change of clothes. After Gita and Seema had left she came to my room and as usual we shared a kiss. I looked towards her and said, “What do you have in your mind today?”

Lata said, “Darling there is a problem. Maltididi, my neighbour is all alone at her house today. Her family had left for some function. Generally she resides with me in such a situation but now it’s not possible. She doesn’t trust other families of our basti. Would you mind if she stays here for the night? She will go away in the first light of the morning.”

I was bewildered and said, “But Latadidi what if someone comes to know? And also if she stays here what about you and me? We have to pass the night separately isn’t it?”

Lata said, “Oh no my darling I have thought of it. She sleeps very soundly. She is going to sleep in the hall beside me. As soon as she falls asleep I will join you. And as we finish I will go and sleep beside her again. Trust me she won’t know about us.”

Explaining herself Lata started to kiss me for my approval. I was worried, what if the woman saw our love-making or find us in some compromised position. Everybody was going to know and it would be a total disaster.

Seeing me silent Lata inserted her hand inside my panties and gently stroked my pussy and said, “Please baby only for the night.”

I was weakened again. I said, “Ok Latadidi but how are you going to call her now from the basti?”

Lata smiled and said, “O no darling she works as a maid as well, at Mr Saxena’s house. I will just go and call her here. They reside in the next lane only.”

Lata went out to call Malti and I was in deep thought in the meantime. Of course I was terrified but also trusted my lover Lata. She wouldn’t be doing anything that caused me trouble.

Lata soon returned with a strong-build woman. She looked to be in her forties. She smiled at me and said, “I am Malti, thank you for allowing me to stay.”

I just smiled back. Lata said, “Maltididi our Puja is a very nice girl.”

Malti said, “Of course she is very beautiful as well. Ok you study while me and Lata sit outside.”

They chatted outside while I wrote my assignments. Soon dinner time came and that day Lata had to eat on the floor with Malti while I ate on the table. Malti and Lata slept on the hall while I was in my room, hoping that Lata would come soon.

Soon Malti’s snoring sound was audible and in a few minutes Lata came to my room. She took off her clothes and started to kiss me passionately. We were both staved of sex that evening and it was showing in kisses full of lust. I too stripped nude and we hugged and rolled on the floor.

Lata guided my head to her pussy and said, “Baby it’s time you licked my pussy. Come on baby lick me kiss me make my juices flow into your mouth.”

I put my tongue in the hairy bush of Lata, tasting her pussy. The smell of the aroused sex of Lata captivated my mind as I licked her and Lata moaned in pleasure. Smell of a woman’s private part captivated me.

She locked my head by crossing her legs and pressing her thighs on my cheeks. I licked her pussy up and down, tasting her juices. My nose and mouth was tickled by her hairy bush as I kept licking her pussy and Lata’s moans increased.

She suddenly started to shiver and pressed my head by her hands. She let out a big moan as she met her orgasm. A floodgate had opened as her pussy juices filled my mouth. Lata slowly lied on the floor panting in excitement. Just then I heard a sound and as I looked at that direction my face became white in fear.

Malti, Lata’s neighbour Malti was standing in my doorway. She had a look of shock in her eyes but also had a smile. I just froze at my position. We were so much engaged in sex that didn’t actually remember that someone else was also in the house.

Lata jumped up and said, “Maltididi…”

Malti hushed her and then said, “Ok so this was going on in this house. Lata you and this little princess were having sex? Sex between two women? Do you have any idea what people would say if they found out?”

I was dumbstruck and fully stationed at one place. Lata rushed to Malti and tried to reason with her. They talked in a low voice which I didn’t hear but after sometime Malti came near me and holding my chin said, “Lata tells me you love her very much. Is it true?”

I nodded in affirmation, still unable to speak.

Malti said, “O really the world has changed. Ok girl here’s the deal. I won’t tell a soul about you two, but in return I want you to please me for the night. I am actually missing my husband a lot so I think I can make use of you a bit.”

These words angered me. What did she think,that I am a person who would sleep with any random woman? I was about to protest when Lata took me to a corner and said, “Darling we have no other choice. We have to do what Maltididi says.”

I felt a lump in my throat as I spoke angrily, “You are telling me to lick and suck some other woman. What do you think of me? I do that to you because I love you, you are my lover. But I ain’t doing this to someone else.”

Lata held my hand and said, “Please baby try to understand we cannot let our relationship be publicized. Think of your parents’ reputation. They will be destroyed. Please darling just for the night. Maltididi promised me it’s only a one time affair.”

I thought about it. Lata was right. I couldn’t compromise with my parents’ reputation. I had no choice but to agree. Lata nodded towards Malti and left the room.

I was full of trepidation as Malti took off her clothes and came towards me. A strongly built dark-skinned woman more than twice my age was standing before me, naked. She was not good-looking by any means and as she held my face with her hands, I felt a fear in my heart.

She said, “Lata says you are a good kisser and licker. Let us find out.”

