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My little brother is our tug toy

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My best friend Grace and I used my little brothers cock as our tug toy, then as he got older we had sex with him. Now I’m carrying his baby.

My name is Lisa and when I was 12 years old, I made my 7 year old brother my little tug toy.

The first time it happened was when mom asked me to wash his hair in the bath, she got a call from a friend and was on the phone downstairs, when I went in to the bathroom, Anthony was in the bath surrounded by bubbles and playing with his action figures in the water.

I grabbed the shampoo and rubbed it in to his light blonde hair and gave it a right good scrub, then after rinsing it off I asked him if he was ready to get out, he said yes so I tucked my hands under his arms and hoisted him out, water dripped off him on the floor as I placed him on his feet, whenever I saw him naked I always had a cheeky look at his little cock and balls, I wasn’t meant to be looking but I was a teenager and cocks had recently become a fascination to me.

After drying him off I pulled the plug out of the bath and told him to go to his room and get in to his pyjamas, he raised his arms up because he wanted me to carry him, so I lifted him up and carried him in to his bedroom and plonked him down on his bed.

I got his pyjamas out of his drawers and started to dress him, but being the playful little boy he was, he was messing about and wouldn’t let me get his top on him, I struggled with him playfully for a few minutes and then managed to get it on.

Then when I went to put his bottoms on, I noticed that he had got an erection, it was only about 3 and half maybe 4 inches long but it was sticking up from between his legs, I figured why not, and I started to feel it, using my thumb and 2 fingers I slowly started stroking it up and down, it was hard, smooth but I could feel some sort of ridges under the skin, and his shiny tip kept poking out as I pulled his foreskin up and down.

He sat still and silent with his head down watching me play with his cock, I made him laugh when I tickled his tiny balls, I tugged on his cock for about 5 minutes and got faster and faster, he started huffing and puffing, then he fell on to his back on the bed and he was lifting his bum off the bed as I kept tugging, thrusting his cock between my fingers.

Then he briefly squealed, I felt his cock swell between my fingers and white blob of spunk popped out of his tip, it was a small amount, about the size of a pea, but it was definitely spunk, it landed on his tummy and I don’t know why but I leaned down and licked it off him, it tasted quite sweet.

I looked at him and asked him if he was okay, he nodded and smiled, at his age he obviously had no idea what I was doing to him, but he seemed to have enjoyed it, I managed to finish dressing him and then I left him playing in his room.

I told my best friend Grace what happened but she didn’t believe me, well, she kind of did, but she thought it was gross, then one day at school we arranged for her to come over after school and watch me do it.

While mom and dad were downstairs, Grace and I were in my bedroom, she wasn’t sure if we should do it, with my parents being so close by, but I convinced her it would be fine, “You don’t have to do anything. You can just watch me do it.” So then I called Anthony in to my room.

He came in and I closed and locked my bedroom door, then I sat on my bed and got Anthony to sit across my lap, Grace sat on the floor near the bed, I gave Anthony a lollipop from my school bag to keep him quiet, then I leaned him back a little, cradling him in my arm, and I pulled his bottoms down to his knees.

Grace was very shocked and she moved closer to get a better look, this was her first time seeing a real cock, I persuaded her to touch and feel it and she spent a minute familiarising herself with his cock and balls felt, it sprung up and got hard quickly as she fondled with his bits.

“It actually grows? – I thought they were joking in sex-ed class.” She said.

“It’s cool, int’it.” I replied.

I started tugging on his cock while Grace watched with fascination, I gave Anthony a kiss on the cheek as he sucked his lollipop, just to thank him for being such a good boy and for letting me tug on his cock again.

“Doesn’t it hurt him when you do that?” asked Grace.

“No. He likes it. Do you want to try?” I asked.

At first she said no, then a few minutes later she said she wanted a go, so she sat up near us, took hold of his cock and she started tugging, I told her to go a bit faster because she was being too tender with it.

It wasn’t long before Anthony started huffing and puffing again and he was wiggling his butt around on my lap, “Get ready. Keep tugging it.” I said, I knew what was about to happen.

Grace flinched and jumped a little when his spunk shot out of his tip and landed on his tummy, she let go of his cock, “Uh what’s that?” she asked.

“His sperm.” I replied, wiping it up on to my finger, I reached my finger out towards her, “Taste it, it’s nice.” I said, but she didn’t want too, so I licked it off my finger instead, it was just as sweet and yummy as last time.

I pulled up his bottoms and lifted him off my lap, praised him for being a good boy then I let him out of my room so he could go play.

Grace did eventually taste Anthony’s spunk about a week later and she also liked the taste of it, the both of us used his cock as our little tug toy for a couple of years, occasionally sucking on it, just to try something new, and we also got Anthony to lick us out a few times.

His cock had grown little by little as he got older but it was when he was 11 years old when he got his first proper big erection, Grace and I came home from school and were about to enjoy tugging on his cock when we got the shock of our lives, it was huge, it was as if it had grown an inch overnight, it was bigger and thicker than it had ever been before.

We tugged him off and he produced an enormous amount of spunk, that’s when we knew he was ready for full sex, over the next couple of weeks we both had sex with him, using his cock for our own sexual gratification, it was so great.

Unfortunately, mom found out what we’d been doing and she chucked me out of the house, which was really bad timing, especially considering Grace and I are both pregnant, and yes, Anthony is the father.

Grace and I have now got our own little flat and we’re going to raise my brother’s babies together, he can come over and visit and fuck us whenever he wants now.

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