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My Friend’s Request To Make His Wife

This story is about me, Kan (my best friend) and Aakanksha (his wife). Me and Kan are 26 and his wife is 23.

Kan has always been a Casanova since the time we met. However he never realized that whatever girls he dated, they were cheating on him with me. Whenever Kan was not at home I use to go to his place and have sex with his live in girl friends. Kan got married a year back to Aakanksha.

Aakanskha is very beautiful, fair short heighted girl. She has a perfect Indian voluptuous body. Her lips are thick which anyone would love to keep sucking on. Has perfect curves. Her boobs are around 34D and ass is perfect 36. When I saw her first time at the wedding, I just kept scanning her and imagining her milky white body nude in front of me.

Coming to the story. After a year of their wedding one day I received a call from Kan to meet up since its been long. So we decided to meet up for dinner at his place on the same evening. I was happy to see both of em after a long time especially Aakanksha as she had gained a bit and her mounds were looking even more sexy. After dinner Aakanksha decided to go for a walk and me and Kan started talking.

Me: So how is your married life going? Aren’t u guys planning kids?

Kan: Yeah we want to(he looked a bit sad)

Me: what’s wrong ? Is everything ok?

Kan: Actually I called you for a reason

Me: what is it?

Kan: we have been trying for a kid since 7-8 months now. However doctors have told me that my sperm count has gone low.

Me: so what’s the big deal. Try for test tube and all.

Kan: we thought about that, but the doctor says that artificial insemination can cause infection in Aakanksha’s womb as it is sensitive. They said only natural insemination is the solution to get her pregnant.

Me: why don’t you adopt a child

Kan: we can’t do that as everybody is against it and are wishing for our biological child.

Me: M so sorry to hear that. I wish I could help you

Kan: will you?

Me: what do mean ?

Kan: we have been friends for so long and you are like family. I can trust you.

Me: thanks! But what do u want me to do?

Kan: can you make Aakanksha pregnant?

Me: though I was on cloud nine and started imagining her naked with me in bed but I showed artificial anger. Are u mad Kan? She is my Bhabhi, how can I?

Kan: you are like a family and we trust you. You have to do this.

Me: what if your family comes to know about this?

Kan: mom only suggested this, she said you r nice guy and have a good personality. Your and Aakanksha’s child will be healthy and good looking too.

Me: after showing a lot of hesitation I said I am ready for it. But what about Aakanksha?

Kan: I have already convinced her.

Me: so when do we do this?

Kan: tonight itself. However I would want you guys to have sex multiple times this entire week as I want to make sure she gets pregnant.

Me: ok. Where do we do it?

Kan: let Aakanksha come and you guys can have sex in our bedroom.

After 15 mins Aakanksha came back from walk. Kan hugged her and said that I was ready. She felt embarrassed and ran to the bedroom.

Kan came to me and asked me to go to the bedroom as Aakanksha has already gone. He wished me all the best.

I entered the bedroom and saw Aakanksha was sitting on the bed looking down. She was wearing black leggings and black body fit top with her hair open. I got an instant hard on thinking about the fact that in few minutes from now my penis will be inside her vagina and I will be tasting the naked glory of this beauty who is my friend’s wife and all this when her husband is just outside the room.

I went close to her, she noticed the bulge in my pants and then looked down again. I sat down and told her that she is looking very beautiful.

Ak: thank you

Me: I never thought I will ever be able to get this close to you. I didn’t want to do this, m doing it just to help you guys. If you feel uncomfortable me getting close to you do lemme know. We will stop.

Ak: I am also doing this just for my family. I have always been comfortable around you as my husbands close friend. But I don’t know how comfortable I will be being naked in bed with you.

Me:don’t worry I will make it a pleasurable experience for you.

I went close to her and hugged her tight and started smooching her. I was shocked when she reciprocated wildly. She was kissing me like no tomorrow. I stopped thinking much and kept smooching her and eating her thick lower lip for 15-20 mins. Then I removed her top, she was wearing a black bra that looked superb on her huge milky white boobs.

