The Many-Faced Bitches

I never met my Aunt Sarah. She never had a good relationship with my mom. Neither did I. My mom was hard to have a relationship with. She was petty, vindictive and cruel. But the biggest issue I had with my mom was how judgmental she was. Always sneering and gossiping about people. I hated it. My friends, their parents, people we knew. No one was safe from her barbs. Not even my Dad. My Dad was sweet and kind. Don’t know why he stayed with my mom.

I know why he married her. She was pregnant with me, but all the abuse he took from her. Just hollowed him out. The big bearded man from my childhood. Whose green eyes I shared. Whose laugh made me feel safe, whose hug shielded me from danger. MY sanctuary from her. But by the time I was his age when he met my mom. He was more of a shambling corpse. His face hollow and sunken, his frame thin. He was a shadow of the man I knew. It broke my heart to leave for college. I felt I was abandoning him. Leaving him with her. But he was adamant I start my life. He even made one of his jokes. Something about trucks, he laughed. It was empty. Like everything, he was now. I told him I loved him. He said he loved me more.

I wasn’t surprised when he killed himself.

A year after I left. It destroyed me don’t get me wrong, my heart broke. I was a mess. But I realized I knew it was coming. I still blame myself. I was a kid, I didn’t see the warning signs. I know them now. I remember flying home for the funeral. I went to MIT. Got a scholarship, not a full ride. But enough to make it manageable for my family. I hated thinking about it, but with my Dad dead, I don’t know who was gonna pay my fees. My mom didn’t work. I could. Without my Dad, I needed $20,000. That was just the fees, I would have to find somewhere to live. I definitely couldn’t afford the student accommodations. How would I pay for food?

All this was storming in my head on the flight home. Luckily it wasn’t a long flight. Boston to Detroit is only 2 hours. I landed, a little before 6 in the morning. I always loved early morning Michigan. I know I’m in the minority on that. The cold, the dark. I always went on early morning runs. It made me feel like I was the only person in the world. I always loved that feeling.


I exited the airport, I got a text as I landed. My mom wasn’t going to pick me up. She was ‘busy.’ Waited till the last minute to tell me. Classic mom. I got an uber. It only takes 45 minutes to get to Ann Arbor from Detroit. Depending on traffic. I got there pretty quick. I thanked my driver and got out. My old home. It looked so much smaller than I remembered and cold. Empty. I grabbed my bag and walked up to the front door. I went to knock. It was my house. At least it was. When my Dad was here. I opened the door. It felt different. Not surprisingly. The only redeeming part was gone. No sign of my mom. But I knew where she would be.

I dropped my bag on the couch. Walked up the stairs, past my room. I looked in. Surprisingly it was just as I left it. I thought my mom would have turned it into her workout room. Like she had been threatening to since I was six. I walked down the hall and knocked on the door. I always had to knock.


I opened the door, and there she was. My mom, Carol. Sitting at her mirror. Doing her makeup. Her hair was in that ridiculous bob. She’d had the same haircut for as long as I could remember. A blonde bob, blonde not being her natural color. I always thought it looked like her hair was melting. She didn’t even look at me, still busy working away on her makeup.

“James.” She said coldly.

“Hey, mom.”


“How was your flight?”

So the small talk began. This was one of our two states. The other was a screaming match. We had quite a few of those. I didn’t miss them. She always managed to make me feel as if they were my fault. She was good at that. We did the required small talk. Was the traffic bad? How was the weather? How is school going? I hated it, but I was too tired to get into a fight. She was saying something about Tina who lived down the street. She had slept with a pool boy or something. The cheap whore had the gall to be seen with him in public.

I thought about Tina, a nice lady. Her husband had died last year. My mother was acting like she was a slut. So soon after her husband passed. The same judgmental bullshit she had been spouting my whole life. Jab after jab at Tina as she was caking on more and more makeup. I always thought she looked like a clown. I realized at that moment where I got my baggage. About women in makeup. I made a mental note of bringing that up with my therapist. Oh shit, could I afford to go to her now?

I pushed that from my mind.

“I’m sorry I’m tired.” I said, interrupting my mom. Which she did not like.

