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My first gay experience

Unlike most stories mine is from experience. There is no subtlety or seduction just an account of my first time.
I had weekend fishing trips with a mate called Simon, we jointly owned a caravan which we used as out base. We were both in our forties. We are both married and our wives know each other very well. The trips were our getaway from the stress of work and if truth be told from our wives.
One trip with the weather too bad to venture outside of the caravan we sat having a few drinks complaining about our wives and their lack of interest in sex.
Simon confessed his wife wouldn’t even give head. I explained mine did but only now and then. I told him that if I could reach my own dick with my mouth I would blow myself. He laughed and asked would I swallow if I could reach. My reply was a simple “yes”.
He looked at me and laughingly said I could suck his for him as his wife doesn’t. I think my comment was “you wouldn’t have the guts to get it out”
He simply stood up and stepped out of his shorts and underwear. He sat back in his chair and said “your move”.
I have always been inquisitive about what another mans cock might taste and feel like so I thought “in for a penny, in for a pound” and I knelt down between his legs.
I said are you ready because I will call your bluff and he simply replied “go for it”
I reached out and curled my fingers around his soft cock. I rolled the skin back over his knob head revealing a really bulbous tip. I lent forward, opened my mouth and closed my lips around his shaft. As soon as his cock was in my mouth it felt like the most natural and erotic thing to do.

I worked my mouth and tongue up and down his cock and while doing so I could feel him growing hard. Soon he was fully erect and to me it felt amazing. The more I sucked him the more I wanted to do it. His moans of “oh that’s nice” and his comments like “fuck yeah keep sucking it” just spurred me on.
After what seemed like too short a time as I was enjoying myself so much he said” shit you better watch out I’m going to cum”. As soon as he said that I knew I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I just slid my lips further down his shaft till I could feel the tip of his 6 inch piece of meat touch the back of my throat.

Then I felt it. The first shots of his warm creamy cum hitting the roof of my mouth and covering my tongue. I couldn’t help but just gulp it all down.
I keep sucking for another 3 or 4 minutes as he softened in my mouth. When he was totally spent I simply got up, sat back in my chair and picked up my beer.
He simply looked at me and said fuck that was better than anything the wife has ever done for him.
Since then we have experimented with each other a lot more. We have indulged in oral, anal, toys, wanking a fair bit of kinky play but always finish with me swallowing..

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