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My birthday gift to my brother

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This is the same story but from my sister’s point of view:

I was 24 and my brother was 17, he was going to turn 18 that day. He had a sexy body, he was very strong and muscular. I was craving for him from a long time but did not make a move because, of course he was my brother, so I always held back. We slept in the same room. That day, it was around 10 p.m., my brother was sleepy but I wanted to wish him at 12:00, so I tried to keep him up till midnight. I started watching youtube on my phone on full volume and did not let him sleep. Whenever he was about to sleep, I tried to talk to him about something.
At 12:00 I wished him happy birthday, just to tease him and ask if he had had sex and I said,” how big are you now?” and he was so innocent that he said 18 years. And I said,” I am not asking your age, I am asking how big are you?” and he said 8 inches. Thinking about his big cock, I did not care if he was my brother. I got so horny that I climbed over his chest, lowered my panties and sat on his face and pulled his face towards me. Smelling my sweet pussy, he himself started licking it. I kept thinking about his big cock and could not wait to see it, so after 5 minutes I got up and turned around facing his dick and he started licking again, I took off his underwear and started stroking his dick slowly, I wanted to see it grow and after a minute, it became full 8 inches. He was so strong that he picked me up and got me on my knees on the floor, leaning me over the bed. As he inserted his dick in my pussy, I screamed. I thought after hearing me scream he would stop. But he did not stop and he started humping me. I thought he would go gentle after I screamed, but he started fucking me hard.
Now I was moaning loudly,”
I was afraid that our parents might hear, so he picked up my panties and put them in my mouth.
Now I was still moaning but I think only my brother could hear me,”
He fucked me hard for 7-8 minutes and I was enjoying every second of it. Then I came, now I was lying there exhausted and he told me that he was going to sleep. He went to bed at around 12:30.
At around 03:00, I woke him up again and asked if we could do it again. He told me no and that he wanted to sleep. But I was still horny and I made a sad face. I knew he loved me and could not see his sister sad, so he agreed to fuck me again. I told him to wait and went to the bathroom, I changed into my new sexy lingerie and came out of the bathroom. Seeing my sexy body, he could not hold himself. He picked me up and slammed my back against the wall and started kissing me, his muscular body felt so good against mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist, I started rubbing my boobs against his chest, which turned him on even more. He just picked me up and laid me down on his study table and took off my panties. He started licking my pussy and it already made me wet. After 9-10 minutes, I came and he licked every drop of my pussy juice. Now I got up, pushed him to the bed, got his big dick in my mouth and started sucking on it. I got really horny and started deep throating it. After a few minutes, he ejaculated a big load in my mouth, I swallowed it whole and cleaned every drop of it from his cock.
I don’t understand how he still wanted to sleep after I gave him the best fuck of his life, he asked me if we were done and I said,” you are missing the best part”. He looked at me and I took off my bra in front of him for the first time, he saw my round, firm boobs. Watching his sister’s sexy naked body made him hard again. I climbed on top of him and buried his face in my breasts. I slid his dick in my vagina and started riding him hard. He moaned a little, so I kissed him while still jumping up and down. After 15 minutes he filled my pussy with his juice. Now we were both very exhausted and I finally agreed to get some sleep.
I gave him the most memorable birthday gift of his life.
P.S. I did not get pregnant.

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