“I’m going to have a nap. Let me know when we need to leave.”


“OK, James. Your suit is in your closet.” She went back to her makeup.

I walked down the hall. Opened the door to my room and sat down. I checked out the suit. As soon as I saw it. I knew what it was.

It was one of my dads. Not when he was younger, that would have been too big for me. It was one of his skinny suits. Later in life, after my mother had sucked the life right out of him. He used to joke about his ‘skinny clothes.’ Like it was funny, not a warning sign of what my mother had done to him. That manipulative bitch, putting me in one of my dead dad’s suits. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I locked my door, something my Dad put on for me. I opened my window and climbed out. My old sneaking out route.

I landed in the back yard, jumped the fence and jogged down the road. I ran for a few blocks, stopped at a familiar-looking blue house. Walked up and knocked on the door. After a minute the door opened. A sweet older-looking black woman opened the door.

“Hi, V.”

“James, so good to see you.” She hugged me, she only reached my stomach with me being tall and her being short.


“Your still tall I see.” She smiled, missing a couple of teeth.

“Yes, I haven’t shrunk in the big city.”

“Come in, come in.”

Viola was my best friends mom. I loved her. She was the nicest women I ever met. She looked after me better than my mom ever did. I use to ask her to adopt me. She just smiled. Know I was older, they were always sad smiles.

“I’m so sorry to hear about your father. David was a lovely man.”

“Yeah, he used to be the best.”


“So, what do you need?”

“That obvious?”

“Yes, I doubt you jogged those 3 blocks from your house to catch up.” She smiled, god that smile made me feel safe.

“I need to borrow a suit.”

“You lost your bag with it?”

“Something like that.”


“Well, Issac left a bunch of clothes with me. I’m sure he has a suit suitable for the funeral.”

Viola took me upstairs into Issac’s room. My best friend. God, I practically lived in this place. We used to play video games, talk about girls. Out workbench was even still here. Still full of wire, batteries loose metal. The spoils of our obsession with pulling things apart to see how they worked. We were both engineers. We always knew it. We used to dream about building things together. Flying cars, mechs. All that cool shit we loved as kids. God, I miss him.

“You talk much with Issac?” Viola was looking through some old boxes of clothes.

“Ah, yeah. We had a good talk last week. When he found out about my Dad.”

“Good, you boys were always good for each other. He was so energetic he pushed you out of that shell you had. While you are calm and collected, stopped Issac from doing anything stupid.”

“Not everything. He did join the army.”


Viola moved on from the boxes to the wardrobe.

“Well, he made his choice.”

Issac wasn’t lucky like me. He didn’t get a scholarship. He was just as smart as me. So he joined the army, so he could pay his way through school. Not that he had much of a choice. A poor black kid, that’s an army recruiter’s wet dream. He was gone a week after graduation. Almost two years ago now. I deferred a year. Not wanting to leave my Dad.

“Ah, here we are.” Viola pulled out a black suit. It was simple but smart. I think it was Issac’s prom suit. We were about the same build then. Issac is much more jacked now. Viola passes me the suit. I look it over.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

“Of course James, your family.” I hug her again.


“I’ll see you at the funeral.”

A pause.

“Sorry James. I won’t be there.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is your arthritis acting up?”

“No, I wasn’t given an invitation.”

My mind buzzed. It did that when I got angry.


“What? Your family, how could she…?”

“We both know why she didn’t.”

“That racist bitch.”

“James, please. I remember what it’s like to lose a husband. It’s the hardest thing one can go through. Losing your person.”

“Yeah well, my mom and Dad weren’t that close.”

“I’m sorry I upset you.”


“Don’t apologize. You have nothing to be sorry about.”

I looked at my watch. An hour.

“I’ve got to go. Come if you want, my mom be damned”

“I’ll think about it.” I hug her again.

“I love you V.”

“I love you too, kid.”


I walked home. Not wanting the inevitable confrontation with my mother. The various ways she was gonna guilt trip me playing through my mind. I bet she’s gonna say my Dad wouldn’t want us to fight. She always pulls that shit.