With a sudden force I found myself locking lips with Malti. As her full dark lips met mine I could feel she was not as gentle as Lata. She sucked at my lips with frequent bites making me squeal in her mouth. She took out her tongue and licked my face, everywhere possible.

“Don’t act like a robot. Respond to my kisses or I tell your parents.” She suddenly remarked seeing my passivity. I knew I needed to act soon and so did I.

I kissed her back, I bit her earlobe, ran my tongue from her ear to her neck and kissed her shoulders. A moan escaped her lips as my tongue traced down to her cleavage and then between her big black boobs.

Those were larger even than that of Lata, I licked around her nipples, making Malti moan louder. I started to come down, kissing her belly before reaching her pussy.

A hairy mess was awaiting my arrival at Malti’s pussy. I slowly licked around the pussy, my tongue gently touching the clit. Malti shivered and moaned with every touch of my tongue. Her pubic hair tickled my nose as I licked and lapped her pussy juices.

This was the second time I was tasting a pussy that night. It smelt a little of urine mixed with Malti’s sex juices. It tasted not much different than that of Lata. And also that I could have any complaint.

Our clock stuck 2 AM as my hands held onto Malti’s buttocks and kept licking her mound. I sucked at her clit with my hands roaming on her ass. Soon with a scream Malti came and my tongue tasted the juices, second time in this long night, the first of course being of Lata.

Malti had her orgasm but our game wasn’t over by any means. She said, “Well done kid. Now it’s time for the other way round.”

Malti leaned against the wall with her back towards me. I knew what was coming, even before Malti pointed to her ass. I sat down behind the big dark woman and started to kiss on the ass.

Malti moaned some abuses as I kissed those huge buttocks. I used some lips and some tongue while I moved my face on the big black ass. I kissed and I licked every inch of Malti’s ass. I spread her asscheeks and unhid her butthole.

“Sniff it first, sniff my asshole,” Malti murmured as I obeyed her orders and started to put my nose in her asshole.

So I sniffed, the smell that was never going to leave me alone. I had sniffed Lata’s ass and now Malti’s ass, the smell made me dizzy. But I didn’t dare stop as Malti used her right hand to hold my head and pressed me onto her ass.

Malti pressed harder and my nose seemed to be stuck in her asshole for eternity. I was suffocating when Malti finally let my head go and fresh air touched my face.

But it wasn’t over yet. She made me lick her asshole then. I put my tongue in the asshole and licked up and down. The smell and the taste had got into my head by now and I just lost sense of everything. Like a machine I licked Malti’s asshole while her moans filled the room.

As I was licking Malti was fingering herself. I didn’t know how long was I buried in her ass, my brain had stopped working. I just licked and licked and licked, till Malti met an orgasm again.

She turned and made me lap her juices.

Malti said, “Oh God you are a natural licker. I would have liked to have you for me for life but that’s not possible. Lata is one lucky woman.”

I was lying on the floor panting, with no strength in my body, my tongue aching and face reddened. Malti wore her clothes and went away from the room. Lata came back immediately and helped me to the washroom. I washed myself thoroughly and then put on some clothes. Lata took me to my bed where I slept. It was almost 4 AM in the morning.

Next day it was almost 11 when I woke up. Seema and Gita might have been very surprised that I slept so long but Lata made up a story about me studying late in the night.

After I woke up I could remember last night’s incident. My anger was on Lata. She was the one who brought Malti to the house and the real reason behind all this. I avoided her the entire day, making her understand that I am really upset. She tried to make some moves to meet me alone but I never paid any heed to her.

After Gita and Seema had left, Lata came in my room and apologised for everything. But I wasn’t reciprocating to her by any means.

After her repeated apologies I finally said, “Ok Latadidi I agree on one condition. This goes on only for the next 3 days. On the 4th day morning when my parents arrive no more of this will continue. The only time when we make love again is when we are actually together. I love you very much but I can’t continue this.”

Lata was shocked to hear my words but agreed with me.

She let me study that evening while she sat in the hall room and watched TV. After our dinner when she came in my room and sat by my side, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I pulled her in my arms and kissed her lips, her cheeks and neck.

Lata had tears in her eyes as she murmured, “Darling it all happened because of me. But I didn’t want it to happen. I am sorry, I love you baby.”

I kissed her more and more, brushing my lips on her body, gradually going down to her thighs. I teased Lata by kissing on her pubic hair, while my two hands caressed her thighs. Lata arched her back and moaned loudly as I took some of her pubic hair in my mouth and lightly pulled at it.

She was wet and her pussy was pleading me to suck and lick. But I wanted to play a little longer.

I came further down, kissing her knees down to her feet. I slid my tongue in between her toe fingers. I sucked at her foot, licking down to her heels. Lata moaned in pleasure, “Darling I can’t wait any longer, lick me make me cum please baby.”

