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My First K9 Experience

Hi everyone, I’m Paula, and this is my first time writing about myself and posting on any site. I had never expected that I would end up having sex with a dog, but I did. It all started when I agreed to look after my brother German Shepard while he was on holiday with his wife. His wife dropped Rocky off the evening before they were due to go away as they had an early flight the next day. Jayne gave me the instructions about what he eats and his habits, but she didn’t tell me everything as I was to find out.
As she was leaving, she said, “I hope he enjoys you,” with a big smile on her face.

What she had said hadn’t registered with me as I was fussing over Rocky.


It took Rocky a couple of days to settle, and it was a case of him taking me or dragging me around on his walks. The dog had a lot of strength, and I didn’t dare let him off the lead in case he ran away. After his walk, I made a fuss of him, rubbing him down.

A few days later, I watched TV after a shower dressed in a short gown when Rocky came wandering in, flopping down at my feet. I started to stroke him rubbing his belly, and then he was up to his nose between my legs, sniffing me and trying to lick me. It took all my strength to push him off. Still, he kept doing it.

Then he hit the mark with his tongue, and wow, what a sensation I felt. Then he kept on trying to lick me more. He managed to hit the spot with his tongue repeatably. I was now getting turned on, knowing how wrong I was, thinking I was now caring. I went to the bedroom, stripped off and naked on the bed calling Rocky. I could hear him bounding up the stairs.

I was rubbing my pussy, my juices already flowing, and Rocky didn’t waste any time. He was on the bed, his long tongue licking my pussy, which made me wetter. He loved it. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but it felt so good in all. I had experienced a few orgasms while he licked me. I was lying there panting when I saw his red cock hanging there, a clear liquid dripping from the tip did, I dare touch it, what would he do if I did, would he bite me? I didn’t know.

I was hesitant, and it took a few attempts to touch his cock the second I did, he jumped slightly, and my hand went back to it felt hot to the touch. I soon found myself stroking his cock. Rocky was panting as I was rubbing it, and soon, I felt liquid on my hand running down my wrist. I did this for a while, and he liked what I was doing to him wanking his cock. It wasn’t too last. He pulled away and jumped off the bed. Fearing I had done something wrong, I went to comfort him, stroking him, telling him he was a good boy.

I went back to my bed to change the sheets. I was bending over when I felt his weight on me, pushing me down onto the bed. His thrusting against me, I could feel his cock hitting my leg. He was aiming for my pussy and not having much luck he was moving his position and his weight holding me down then I felt his cock hitting my pussy all I could think of how do I stop this but was powerless to stop him and then he found his mark and I felt his cock enter me. I succumbed to him. It felt so good. The tears now were for joy, not pain, and soon his cock was buried deep inside me.

I was surprised when he started fucking me. It was 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds and stayed at that pace, never slowing down, thrusting as hard as he could, making me his bitch. Then I felt my pussy filling up. Rocky was cumming inside me. He wasn’t stopping when he eventually finished. His cock left my body with a loud pop, and I was lying face down on the bed. I could feel his cum oozing out of my pussy and soon felt his tongue licking my pussy again, giving me more orgasms.


Over the remaining days, I made sure Rocky got what he needed, and a few days, he used me multiple times.

The day came when Jayne came to collect Rocky, and she came alone. I was expecting my brother to be with her, but she said he was busy. As we chatted, Rocky was trying to push his nose between my legs. Obviously, Jayne noticed this, and as I was trying to push him away, she was smiling all the time. I was trying to tell her how good Rocky had been. Jayne called Rocky over off. He trotted and resting his head on her lap, looking at me. Rocky occasionally lifted his head to sniff between Jayne’s legs, and she just let him carry on doing it.

As she was stroking him, she asked, “Was he was good?” Jayne was watching me, and then before I could answer, she said, “I hope he gave you the same amount of pleasure he gives me?”

I looked at her. She told me that she had trained him to please her sexually and hoped I had enjoyed it. All I could say was, “YES!”

I started asking her questions about how she started, what does she do with him. Does anyone else know? She told me that she would answer all my questions in good time, but she had to go. As she was leaving, she told me not to worry, and that it was our secret, and if I was interested, she would bring Rocky around and help me get more pleasure from Rocky. Before she finished speaking, I was telling her that I couldn’t wait.

