My Celebrity(Momina Mustenshan) Real Story with Kunal


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Hello Everyone i am momina mustehsan those who dont know can search on google i am a famous pakistani singer and famous in bollywood too.My songs have 100s of millions of views.I had done some bollywood songs too. I did a song “ Aaya na tu” with kunal 3 years ago in india. I recommend you all to listen it once before reading the story so get more into this story. When we compose the song kunal ask me come to his flat and i agreed.

When we come to flat he offer me some drinks and after some chatting he try to kiss me but i hold back saying i have a bf in pakistan i cant do that.Then he said i am not going to force you and take his dick out and said if you not ok with it i am fine. I never saw that big dick it was thick black and uncut. I just keeping seeing that for a minute with my jaw open.

Then i don’t now how but i automatically get on my knees and take that dick in my mouth it was a very good feeling i cant describe in words. I said to me that’s like a good girl i did not listen to his words and keep sucking the dick.Then i ask him to not to cum in my mouth because i never swallowed. Then after some time he cum in me his cum fells very gross tbh i tried to spit it but he pinched my nose and i automatically swallowed it.


I saw his dick it was still hard like a rod he then take of all my cloths and his too then he sit on a sofa and ask me to sit on his cock and i obey him.He inserted it in my vagina and then start to giving strokes. The stokes was too damn hard that i losse balance and for that i hold him like hug him. Then he keep stroking me and i cum. I get over him he said he yet to cum. Then he said to gave him another bj i then ask to promise not to cum in mouth.

He agreed then i gave him bj. Then before he cum he took his dick out and cum all over my face i was so gross i could not tell and start fighting with him why he does these things.That night he fuck me many times i cum 3 times and he 4 times. Next day i came back to pakistan for my next project. After a week i came to know i was pregnent i aborshined the child and dont let my bf know about anything.That was the best fuck i ever had.

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