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My Best Friend’s Desire – My Wife

Hi my name is vishal and my wife name is rohini, we have been happily married from past 1 year.My child hood best friend is vivek tall and muscular guy. We were best friends from child hood, always shared our things from pen to underwear and while we were in college we often used to tease each other that we will share our wives too after getting married. Rohini was my girlfriend in my college and vivek used to help us a lot, like providing his vehicle when ever we wish to go some where for privacy, what gifts should I gift her on occasions etc.

Rohini knew about our friendship very well and she didn’t like him that much though she never expressed nor did she had any problem with our friendship.

Though vivek was my best friend , vivek and rohini never became friends and it has never happened that we three went out to party or for a movie,for rohini it was just me and she had nothing to do with vivek. Rohini, I and vivek had wonderful college days. Vivek used to ask me whether I had sex with rohini yet or not and my answer was always “no” because I never had sex with her cos she never believed in having sex is correct before marriage though we had some steamy encounters in room when vivek was not around which was only limited to kissing and caressing. Years passed and finally I and rohini got married with lot opposition from parents but it was again my best friend vivek who talked to our parents and convinced them that we are best for each other. I can never stop thanking vivek all through my life for what he did for me till now.

After marriage we shifted to mumbai as I got a good job and rohini was never interested in doing a job.Suddenly one day I got a invitation of marriage of my best vivek and I was shocked and happy at the same time, told this news to rohini and she was just happy not as much as I though. I couldn’t attend his wedding due to some work and I was very sad for that, he was the one who’s responsible for our marriage and I couldn’t even attend his wedding.I cursed my job for that.

Slowly vivek and I got out of touch and very rarely we used to talk to each other, other than checking out each other’s fb account and pics.Vivek’s wife was very beautiful and he deserved.I was very happy for him.Days passed and we got very busy in our own lives and I noticed he was inactive on facebook and few days later couldn’t find his fb account at all.I didnt bother for some days but then he was my best friend what could have happened to him that he deactivated his fb account, so many tings were running in mind .One day I called him his mob was switched off, I tried whole day but it was switched off.

Then one fine day his number ringed and I heard a very sad and husky voice he said “vishal”, I knew there is some thing wrong the moment he took my name and then he started crying and was un consolable and kept crying, then he broke the news of her wive’s sad demise in accident and I was heart broken. I felt very sad for him. He became a alcoholic, he loved his wife a lot. I spoke to rohini regarding this and she was shell shocked. I wanted to help him, wanted to be beside him so after lot of discussion with my wife I decided to bring him to mumbai to my home until he gets well and gets for ready for a new life. So I went to delhi and brought him to my home.

He was in such a bad condition, over grown hair and beard, sad face very weak. He had also become alcoholic but thank god he stopped drinking after he started living with us and I was very happy for that, first sign of getting better.Days passed and he was getting better and better in health but depression was still in there him.Rohini also used to take good care of him, even while I was in office, rohini and vivek didnt speak to each other that much, it was only when I came back to home, we all used to have a chat.

Then there was a problem..Our privacy..From the time vivek entered in our home rohini and I lost privacy..Romance we used to do in hall, kitchen where ever and when ever we wanted to and some times it was frustrating for both us it was only at midnight we used to have sex and that too silently making sure vivek who is just next to our room didn’t hear screams, rohini was some what not happy with the way things were going for us. We stopped going out for a movie thinking vivek will be alone at home and feel lonely.Things were getting better for him and worse for us as time passed. Rohini never complained and never she wanted vivek to leave our home, she was fully aware of our friendship, I wanted to make sure when vivek leaves our home he should be ready for a new life, during our college days vivek had secret girlfriends..

He never discussed with me though I was his best friend, but I knew about his affairs and I never asked him directly, his wallet always had a single condom hidden some where and he cannot stay away from sex for long time, I wondered whether his wife knew about affairs, it was almost few months vivek’s wife passed and I feel this was the longest period for him to not have intercourse.I knew by now he is sex starved. I started noticing few changes in vivek’s behavior, he was more open than before and started talking well to me and rohini.

At nights rohini and I used to discuss how vivek is changing and what can we do more to help him.It was midnight and I and rohini just had some steamy and hard sex..I really admired rohini ‘s body fair and not much curvy, exactly how I wanted, smooth and saucy legs, juicy lips, perfect boobs, always ready for sucking, and the best part her pussy, tight and very hot, and when is nude, my god I just cant resist myself, that day when went for sleep, I hugged her from behind, she was wearing a silky night and tight skirt, I could smell her body fragnance, was mindblowing, I started rubbing my cock to her ass from behind and immediately she turned on, my legs were brushing aganist her smooth n silky legs, my cock was fully erect by now, I kissed her back cupping her breasts, she moaned..”aahhh”,i started biting her back, neck.

