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My First Dog Fuck

Buster was always trying to put his head between my crutch, it was embarrassing to say the least.
He was my neighbours dog, a lovely black Labrador who came upto my waist.
I’m only 5’1,138bs a bit on the chubby side for my height. 45 and divorced No kids. My ex love my chubby ass, fat pussy and my 36DD’s and so it appears did buster.

I’ve had to look after him a couple of times when my neighbour has had to go away.
My neighbour John is a builder , he is 56 but really fit looking for his age. Has a little bit of a belly but it suits him, and the most hugest hands I’ve ever seen. I guess he is about 6’3 or so. Anyway John had to go away for a couple of months working overseas and he asked me to look after Buster.

The first week Buster was no problem, I took him out regularly for walks. He loved to run off into the woods.

One day he was away for a while so I went to find him. I walked for about 10 minutes then saw him through the bushes fucking another dog. I stood mesmerised. I didn’t realise how big his cock was, he was humping the bitch and she was whining a bit, poor thing Buster was a big dog and towered over her. Then he stopped and turned around still with his doggie cock inside until his bottom and her bottom were back to back. This happened for 10 or more minutes. Then he slowly pulled out started licking his balls and she walked away.

My nipples were erect and hard. My knickers were wet. Watching the dogs have sex turned me on.

I called Buster, petted him and then walked back home.
Once home I took of my clothes to have a shower. Buster followed me into the bedroom and as I bent down to open the bottom draw to get a towel out I felt a rough tongue on my pussy lips up to my ass. I jumped up and turned around and there was Buster. I must have liked it because my pussy was wet and gave off an odour which he etknkled up his nose at sniffing. He was now putting his nose on my pussy and then it happened again, his tongue darted out and licked my pussy. My nipples stood up erect and my legs quivered. It felt good.
I sat down on the edge of the bed to gather my thoughts. A dog fucking licked my cunt and I loved it. Am I a weirdo? I thought about the dogs fucking in the woods, I started to masterbate myself slowly rubbing my clit, pulling at my pussy lips then buster came over and started sniffing and licking my fingers and my pussy.
Oh my fucking gosh the sensation was amazing his tongue reached between my slit and into my hole I could feel myself close to orgasm. He began licking me like I was dinner his tongue reaching deep inside hitting my G spot. I spread my pussy open so his tongue could get inside me. It felt rough like sandpaper but it turned me on more. I wanted more.
I noticed his dog cock coming out of its sheath brigh red tip it was dripping with cum.
He tried mounting me while I was facing him on the bed but it was awkward.
I pushed him down had to roll away he was heavy.
I turned over and he jumped me, I was helpless he covered my back and his head was over my head I felt like the little dog he just humped.
His cock kept stabbing my thigh he was too low. Then he moved higher and I screamed. His cock jammed into my pussy with force he must have been big. My pussy had never had such a big cock inside it before, he must be over 9 inches if not more and very wide. His cock feel hot very hot this shocked me. I don’t know what I was expecting but it had a weird tip on it which the once inside me began to grow and grow. My pussy felt like it was well and truly plugged. He was fucking me like a bitch each shove of his cock harder than the last. His balls smacked my round fleshy ass as he fucked me with force. He was hurting me, I felt stretched.
After a few minutes The initial pain subsided and I was overcome by passion. How can you have passion for a dog? I wanted him to fuck me harder and encouraged him, good boy Buster good boy, fuck my pussy, fuck me boy, yes that’s good, yes, yes, I felt his hinge doggie cock hit a wall, it was probably my cervix he must be inside me pretty deep, it hurt slightly but the pleasure took care of the pain, then I felt him pushing pushing getting bigger and pushing. My pussy was being stretched, I relaxed so I wouldn’t tear or be injured and felt him go inside me a wedge like feeling. He must have been thinking I’m going to plant my seed in you bitch you want my dog cock I’ll give you dog seed, I will impregnate you, your cunt is mine…
Then his cum felt warm and started gushing into my belly, oh my gosh there’s gallons of the stuff, my stomach felt like it was swelling. I felt full and was orgasming moaning, half fainting an in so much ecstasy. I have never had sex like this before…
Then he tried to pull out but we were stuck together. Her lifted his leg over my butt then we stood butt to butt I don’t know how long, I could feel his cum flowing inside me his dick pulsating, my pussy vibrating with orgasms holding his doggie dick tight, then he pulled out and started to clean me up. I felt sore but was orgasming over and over again as he cleaned me up…
I slumped to the floor shattered.. he sent over to the corner of the bedroom and cleaned himself up. Looking over and he had a smirk on his doggie face. You are mine now bitch…

By :Lucy Jane

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