My dominating Experience my big sister

Mum and dada are going on a holiday for three weeks in Barbados so that will leave me with enough time to break my older sister. Yes, my older sister, she’s seventeen with brown hair and hazel eyes, small waist big bust at lease a 34D and nice long legs to match. Well I’m fourteen and have been lusting for my sister since I was twelve, basically since my dick grew to 7 inchs, it was four inches thick and I was going to enjoy braeking my sister. I crept into her room knowing that she was a light sleeper and set my duffel bag besides her bed and quickly brought out her blindfold and softly secured it round her head making sure there was no way it would fall off, I quickly took her hands and tied them on her bed post., I looked at her beautiful body and took out my scissors and began to cut her nightie right down the middle. I slowly moved it aside and began admiring her beautiful body, her best were massive, I quickly began to stroke them plotting evil things to do to her body as soon as she was ready for me break, I am definitely piercing her nipples. I slowly put my mouth to her breast and bite it, she flinched, I snickered quietly and quickly and worked my way down to her crouch, I cut away her underwear and looked at her crouch and smiled happily, I went down to my bag and got out a small dildo that I found in my mums room and roughly inserted it into her pussy, she jerked and began thrashing about, she was screaming

“Let me go, you fucking prick, Damn you Tony it’s not funny get off me!” I laughed loudly and said whispering close to her ears

“No big sister, I’m going to have fun with you for three whole weeks and you are going to hate every minute of it, you will be my slave!” she wiggle some more so I took the end of the dildo and slowly moved it out, she relaxed immediately, I smirked and quickly and fiercely rammed it back up, she jerked and screamed in pain. I knew my sister was still a virgin but the dildo was not long enough to pop her cherry.. I got off her and was about to remove a camera from my bag when she said

“I’m going to fucking tell mum and dad you stupid pervert!” I laughed and stood up and placed both hands on both tits, she flinched away form me but I held her tits firm and began to massage them I could see tears through her blindfold and savoured ever minute of her degrading, I then viciously twisted them and pulled them towards me, she thrashed around a lot so I laughed and put my teeth against her nipple and bite it until there were teeth marks and a little blood. I took out my camera and snapped pictures at her pussy with the dildo inside and of her breast and then said as leaving

“Get some sleep you may need it!”

I walked back into her room first thing in the morning really desperate to piss and I climbed on top on her head and took out my dick which was already hard and forced it into her mouth, she began thrashing again so I held her head still and put my dick all the way to the back of her throat, she began gagging instantly so I slowly pissed in her mouth, she swallowed it and began shouting and swearing, I slowly untied her and quickly cuffed her hands behind her back, she struggled some more but I bent her over her bed and took the rope the I tied her with during the night and whipped her, screamed again so I said coldly


“Scream again and I will do it harder!” she stopped so I said

“Stand up and follow me!” she was about to when she said a little embarrassed

“Can you take what ever you put inside me out!” I laughed and said laughing

“I’ll do it later!” she got up and silently followed me into the bathroom I looked at the toilet seat in happiness and said

“piss in the toilet, she shook her head, the rope was sill in my hand so I hit her again, she still stood still, so I did it again but this time across her breast, she jumped and sat on the toilet, she was crying and I slowly heard her piss, I pulled apart her leg to see that the dildo was begin forcedour, I laughed as it plopped out of her and into the toliet, she relaxed so I put my hand into the toliet and carefully took out the dildo and said smirking

“Clean it off with your tongue!” she shook her head so I put my teeth to her breast and bit down hard, she began thrasing about so I bit down and her breast I took the rope and hit it on her other one, she was crying hysterically and nodded. I put it into her moths and she slowly licked it, I smiled to myself and stood her up and said


“I will uncuff you, bath and come downstairs naked if not, I will send the pictures I took of you to all the boys in our school!” she cried so I took that as a yes, I slowly uncuffed her and slowly un blinded her and she looked at me with such hate it made me get a boner, I smiled darkly at her

“Be down in ten minutes!”

She appeared in the living room and her eyes were down cast. I smiled and said in a business like tone

“Have you ever sucked dick?” she looked away and nodded

“Are you a virgin?” she nodded

“Have you had anal sex?” she shook her head


“Are you Bi?” she shook her head

“Do you masturbate?” she shook her head, I laughed inside, she will be great

“have you given a hand job?” she nodded

“Have you been fingered?” she nodded. I smiled at her and said a little happily

“From now on you call me Sir, if you don’t do as I say I will punish you!” she didn’t answer so I said

“First thing first, I want a hand job, unzip me with your teeth!” she shook her head and before I could even see she ran for the door, I laughed and stayed seated until she stopped looking for the keys, I laughed again, she slowly walked back into the room and got to her knees, she was shaking with so make fear, I smirked and began to grow a she unzipped me with her teeth. My coked slowly came to life and she looked at it in fear as it appeared out of the zipper, she slowly put her hand over it and began to bash me off. I watched her carefully and quickly grew as I saw her tears, her tears were turned me on. She wanked me for twenty five minutes until I felt myself ready to cum, I pulled her head forward and she gasped in surprise giving me the impunity to cum down her throat she gagged it all up is I pushed her head down and shouted


“Lick it up!” she didn’t so I took the rope again and whipped across the back she screamed so I did it again, and again and again, I whipped her twelve times until she finally did it. I laughed and said

“You can go put some clothes on now, she ran upstairs crying.

She came back down wearing crackpots and a jumper, I smiled and her and she turned away from me so I walked behind her and held her wait, she flinched and was about to run until I pushed her down on the coffee table and said licking her ears,

“Don’t forget who owns you now, she was shaking again, I smiled down at her and began exploring her through her clothes, she looked away in disgust , I laughed and turned her around dry humped her and said putting my hand up her top and pushing her breast together through her bra

“Don’t deny me and you will not get hurt!” I pulled her up and said

“Make break fast for us!” she nodded And ran into the kitchen.


