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My GF cheats on me with my younger sister, but it ended up good for me

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My GF cheats on me with my younger sister, but it ended up good for me

I was 15, my gf Callie was a hottie, wild and scarey at times. She was also 15, decent tits but a great ass and a wet pussy with a big clit. She had big clit lips, which I loved to suck on, and a big clit that would rub my cock when she rode me. We had some epic fuck sessions. My little sis was 12, nerdy but cute.

My sis Ashlee was a loner, Callie became her best friend and Callie cheated on me with her. She would babysit her at times and Callie bet me that she could seduce her. I said whats the bet, I will give you a month to seduce her, but whats the pay off? Callie offered anal if she cant seduce my sis and if she can seduce her, she gets to anal me with the toy of her choice,.. wasnt into getting fucked in my ass but I wanted her ass so I said yes.

2 weeks later, Callie invites Ashlee over for a sleepover, Ashlee is super excited and keeps talking about it. But she doesnt know what she has waiting for her.

I got the facetime call around midnight,, Callie set up her phone across from the bed and a few minutes later I see her and my sister kissing. It wasnt long before they had gotten naked and I saw my gf eating out my sisters pussy, I heard my sister say she was cumming and watched her jerk as she came, Callie grabbed her phone and sneaked into the bathroom.

Callie said double or nothing, bet she could get my sister to suck and fuck me.

This is what Callie told me happened with my sis.

I knew Ashlee was lonely, she was shy and needed and friend, and she was very willing. What her brother never saw was us sharing a bottle of rum, she never drank before but she wasnt going to say no to me if I offered her a drink. We drank and I could tell she was a little tipsy, so I asked her for a kiss and she agreed, we were outside, we kissed and cuddled on the back porch.

I said I wanted to be her gf and she loved the idea, we went to my room, I told her to go shower because I wanted to do gf things to her. When she went to shower I sent up the facetime, I got naked and she came in naked and I got to taste her virgin pussy, so sweet, and I had a finger in her ass as I ate her out. She came for me, her first ever cum, we layed in bed together and held hands.

I told her about how her brother fucks me and he is so good. I asked her if she would suck and fuck her brother, if I was with her. Ashlee said she would if I was there. I went back between her legs and ate her pussy again. I said how about we play your brother as a team?

Ashlee said what do you mean? I said you will find out, just keep it between us for now.

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