She turned towards me and I could lust in her eyes, we both were horny by that time, I looked at her lips, juicy and moist, I slowly kissed her lips, felt awesome, then started the rage, we started kissing each other mad dogs, like its been years, we kissed sucked tongues, drank saliva of each other, my god it was intense pleasure and I undressed myself and her completely and we sat on bed and again started to kiss each other, I was rubbing her back, her tight ass, cupping her breasts in between but the lip lock was still there, then I made her lie on the bed and got on top of her and started kissing again, my hard cock was pricking her pussy trying to find a way in, we hugged each other so tightly, her body was so warm, I was enjoying every bit of it,

I came down on her boobs and started sucking one after another, she was moaning, moaning hard..”aaahhh .. Aaahhh”, we forgot that vivek has in other room, the pleasure was too much to handle to suppress our moanings, I pinched her nipples, sucked them hard and even biting them in between, it was getting out of control, I kissed on her belly and started kissing her inner thigs which were too hot by now, she going crazy and started moaning louder, I licked her both smooth and silky thighs, was bit sweaty but I liked the taste, salty and sexy. She was completely wet by now and her pussy was over flowing,

She desperately wanted my cock inside her now and started shouting “fuck me vishal..Just fuck me now”..I teased her by rubbing my cock around her pussy, she was so aroused that she was lifting her ass to match my cock, and again she shouted, loudly ” oh god please fuck me vishal, I beg you, just fuck me like a bitch” those words from her mouth made me go crazy and I entered fully erect cock in to her tight pussy, god it was so hot inside like furnace, the moment I entered she was like “aaaahh hhhhhhh fuck…Aaaaahh hhhhhh its awesome”,she put her legs around me and pulled me closer so that there was good connection between her pussy and my cock, rohini is very horny on bed..No one can be more horny than her if she is fully aroused.

I started fucking her slowly and increased my pace and stopped in between ..When rohini pulled me towards her and kisssed sucked my tongue like she was hungry from decades, she again shouted ” fuck me hard vishal, fuck me harder..Ohhh yes fuck me you fucker..Fuck more” I came close to her and started fucking her rapidly, it was just amazing.. The smell of our juices mixed with our sweat smell, I sweating from my chest and she was licking it all and also she was biting my nippile in between, she never did this before and suddenly she started shouting loudly than ever” my god iam cuming vishal..Fuck me fuck me fuck me aaaaaaa ahhhhh hhhhh, fuck my pussy harder, oh yessss iam cuummin nggggg .. Ahh sssahhs hhssaa hhhh”

Then I couldn’t control myself and shouted”fuck you bitch, fuck you bitch..Aaaaahhhh hhhh”then I came inside her it was like flood but I still continued fucking her and then she came with loud moan”aaaaaahhh” adn I dropped on her, we were completely drenched in sweat..We lay there for few minutes and then kissed each other for few minutes..Rohini: “this was yours best ever vivek..My god I cannot believe..

I was horny inside and was so aroused..Couldnt control myself moaning so loudly” I said” may be because we didn’t have sex for last 3 days it ended like this”. Rohini ” we should try this again, have sex after every 3-4 days”. I “ya sure this was the best fuck we ever had”. Rohini “do you think vivek could have heard some thing, he sleeps very late” vishal “dont know, cant say anything, you were moaning so loudly ma behe did” rohini felt embarrassed and shy too vishal ” lets dont care about that just chill now, lets go to sleep”

Then I got up went to bathroom which is between my and vivek’s room. When I switched on the lights I found sperm over the commode, it was very thick and was also fresh, I was surprised and knew it has to be vivek, he must have got awake hearing our voice and must have got aroused hearing rohini’s moan..Cos rohini was moaning very loudly.I couldnt stop thinking how he would have imagined rohini and masturbated. I was not mad at vivek cos it was natural.. To get aroused hearing sexual moans of a lady and masturbating.

I didn’t tell this to rohini fearing she might take this negatively and might ask him to leave.The later day everything was normal except rohini was coming in front of vivek after what had happened last night. But vivek’s behavior was normal like he had done nothing, only I knew what he did. I went to office and couldn’t stop thinking about what vivek did, how desperate he was, I could understand his problem and the situation he was going through and was also thinking what he might be doing now at home. I called up rohini to ask whether everything was fine, she said “everything thing is just fine,why are you asking today its strange” I had no answer to that I asked about vivek to which she replied” he his in his room hooked to laptop from morning, just came out for breakfast and went back to his room” I came back from office and vivek was not there, he went for some fresh air”

I went to his room and checked his laptop, I knew the password and god he downloaded around 30gb of porn this day itself, I dont know what was cooking in his mind” that night I could see the light from his laptop in his room at 1am, he was watching porn movies. Got up in the morning, vivek went for morning walk and rohini complained of some foul smell from vivek’s room when she went to clean his room, I checked out and it was some foul smell not much, I knew he have masturbated whole night watching those movies, I could see the marks on bed sheet, told roshii to mop the room with phenyl and change the bed sheet.

The day after rohini was looking for her bra, the one which she likes the most and me too, she looks goddess in that bra..It was no where, she has this habit of drying them in balcony, may be a high wind flow would have taken it to some where else or it may have fallen down. She was upset cos it was new and mostly I liked it a lot. Told her not dry bra’s and undies in balcony next time.One day I was looking for old pen drive which I have not used very long.

