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My Lustful Priya Masi – The End (Beginning Of Love Making)

Hi, all. I am back with the next and last part of the series. Till now, there have been many incidents between my Priya masi and me. But this time, she caught me. Read this part to know how all this Lustful ends. It is a bit long, but I hope you enjoy this story of love making.

Priya masi had caught me red-handed in the act. I was lying there on the bed, and she was standing at the door. What should I do?

I sat up and covered my dick with a towel. Masi walked towards me slowly. She stood in front of me with her hands on her waist.

Priya: What we’re you doing, Chetan?

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t even look towards her. I was looking down. I was ashamed of what I had done. But what can I do now?

Priya: Answer me. What were you doing, Chetan? Look up. Look in my eyes and tell me. And you better don’t lie. Because I saw everything.

I was shocked. Was she here from the beginning. Did Lustful I utter her name while I was doing it? I don’t remember. I was not conscious. I was lost in her dirty thoughts.

Chetan: Sorry… Masi.

Priya: What sorry? Do you think sorry is enough? Do you know what sin you have done? And what is it you are hiding below the towel. I saw you lying in bed. There was something below it. Show me. Open your towel.

I grabbed the towel with both hands and denied it. I assumed that masi didn’t know about the lacy black panty.

Chetan: No, masi, it’s nothing. It’s just a towel. There is nothing underneath it. Believe me. Please. If I open the towel, I will be stark naked. Please don’t tell me to open it.

Priya: Don’t lie. I know there is something that you are hiding to show me.

She started pulling the towel, and I resisted. All this tension had made my cock hard again. I was trying my best to think something else and to not let masi win. But masi forcefully removed the towel and saw my semi-erect cock covered with her panty.

She was shocked. She kept looking at it for a few seconds. She stood still. Then she took the panty with two fingers and examined it. Her panty was soaked in my cum. She took a sniff and released what it was. She looked with disgust towards me.

Priya: (in a little loud voice) What is this, Chetan? Lustful You used it to fulfill your desires. So this is what you think of your masi. That night everything you did was intentional, right? Didn’t you feel ashamed of doing all this?

Chetan: (in a feeble voice) Yes, masi, I am.

Priya: No… You are not. If you were, you wouldn’t have done it. And do you imagine me like this? What we’re you thinking while you were in the act. You have dirty thoughts about me, right?

Priya: Why are you silent now? I saw you what you were doing lying on the bed with my undergarments. So don’t you lie.

Chetan: I am sorry, masi. I was carried away by my thoughts. I will never do it again. Please forgive me. Please.

Priya: I cannot forgive you for this. This is beyond limits. Don’t you feel guilty? And look at this why is it still growing. You are not at all ashamed.

I covered my dick with my hands. I almost forgot that I was sitting naked in front of her all this while, and my cock was responding to overheated conversations.

Priya: Why are you covering it? I know what you want. So let’s do it. I will do what you want. And I want you to look at it while I am doing at. Then maybe you will feel guilty. Seeing your masi suf Lustful fer.

I was shocked by hearing it. What did she say just now? Did I mishear or misunderstand any of it? No, I was correct, as she sat down on her knees with her face just in front of my covered dick.

Priya: Remove your hands. Let me see it.

Chetan: No, masi. I don’t want you to do it. I am sorry, please. I am really, very sorry.

Priya: We have passed that phase. Now I will do what you want. So remove your hands.

She, as before, forcefully removed my hands. I held her hands with mine. But my dick was there fully erect, pointing at her face. She leaned forward, took a look at it, and suddenly she licked it.

It felt like goosebumps. I surrendered at her first lick. Her warm tongue had touched my cock for the first time. Oh, it felt so good. I was still holding her hands, and she kept licking my cock.

Priya: So this is what you wanted, isn’t it? Am I correct as you are not resisting anymore?

I closed my eyes and was enjoying the pleasure she was giving me. I didn’t hear what she was telling. She then took my erect dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Omg, it was amazing. She was doing it like a professional. I looked at her and saw her moving her mouth so smoothly along my cock.

