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My Black neighbor Linda 2

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Continuing the true events of Part 1 of My black neighbor Linda 1

….After that we had a couple more drinks, well she did, I couldn’t handle much more and actually poured a glass and a half in the kitchen sink when she went to the bathroom once and and when she went to her bedroom to answer the house line when someone called, lol.

We talked for a while as we sat on the couch. I sat on the left end with my back somewhat caddy corner where the armrest met the back of the couch, and she at the other end, right end of the couch, leaned back against the armrest with her knees tucked close to her body with a slight lean to her left side and feet on the couch.

Mostly her talking and asking me questions, gradually getting more sexual in nature. She was trying to learn more about me and my sexual awareness and knowledge of sex. She already knew I was a virgin, but she was curious to see what I knew of it. She asked things like had I ever seen dirty movies or magazines before, or any other kind of images of naked women or sexual acts, how often did I masturbate, was I attracted to black women/girls, was I attracted to her prior to that night, etc.

I told her I had seen some of my dads dirty movies I found in his closet when snooping around one day. I would sometimes take a quick sneak peak at them when I was home alone. Old VHS and Beta tapes of70’s and early 80’s porn flicks. I told her I stopped doing that one day after a tape got stuck in the VHS machine, the ribbon got caught up in the heads and I panicked. I had to get a screwdriver and take it apart to get it out, praying mom and dad didn’t walk in and catch me hahaha. She laughed so hard for quite some time at that, we both did hahaha.

She asked if there were any black women on those videos, and I told her none that I saw. I told her that I had wanted to see one on there. She asked why, and I didn’t really have a good answer other than I was curious to see what they looked like naked. She then said said in a blunt, straight forward, ‘Cut the Bullshit’ kinda way…”you mean you wanted to see what black pussy looks like!”, and laughed.

I guess the straight forward and blunt manner she said it startled me and, well, for lack of a better way to escribe it, put me on the spot and my super shy young boy mode kicked in. I felt my face get so fucking red and hot as I started to blush. I immediately turned my head to beak eye contact as a natural reaction, and took a drink of water. She lightly giggled and leaned forward, putting her hand on my knee as I sipped from the glass. “Awwww, you’re so cute Billy, did I make you uncomfortable?” I looked at her and she was smiling so vibrantly and sincere.. the best way I can describe it, lol.

I remember how wide her smile was, exposing her upper row of teeth, and how white they were. And her eyes as she stared into mine. Her pupils were much larger than they were just a few seconds ago, and her eyes seemed to shine with a glossy look.

She rubbed my right knee with her right hand and I felt a relief as it seemed to comfort me, along with her smile and the look in her eyes. I felt safe is the best way to put it. It must have shown on my face.

After a few seconds of smiling at each other and her rubbing my knee, she looked down at my kneed and patted it twice, then looked back up at me. Looking deep into my eyes, shit…into my soul it seemed, she said…”You have nothing to be afraid of with me…you have no reason to be shy about anything”. She paused, let out a little open mouthed ‘huuh’ (sorry, hard to describe that sound, like an exhaled ‘haah’)..”Billy…I just sucked your dick until you squirted down my throat, which didn’t take very long, so I know you liked it. There is no reason for you to be uncomfortable, or to not trust me, ok?” I nodded my head and smiled as I said “ok”. She nodded and repeated “ok?”. I nodded, let out a childish giggle and said “ok!”

She smiled harder and patted my knee with a giddy glee and said “Good!” She leaned back to her side as she sat there before and said “Now with that out of the way, I am just going to assume that the answer to my question was a yes”, with a giggle. I giggled and smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

“Well, I can see you are not comfortable with the talk part of this, and that’s ok, you don’t have to talk, or say anything if you don’t want to. I like to talk, so I will just speak out loud what is on my mind and you can reply or nod, or whatever you feel ok with”.

