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My little beach boy part 4

Similar to last time this story will shift perspectives between characters. This also the last story I have plans to make.

(James POV)

Today is the last full day me and my family are spending down the shore before we head back home. This has honestly been the best summer of my whole life and me and the girls had plans to make sure it ends with a bang. Luckily my parents have been easier on me staying out overnight so I didn’t have to worry about getting home in time. At 9:00pm I gathered my things and put on some slippers. Suddenly before I could walk through the door I was stopped by my older sister Amber.

“Where are you going this late?” She asked. Amber was 17 and has terrorized me ever since we were kids but lately she’s been getting more distant and freaks out when ever I touch her.

“I’m just going out for a late night walk get off my back!” I said trying to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

“Late night walks don’t usually last the whole night dumbass.” She said. I had to get out of here fast.

“Fucking whatever I’ll be back at some point, isn’t that enough. I walk out of the door and make my way to the beach. It wasn’t that far from our beach house so it wasn’t too much trouble walking over. Once I’m on the beach I noticed a big tent underneath the boardwalk. Figures, Kandy is exactly the most subtle person in the world. I head over only to find it empty. I texted her and asked her where she and Ava were, apparently they forgot something at home and will be back shortly. I also noticed a bag with a note that said “please wear”. I couldn’t help but groan a little because ever since last weekend Ava has turned me into her own personal dress up doll. I noticed it was a the cat lingerie and I sighed as I put it on. Suddenly the tent flap opened, it was Amber!

“Wha- oh my god you-“ I pulled her in and tried to get her to calm down.

“JAMES WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING AND WHY-“ she stopped talking and noticed my huge bulge poking through the panties. I realized why she was so bitchy and distant all this time, she didn’t hate me she wanted to me to fuck her. That’s when the tent opens a second time, it was Kandy and Ava.

“Oh my my who is this James?” Ava asked

“Oh this my older sister Amber, I assume she came here cuz she wanted in on the fun.” I said with a sinister smile.

“WHA- nonono that’s not- I wasn’t-“ Kandy came between us and interrupted her.

“I don’t know James it looks like she could use a little persuasion. You don’t mind if I have a minute or two with her right?” I liked where this was gong so how could I refuse.

“Go right ahead Kandy I’m gonna go step out side for a little bit, you want to come Ava?” Amber was completely shocked but you could tell she was excited as well.


(Kandys POV)

James walked out of the tent with Ava by his side. Leaving me and Amber alone. She looked nervous, it would be weird to start playing with her immediately so I figured I’d break the ice.

“James never told me he had a sister, oh sorry where are my manners I’m Katlyn but you can just call me Kandy.” I said as I lit a candle

“So this is what James has been doing for the past two weeks?” She asked

“Yep and you would not believe how aggressive he can get.” Her eyes darted over to me.

“R-really?” That definitely got her attention. I lean in closer

“Oh yeah just an absolute animal, and he fucks like a jackhammer. Besides I saw that look in your eyes, you want him don’t you?”

“No tha-that’s not true I-MMM!” I began playing with her pussy. I laid her down on the mattress.

“Aww such a dirty girl you are. Getting this wet for your own little brother. She was the complete opposite of James, while James was young and had a young appearance but was a complete degenerate. She was an innocent maiden despite having such a sexy body.

“Mmm you like that pretty girl oh my what sexy panties you wear.” I couldn’t take it anymore I needed her face between my legs, NOW!

“Ooooh Kandy I-MMFTPP!” I plopped my ass right down on her face. She knew exactly what to do, she began tracing her tongue around my pussy before sticking it right in

“Mmmmm ooh Amber you are amazing at this.” Suddenly the tent flap opened and in came James and Ava.

(James POV)

“Hehe someones enjoying themselves.” I said watching as my sister ate Kandy out as if she was in a trance.

“Haaaa mmm oh my god James, her tongue feels amazing mmm.” Kandy said as she was tying her hair into a ponytail while grinding on Ambers face.

“Ooh Kandy let me have a turn!” Ava begged.

“Nope sorry sis this feels waaaaay too fucking good to stop Mmm AAAAAGH!” Kandy squirted all over Ambers face.

“Oh kandy you got cum all over her face, come here sweetie let me clean you up.” Ava began licking Ambers face like a affectionate dog whereupon Amber yanks Ava closer and began making out with her. Kandy gave my shoulder a nudge.

“Go on, your sisters waiting.” I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, while Ava and Amber were going at it I snuck around and pounced on Amber. I didn’t even give her time to react, I just shoved my cock into her pussy as quick and hard as I could.

“NMMM AHH JAMES OH MY GOD MMM THIS IS SO WRONG OOH” Ava and Kandy laid beside her as I hammered my cock into her repeatedly.

“aaaw she has the cutest face” Ava said while sucking on ambers nipples.

“Doesn’t his cock feel so gooood Amber? Oh you are so lucky to have James as a little brother.” Said Kandy. Suddenly I felt Ambers legs tightly wrap around my waist.

“HA HAA-HARDER JAMES HARDER” I did it, I finally broke her. Ava and Kandy both got up and arched their asses towards me.

“Hey don’t forget about us now.” I was too focused on fucking Amber to give a proper response so I simply nodded and began finger fucking them both furiously.

