My Hot Mom Neelima (Quickie)

It was a summer morning. I woke up late as usual and came out of my room. My dad was watching TV in the hall as if he had no other work at all. I just walked towards the sofa and fell on it, wanting to watch TV along with my dad and series of stories that will come in the future under the name “My Hot Mom Neelima” which is about my mom’s sex life and how I and my mom got into incest. But it was not the TV that caught my attention as I rested back on the sofa.

My eyes caught my mom’s body through the kitchen door as I was sitting on the sofa opposite the kitchen. She was cooking something and her back was facing me.


The summer’s heat had got her all sweaty and sweat beads were flowing down her dress. She was wearing a black blouse and a light green saree. I could see her wet back and blouse drenched slightly with her sweat.

My mom’s curvy waist and those folds on the side of her waist were glistening with the sunlight that fell on her from the kitchen window. The way she wiped the sweat out from her forehead and raised her arms to tie her hair into a bun gave me a glimpse of her boobs from the side, in that black blouse of hers.

Her boobs aren’t saggy but hung well on her chest like any woman in her early forty’s would be. They were big enough to grab on to and would get anyone’s attention, especially her twenty-three-year-old son’s attention. Hot Mom Overall, my mom is a voluptuous woman with a milky white skin tone and a charming cute face.

I was eyeing her beauty knowing no one was watching me, though I had almost forgotten that my dad was right beside me. My dick became semi-hard and stretched like a piece of rubber inside my sweat pants. It was getting difficult for me to hold it between my thighs to avoid any awkwardness in front of dad.

While all this was happening, dad switched off the TV and told me that he will get some groceries that my mom had asked him to get early in the morning. I felt like it was the chance that I was after many days.

My dad just stepped out of the house and I tiptoed towards the kitchen. Before my mom realized, I had entered the kitchen, grabbed her Hot Mom waist, and hugged her from behind. She was startled by my move and said, “Abhi, your dad has just left home. He might come back for something that he might have forgotten.”

Me: He won’t, mom. He didn’t forget anything. I checked everything. Just stop all you are doing and make love to your horny son.

My mom slowly got comfortable in my arms and she put her finger dipped in the chicken curry near my lips and asked me how it tasted. I sucked on her finger gently and said, “Its hot mom, just like you are.”

My mom laughed at the way I flirted with her and said, “I missed this Abhi. I miss the way we had fun before this lockdown. It’s been almost a year that you and I had started being, like this behind your dad’s back.”

Me: I miss this too mom. It’s been almost two months that we didn’t have sex. I am feeling so hungry.

Saying so, I just rubbed my nose and tongue on the back of her neck, licking the sweat on her body. My semi-hard cock rubbed my mom’s ass cheeks over her saree. I played with her navel and spongy breasts over her blouse. I pulled her more and more into my arms and I felt my hard and hung cock getting in between her ass cheeks.

My mother tightened her ass and squeezed my cock between her ass cheeks. We were pleasuring each other even without undressing. I couldn’t wait anymore. I just slid my hands inside my mom’s saree and started rubbing her clit. I felt some kind of vibrations in her body.

She just shook slightly in my arms and tried to stop me saying that my dad might come back soon.

I said, “Don’t stop me now, mom. Please. We will stop it as soon as dad knocks on the front door.”

Mom: I don’t like to stop it in the middle Abhi. I want myself to be finished and satisfied.

Abhi: Leave it to me, mom.

Mom: Acha, Please make it fast.

Saying so, my mom turned towards me and held my cock in her hand over my sweat pants. I felt my cock getting stiff, hard, and erect in her soft hands. I just leaned forward and gave a kiss on my mom’s sweet pink lips.

She just kissed me deeper than I did and our hands caressed each other while our lips and tongues played together. After a few minutes of kissing, I made her sit on the kitchen counter with her ass on the edge. I pulled her pallu off her shoulder and started unbuttoning her blouse with a lot of anxiety and hurry.

My mom and I were gasping for air after such a deep kiss. I finally opened her blouse hooks within seconds. Her big and soft breasts hanging on her chest spilled out of her blouse as I removed the last button on the front.

My mom was asking me to take it slow and calmly so that the neighbors won’t find anything fishy from our kitchen but I was in no mood to calm down. I lifted up her saree till her thighs and pulled her panties down from her legs while she pulled my sweat pants down till my knees.

I put her panties in her mouth with my mouth and started to fuck my mom while standing. She hugged me with her hands sitting on that kitchen counter and her legs were spread wide open for me. I put my cock into her pussy and started fucking her.

My hard chest was rubbing against her soft boobs and puffy nipples for every stroke I was pumping into her. She caressed my back and my hair as I fucked her by getting a tight hold Hot Mom on her waist with my hands. We were almost at the peaks of our pleasure.

My balls just hung and jumped like hell while I was fucking her. That quick session, that unexpected timing, the fear that my dad might come back added to the excitement we just had. We were feeling so adventurous right in our own kitchen.

My mom kissed and licked me all over my face and I did the same to her. I pushed her a little further and started to kiss and suck on her tits. I bit her and smooched where ever I felt like doing. She was going crazy with my strokes and I was enjoying that tingling sensation on my cock inside her pussy after many days.

My cock felt her pussy becoming more and more juicy and wet. I couldn’t withstand such wetness and I felt my urge to cum. I found her getting more and more excited as she moved her ass front and back to match my pace.

I pulled her down from the kitchen counter and made her stand. I turned her around and made her bend over on the kitchen counter. She stood, her ass facing me with that opened blouse and pallu aside but only the saree covering her bottom.

I lifted her saree up and inserted my cock into her pussy by making her bend further. She lifted her left leg and put it on the kitchen counter to stretch open her pussy for me. I didn’t wait anymore and fucked my Hot Mom while slapping her ass. Her boobs slapped against her body and made sounds that were sexy to hear.

All my senses were just concentrated on my hot mom’s body. Her sight, her smell, her sex sounds, and her touch. While I was lost in all these, she just urged me to fuck her faster and faster. I tried doing as she said and increased my pace.

My crotch was hitting her ass so hard that my dick was completely immersed into her pussy whenever I pushed it in with force. The sounds got more and more sloppy within seconds. I felt the urge to cum. My mom shouted in a hurry that she was about to cum.

Nothing sounded more relaxing and satisfying to me at that point. Even I replied that I was going to cum and we splattered our juices on and inside each other.

My mom gave out her last moan of relaxation and fell forward onto the counter and I gave a few very slow strokes till my cock became soft and just slid out of my mom’s pussy.

I backed off and pulled my pants up. My mom hooked her blouse buttons and put back her pallu covering her breasts. We felt so dirty about each other and smooched.

My mom was about to head out for a bath and I pulled her back and said, “Let’s bathe together mom,” while pressing her left breast gently.

She denied as my dad may come any Hot Mom moment and like she expected, my dad came home within no time. As soon as we heard the sound of the front door opening, she just got out of my arms and acted as if she was cleaning the kitchen counter.

I slowly walked back to the sofa with a water bottle Hot Mom in my hand as if I just took it from the fridge

My dad saw me and said, “Looks like we need to set up an air conditioner in the hall too. You are sweating like hell,” and he walked to his room.

I and my mom exchanged a naughty smile knowing the real reason behind our sweaty and wet bodies.

There is a series of stories that will come in the future under the name “My Hot Mom Neelima” which is about my mom’s sex life and how I and my mom got into incest.

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