My cock was responding to it. It grew larger and was throbbing in her mouth. She even jiggled my balls. Oh, she was making me crazy. She then looked up towards me. What a scene it was. She sucking my cock while looking towards me. I could even see her deep cleavage from above.

Her melons were making me hornier. I couldn’t resist anymore. I lay a hand on her breast. She didn’t say anything. They were so firm as always. I gently squeezed it. I could feel her hard nipples. I started squeezing both her boobs.

This made her suck me faster. It was like a vacuum inside her mouth. Her warm tongue Lustful was doing its magic. My cock has never felt so good before. I was about to cum, so I warned her.

Chetan: Masi, I am about to cum.

I think masi didn’t listen. She continued sucking. And she was sucking good. I was about to cum. In the last second, I held Priya masi’s head and pushed it on my cock.

My dick went deep inside her, and I released my cum. Her mouth was full, and even a few drops rolled down her lips. She drank it all. And even licked the drops that came out.

Priya: So this is what you wanted, isn’t it. Or was it more. Are you satisfied now? Will you not have dirty thoughts about me now? What else I have to do, tell me? Are you feeling guilty enough?

I was totally confused. Was she punishing me by doing this? But it didn’t look like a Lustful punishment. And frankly speaking, I was not feeling guilty at all. I enjoyed it a lot. And yes, I wanted more, and I was never going to stop thinking about her. I thought of taking control of the situation.

Chetan: Masi, I want more. I am not satisfied.

Priya: What else do you want?

Chetan: I want to…do it.

Priya: Do what?

Chetan: The thing… Sex.

Priya: What? Do you even know what you are speaking about? You want to have sex with your masi. Your own Priya masi? So that’s what you wanted all this while. Okay, fine, let’s do it. Let’s see how much guts you have.

Saying it, she started stripping. She opened her top. Her bra was so tightly holding her boobs. It was as if they were struggling to come out. She then pulled down her pants. She was wearing a dark blue color lacy panty, almost similar to the black one. Oh, it made my limp cock hard again.

While doing it, she kept looking towards me as if she was expecting me to make her stop. But I didn’t. Lust had already taken over me. She reached for her bra hook and unhooked it. Giving Lustful comfort to her strangled breasts. She then opened her bra.

Oh, her boobs were in perfect shape. And they were tight, not at all sagging. And her nipple was pointing out and was hard. She had dark brown nipples. And then she bent down and pull down her panties and stand naked in front of me. Her pussy was shaved, and it didn’t seem like an old woman pussy.

It seemed like a girl in her twenties. I think she didn’t have much sex as uncle used to stay out for most of the nights.

Priya: So how you want to do it. Should I lie down on the bed like this? (And she lay on her back.) Obviously, you want to dominate me, so this is the position you want, isn’t it? Now finish it fast. I cannot humiliate myself anymore.

Chetan: You are beautiful, Priya masi.

Priya: Stop praising me. I know you are lying as always. You Lustful just wanted to get in my pants. That’s it. That’s all you want.

Chetan: No, masi. I really love your body. You have an amazing body. You are really beautiful.

Saying this, I climbed on her and placed my cock on her pussy and rubbed it on her pussy.

Priya: Just do it. I don’t want any foreplay.

I pushed my hard cock inside her pussy, and she gave a loud moan.

Priya: Aaahhhhhhhhh!

Her pussy was so tight. It was like she was a virgin. It grabbed my cock very tightly. And it was a bit difficult to push my whole dick I side her. I gave another push, and it went all it. Her pussy was so wet and warm. My Lustful cock felt like it was in heaven.

Priya: Aaahhhh, Chetan!

I slowly started fucking her. My cock going to and from inside her pussy. She closed her eyes and grabbed the bedsheets. She kept moaning with every push. And her breasts were bouncing too. I started fucking her a bit harder. She seemed like enjoying it.

She bit her lips, and now she was pressing her own boobs. My hands were on her sides for support. Now I had grabbed the momentum and started fucking her harder than ever. She raised her legs up and kept it on my shoulder and was moaning loudly.