In a simultaneous motion that took all of maybe a couple seconds, She leaned he back against the armrest and planted her feet on the couch. She pressed her feet down, lifting her lower body off the couch, reaching both hands down the her waist on each side, grabbing her jeans by the waistband. Pulled them down, along with her pink panties, until it passed her butt. At which point she stopped pressing her legs and let her ass back down to the couch. she lifted her legs up and pulled them back to he body, knees close together and pulled her pants up behind her thighs, completely exposing her pussy.

“You like it?” I nodded firmly, I couldn’t take my eyes of it, I just kept staring, I instantly became hard as a rock. She had beautiful meaty lips that hung close together, nothing like I saw in those videos, all I had seen up until then looked like two knuckles pressed together, no labia or meat curtains on the few women I saw.

She was a bit hairy and she definitely hadn’t taken the time or felt the need to groom recently, but not in a gross way, it was actually very sexy to me, and still is to this day. “This is what black pussy looks like Billy. Well, not all of them, some and mine”. she pulled her legs back to her chest more, causing her thighs to spread open more. Her pussy spread a little, and I could now see her anus, which almost made me cum in my shorts, lol.

She reached her hand down and spread her lips to show me her hole. She started rubbing herself and I could see her getting wet. After a minute or two she lifted that hand and did the “come here” gesture with her finger. I slide closer, she did it again, as to come closer to tell me something. “come here, I want to whisper something to you”. I leaned in close to her and she nibbled me ear, then whispered… “Suck mamma’s pussy young man”. Before she finished saying that and I even had time to take in what she said, she had her hand on the back of my head, a hand full of my somewhat long hair, and was pushing my head down between her thighs!

No bullshit, she was quite forceful with it. I remember thinking how much stronger she was than she looked as she shoved my head down and held my face into her hairy pussy. It hurt a little how tight a grip she had on my hair, and the way she was somewhat pulling it at the same time she pushed down on my head. I just took a mouthful and started sucking and licking, not knowing at all what to do or how to do it, lol. And I can’t lie, even though it freaked me out a little at first how forceful she was, I fucking LOVED IT! 😛

I sucked and licked her hairy pussy as she moaned and gave me orders and directions on what she wanted. She would say things like “Suck mommies black pussy baby, suck it good!” One time she told me to look at her and asked “You like sucking mommies pussy baby?”. Of course I nodded and mumbled “mmhmm”, lol. She eventually let go of my hair to finish pulling her pants off. She asked if I was ok and If That was too rough for me. I said I was fine and I really liked it. She asked if i was sure, and I said absolutely.

She leaned back and looked away for a few seconds as if she was thinking. Then looked back at me with a look of uncertainty of what she was contemplating. I started to wonder if I did something wrong,. After a few awkward moments like that she said “Billy, I really like you, like REALLY REALLY like you and I want to take things slow so not to freak you out. I got carried away there with that and want to make sure I don’t let my wild and crazy sexual needs confuse or scare you”

Confused I asked her what she meant. She explained how sexual fantasies while “in the moment” aren’t really who people are inside, and how for some people these games as she called them make sex so much better. Things like name calling and acting out things that would be wrong in real life are perfectly normal between to consenting “adults”, then she laughed and said “between two consenting people”. It made sense how she explained it.

I asked her what it was that she liked and wanted to do. She paused, took a drink and said using certain dirty and bad words gets her very horny. I said ” like calling you mommy?”. She said yes, that too. After a pause she turned around and said ” I really like using and being called things like bitch, slut whore…racist things, both ways. But it is just play and not real. Would you be ok with that if I wanted to do it like that?” It sounded really weird and I didn’t understand the turn on about it, but to be totally honest…I just wanted to get back to eating her pussy and hopefully fuck her, HAHA. I nodded my head and said “I will do or say whatever you want if it makes you happy”.

She started clapping her hands and bouncing up and down on the couch where she sat. She grabbed me by the back of my head like before and leaned back, spreading her legs wide. As she pulled my head down between her legs she said ” Ok baby, suck mommies n1gger pussy like a good little white boy…”…

TBC in Part 3

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