My hot biology teacher episode 1

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When I was in school, you taught us sexual reproduction. You have told that when a male releases sperm into female’s vagina, female becomes pregnant.

I had forceful sex with my teacher. Her name is Catherine she lives near my house. I can see her house from my balcony she was around 40 at that time but had good enough figure. She was my biology teacher when I was in school. Students were mad about her boobs and her hips. She has round hips and fleshy thighs. I always wanted to fuck her. After about five years, I got the chance to fuck her it was night time I was alone in my house.

Somehow I got to know that her husband and her only daughter have gone out of station. I thought it to be a favourable condition to have sex with her. It was 9 o’clock. I was in my balcony from where I found that the main gate of her house was half opened and she was in her neighbour’s house with out wasting any time, I came out of my house and went into her house it was quite dark I used my mobile light to see the things. Then an idea struck in my mind.

I planned to touch her body when she would be sleeping. I went to her bedroom and hid myself under her bed and waited for her. After about an hour, I heard some sound. It was getting louder. The door opened and the lights glew. She was Catherine mam. I could only see her foot and ankle with petticoat over them. She might be in petticoat and blouse, preparing to sleep she went close to the mirror. I could not see what she was actually doing. But I think she might be combing her hair. After sometime she walked to the door, locked it and put the lights off.

Still some lights coming from below the door. And that was enough for me to see her. Then she lied on bed. After 15 minutes she went into deep sleep. I came out from under the bed. I was aroused to find myself with a lady locked inside a room. She was lying on the bed wearing petticoat and blouse. I went close to her, just few cm away from her. I started with her neck. I smelled her neck and armpits from above her blouse. I smelled her entire breasts and i was suffocated with the aroma of her body.

Then I went down to her blouse and examined her navel. I licked it and felt its taste. Now my next step was to see her thighs with out waking her up. I carefully untied the knot of her petticoat and slid it down. It took 20 minutes to remove it completely away from her. She was still in deep sleep. Her silky and fleshy thighs were in front of me. I did not dare to touch her thighs but I penetrated my nose in between her thighs just below her panty and sniffed her for about 20 minutes.

My penis has become very hard while doing so. I desperately wanted to fuck her. Then I went above to her blouse. When I tried to remove her blouse, she got up. She was shocked finding me and tried to push me away. But I caught her very tightly she said, who are you? I said, Catherine mam I am your student Roshan she said, “Roshan behave yourself. How did you get inside my house? I switched the lights on. I was amazed to see a sex lady of my dream.

In the lights, her thighs were shining tempting me to kiss them. I did not want to fuck her. Therefore I used my ability to convince her I said mam, do you remember? When I was in school, you taught us sexual reproduction. You have told that when a male releases sperm into female’s vagina, female becomes pregnant and give birth to a baby. I had a doubt how he does that please tells me practically. Catherine mam became angry and said are you mad?

I will complain to your parents I said ok mam, just tell me how a man releases sperm. She said, don’t you have shame? Leave my house or I will call police? I threatened her of fucking her daughter if she didn’t tell me. At last she agreed and begged me not to spoil her daughter. I said, mam just teach me all steps of sex and I will not have sex with you. I behaved like student. But Catherine mam was quite in fear. She asked me to remove my pant and underwear. As per her order I did that.

To be continued..

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