I couldn’t control myself, and I don’t know what happened, but I grabbed her neck tightly as if I chocked her and started to fuck her vigorously. The whole bed was shaking. And I was pounding her like an animal. Priya masi couldn’t take it.

Priya: Stop, Chetan. What are you doing? This is too much.

I fucked her even harder, her begging me to stop was making me hornier and I kept fucking her. And this time, I don’t know why I was taking more than usual to cum. It was good. I was enjoying the sex, the rough sex. I was choking her and even once in a while, pulled her hairs and slapped her.

She kept begging me, but I didn’t listen. I fucked her harder and harder and harder. She was almost out of breath. And seemed unconscious. But my stamina today was unbeatable. I kept fucking her till I was about to cum. I wanted to pull out as I didn’t want to risk it. But I couldn’t.

I released my hot cum inside her. I lay beside her for a while, regaining my breath. She too lay there beside me, breathing hard. Finally, she broke the silence.

Priya: What was it? Why we’re you being so rough?

Chetan: Sorry, masi. I didn’t intend it. But I don’t know what Lustful got into me. Never before I have done such a thing.

Priya: Don’t lie. You always wanted to fuck me so hard.

It was the first time I heard that word from her mouth.

Chetan: No, masi, believe me. Please, I am sorry. And I will never do it again.

Priya: But what if I want you to do it again?

Chetan: What?

Priya: Don’t be surprised. As if you didn’t know.

Chetan: What are you talking about?

Priya: So you thought that I was really doing all this to make you feel guilty. Why would anyone do so? It was all a plan right from the beginning. The pic you saw on my mobile. The first night I was not actually sleeping, I did it intentionally.

Priya: Then, the massage that day. And I even rubbed your cock with my ass when you hugged me from behind. And today morning that towel incident. And I planted that panty in that heap myself. Everything was a plan. But you reacted faster than I expected.

Chetan: You are kidding, right?

Priya: No, my dear Chetan, I am not. I really wanted what happened today. You see, your uncle is not home most of the time. I was sex-starved, and I heard you fapping inside the bathroom the first day you came here. And it made me horny.

Priya: So I planned the whole thing. I thought if Lustful I asked you directly, it would be awkward, and you would not agree and think of me as some kind of degraded woman.

I was shocked to hear all this. I didn’t know what to answer.

Priya: By the way, I really liked what we did today. I really want to do it again. If you don’t mind.

Chetan (hesitating): You are testing me, right. All this you are telling is a big lie. You just want to see how I will react, isn’t it?

She said nothing. She leaned forward and kissed my lips. And she then climbed on me and kissed me more. In no time, her tongue was inside my mouth. I responded and kissed her back. While we were kissing, she rubbed her pussy on my dick, making it hard. After some time, when it was a bit hard, she stopped.

Priya: Now, do you believe me. This is what I want. And you really fulfilled my wish. That, too, very well. So you deserve a reward. So now you relax and lie down, and I will make all the effort.

I was shocked by hearing all this. But finally, everything was making sense – each and every incident. And more than anything, my masi wanted me too. This was like a dream come true.

Chetan: Oh, masi, I want you too. And the thing Lustful I said before, you are really very beautiful, and you have an amazing body. Especially your pair of…

I stopped in between. Feeling a bit shy uttering that word.

Priya: Don’t hesitate to say it. Now I am not only your masi. But your sex buddy. Feel free to say anything you want.

Her words encouraged me. ‘Sex buddy.’ It sounded amazing. It was like every boy’s dream.

Chetan: Especially your pair of boobs, they are so perfectly shaped. I love them.

Priya: ( giggled) So now enjoy you, Priya masi’s amazing body and boobs.

Saying this, she grabbed my already erect cock and placed it on her pussy, and she took it inside. She fucked me in cowgirl position, and it was amazing. I just fondled her boobs, and my cock was enjoying the pleasure. I again came inside her.

After that, Priya masi and I started having casual sex. I used Lustful to go to her home more often, and we would enjoy each other’s company. We had become lovers with no strings attached.

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