Me: they are huge and round

Ak: it’s all for you tonight

I made her lie on her stomach and removed her leggings. It was like uncovering a treasure. As soon as the leggings were half way down her ass, I started licking and biting her as cheeks. Then I removed her leggings completely and turned her around.

She was now in just her bra and panty. I too removed everything and stood naked in front of her. I asked her to give me a blow job while m standing. She got down from the bed and held my dick and pulled the fires king back. She first kissed the tip of my dick and then slowly started licking my penis from top to bottom. She slowly took my penis in her mouth till it totally disappeared.

She then started the blowjob. She kept on sucking and licking my penis and balls. This went on for 15mins. I was finding it difficult to stand. I went to the bed and lied down. She still was blowing me. Suddenly she stopped and started licking my ass hole, it was heaven. She started inserting her middle finger in my ass hole, it was a pleasure undiscovered. Now with her finger in my ass hole, she started blowing me again. I couldn’t hold more than 5 mins now and blasted my cum in her mouth. She drank it all clean.

She got up with a smile and said

Ak: it’s yummy, it tastes better than my husbands cum. May be because it’s fertile.

Me: you can drink as much as you want. I have lots to make you pregnant.

Then she removed her finger from my ass hole and started licking her finger and made me lick it too.

Now I removed her bra hooks and there her huge milky boobs popped out. I pushed her down on bed and started mauling and eating her boobs like a manic. She kept moaning and yelling loudly.

Me: please keep your volume low, Kan can hear us

Ak: so what he if he hears us. He knows that his wife is getting fucked by his friend and he was the one who convinced you. So let him realize that his wife is having a good time and he selected the right man.

Now I slowly went down and put my finger in waistband of panty and started pulling it down while sniffing her pussy. I removed her panty and started admiring her pussy. It was white and her clitoris were pink. It looked like a white flower with pink petals in the center. I slowly spread her legs and started kissing It. The I inserted my finger in her pussy and started licking it. She started moaning even louder. I kept digging her pussy with my finger and my tongue.

After 10 mins on eating get pussy she splashed her love juices on my face.

I was hard now. I made her spread her legs. Now I lay on top of her and she held my dick and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. Slowly I started entering her. She was warm. As I entered her fully she made a loud hissss sound. I started with slow strokes for the first five minutes. She kept moaning.

Ak: hmm … ‘mmm ..pooh fuck me … ohhh … fuck me hard…fuck me … mmmm

Me: yeah baby..u loving it ? Hmmm …I love your pussy baby…getting your pussy was my dream

After 5 mins I increased my speed. And now Aakanksha had gone even wilder.

Ak: oh yes..oh yes..yes yes yes fuck me…fuck your friends wife..make me pregnant darling..m your bitch…hmmm … ohhh yeaahh .. hmm

I kept fucking her hard for approximately 20 mins and then I was about to come.

Me:M cumming baby. I am ready to impregnate you,

Ak: oh yes I want that..plant your seed deep in my womb..oh baby fuck me hard and cum in me..I am cumming too

Then we both came together with loud grunts and moans and I lay on top of her. After 5mins I got down from her and lay next to her. She smiled and hugged me.

Ak: I didn’t know you are so good in bed. You are way better than Kan. I am lucky to get fucked by you.

Me: m lucky because I got to fuck a beautiful princess like you and who will be birthing my child.

After that we fucked more 3 times till morning and lay exhausted naked in each other’s arms.

In the morning Kan came with tea to wake us up and saw both of us lying naked.

Aakanksha woke and realized she was naked with another man in bed in front of her husband. She felt a bit embarrassed and ran naked to the bathroom.

After this Kan asked me to stay over his place for a week as he was leaving for Delhi so that we get privacy.

What happened in the one week will be narrated in my next story.

First part of this story ended where Kan told me to stay over his place for a week as he was leaving for Delhi so that me and Akanksha get privacy to have sex anytime without worrying his presence and he can be assured that I will impregnate his wife for sure.

