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Dick and I are enjoying a two week vacation at a beautiful resort in Florida. We have been a couple for six months now and he wanted to celebrate it like our anniversary. I know, six months, big deal.

But our relationship has been great. I wanted to at least pay for my plane ticket, but he insisted it was all on him.

My girlfriends are all jealous. They want to know how I found a unicorn like him.

Our sex is wonderful. Lots of reasons why but one is the size of his penis. We joke around a lot and I took to calling him “Big” for that reason.

I started to refer to him that way in girl talk with my friends, and it dawned on them that it meant Big Dick. Another reason for them to be jealous. Too bad.

Early in our relationship I learned something important about men.

Occasionally he wanted me to suck him off. I didn’t mind, I was eager to do it. But it turned out I was missing something.

When he would fill my mouth up with his warm cum, I would get up and go into the bathroom and spit it into the sink. Then I would rinse my mouth out.

It wasn’t that I was disgusted, I just thought that was what you were supposed to do.

After one episode, he talked to me about it.

“Karen, you need to understand something about oral sex. You are supposed to want me to finish in your mouth.”

“I do. I love it!”

“Well then, why do you go into the bathroom as if you need to throw up?”

I thought about that, and slowly understood that he wanted me to swallow it. No problem, I thought. I already can taste it, why not just gulp it down?

“Do you want me to swallow it?”

“Yes. That is important to a man. We want to get it inside a woman, one way or another. I think it is a biological imperative of some kind.”

He continued, “How would you feel if after I gave you an oral orgasm I went into the bathroom and rinsed out my mouth?”

I realized that I had been offending him without realizing it.

“I’m so sorry, Dick. I will never do that again.”

And I meant it. After that I swallowed his load every time. Most of the time it went into my vagina (fortunately I am on good birth control) but when he came in my mouth I ate it like a raw oyster.

But back to our wonderful vacation.

Once after spending most of that day at the beach we walked back to our condo a different way. We came across a Cornhole game all set up by the path. Dick challenged me to a game.

I already knew the basics but he insisted on reciting all the rules of the game. I told him I understood and agreed to play.

I am a tennis player and I have pretty good hand-eye coordination. I scored a few points. He kept right with me and the score stayed close as we continued.

I was really not that interested in winning but it seemed obvious that he was. I am competitive but I know better than to beat a man at some silly game.

I am not saying that I threw the game, I just didn’t try very hard. He did, however and he finally sank the winning bean-bag.

He did a fist-pump like he just won the U.S. Open.

“Congratulations” I said as I kissed him.

He grinned and said, “Karen, there is one more rule that we need to talk about.”

“Really? What’s that?”

He gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, “The one who wins a cornhole game gets to cornhole the loser”.

“Oh, Come on!”

“No, really, it’s in the rules.”

Remember I said we joke around a lot, and we say anything we feel like saying about sex. We are not prudes. A little light-hearted banter is fun.

But I wondered if he was being serious.

I thought about the fact that he has shown some interest in my asshole. During foreplay he sometimes inserts his middle finger in me that way. And also when he is giving me oral sex he will finger-fuck my asshole.

I never asked him to stop, I found it kind of erotic. Now I began to realize that he wanted to do more than that.

“Do you really mean it?”

He quietly said, “Yes. I do.”

I tried to act like a shy, embarrassed girl, and mumbled, “OK. If it’s in the rules, then I will abide by the rules.”

Actually I was starting to tingle with anticipation.

He said, “Let’s go back to the condo!”

We started back, and my mind was spinning. I tried to imagine his long hard cock being shoved up my asshole. The only thing that was ever in there was his finger.

OK, full disclosure. In college there was a girl in the dorm that was gay. She was the only one, and she was in heaven. She would work her way through every girl in the dorm, and then do it again. She had pussy like it was being served in a cafeteria.

It was good for all of the girls, because it kept us satisfied so we didn’t act like cock-hounds.

Once while she was performing on me, she moved down and I felt her tongue touch my asshole. It was very exciting and I didn’t complain. Before long she actually had her tongue up in my asshole. I had a violent orgasm.

Now I clearly understood. I am anally erotic! That is why I am so aroused at the thought of Dick’s big penis going up my ass!

We walked faster than usual down the path to our front door, and let ourselves in.

Without a word we went into the bedroom and began to undress. We just threw our clothes on the floor.

Both naked, we held each other close and hugged. I reached down and grasped his stiff hard-on and fondled it. I caressed the perfectly shaped head, and then the veiny shaft, all the way to his big balls.

“Do you really think you can get all of this up my ass?”

He just smiled and shook his head yes. I was never going to ask him if I could measure it, but I am sure it is at least nine inches, perfectly straight and circumcised so the head is always exposed.

I was not so sure. I said, “Just a minute”

I went into the bathroom and found the ridiculous little first aid kit that I always pack. In it I found a tiny tube of Vaseline. I took it back to the bedroom.

“Here, let me do this.”

I squeezed out a gob of it and applied it to his erect cock. I stroked it, and it was delightfully slippery. I thought it would go in now.

I climbed onto the bed and lay face-down. I thought that was the way to do it.

He took a pillow and lifted my hips up and slid the pillow under me, lifting my butt up.

“My god. Don’t you think it will go in far enough without doing that?”

He answered, “Don’t worry. I will stop when you have all you can take.”

I knew he was lying. This is not my first rodeo.

He got up on the bed and clumsily hovered over me. I reached back and spread my butt like I thought I was supposed to do.

Any modesty I might have had disappeared. I knew he could clearly see my asshole as I offered it to him. I pulled my butt apart as hard as I could to try to open the hole up for him.