“Aah J-James I’m cumming oh god I’m cumming AAAAHH” Amber cried out in pure ecstasy.

“Mmme too” Ava said. I couldn’t hold it anymore I blast a what feels like a gallon of cum into Amber and Ava coated my entire left hand in it. I look at the cum pouring out of my older sisters pussy and begin to panic suddenly kandy wraps her arms around me.

“Don’t worry kiddo I checked her bag and I found some birth control pills. She knew exactly what was happening. Isn’t that right baby girl. Amber didn’t say a word she simply stood up and proceeded to collapse onto me and started kissing my face repeatedly.

“Mmm oh James I love you I really really really really really love you.” Amber said

“Hey you had your turn slut” Kandy said before joining in on kissing me

“Yeah no fair” Ava said as she joined in. I could barely process it. Three gorgeous babes including my 17 year old sister were absolutely bathing me head to toe in smooches. They were kissing my face, nipples, feet, arms, everywhere! Eventually Amber decided to one up Kandy and Ava by smothering her face into my balls. Ave tried getting back by licking my shaft but Kandy had them both beat by shoving them both aside and sticking my cock in her pussy in a reverse cowgirl.

“OOOH MM THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOD JAMES OH FUCK I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ITS NOT FAIR!” Kandy said as she bounced on my dick in pure bliss. My gaze turned to Ava and Amber who had started 69ing each other.

“MMM OH AMBER KANDY WAS’NT KIDDING. Your tongue feels ama-Mmmhf!” Amber slammed her butt on to Avas face.

“MMAWW LESS TALKING MORE EATING” Amber said before stuffing her face back into Avas pussy. I noticed that Kandy was starting to focus on them as well and a devilish idea pops in my head. While she’s watching our sisters eat each other out I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her towards me so she’s laying directly on top of me. I begin thrusting as fast as I possibly can, my hips feel like their gonna crumble to pieces.


“Mmm it’s not fair, I don’t wanna go back home I want to stay here and fuck you and Ava all day everyday.” I say before blasting a second load into Kandy. She simply got off, turned around and began licking the cum off of my cock. Ava and Amber of course did the same and soon I was getting what every man dreamed, a triple blowjob by three hotties.

“Aaaww James always makes the cutest noises when you suck his cock doesn’t he girls?” Ava said while sucking on my balls.

“Seriously you’ve got a lot of nerve having such a big cock James I expect lots of cream pies in the future.” Said Amber as she sucked the tip. Kandy got up and sat down beside me, letting me use her thighs as pillows.
I knew what she wanted so I began purring and putting my arms and legs up like a cat as Ava and Amber continued sucking and licking my cock.

“aaaawww who’s my little beach boy” Kandy asked while caressing my face.

“Ha I-I am” I said with a smile.

“Oh good kitty oh you are so so so cute” Kandy said while pinching my cheek.

“G-guys I think I’m gonna mmm-ahhh” I came for the third time in a row and watched as Amber and Ava continued to suck my cock. Suddenly I felt exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

(Kandys POV)

James passed out from exhaustion. He was looked even cuter sleeping than he did fucking my brains out. Ava and Amber were still licking his flaccid cock I had to pull them away.

“Now now let’s let him rest, he’s earned it.” Amber began maturbating with a pouty face.

“After all this you still want more, you really are a dirty little slut aren’t you?” Ava teased.

“Mmm it’s not fair I want to keep him all to myself, I don’t care if he’s only 14.” She confessed. She must have been really pent up after all these years. Suddenly I got an idea and nudged Ava to our bag in the corner of the tent. We went over and pulled out two strap ons.

“Hey hey what’s going on? What are you-HEY LET GO OF ME!” She still had some fight left in her.

“Are you saying you don’t want us to fuck both your holes mercilessly?” Amber went silent.

“I-I never said that” Amber said while avoiding eye contact. With that Ava laid underneath her and and I got to fuck her ass doggy style.

“UUUUHG MMMMM MORE MORE!” she was insatiable. It didn’t matter how many times came in or on her she just kept back up for more.

“Mmm who’s a good little slut.” I said as I spanked ambers ass.

“AAAH I A-MMFT” suddenly James had gotten back up and shoved his cock into Ambers mouth.he looked like he was barely hanging on but fuck seeing him fuck his sisters throat while me and Ava double penetrated her was such turn on.

“Haa hah mmmm I love you Kandy, I love all of you so much. My heart skipped a beat I immediately reached over to him and began making out with him he was just so fucking amazing. I realized Ava wasn’t getting any attention so I reached my hand down as far as I could and began fingering her while she plunged the strap on into Ambers pussy.

“MMM DEEPER GO DEEPER!” Ava said while motorboating Ambers tits. Eventually we all came and I cradled James as he was passing in and out of conciseness.

“Don’t forget your promise okay James you said you were going to marry me when you graduate okay. But don’t worry we’ll still lots of fun whenever we can until then and I’ll be sure to send you lots of naughty pics too.” He simply smiled

“Heh I’ll make sure to do the same, I love you kandy.” James said as he drifted off to sleep while me, Ava, and Amber cling to him.

“Hm I love you too my little beach boy.” I say before kissing him on the lips and setting the alarm to before the beach officials opens.

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