Aakanksha came from bathroom in a black gown and told Kan

Ak: you don’t have to go anywhere. I just need few nights of sex to get impregnated.

Kan: I don’t want to take a chance, I want you guys to have maximum sex in this one week to make sure he impregnates you.

Me: I think Aakanksha is right. We can have sex every night and that will be all.

Kan: Guys try to understand, it is really difficult for me to hear my wife moaning while having sex with another man in my bedroom when I am right outside. And after seeing you both naked in bed together I just felt jealous and I m sure even Aakanksha won’t be always comfortable being naked with another man in front of her husband.

So finally we decided to help Kan pack his stuff for a week to go to his home in Delhi. I was super excited from inside thinking that I will have Aakanksha all to myself for a week and I can fuck her whenever and wherever. I kept thinking about what all will I be doing with her in one week. From keeping her naked in the house to trying anal to fucking her in her open balcony.

Packing was done and we were chatting waiting for the cab to come as Kan didn’t want us to drop him to the airport. Akanksha was in the kitchen while me and Kan were in The hall. I made an excuse of feeling thirsty and told Kan that I will drink water and come. On reaching the kitchen I saw Akanksha cooking.

Me: I am thirsty I need juice.

She walked towards me as I was near to Th fridge and was opening the fridge when I held her said

Me: I don’t Th juice in the fridge. I want juice that’s in your pussy.

Ak: Really!! Don’t forget my husband has yet not left, he is sitting right outside.

Me: he was outside last night too when I was fucking his wife making her moan like hell.

Akanksha started kissing me. I lifted her and placed her on top of the kitchen table and she pulled her gown up. She wasn’t wearing any panty. I started licking her pussy like a wild dog. We both were horny. I kept sucking and licking her pussy. She was trying to control her moaning to avoid Kan hearing us. Suddenly I heard Akanksha saying

Ak: Kan!! (and she asked me to stop)..wait..stop.

I looked up and saw Kan standing. It was a crazy scene. Husband watching his wife on kitchen table with her legs spread with a man who is his best friend holding his wife’s soft milky white things and head buried in her pussy. Kan just said guys m leaving. I got up and so did Akanksha pulling her gown back to normal and we both went and hugged Kan and said bye. As soon as he went inside the lift, me and Akanksha closed the door and started undressing. We started smooching and moving toward the sofa in the hall.

Suddenly Akanksha’s phone rang and it was Kan.

Ak: Haan Kan

Kan: Atleast say bye from the balcony like you always do. You have an entire week to get fucked by him

Ak: nothing like that. I was just coming to the balcony.

Me and Aakanksha moved to the balcony naked. She bent on the railing of balcony and I was behind her licking her ass. Kan was looking upward while on call with Akanksha.

Kan: Why are u standing naked in the balcony?

Ak: I just removed my clothes and you asked me to come to balcony so I came the way I was.

Kan: where is he?

Ak: he is right behind me licking my ass.

Kan: licking ass??? R u serious? How dirty!!

Ak: it’s not dirty. He loves it. You never said dirty when I lick your ass.

Kan: Neways you guys are already in action so don’t wanna hold you further. You both take care and please have lot of sex and give me a good news soon.

Ak: yes baby. M doing this for our baby so I will make sure he fucks me regularly.

And then Kan left in the cab. As soon as Akanksha kept the phone I lifted her and took her to the sofa and made her doggy. I touched the tip of my dick at the entrance of her pussy. She held my dick and pushed herself back so that my dick was inside her. I started moving slowly first. Then I held both her milky ass cheeks apart and started fucking her wild. I was really wild.

Ak: baby yes..fuck me hard … ohhh yeah…oh fuck me fuck me fuck me

Me: yeah Akanksha Bhabhi. I love your white ass. (I was spanking her hard and her ass turned red)

Ak: its hurting..please gently…hmm yeaahh … ohhhh my gooddd …you are such a good fucker.

Again her phone started ringing, it was Kan. But we both didn’t bother to pick up as we were up for climax.

