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My Favorite Friend

You’re holding my hand, leading me down the corridor. You open the door and we walk in together. The door is closing itself when you gently push me to the wall, pressing yourself against me.

‘You’re so fucking beautiful,’ your accented sexy voice almost growling with need. You take a fistful of the back of my hair and use it to urge my face to yours. You kiss my mouth, encapsulating me. Deep, slow, sensual. I want you. I need you.

You unbutton my blouse while you continue kissing my mouth and my neck, all the while grinding your growing cock into my groin.

‘Fuck, I need you inside me,’ I beg into your ear.

‘I know,’ you smile salaciously as you undo my bra. You push my blouse over my shoulders and onto the floor. The bra meets the same fate.

‘Oh god, please,’ I beg with more urgency. I don’t know if I can wait anymore. I can feel how wet I am and that tingle that’s building is driving me crazy!

‘Sshhh,’ in my ear sending more tingles. You undo my pants and carry me to the bed. You put me down, kiss me again as you start removing your own clothes. I’m dazed. I’m in such a state of desire for you that I’m not sure what I should be doing.

I stare at your naked body. I want it. I want it on top of me, inside of me, all around me. I need it. You hook your fingers into my pants and pull both pants and panties off. You grab my legs and pull my body toward the end of the bed so my hips are balancing on the edge and my legs are dangling.

I’m so fucking turned on.

You push my knees up toward my chest while your mouth once again finds mine. I feel your hard cock sliding over my wet pussy, resting teasingly on my very swollen clit. ‘Fuck, I need you inside me right now,’ I gently bite your earlobe and try to pull your body onto mine.

‘I know,’ another evil grin. You start sliding down my body, licking and sucking and kissing a roadway to your destination. I feel your tongue on my clit and almost explode. You still have your hands on my knees and you’re using them to keep my legs open. I reach for your hair and you stop me, shaking your head and smiling. You take my hands and put them where yours were. ‘Hold your legs open for me,’ you instruct and again I feel your tongue on my clit. Oh my god, it’s too much! I want to come! You sense it and stop. ‘Not yet,’  you whisper as you climb on top of me. You kiss and nibble your way back up the same map you drew out until you get to my mouth. You kiss me deeply while you guide your very hard cock into me.

‘Yes!’ I moan while you nibble my ear. It feels so good. Your cock slowly thrusting into me, your breath and tongue in my ear, you caressing my breasts. ‘Please don’t stop,’ I beg as I feel the beginning of an amazing orgasm building within me.

‘i want you to come long and hard,’ you say while you continue the slow pace, grinding your groin into my clit for more stimulation.

‘Fuck yes, I will,’ I assure you, trying to speed you up. I want to come now but that’s not in the immediate plan. You pin me on the bed so I can’t really move while you continue slowly pushing your cock in and pulling it back out. The pleasure is overwhelming.

‘You’re so fucking wet,’ you whisper while you kiss my mouth. ‘I know you want to come.’ 

‘God yes!’ I can feel it building to something I know I cannot wait for anymore.

You smile and give one last deep long push into my pussy and the ecstasy takes over my body. I can feel it through my whole being. The convulsions are halted by your weight on top of me but it only adds to the pleasure. Unable to move while coming sends me to a higher level. It seems to go on for longer than most orgasms and I find myself wanting you more. I feel you coming inside me and hear you grunt, ‘Fuuuck!’

Feeling your cock unleash itself inside me, pulsing inside me, adds even more to the desire. I come again and feel myself milking your cock with every quick pulse left in those muscles.

You collapse on top of me, kissing my mouth. You roll over and take me with you, so we’re higher in the bad and I’m on top of you, nestled in your chest.

‘I think we should try out that fancy shower,’ I smile.

‘Oh definitely,’ you smile back. ‘But we should rest a few minutes,’ you chuckle.

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