I felt the tip of his cock touch my anus and I quivered with excitement. If I wanted to do this so badly why had I waited so long to try it?

He began to push and the pressure built, until the tip went in.

I squealed “Ouch!”

There is a tight ring of muscle right at the entrance, and it was now being forced open. My intense desire to have his cock in me overcame any objection. I made myself hold still and accept it.

The head forced my anus to stretch, but once it was past the tight entrance the discomfort stopped.

We held still with just the tip up my ass. It was kind of like having his finger in me, but multiplied by ten. I was beginning to enjoy it, and I could hardly wait for it to go in further.

The Vaseline made all the difference, and he pushed into me. His cock slid in just a little at a time. The helmet-head led the way, and the meaty shaft followed.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it, and want it.

With each push in, I exhaled with a soft grunt. It wasn’t deliberate, it was a reflex. Each time I thought that was as far as it would go, but then another little push and it slid in deeper. I just waited to see what would happen. Would it start to be painful? Would it injure me in some way?

I reached over and felt the part of his cock that wasn’t in me. Just a few more inches.

“That’s enough, I think.”

He made a sound like a disappointed child. He held still and stopped pushing. Amazing, a man of his word.

After a few moments I relented, and said, “OK. Try some more.”

He pushed, but it didn’t penetrate any further.

“Push harder.”

He did, and whatever was holding it up gave way. It slid all the way up in me, and I exhaled with an “Oof!”

His balls pressed against my wet pussy. The rough hairy ball-sack pressing against my clit threw gasoline on my fire. I could still breathe so I guess it was alright to have that much thick, long cock up my asshole.

He started to fuck me but he was very gentle and considerate. He pulled a couple of inches out, and pushed it all back in, over and over.

I surrendered in complete submission. I could feel every detail of his beautiful cock inside me. So much more intimate and exciting than in my vagina. It poked and prodded at my soft insides.

I could feel the head inside me, about level with my belly-button. OK, a slight exaggeration, but that is how it felt. I thought about the tiny slit-hole in the tip where his sperm-filled semen shoots out. I knew that was how this would end.

And then I truly understood something. It would wind up in my stomach, almost the way it does when I swallow it. So Dick’s urgent need to put it inside me would be fulfilled.

The bed creaked as he worked methodically and rhythmically, fucking my ass like we were in a porn video. It seemed like twenty minutes passed, but it was probably more like five.

I was in dreamland, but I realized he was about to finish.

He whispered, “I am going to cum, but I don’t want to do it so soon!”

He shoved it all the way in and stopped, and said, “I can’t help it!”

He grunted and groaned, and I felt his cock throb as his cum pumped through. It squirted into me forcefully, going far deeper that his cock-head had reached. I loved every spurt of it.

I have always felt that when a man ejaculates in you he is giving you a precious gift. The magical stuff that is the beginning of life, full of his sperm swimming around.

Big Dick was disappointed however.

“I wanted it to last longer. I couldn’t stop myself. Your asshole is so tight and it was so exciting.”

More light-hearted banter was called for. “Oh, are you saying my vagina is the size of a coat-sleeve?”

“No, honey. I love every part of you. But this was so damn good.”

We stayed together like that. I decided to take control.

“Just stay in me. When you are ready you can start over again.”

He liked that idea. So we stayed together, him on top of me with his still-hard cock fully embedded in my asshole.

I reached between my legs and fondled his balls. After a few more minutes I gave them a playful squeeze and asked, “Are these full again?”

He murmured yes.

“Why don’t you empty them in me again?”

Before you lecture me, I know that cum is not stored in a man’s balls. There is a holding tank for that. But I also know that his balls make the stuff and I like that idea.

He started to fuck me again. This time my slippery cum-filled asshole made it easier for him. Before long he was humping me like a whore in a brothel.

He pressed my butt-cheeks flat with each thrust into me, and his ball-sack swung back and forth and slapped against my sopping wet cunt.

He was almost as quick this time.

Once again he stopped all the way in and grunted like an animal.

When I felt the load shoot into me this time I lost control. I had the most intense orgasm of my life, legs shaking and arms thrashing around.

He collapsed on me and it was hard to breathe. He on the other hand was breathing like a horse that just ran a mile.

It took a few minutes for him to catch his breath.

Finally he said, “Are you OK? When it went all the way in I thought it hurt you.”

“No, it just kind of pushed the breath out of me. Sorry for the noise I made.”

Time to lighten things up again.

“I think you just had to push my liver out of the way.”

Even under the circumstances that made him chuckle.

He pulled his meat-pole out of me and we laid together side-by-side. Some of his cum oozed out of my asshole and ran on to the bed.

He said, “Karen, I am sorry. I will never make you do that again. I just needed to try it.”

I answered, “Well, Big Dick. News flash. I needed to try it too. My asshole will never be the same, but since you stretched it out you can do it to me anytime your dick gets hard.”

I fingered my asshole which was slippery with cum and stretched open. I slipped two fingers in, no problem.

I pushed my fingers in all the way to the last knuckle, and said, “I bet it will slide right in. We won’t need the Vaseline anymore. You have my permission to cornhole me every day if you wish.”

He smiled like the happiest man in the world, which he probably was.

If you have a cornhole game this is a great way to break the ice and bring up anal sex. Either person can use this trick. Just practice first to make sure you will win, and then claim your prize.

If you don’t have one I suggest you go out and buy one.

To the ladies reading this – do not be apprehensive about trying it. Even if your guy is hung like my Big Dick, it will not harm you. Just relax and let it slide in. The first few inches might be a little uncomfortable, but once your body gets used to it (by that I mean your asshole stretches) you will love it. And when you feel the semen squirt up in your stomach you will be hooked.


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