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My friends family traditions

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Jawaria was a Muslim and her dad and brothers had sex with us when I was there one day. Then I made my dad and brother follow her traditions.

I was at my friend Jawaria’s house, she’s a Muslim, I’m white Polish, I didn’t go there much because I didn’t like the smell of the food they cooked, not that there was anything wrong with it, just didn’t like the smell.

Her dad was the only one at home and Jawaria and I were playing in her big wooden house in the back garden, it was as big as a shed but it was in the shape of a house, her dad came inside and he was wearing like a long white dress, it wasn’t a dress, but it is what Muslim men wear.

The front was sticking out by his crotch, he had a boner and he when Jawaria saw it she crawled on the floor on her hands and knees towards him, he lifted up his dress and she crawled underneath it and he put it back down covering her up, it was like she wasn’t even there.

Then I saw a lump underneath his dress in the shape of Jawaria’s head and it started to move in and out under the fabric and her dad began to moan strangely and smile.

I didn’t know what was happening, then Jawaria poked her head out and told me to come over and join her, so I did because I was curious what she was doing, when I got underneath his dress and lifted my head up, I saw it, her dad’s massive cock, and it was huge, it was like a big brown sausage and it had two big hairy balls dangling underneath it.

Jawaria was sucking on it but it was really thick and her mouth wasn’t really big enough to fit it all in so she was sort of sucking on the end of it, she told me to have a try so I did, I couldn’t fit it in my mouth either but still sucked the end of it, it was kind of nice but tasted a lot like curry and smelt like the food they eat.

After a few minutes of us taking turns to suck on her dad’s cock, he squirted white come all over our heads, it went on our faces and in our hair, Jawaria was laughing so I joined in because it was kind of funny seeing her dad’s spunk dripping off her face.

Then Jawaria’s older brothers came in, her dad left after patting us on the head and saying something in a language I didn’t understand, but the smile on his face suggested it was a nice thing he said, as he left, the brothers took off their dresses and they were both naked underneath and had big brown sausage cocks just like their dad.

One of them lifted Jawaria on the wooden counter, pulled up her skirt, and then he pushed his sausage between her legs and he started to swing his hips back and forth really fast and Jawaria was moaning loud but sounding like she was having fun.

Her other brother looked at me with his cock twitching at my eye level and he asked me if I wanted to play with him, Jawaria looked like she was having a lot of fun so I said yes, he lifted me up on to the counter and pulled down my leggings and my panties, when he put his cock between my legs I felt a sharp pain and screamed, he told me it was okay, then he pushed harder and his cock went inside my pussy.

Her brothers fucked us both on the counter for ages, it was painful but I liked the feeling of his cock stretching my insides out when he pushed it in, it gave my body a pleasant buzz feeling.

They came inside of us and pulled their monster cocks out, loads of spunk gushed out of our holes and on to the floor it was like a waterfall.

Her brothers smiled and said the same thing her father said to us, which I still didn’t understand, but they left and Jawaria and I tidied her wooden house up, she said she had to clean up all the spunk or she will get in trouble.

When I asked her why she does that with her dad and her brothers, she told me it was family tradition and males in the family are allowed to fuck her and she must let them out of respect.

So when I got home I sucked my daddy’s cock, he was very surprised, but he let me, and then I went upstairs and let my brother have sex with me.

I like these traditions.

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