I turned her body and exposed her back to me. I asked her to lie on all fours, her weight resting on her elbows and knees. I knelt behind her and I licked her pussy from behind. As my tongue went in and out of Lata’s pussy my nose met her asshole.

Lata moaned in pleasure as she felt my tongue fluttering her pussy and my nose inhaling her asshole. She trembled in profound pleasure, breathing heavily while I held onto her buttocks and licked her clit.

The smell of her asshole had again made me crazy and I was licking very fast. Soon Lata came and my tongue and face were coated by her juices. She was full of sweat and panting heavily as she lied on the bed. I too lay beside her.

Lata held my hands and said, “I am really sorry again baby. I love you very much.”

I said, “It’s ok Latadidi it was not your fault. We were unfortunate to get caught and I paid the price.”

Lata hugged me in her embrace and said, “Let me love you now honey.”

She rubbed my already dripping pussy with her fingers and sucked my boobs. Her touch sent a wave of pleasure to my body and before long I had met my orgasm too. It was quite late in the night and so Lata got on my top and we slept.

As my eyes opened next morning I found Lata already awake, looking at me. It was just 5 AM. As soon as I opened my eyes she kissed my lips.

She said, “Since we are going to stop this in three days I want to enjoy every moment with you.”

We kissed again with slurping sounds filling the room as our tongues mingled with each other. Soon Lata broke the kiss and we got down from the bed. Lata bent herself from the waist on the bed, while I knelt behind her.

I started my kisses low on her ankles. My lips moved up her legs kissing every inch. Soon I reached her black ass, a place I had kissed and licked everyday as Lata insisted on it. As I was kissing her asscheeks Lata suddenly stopped me and said, “Wait my love I have an idea.”

She laid me on the bed and then tied my hands to the bed. She licked around my nipples making my body arch in pleasure. As my pussy began to drip she stopped touching me. She teased me again and again but stopped abruptly. I was getting frustrated and was moaning loudly.

Then she winked at me and said, “Now you are my slave baby. I own you, I am your mistress. Do you understand?”

I knew this was a kind of roleplay and so said, “Yes my mistress.”

Lata smiled and said, “Very good. So do you want to cum? If so beg me to let you cum.”

I said, “O my mistress I beg you my body wants to be pleased I want to cum badly. Please let me.”

Lata stood beside my face and placed one foot on my mouth. “Kiss my foot and show me your loyalty,” she said.

I kissed her foot as she moved it on my face. She inserted her toe fingers in my mouth and I sucked at them. She replaced one foot with the other after sometime and I repeatedly kissed and licked her foot. She then sat down and rubbed the soles of her feet on my mouth.

She murmured, “Now you know your position slave, you are always below my feet. Lick me, serve your mistress.”

As I heard her I didn’t know why but my mind started to accept it as a reality and not a roleplay. As if it was my destiny to serve Lata. I passionately licked her foot showing my obedience.

After sometime Lata said, “Now slave you will lick my ass. You love it don’t you slave? Beg me to let you lick my ass.”

My hands being tied were aching slightly but I didn’t pay any heed to that. All I thought about was her ass now. I had turned into an ass licking freak in those few days. I uttered, “Yes my mistress I love your ass. I love it’s smell it’s taste. I want to sniff and lick it now. Please allow your slave to do so.”

Lata smiled in approval and sat on my face.

The little light of dawn that existed in my room had turned to darkness for me as Lata’s ass engulfed my face. She spread her asscheeks and positioned herself exactly where she wanted to, her asshole on my nose.

I sniffed in the smell of her asshole as slowly and steadily Lata shifted her weight on my face. Lack of oxygen supply and the smell of Lata’s asshole made me crazy.

My tied hands arched as I tried to find some air but Lata’s asshole firmly held my nose. She rubbed her ass on my face and meanwhile she twisted my nipples. The double attack was too much for me as I squealed in Lata’s ass.

After a few minutes Lata lifted her ass allowing me some precious air. She giggled and said, “See slave even your breathing depends on my wish.”

I panted for breath and couldn’t say anything. Lata placed her ass on my face again, keeping a whiskers distance now and asked me to lick her ass.

I took out my tongue and moved it in circles around her powerful buttocks. She spread her asscheeks and I slid my tongue in the asshole. I couldn’t feel my hands any more being tied for such a long time, but my tongue seemed fully energised as it wiggled inside Lata’s asshole. My tongue seemed to be stuck in between those black asscheeks.

Lata swang her hip and moaned in pleasure as my tongue restlessly licked her bottom. I pulled up my face and licked from the bottom of her pussy to her ass in fast tongue movements. Lata kept riding my face and moaned in pleasure. She was finally satisfied at some point when she stopped me and decided to pleasure me.

She used her fingers to rub my clit and my already dripping pussy gave away soon. I met a thunderous orgasm with a loud scream. Lata then untied my hands and helped me to the washroom. She washed my face and her fingers. We then put on our clothes and got ready for Seema and Gita to arrive. ( To be continued)

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