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My dad

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I am small smooth an hairless have been since birth. Well my parents where very open minded. From a young age I remember my mom dressing me up as a girl even having my ears pierced and eyebrows done feminine.
One day mom and I went and got our nails done and painted and we had long talk she told me that she was dying and nothing could be done. She said I know you are only 14 but I need you to take care of your dad. Well we talked more about it and she wanted me to start dressing as Paula 24/7. I said ok but was hurt by going to lose her.
Well mom health was going fast over the next few months. My dad and I was getting closer then one night mom called me up to her room an had me put on my dad’s favorite night gown she wore. Then she said please go take care of your dad for me. She said I know that he loves me as I do him but you need to be his lover now. She said that you must be the woman now that is why you are glued down to look like a woman’s virgia and silcone breast. She helped me fix my hair and makeup and lipstick ect. I had on my highest heels of 6 inches an thigh high stockings and garter belt with her sexy nighty on.
Well he was out in garage the whole time. He came in and took shower I was in my room at that time. So mom came and got me when he was in the shower. She had me sit on the bed with her an wait for him to come out. Mom got up and went in by him and came out. She said that he was shaving. She said that she knew I was neverous but tonight he was loving man.
She kissed my cheek and said just relax and enjoy everything she said that she was going to be on her oxygen in the spare bedroom an left. He came out of the bathroom just a towel on. He came over to me took my hand having me stand up. He turned me around and said that I looked so beautiful and sexy an amazing in that night gown. Then he took my other hand putting them around his neck an put his around my waist. He whispered in my ear telling me how much he loved me and how much I meant to him. Then I closed my eyes an felt his lips on my lipstick lips we kissed passionately an as we did he gently laid me down on the bed. Well he made me feel so relaxed and wonderful.
He kissed my neck as he removed my g-string then he was rubbing my gurly boi pussi .I said oh hunny that feels so wonderful as I reached feeling his big thick cock. He rolled over pulling pulling me. We kissed passionately and then I kissed my way down his hairy chest and stomach till I was kissing and licking his cock. He was so hard then I opened my mouth wrapped my lipstick lips around it and sucked him for a while his cock felt and tasted wonderful as I sucked him from tip to his balls. After a few minutes of that he said baby ride me slow. I put some lubricant on his cock then got on top of him and slowly went down on his cock. Not only was I loosing my virginity to my dad I was now his lover .I rode him slowly for a long time I couldn’t believe how good it was moaning in pleasure kissing passionately as we made love. He finally shot his hot creamy massive load deep inside of me. After that we kissed very passionately till he was hard again we made love for hours in different positions him filling me up each time.
Well after he fell asleep I got up and checked my mom and helped her to the bedroom . She said that we would talk in the morning. The next morning I got up and made coffee an breakfast mom and I had a very in depth conversation about everything. Dad came downstairs gave mom a kiss and me then I gave them there breakfast and went to living room for a few minutes. I was surprised when I was doing dishes and he came up behind me and kissed my neck and told me how wonderful last night was. I said yes it was very wonderful hunny turning my head towards him. Kissing him. He rubbed my ass cheeks . I was surprised when mom said what kind of kiss was that to him. Well I said it was OK because if he kissed me passionately I would want more. Well he looked at mom then kissed me very passionately for a couple of minutes. Then since he was only in his boxers I rubbed his cock well picked me up and made love to me on the kitchen table.
Well after mom passed away I was in his bed with aways an till he passed away 20 yrs later I was with him

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