I make it home, jump the fence, climb the drain. Jump into my room through the window. I should probably get changed. I put on Issac’s suit. I look pretty good. Should I look good for my dad’s funeral? Can’t think about that right now. I looked down at my watch. 45 minutes. My head was spinning. I needed to clear my mind. When I get like this there’s only thing that helps. Cumming. I take off Issac’s suit. Don’t want cum on that. I walk into my bathroom. Lock the door.

You need two lines of defense when jerking off in the same house as my mother. She tends to burst into rooms unannounced. I open my phone and start going through porn sites. Should I jerk off before my fathers funeral? Jesus, stop thinking. I start skimming through the videos, the auto play thumbnails showing women getting railed in various ways. Nothing’s working for me. Right as I was about to give up. There. A video.

A redhead laying on her bed looks like she’s playing with herself. I do have a thing for redheads. I open the video. The video doesn’t disappoint. A young woman, pale white skin, red hair, large tits. Really checking all my personal boxes. She’s pretty too. She starts to play with her clit. I start to rub my cock. She starts to moan. Not a fake porn moan either. This is real. She looks right at the camera. Blue eyes. God this is working for me. She speeds up, putting some fingers in. My dick swells to full size. Fitting snugly into my closed hand, the thick member twitching. She grabs a toy, she turns it on. It starts to buzz, she puts it on her clit. She moans even louder, and I speed up my strokes. She starts to breathe heavily, her breast heaving. The pre-cum starts to leak out of the head of my cock. I apply over my shaft and glide over the skin. I feel my balls tighten I know I’m close. The women starts to cum as well, she gets louder and louder.

“I’m cumming!” The women yells

More moans come from the phone, that’s all I need. I grab some toilet paper, the sound she makes sends me over the edge. Right before, I rub the tip of my cock. Which sends waves of pleasure up my spine. I blow my load into the toilet paper. My vision flashes as I keep cumming. As I come crashing down, I fall backwards onto the toilet. My heart racing as I breathe heavily. Bathing in the afterglow.


As I come down, I look over to my phone. The women has sat up on her bed, she’s looking at the camera.

“Thanks for that.” She winks.

I feel a tug at my heart. Jesus, she’s not talking to you asshole. She doesn’t know who you are. She’s a video, don’t start this para-social shit. It’s not healthy. I go to close my browser, I stop. I bookmark her page and close it. I clean up and get ready.

I walk down the stairs, Issac’s suit on. My mother is on her phone in the kitchen. She’s talking to someone, I don’t care enough to listen. I grab my bag and wait by the door. She finishes bitching, and walks over to the door. She stops and looks at my suit.

“That isn’t your suit.”

“No, it’s one of Issac’s.”


“Issac’s? No, it’s not. A fat ass like you wouldn’t fit into one of Issac’s suits.”

“Jesus mom, can we not do this now?” I stare at the ground.

“Go upstairs and put on your suit.”


“Excuse me?”

“Can we just go please?”


“Go and put on your god damn suit.”

I open the door, my mom grabs the door and tries to close it. I grab it and pry it open, and walk outside. She follows.

“Don’t you dare do this James. This is your fathers funeral, stop being so disrespectful.”

I go to open the car door, it’s locked. It’s an expensive car, big and gaudy. I hate it.

“Get upstairs, NOW!”

“Open the door, or I’m walking,” I say calmly, it takes all my strength not to shout.


“Don’t make me raise my voice, you petulant little shit.”

“Open the door, or I will walk. I’ll make sure to walk past your little club and tell all your many faced bitches. Exactly how bad of a mother you are.” Once again, calm as I can. My mom just stares at me.

“Get. In. The. Car.”

She unlocks it, and I get in. We start driving to the cemetery. Awkward silence all the way. I stare out the window, looking at the remnants of my childhood move by. As much as I loved this place, all these memories of my Dad. This place has been poisoned by my mom.

“Of all the days, you had to pick this one to have one of your temper tantrums.”

I ignore her.


“Your father would be ashamed of your behavior, acting like a spoiled child.”

I continue to ignore her. As soon as she realizes she can’t get a rise out of me. She stops.

After a few more minutes, we park at the cemetery. We get out. Not a word was spoken. Just silently moving.

