My Headache

My Headache

Like all my stories this totally made up. They are never going to happen to me any way.

I was getting these headaches I could not figure out why. First I thought it was too much screen time on the work PC. So I made sure I spent a little less time at the screen taking a small break, walking around the small garden I have, looking at different colours just trying to refocus. They started to get worse so I made an appointment with my doctor. So there I am explaining to the doctor and then…..Nothing.

I woke up 3 days later in a hospital bed. Not remembering anything. Now I was awake they wanted to know if they could carry out some test.

“Ok” was all I could say really. It was explained to what they wanted to do and I had to sign a few forms. I was taken to a different part of the hospital and given a room with a bed, chair and small private bathroom.

The nurse then gave me a small injection and I went to sleep. An hour later this other nurse came in and gave me a small blue tablet which I took. This went on for several days. Eventually I was allowed home and told if I needed anything I should call straight away and I was to come back.


At least my headaches had stopped I thought. I answered a knock on the door. It was the nurse who had been giving me the blue tablet.

“Hello do I have to take more tablets?”

“No” she replied

“They were not what you think they were, firstly I am not a nurse like you think I am. My job is to find people with special skills and warn them and make them aware of them.”

“Well my only special skills are being boring and doing my job” I joked.

“Actually you can control people and go anywhere you like.”


Somehow I thought this person has been on the happy tablets from the hospital. Play along till she goes I guess is the safest bet.

“So where would you like to go?”

“I think I would like to go somewhere nice and warm by the sea it’s been a stressful few weeks”

I blinked and the next thing I knew I was on a beach in the warm sunshine.

Now I looked down and could see the sea not far from my feet. I knelt down and could feel the sand in my fingers.

“You are were you wanted to be.” Is all she said.


“So I can go anywhere and control people?”

I walked up to this girl looked at her and said “Show me your tits.” I was expecting a slap. She reached behind undid the clip and showed me them. “I want to play with them.”

“Ok” she said.

I reached out lifted her tits up, squeezed the nipples, slapped them and said “nice.”


I still was not sure about this. I walked up to some guy who was on the beach and said, “I need a hundred Euro’s.”


He reached in to his wallet and gave me the money. I was shocked.

“Ok so let’s just make sure that I am not going nuts, I can go anywhere and control anybody correct?”


“How long does it last? There has to be a downside?”

“None that we are aware of.”

“What is this WE bit?”


She was gone.

So here I am in Spain by the sea in my jeans, T shirt & trainers with 100 Euro in my pocket. What shall I do? I asked myself with a grin on my face. This should be fun.

I looked for a quieter spot and found a couple on their own the girl was nice to look at the guy was ok I guess, I did not care about him really. I looked at him and said “You are going to give me the money in your wallet and then go back to your hotel for the rest of the day and just stay by the pool on your own.” He got up and went. The girl called Janet just sat there smiling. As we could not be seen that well I said “Stand up remove you bikini and then lay back down with your legs spread for me.” That is what she did.

Janet had an all over tan, so she had done this before. She laid back down her legs spread. “I am going to play with you now, suck your tits and finger you, you will get turned on very quickly and want to suck my cock, that is all you will think about.”

I lay on my side and leant in and sucked her nipples and put two fingers inside and moved them in and out, she moaned a started to hump my fingers and said “Can I suck you, please can I give you a blow job I really need to suck your cock.”

“Get in a sixty nine with me.”


In that position I was now able to lick her cunt as she sucked. After a while I felt my self ready to cum. “You will swallow my cum and lick me clean. You will cum too.”

She came hard as I licked her as she swallowed all my cum. Janet lay there with a contented smile on her face. “Get up and sit on my cock, feed me your tits. You do not care who sees you.”

Once finished I told her “Go back to your hotel, take your boyfriend to your room and fuck him for the rest of the day in different positions. You will drain him dry and have the best sex ever and cum every time.”

She smiled got dressed said good- bye and left.

I needed a hotel.

I found a hotel that was not to big walked in and saw a nice receptionist.


“I want a room for two nights and I am not paying.”

“Of Course sir we have one on the 2nd floor room number 47, here is the key.”

“What time do you finish?

“In two hrs.”

“Come up to my room, we are going to have sex in the shower. Bring some food with you as I will be hungry”

“Of course”


I went in to the room and slept.

Two hours later I was woken up by the gentle tapping of the door. The Receptionist who was Lyla had a tray of food and drink with her. I ate some food. Lyla was a bit fidgety.

“When are we having sex in the shower sir, I really need your cock in me?”

Never keep a lady waiting.

We stripped off and entered the shower, she got on her knees and started sucking. “I really need you to fuck me sir.”

That is what I did from behind and then she sat on my lap in the shower with the warm water coming over us. Her tits were nice and I made good use of them in the time we had. “Time for you to go now.” I said. “Yes sir, thank you sir.” Repeatedly as she got dressed and left. I spent the night fast asleep. When I woke up I thought it was a dream but when I looked outside I could see the sun blazing down and the sound people on holiday.


“Shit. I should be back at work.” I blinked and there I was back at work.

I was confused. Very quickly I thought I need to be home. That’s where I was.


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