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My boyfriend made me work at a sex shop and I fell in love with my client

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My name is Woojin and I am a 17-year-old male. I used to always get bullied because I am a slender, short Korean man and have rather soft features. I am also half white but I barely look like it since I definitely look more like my Korean mother than my white dad. My father always told me he hated how I looked because I was barely a man and my frame resembled that of a petite woman more.

But when I was 15, I met this guy who was really popular with the girls, let’s call him Alex, and I started to develop a crush on him too and that’s when it really started to hit me that I was gay. He went to the university in my town and was 5 years older than me. I thought I didn’t stand a chance with him but then we ended up at the same party and when we were both drunk, he confessed to me that he was gay and was into me. We kissed and started dating and I also lost my virginity to him not long after. But my father caught us when we were making out at my place once because I thought nobody would be coming home until much later and he kicked me out of the house for being gay.

I moved in with Alex and for a while, everything went fine and our relationship was good, although I had to stop attending school since I needed to help Alex cover for the living costs. But about half a year ago, we really started to struggle money-wise because Alex lost his job due to the pandemic and he started drinking and we fought a lot. Then, a month ago he first proposed an idea to me: he had a friend who ran a prostitution business that basically worked like a glory hole: there would be one hole in the wall behind me for ppl to fuck my ass and one in front so I could give blowjobs. He said I should do it since I usually bottom for him anyway and the pay is good and I would be able to cover our rent with only a week’s worth of work if everything went well.

I was reluctant at first but eventually gave in because he kept begging me and I knew how much we need the money. So I started working there for the first time about two weeks ago.

They first told me to shower and clean and stretch out my asshole for the clients. I didn’t know how much to stretch it out because my boyfriend usually did the prepping for me so I only did it a little before stepping into the room where I’d serve the clients. A staff member put my ass into the hole in the wall and propped my head up to align with the hole in front of me and then went out of the room. It didn’t take long for the first client to show up and he immediately rammed his dick into my asshole and I knew then that I hadn’t prepped myself enough. It felt like his thick cock was splitting my tight asshole apart and I cried as I took him in. I think my cries turned him on even more because he started spanking my ass and going even faster. Right before he orgasmed, he took one more deep thrust inside me and I came at the same time as him.

Besides my mistake of not stretching enough, the rest of the day went smoothly and by day three of my work, I had developed a good rhythm of prepping myself and cleaning my hole and mouth up after each client. But then last week, a new client came. I was told he was a regular even before I started working there and once he got wind that a little Asian boy was working in this sex shop, he requested the “VIP package” for me specifically.

The VIPs at the shop don’t have to use me through a glory hole but just normally in a bedroom and can see my face while fucking me. They can also request extra play like BDSM or age play and such. I was worried at first that he’d see my face but was also relieved that at least he didn’t request anything super strange, he just wanted me to wear a blindfold and I wasn’t allowed to take it off at any point during sex.

I waited blindfolded in the room when he came in. He pushed me down on the bed and sloppily started kissing me while fondling my ass.

“You have such pretty pale skin,” he said in between kisses. His voice sounded familiar but I didn’t think much of it. His breathing was ragged and he started kissing down my neck all the way to my chest while his rough, big hands started probing my asshole. “And your nipples are such a pretty pink too.” When he said that, he bit down on one of my nipples while pinching the other with his fingernails. I let out a gasp at the pain and he just laughed.

“You like that, you little slut?” he asked and started playing with the tip of my cock and I just then realized that him playing with my nipples had been enough to bring me to the verge of cumming. He kept sucking my nipples while fingering my asshole and I couldn’t help but moan under his touch.

Suddenly, he pulled his hands away from me and I could feel my insides aching for him to put his fingers back into me. My body started moving towards where his hands had been all on its own and I desperately grinded myself against the air where his hand had one been.

“Please, please,” I begged him. “Give it to me!”

“Give you what? Say it.”

“I want your fingers inside me again,” I moaned as I rubbed my cock against the bedsheets like a dog in heat.

“Only my fingers?” I was so frustrated at this point that I was about to cry.

“Your cock, I want your cock to make a mess of my little slutty hole!!!”

“Good boy,” he praised me and I could feel the top of his cock graze my asshole before he rammed it inside in one smooth motion. I let out a scream from my hole suddenly being filled by probably the thickest and longest cock I’d ever had and as I already had been about to cum anyway, I just shot a huge load right as he entered me. I moved my hips on my own, wanting his dick to bury even further into me and scrape the deepest parts of my insides. This was easily the best sex I had ever had and it was with a man I couldn’t even see.

“Your dick is so hot inside me,” I lulled as he fucked me hard. “It’s the best I’ve ever had.” He kissed me and went even harder.

“If you love it so much, then call me daddy in return,” he request and I immediately obliged.

“Daddy, daddy!” I called out as his dick swelled inside me and his semen flooded my anus. He kissed me again before pulling out and cleaning me up before leaving.

We continued this every day since then: he would come in, request me, and we’d fuck while I was blindfolded. Not once was I allowed to take off the blindfold during or after sex. Until yesterday at least.

Yesterday, in the middle of banging, he said: “Baby, I wanna show you who I am but don’t be worried, okay, baby?” I didn’t understand why I would be worried back then and just replied: “Why would I be worried, you know I love you, daddy.”

He then took of my blindfold and who I was was… my dad. My actual, biological father had his dick buried inside me. The very same man who had told me my whole life that I was not a real man and had shunned me for being gay was fucking me. I didn’t know what to say and he just kept penetrating me, drowning me in pleasure so that I could barely form a coherent thought.

“I know it must be a shock for you, baby,” he said, spanking my ass. “But I always thought you were so damn pretty but I couldn’t say anything because you’re my son and when I saw you getting it on with that ugly bastard… I was just so jealous and angry, baby. I am so sorry for kicking you out.” He licked my nipples and buried his face in my chest.

“I came here a lot to get rid of my pent up sexual frustration, your mother was never enough for me since I am gay. I just married her since my parents wanted me to. And one day, I saw how you came out of the staff room here and fuck—” He rammed his cock inside me until the hilt and moaned as he came in my ass.

“Fuck, baby, I just couldn’t hold back anymore when I saw you worked here, it was like fate, baby. I might be your dad but I also love you, Woojin.” He nuzzled my neck and told me over and over again how pretty and sexy I was, things nobody, not even my boyfriend, had ever told me before. I cried as I realized how much my dad loved me and passionately kissed him.

“I love you, too, daddy,” I sobbed and he kissed me head to toe before going in for a second round.

I broke up with my boyfriend the very same day and my dad booked me a hotel room to stay in for the night. He said he’d divorce my mother so we can move in together like a real couple and I love him more than anything. I will also quit my job at the sex shop. My dad and I are no longer just father and son, we are now also lovers and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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