Ak: don’t stop baby..don’t stop..keep fucking hard..I am cumming

Me: me too baby..i can’t stop till I make u come my whore.

We fucked in doggy for 25 mins and finally I was about to come.

Me: m cumming baby

Ak: come in me baby..m cumming too.

We both came at the same time with huge grunts and moans and both lied on the sofa. Me naked on top of my dream girl nude under me with my dick still in her pussy.

She called Kan in the same position

Ak: Kya hua?

Kan: what were you doing ? Why weren’t you picking my call.

Ak: what do you think will I do. When you left I was already naked with your friend licking my pussy. So obviously we went on to have a fuck session.

Kan: Atleast pick up and tell me.

Ak: you want me to tell you that listen your friend is fucking me hard and wild in doggy position with his hard 7 inch dick in my pussy and we both are about to cum so I will call you once we both climax.

Kan: ok m sorry.

Ak: if you don’t want this to happen then tell me. I will not do it. I am anyways doing it on your and your family’s insistence to give you a child.

Kan: m sorry baby I didn’t mean that. I hope you understand what m going through.

Ak: it’s not easy for me too Kan. To sleep around with another man that too who is my husband’s best friend.

Kan: I understand baby. Anyways where is he?

Ak: he is here.

Kan: is he licking your pussy?

Ak: no, we just finished. He is lying on top of me.

Kan: how are you talking if he is on top of you? Is he not tempted to kiss you?

Ak: No m lying on my stomach and he is lying on my back. We were doing doggy.

Kan: is he still in you.

Ak: yes, but now his dick is getting limp and sliding out.

Kan: it’s so exciting to hear you say all this.

Ak: even m enjoying these talks.

Kan: Anyways you guys carry on, my flight is taking off.

Ak: bye baby. (And she hung up)

Laying in the same position I asked her

Me: did u really mean that u will stop doing it ?

Ak: not at all. I just wanted to make my husband feel better because it’s not easy leaving a beautiful horny wife with a friend in your own house to have sex and then hearing from his wife that his friend’s dick is still in her pussy while she is talking to her husband.

We both laughed and got up. Akanksha was picking her gown to wear but I stopped her.

Me: No wearing clothes bhabhi

Ak: Atleast after fucking me stop calling me bhabhi. And why no clothes?

Me: calling u Bhabhi when you are naked gives a different pleasure. It keeps reminding me that m fucking my friends beautiful wife with his permission.

Ak: you are so wicked

With that I pulled her to me and started smooching her. She was on my lap and we both were playing with each other’s tongue and exploring each other’s mouth. She started playing my Dick at the same time.

I started licking and biting her neck. She is so fair that she would instantly get love bite marks. Her playing with my dick gave me a hard on. She realized that and while I was seated she got up and sat on my dick facing me. My dick was completely inside her wet pussy. She started moving up and down.

With all her dense soft silly hair on one side of her shoulder and those thick lower lips and such curvy milky white body she looked like a professional porn star fucking me. I also started moving up to match her thrusts. After about 20 minutes she started moving even faster and started clenching me tighter and wrapped her legs around my waist tightly.

I realised she was cumming. I was just letting her enjoy. Finally she started yelling as she cum

Ak: ohhhh fuck hmmm … fuuucckk me … aaaahhhh

N she relaxed as soon as she climaxed. But she kept moving since I had not come. And within 5 minutes I too came.

We both were exhausted and in the same position I relaxed on the back rest on sofa and she was on me cuddled like a child. We both slept off like that naked and my dick in her pussy…

To be continued….

Last part ended where I and Akanksha slept naked on the sofa after a wild fuck session.

As she was sleeping on top op me cuddled I kept looking at her beauty. She was looking so hot and sexy. Fair glowing body. Smooth silky thick hair. Perfect Indian curvy body with superb round boobs and soft smooth fluffy ass. Completely naked, just her chooda in her hands as she has to wear it till she completes 1 year of marriage.
I was thinking how lucky kan is to get married to such a beauty. But then I thanked my stars that I at least got the opportunity to feast on her.

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