“Make break fast for us!” she nodded And ran into the kitchen.

I thought of other ways to dominate my sister, she walked back into the room with fresh tears on her face, I laughed and said

“Sit on my lap!” she hesitated so I took the rope she immediately sat down, I smiled and pulled her head back by her hair and began nibbling at her neck, she groaned in disgust so I pushed her legs apart and began caressing her inner thighs, she flinched so many times and tried not to rub against my groin, I laughed and put my hand down her trousers and began pinching her clit through her panties, she began crying so I did it harder. When I was satisfied I pushed her to the ground and laid on top of her and kissed her lip, she didn’t respond so I put my hand down her trousers and pinched her clit again, she jumped and began squirming so I held on tighter, she stopped squirming and kissed me back, I laughed and said

“Keep your mouth open!” she did so fearfully so I spat into her mouth, she swallowed it obediently so I inserted my fingers into her moth and fucked her mouth with my fingers. She was crying hysterically by now so I let her go and said

“Put your hands behind your back!” she slowly did so , I tied her hands up and did the same with her ankles so she was on her knees like a dog. I smiled and said a little cruelly

“Do not move!” I took the dildo out of my pocket and a walked to the kitchen to get vegetable oil and walked back to her, I slowly pulled down her trousers and panties and poured the oil into her butt hole, she cringed and began begging me


“Please don’t do this, I swear I won’t bully you any more and I’ll do whatever you want!” I laughed and slowly inserted my finger and began moving it in and out not caring about her cries of pain, I inserted another finger and did it faster, I then slowly extended her butt cheeks and pushed then dildo in, she held her scream, I smiled and made sure the dildo was all the way in before pulling her panties back up and her trousers and un tying her ankles, sit on the chair and eat, she was shaking with pain and I laughed and dragged her to a seat and pushed her down, she cried in pain and said

“Please take it out!” I shook my head and said

“Eat!” I watched her eat slowly and smiled at her and said

“Take off your trouser and panties so I can take out the dildo, she quickly complied so I took out the dildo without considering her pain and said smirking

“Part your butt cheeks and sit on my cock!” she cried and turned around and slowly part her but cheeks, I smiled and took out my cock which was now fully erect and nine inches long and three inches thick, the head went in and she didn’t want to go any further because it was causing her pain, I laughed and pushed in, she cried as my dick forced itself all the way into her anus, I fucked her and she cried, I pushed her off me and pulled her up so she was on her knees, I then bent her over the coffee table and entered her forcefully, she screamed again so I began slapping her arse, she cried pitifully as I humped er like a dog,, I fucked her arse viciously and grinned when I saw blood, I felt myself about to cum so I turned her around and pushed my shit covered dick into her mouth and fucked her throat until I loaded every bit of cum down her throat. I laughed and told her to put her clothes back on, she did so, but very slowly and carefully.

“Go put on the TV!” she did and stood away from me so I said


“Come sit down next to me!” she did so cautiously , I pulled her closer and undid her cuffs, she rubbed her wrists and said sadly

“Why are you doing this to me?” I smiled and said

“Because you’re a bitch to me, know I’m making you my bitch, and if you tell or disobey what I say I will pop your cherry!” she nodded sadly and a little relieved so I took off her jumper and said rubbing her arm up and down

“Sit on my lap again this time facing me, I will fuck your arse again and you will kiss me!” I took off her trouser my self and pulled her onto my lap she carefully inserted my dick into her anal and tentatively began kissing me, I smiled against her lip and kissed her roughly with bruising force, she cried as it happened but didn’t stop, I slipped my tongue imto her mouth and began licking the insides of her mouth, she tensed as my hands groped her breast, I continued my ministration and pulled her hair back and began kissing her neck, she cried harder as I went faster inside of her, I sucked on her nipples and began biting at them, she moaned in agony so I did it harder, I felt my self ready to cum so I carried her onto the coffee table spun her round on all fours and fucked her harder than ever, she was panting and screaming so I twisted her head and kissed her again this time biting her lower lip and tensed as I came in her arse. I left her on the table and pulled up my trousers and said

“Clean up!” I quietly left her.

I walked to my room and thought about what I would do do her next. I looked out my window and thought about everything I could do to make her suffer. In school there’s one under cover lesbian and she and my sister both hate each other but pretend they are friends, I laughed to myself, I will make both of them my bitches. I went back down stairs to see everything was cleaned up. I looked at my sister and said


“Follow me!” she quietly followed me up to her room and stood in the furthest corner of her room

“Take of all your clothes, get on the bed and spread your legs!” she did everything very slowly, I let her take her time and set up my digital cam recorder, she looked at me with so much hate, I smiled and gave her a vibrating dildo. She looked at me in shock so I said

“Masturbate for the came, fuck yourself with the dildo but do not pop your cherry! “Pretend if you have to that you are enjoying yourself!” she slowly inserted the dildo into her pussy and began pushing it slowly in and out wincing once in a while, I zoomed in on her pussy and then I took the control of the dildo and switched it on, she jumped in fright and began gasping, I turned it to maximum and watched as she received her first orgasm. I smirked and said

“Stick your finger in your cunt and put your cum in your mouth, eat all of it!” she looked down in shame and did so, I was getting horny just watching this. I allowed her to stop and looked at the time, it was three o’clock

“Call that bitch Sandra and say you need her to come to the house for a while!” she looked at me quizzically

“What the hell should I do that?” I laughed and walked out


“Just do it before I do something you will regret!”

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