It was a simple service, nothing too expensive. Not that my Dad would have cared, he was a Canadian mountain man. At least he was once. But I couldn’t help but notice how cheap it was. My mom didn’t wanna break the bank. The priest talks, but I don’t listen. I don’t believe in God, I don’t think my Dad did either. I don’t care if my mom does. She dragged me and my Dad to church every week. More for the community credit, than any belief in Jesus. If she is, she’s a shitty Christian. There weren’t many people at the ceremony. A couple of my dad’s cousin, his brother.

Uncle Theo. We weren’t close. He and my Dad had a rocky relationship. He keeps staring at my mom. Looking her up and down, like a predator stalking his prey. I know that look too well, I feel a wave of nausea hit me. The coffin starts to lower and we throw our flowers. Roses, I’m pretty sure my Dad didn’t like roses. Theo walks over to my mom, he puts his hand on the small of her back. I can’t stand this. I start to leave.

“James, where are you going?” My mom calls over.


“I’m going for a walk.”

“Don’t be late to the wake.”

I keep walking.

I walk through a park. Just trying to clear my head. I hate coming back, all the shit it brings up. The year I was gone, was the happiest year of my life. I was doing well at school, I met people I liked. I enjoyed it there. I try to think about my favorite memories here. Me and my Dad going fishing, I didn’t like it that much. But my Dad loved going with me. I stopped us going, now I would go every weekend with him. Meeting Issac, god so many good memories with him. Getting in trouble with Mr Laramy for taking his computer apart. How impressed he was when we put it back together and it ran better.

I walk past an old car park. Empty, I stop. Look around. A small church on the corner, the stained glass Jesus staring down as you walk past. I’m pretty sure I got my first hand job in that car park. Yeah, Nicole. My high school girlfriend. She was super religious so we never went any further than that. But this is definitely where it happened. In my Dad’s old truck, we went to the movies. It had a sexy scene, and on the ride back she told me to turn into the car park. I thought she was gonna take me to the church, instead, she pulled my cock out. Sitting in my Dad’s old truck, she tugged me off. God, I was so nervous. It took like five minutes for me to cum. Plus that only happened because she whispered in my ear.

“I want you to cum for me.”


Sound is a big thing for me. That sent me over the edge and I came all over my Dads car. Not my finest moment. But that was a good memory. Nicole felt super guilty after that though and promised that she would never do anything like that again. So we didn’t, we dated all through high school. We only broke up because she moved to California. I wonder what she’s up to. I should catch up. I hope she left the Church, it made her so miserable.

My thought went to MIT, and how I couldn’t wait to get back. My mom never encouraged my engineering. But the Professors at school are so supportive and encouraging. Makes me feel confident in my abilities for once. Dad always said he didn’t know how someone so smart could come from him. Fuck I miss my Dad. His laugh, god his laugh. I thought he was a giant when I was a kid, he laughed with his whole body. He shook like his whole body was being squeezed.

I start to cry, this is how I deal with grief. This is the same thing that happened when my dog died. I didn’t feel anything for a week. Then suddenly while I was playing with Issac. It hit me, and I started to sob. Viola held me and told me he was loved. Damn, that women is amazing. I let myself cry on a park bench for a while. After I let it out. I check my watch, started 20 minutes ago. Great, I’m late to my father’s wake. I get up and head back to the cemetery.

I walk up to the cemetery, the wake is at the funeral home across the street. Great business placement. I walk up to the funeral home, there are a bunch of cars out the front. Seems a lot of people are here to pay their respects to my Dad. Probably a lot of them from before he married my mom. I walk in, the main room is booked out. I pass dozens of people, all milling around.

I see my mom, flanked by her many-faced bitches. A pack of colossal cunts. The whispers and sharp glares at their prey. God, I hated those judgmental hyenas. I look around for a bar, don’t find one. Why would I? It’s a wake, you moron. I look around for some familiar faces. I notice a few, dads cousins. Theo, gross. Then I notice Viola. Sitting down, holding a plate of food. I walk over.

I sit down, Viola notices me and smiles.


“James, you look so good in that suit.”

“Thanks, V, how are you doing? Food OK?”

“No, not at all. But you don’t want good food at a wake.” She could always make me laugh.

