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My Black neighbor Linda 1

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True story of how my Much older neighbor seduced me when I was a teen boy. My first sexual experience. Multiple parts to better tell the whole story.

When I was a young teen boy we had new neighbors move in. An older married couple, her name was Linda but I don’t remember his name. She was in early to mid 50’s and he was a bit older, at least late 60’s. Very nice couple, very friendly to all the kids in the neighborhood. About a year or so later the man died, and Linda lived alone from then on.

Over the following year or so, I got to know her a lot more. She was outside more often, tending to her yard and garden. She would sometimes ask for help with moving heavy things needing to go to the curb or help bringing in something she just bought at the store and couldn’t lift it. She would always offer $5 or something for the help, which I and anyone else that may have helped always refused, lol.

Doing these things we would talk, just small talk really, and I found out she worked as a waitress as some diner in the city, that she had no children, she was 56 years old. She would ask similar things of me, like how old I was, where I went to school, did I have a girlfriend, etc.

One day after me and another boy finished helping her with something and were about to leave after finishing a conversation with her, the coolest thing to happen to me at the time, happened. Linda reached around her left arm to scratch her side, and went under her shirt, scratching up near her left armpit, and her tit fell out! me and my friend both saw it, but seemed like she didn’t even notice. Had to be an accident we thought…. a few weeks later when I was alone doing something for her, same thing happened, and seemed like she never noticed.

Fast forward a few months. A few days before my15th birthday I was helping her carry in groceries. I told her my birthday was coming and she was excited and offered to cook dinner for me that evening. I accepted. She said she would be home late from work and asked if I could come over around 9:30pm. I said ok, knowing I would have to sneak out the house to do so at that time.

The day came and went, and around 8:00 I saw her drive by and go in the house. About 9:45 I crept downstairs and out the door, unnoticed and over to her house. When I came in she was just finishing cooking and I sat on the couch and watched tv until we at. I don’t even remember what we ate, just that we ate in her living room on he couch and coffee table. She poured herself a drink and offered me one. I accepted, first time I had alcohol beside stealing a beer from my dads fridge a couple times. It was something strong, like cognac or brandy, and didn’t take much before I was buzzing.

We watched tv together and after she poured a third glass for us she sat back down and learn back much closer than before, with her back up against my right side and arm as she faced the other way looking at the tv. I was aroused just by her leaning against me, naïve and inexperienced in sex at that point, and very shy. I slide my right arm out and lay it over the back of the couch. She backed in closer to me, laying her head back against my right side, against my breast and under my armpit.

I could see down her shirt that had the first couple buttons undone and see her cleavage. I was so damn horny, but terrified to make a move, hahaha. I guess after a few minutes she got impatient and reached up and pulled my right arm off the back of the couch and layed it across her belly. I felt her soft skin where her shirt had come up and wasn’t covering her lower belly, and I started to rub. I knew then, by how she reacted, this is what she wanted. Remember, I was young, virgin, totally naïve and inexperience, so before you day “well fucking DUHHH!”, keep that in mind :P.

I began to feel more comfortable now, and worked my fingers under her shirt. I slid my my hand under and up to feel her tit. I started to fondle and squeeze, and she reached up and put her hand on mine, from the outside of her shirt. She repositioned herself a little, and reached back with her left hand and grabbed my left hand, pulled it around her waist and guided it up her shirt to her other titty. They were perfect I thought, how I now like them. I guess C32 size or so. Almost fit in my had perfectly.

She unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, letting me see what I was doing. She asked “are these the first tits you felt before?” I told her yes, and she responded with a “mmmm”. I could see her smiling. “So you are a virgin, I take it?” I paused, shy and stuck on stupid for a moment, then replied “yes”. She said, “well, happy birthday”. Too which I said “This is the best birthday present I ever had”. I thought I said something wrong, because as soon s I said that, she sat up, pulling my hands off her tits. She turned towards me with a straight face and looked me in the eyes, pausing for a few seconds like she was thinking. I think now she was taking a moment to make sure she could trust me, that she was safe that I wasn’t going to tell anyone about this. Then she smiled and said “that wasn’t your present…this is”

She got on the couch, on her knees and put her hand on my chest and pushed me back. Kneeling over my lap, she started to rub my cock through my shorts. I nearly cam in my pants, but thought of anything I could to take my mind off what was happening, lol. She unbuttoned my khaki shorts and pulled down my zipper and took out my cock. She went down and took it in her mouth and slowly sucked it. I still remember the feeling, and trying my best not to cum so fast. Once she started to speed u there was no holding it, I moaned as I started to cum and she took it all in her mouth, holding it there as she fondled my balls. When she came up she grabbed a tissue and wiped her mouth, then looked at me with a smile. She leaned in and kissed me. Eventually passionately tonguing me.

She leaned back and smiled, grabbed her beautiful tits and started playing with them as she said ” you like this?”. I said “I LOVE IT!” She laughed hard, buckling over. She sat back up and said “Good, because we ain’t done yet” with a smile…

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