I checked my room and told vivek to check his, may be I have kept some where in vivek’s room before he came over here..He said its not in his room and told me to search again if I want to make sure it’s not there. Vivek was out when I decided to check for pen drive, I was searching whole cupboard and drawers then I saw some thing strange, a part of some kind of strap hanging from vivek’s bed end, and when I pulled it, I was damn shocked to find out it was indeed rohini’s missing bra.

So many thought were running in my mind, I could see some spots on the bra cupping, it smelled like sperm. I could believe vivek stole rohini’s bra to arouse himself and he masturbated on it. This was completely unexpected, lust can drive a person to cross any limit, I was thinking to hide this from rohini when she suddenly came to the room for cleaning and saw the bra in my hand and asked where did I find it, there was nothing I can do now and told her where I found it, she was shocked too and she took that and examined, the sperm marks were clearly visible. She immediately took me to our room and asked “whats happening vishal, what your friend is doing”

I told her everything from his masturbation in bathroom to pron movies and why his room smelled bad.Even in her worst dreams she cannot think vivek can act like this. I calmed her down and tried to explain his situation vishal ” see rohini its absolutely ok to get aroused to our moaning and then masturbating,iam a man so I can understand, that’s normal.” “you can imagine he has not had sex from past few months, he is young, missing his wife so there’s nothing wrong in that”

Rohini” ya I can understand his situation, lack of sex has driven to act like that but what about stealing my bra and masturbating on that”

I said ” tha same lack of sex has also driven him to to do so, rohini you are young and beautiful and he has heard our moaning especially yours’s, so he has developed some feeling for you just for that purpose..Masturbating, its lust which is making him to do so, we had very wild an steamy sex the day before, so may be he cannot stop thinking about you” ” of course what he did is wrong but in his situation thats what any man would have done.” rohini calmed down completely understood what I was trying to explain her.

Rohini “but what now, how can I move in this house in your absence in front him after knowing about his acts. I feel very insecure now vishal”

Vishal ” dont worry rohini he will not make any attempt like what you are thinking, I know him very well”

The same night I saw vivek doing even worse than what he did, I saw dim light in his room and when I went I closer I found that his room door was not locked properly, may be he forgot to lock,

I slowly pushed the door and saw vivek holding a piece of cloth in one hand and his dick in another, when I observed closely it was not just a piece of cloth it was rohini’s inner wear, rohini has this habit of removing her inner wear and hang it in the bathroom behind the door before going to bed and getting up early in morning and washes it while bathing, vivek must have seen it some how, I could see him sniffing rohini’s inner wear like dog,I could even hear the sniffing sound, he was sniffing and was masturbating, dont know why while looking at it I was aroused, some other man sniffing my wife’s inner wear and masturbating simultaneously aroused me a lot, my dick was hard in no time, then I saw rohini was coming out of my room and she found me peeking to vivek’s room, she came near and asked

“what are you doing vishal” in low voice and she also took a sneak in was shocked to see what vivek was doing, we both kept looking at vivek, he was sniffing her undies and suddenly out of lust he started licking her undies, my dick was fully erect by now with the way vivek was licking her undies and then he held her inner wear across his hard dick and there he came with a loud moan. Rohini was unmoved, hooked her eyes at the act.She didnt even blinked for a second and kept watching whole act.

Then we went to our room

Rohini ” visahl I cannot believe what vivek has just done”

Vishal ” ya I could see..You were completely lost in that act”

Rohini ” shut up vishal”

Visahl ” lust has driven him too far rohini..Too far”

Rohini noticing my erect dick ” why is your dick so erect vishal”

Vishal ” dont know, may be his act aroused me”

Rohini “what rubbish, he was sniffing your wife’s inner wear vishal and that aroused you??”

Vishal ” yes I cannot help that. It just happened”

Rohini ” oh god you men, lets go to sleep now”

I hugged her from behind and put my hand near pussy and surprisingly it was wet, may be the act aroused her too.

Vishal “your pussy is wet??”

Rohini ” is it?? I didnt notice”

Vishal ” what could be the reason ”

Rohini ” may be the same reason which aroused you”

I didnt speak anything.

She was indeed aroused watching another man sniffing and licking her inner wear and she just couldn’t control herself. Is this normal too.. I asked myself.We got up in the morning and rohini’s inner wear was back in the bathroom hanging behind the door, vivek did his home work well, strangely enough vivek too got up early today, he came to balcony where I was already there, rohini brought tea for us..

Vivek ” thanks vishal for what ever you have done”

Vishal “buddy I didnt do anything, never say thanks”

Vivek ” I can see, im getting better with time, im feeling much better now”

Vishal ” you should get married again vivek”

Vivek ” I will but not now”

Vishal ” so what do you want to do now, any future plans”

Vivek ” hmm..Not yet will surely do some thing in coming days, is it ok with you if I stay here for some more days”

Vishal ” ohh common buddy now dont embarrass me, you can stay here as long as you want, you too know that”

Vihsal ” ill get ready for office now, see you in evening ”

Vivek ” see you buddy”

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