“Thanks for coming.”

“For you? Always.”

“Thanks for always being there V.”


“Of course, now enough of this soppy stuff. Go and do the rounds. People will want to give you their condolences.”

“Dad wouldn’t have wanted any of this.”

“Funerals aren’t for the dead. There for the living James.”

I kiss her on the cheek and go to do my rounds.

The white faces mourner start to mix. I find it difficult to remember a person as soon as they leave. I go through dozens of people. I feel my phone buzz, I excuse myself and open it. It’s an email. From the MIT accommodation services. They need to know if I am staying in college accommodations. God, this is not what I need right now. My head starts to buzz. Jesus my whole life is falling apart right now. I feel a hand touch my shoulder. I turn, and a woman looks at me. The first thing I notice is her eyes, light, silver-gray. Then her long red hair, flowing past her shoulders. Late 20’s, early thirties. She smiles at me.

“Hi, you must be James.”


“Um, hi yeah I am.”

“I’m so sorry about your Dad.”


“You look so much like him, you have his eyes.” She looks at me expectantly

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear your name.”

“Oh, I’m Sarah.” She must notice the look on my face.


“I’m your Aunt Sarah.”

“My Dad didn’t have any sisters.”

Her smile fades.

“No, I…Not your Dad. I’m your mom’s sister.”

I look over at my mom, she meets my eyes and looks away.

“She…She never told you about me, did she?”


“No, I’m sorry.”

Sarah doesn’t even look surprised.

“That sounds like Carol.”

“I’m sorry, you seem a bit young…”

“Sorry, I need a smoke.”

Sarah quickly moves away. I look over at my mom. She’s gone. I look around and can’t find her. I move through the crowd. To the last place, I saw her. Her cabal was still hovering, glaring at me. I looked over the corner and saw her sitting down at a table with Theo. I don’t care to look longer. I leave, my head starts to buzz. I am livid. How could my mother not tell me she has a sister. Why didn’t she want me to know? Something that threatens her perfect little fake world. I walk past Viola, she looks at me and waves. She knows what happens when I get like this. I walk out into the rain.


Chapter 2

The Start of Something

The rain pelts my face as I walk into the car park. First, my mother keeps her family from me and then starts rubbing up against her dead husband’s brother. AT HIS WAKE! The buzzing in my head gets louder. I’m about to snap.

“Do you want a smoke?”

I turn to see Sarah. My new aunt who until 5 minutes ago I didn’t know existed. Her eyeliner was running, from the rain.

“Thanks, I don’t smoke.”


“OK, wanna stay and talk. I hate smoking alone.” I didn’t have anywhere to be.

“Yeah sure.” I sat down on a low brick wall with her. Rain still pelting us, she was managing to keep her cigarette lit.

“I can’t believe my mom never mentioned she had a sister.”

“She’s not exactly proud of me.”

“You threaten her perfect little world.”

“Exactly.” She takes another drag. I look over at Sarah. Taking her in. She is definitely in her late 20’s.


“Sorry I don’t mean to be rude. But you don’t look old enough to be my mom’s sister?”

“Ha, thanks. Our parents had me when they were much older. Carol was already 20 by the time I was born. I was my parent’s happy little accident. I’m 29 now.”

“So, your closer to your nephew’s age than your sisters. That wild.”

“How old are you anyway kid?”

“I’m 19, almost twenty.”

“That is wild.”


We sat for a few minutes, in silence. The buzzing in my head started to subside. Sarah had a calming presence. Like nothing in the world could faze her. She finally broke the silence.

“So, not too close with you mom I take it?”

“No, not at all. Especially after the day, I’ve had. I thought about staying in town for a few days. But I can’t stand it here.”

“Yeah, a hell of a place to grow up.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t grow up here, like mom.”

“Good god no, not my sort of scene. No, my parents and Carol lived here for years. But they went to retire, so they moved to Hawaii. They had friends on the island. When they had me, so I grew up there.”


“You grew up in Hawaii? Oh, my mom must have hated that.”

“Yeah, she brought it up constantly. How lucky I was. Normal manipulative behavior from her.”

“That sounds like my mom. If you guys have such a rough ride, why did you come?”

