My hot biology teacher episode 2

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male require much more excitation like a hand job accompanied by a blow job so I will do it for you she opened her mouth and engulfed my entire penis.

This is full of imagination.
Previous episode: I will complain to your parents I said ok mam, just tell me how a man releases sperm. She said, don’t you have shame? Leave my house or I will call police? I threatened her of fucking her daughter if she didn’t tell me. Atlast she agreed and begged me not to spoil her daughter. I said, mam just teach me all steps of sex and I will not have sex with you. I behaved like student. But Catherine mam was quite in fear. She asked me to remove my pant and underwear. As per her order I did that.

Episode 2:


A half erected penis appeared in front of her. I asked her what I should do to release sperm. She laughed (half heartedly) and said look, this is your penis from where you urinate but when it become stiff enough and continued with a hand job, it jerks a white liquid which is called sperm? She told me to pull it’s foreskin up and down. I did it half heartedly. It was just a part of my plan. When I failed to release sperm, I complained her of telling me lie.

She explained me, some male require much more excitation like a hand job accompanied by a blow job so I will do it for you she opened her mouth and engulfed my entire penis. She started pumping it. Her juicy lips slipping on my dick and her tongue making it wet. She continued it for 20 minutes but failed to make me ejaculate. She was confused by that but she didn’t know that I was doing it intentionally. She became silent. She might be thinking something.

After sometime, to my surprise she removed her bra and told me look at my boobs and masturbate. I became full of joy. I stared at her boobs. Those were huge and milky. She had very well shaped boobs with thick, brown nipples. I started masturbating in front of her. She has closed her eyes. She might be feeling bad. But like before I disappointed her. She started begging me to leave her. She said, I have tried everything to make you come. I have even shown you my boobs.

I once again threatened her and said, ok mam I will try with your daughter. Tears rolled down from her eyes. She started begging me not to do that and said; ok I will try once again to make you come. She told me remove entire clothes and lies on her and sucks her boobs. I did that as she told me. I lied on her and started sucking her boob and pressing the other one. Lot of milk juices flowing into my mouth. I emptied both of her boobs. Then I reached her armpits. Those were nicely shaven.

I was massaging her armpits with my tongue. I liked the taste of her armpits. Then I kisssed her neck and slowly reached her lips. I sucked entire saliva of her. Then I reached her ears and whispered “where is my sperm? I can see her face have become full of sweat. I was lying completely on her and brushing my penis on her panty. She said sorry I can’t go further than this. I said mam your promise is not over. She said then tells me what should I do? I told her show me her pussy.

She shocked and said, I can’t do that I am surprised you have still failed to release sperm. It is enough for a man to ejaculate. I asked don’t you want your daughter safe? Atlast I convinced her to remove her panty. She closed her eyes and slid her panty just below her pussy. But I wanted it to be completely removed from her. Therefore I myself forced her panty down and kept it aside. She just glued her thighs to hide her pussy. I said to her mam I can’t see your pussy.


Catherine mam was sweating a lot. Her body was shivering. She parted her thighs and pointing toward her pussy, she said when a man inserts his penis inside the pussy of woman and releases sperm inside it then woman becomes pregnant. This is called sexual reproduction. I said I am still not getting it. She said, I will give you one more chance you just place your penis on my pussy and rub it. I knew that this time I might ejaculate and lose the chance of fucking her.

I said to her, you first lay on bed and spread your legs.


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