After my introduction to bestiality, my sister-in-law Jayne was true to her word. When my brother, her husband, was due to go away on one of his business trips, she was on the phone to let me know he would be away for a few days and would I be free. Of course, I would be free, I told her, and whatever day suits you would be fine with me.

Jayne came round the afternoon he had gone away we chatted for a while. She wanted to know what my expectations were and what I wanted to get out of this experience. She told me how she had started with k9 fun and when she told me that they had an open relationship, it took me by surprise as I was not expecting that, but at the same time, it was none of my business what they did it didn’t bother me.

After chatting for a while and poor Rocky was lying on the floor, Jayne suggested we get to the main event, which I was so waiting for. We headed to the bedroom, which I have already prepared so that any mess could be contained as I started to undress, Jayne was doing the same, and soon, we were both naked. Jayne told me to sit on the chair and to open my legs, exposing my pussy. Rocky, by now, was getting quite excited. Jayne called him over and guiding him towards my open pussy. He sniffed me a couple of times, walked away but kept coming back for a sniff and the occasional lick. Jayne was next to me on the floor.

I lay back in the chair, bum on the edge. I felt Jaynes’s fingers rubbing my pussy. The initial shock made me jump. She got me to sit back down and let her do her thing. She was rubbing my pussy which was now getting wetter and wetter, and I loved this. It felt so good, and when her fingers went inside me, I was soon squirming with pleasure. She then held out her hand towards Rocky. He was licking my juices from her fingers. She was rubbing my pussy, then letting Rocky lick her fingers, and soon he was lapping at my soaking wet pussy, his big tongue giving me more pleasure. I had such a strong orgasm, and the more he licked, the more I loved it.

I lay back, enjoying the feeling when I felt him on top of me. His fur was warm against my body. I could feel him panting hard. His cock was stabbing at the opening of my pussy which added to the pleasure when Jayne took hold of it and guided me towards the opening of my pussy. He was soon inside me fucking me hard and fast, not slowing down the weight of the dog holding me down as I was one of his bitches and his to do as he pleased.

I felt his cum filling me up, and yet he kept on fucking me till he pulled out. My pussy was full, and I could feel the cum seeping out and running down the cheeks of my bottom. Then I felt Jaynes face between my legs, her tongue licking my pussy. The feeling was out of this world; I loved it, my sister-in-law licking the dog cum from my pussy what a feeling.

After this pleasure had died down, Jayne got me to lie on the bed. Soon Rocky was next to me, his huge cock hanging down on the show. Jayne was on the other side and licking his cock, and motioned me to join in. We took turns licking him. When she told me to take it fully in my mouth, I wasted no time. Rocky had flopped on his side. I was sucking his hard cock. He was cumming all the time as I was sucking the salty taste filling my mouth at the same time Jayne was giving my pussy attention with her mouth. I was fingering her as I licked her, my tongue probing her insides, savoring the taste of her juices. It was heaven the pleasure that another woman gave me was better than any man had done to me in the past, and this was something that I knew I was going to be doing again and hopefully a threesome 2 women and the dog.

After resting for a while, Rocky was soon fucking me again. The stamina he had was amazing, and the pleasure I was feeling was like nothing else that I had experienced before. Rocky was humping me. Then I felt my pussy swell up. What I know now was that I was taking his knot. Jayne was reassuring me, telling me to lie there and enjoy it. It felt huge inside me. I couldn’t move as I felt him ejaculating inside me, filling me with his doggy cum. Rocky stayed like this for a good 10 minutes until he finished shooting his cum inside me. When he released himself from me, I lay there exhausted from what had just happened. Jayne was loving it and was soon on the bed sucking Rockys cock, which had now shrunk down in size.

Jayne started to kiss me, and I could taste the mixture of my juices and dog cum on her lips. I was so turned on with the feeling of another woman kissing me I found myself responding to her, and soon we were kissing passionately, tasting each other’s mouths with our tongues. I moved towards Jaynes’s pussy and started to lick her while she was tonging my pussy. The taste was amazing. Giving oral to another woman while she was doing the same to me was so pleasurable.

We had been having fun for quite a few hours, at which time I had been fucked and sucked off a dog and has lesbian sex. What a day. We cleaned up, got dressed, and I cooked us a meal. It was the least I could do and arranged more dates when we could have our fun.

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