“I didn’t come for her. I came for your David.”

“You knew my Dad?”

“Yeah, after my parents died. I was kinda struggling. It got so desperate I called your mom. She refused to help me. But a couple of minutes after that I got a call from your Dad. He had overheard that conversation. He seemed like the kinda guy who was big on the whole family thing. So he said he would help me out, and he did. Once I got back on my feet, he even sent birthday cards every year.”


“That sounds like my Dad. How long ago was this?”

“Almost 6 years ago now.”

“That was before.”

“Before what?”

“My Dad changed in the last 5 years. He got so thin and despondent. While my mom got more manipulative and cruel. He just sort of faded. The man I knew slowly died in front of me. So much so, that when he killed himself. I wasn’t even surprised.”

I started to sob, heavy painful sobs. All of it coming out. I thought the cry in the park was bad, this was worse. I sat there crying painfully to myself. When I felt an arm go around me. Sarah hugged me, pulled me in close.


“I never told anyone that.”

“I’m sorry this shit is happening to you. No one deserves this. Your a good man like your father. Remember him as he was. OK?”

I lean into her and sob. She holds me closer and keeps smoking. A few people walk out and stare at the scene. Sarah just glares and they move on. She flicks a cigarette at Theo, it startles him and he slips. It made me feel better. After a few minutes of this, I compose myself.

“Your 19 right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Wanna get a drink?”


“Yeah, that sounds good.”

I didn’t really drink in high school. Never at a bar, so I couldn’t recommend one. Sarah said she knew one she had visited my mom and Dad a couple of times. Although they never mentioned it to me. We didn’t talk as we drove, I just stared out the window. I just wanted to go back to Cambridge. That felt more like home than this place. Sarah shifted gears, her old car spluttered as we drove over a hill. As I look over her car, a realization pops into my head.

“Is this your car?”

“Yeah, this old bastard has been hauling my ass around for years.”

“You don’t live in Ann Arbor. Do you live in Detroit?”

“No, I live in Boston.”



“Yeah, I’ve lived there since my parents died. Almost ten years.”

“I go to MIT.” Sarah looks forward, her hands go white as she squeezes the steering wheel.

“I can’t fucking believe I lived in the same city as you for a year, and my mom didn’t tell me.” My head starts to buzz again.

“Why would she do that?”I ask Sarah looks over at me.

“We’ve never been close. Despite my best efforts. Your mom has never been proud of me. Because she has always been ashamed of me.”


“Why am I not surprised. Probably didn’t fit her perfect little world.”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Always the same shit with her.”

“Yeah, always the same.”

“Wait, this is your car and you live in Boston?”



“Did you drive?”


“Seriously, it’s an 11-hour drive.”

“Yeah well, I wanted to tell Carol to go fuck themselves.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing that.”

We arrive at the bar and exit the car.


I’m already three drinks in, the buzzing in my head has finally died down. Sarah is keeping up, and only a little drunk. I, on the other hand, was quite wasted. Luckily we were both happy drunks. After the pain of the wake, getting drunk with Sarah was a welcome reprieve. We spend most of the night cursing my mother and laughing at stories of her when she was younger. The more we talk the more I notice small things about Sarah. How strong yet bitter she was. Her dirty laugh, a wicked smile. How little she cared about what people thought of her.

All the deeper human parts of her, but as I got drunker. I started to notice the obvious things. Namely, how attractive she was. Her red hair, curly and thick. Hey piercing gray eyes, and shapely form. But her greatest power was her voice, the way she said things. How they danced off her tongue, as I drank more. On more than one occasion Sarah said something, an off-handed flirty comment. It aroused me. I tried to push these thoughts away. But I started to lose control as we drank more.

As the night grows old, Sarah notices women sitting at the bar. She looks over at me and smiles. She was an older woman early 40’s, with long black hair. In this area, she’s probably a mom. She blushes and looks away.

“I think she wants to fuck you?”

“No, she’s probably just being nice.”

“No dude, she wants you.”


“Maybe she just wants a drink. Have a nice evening. Not some drunk asshole bothering her.”

“Wow, your one of those decent guys. I thought you were just a myth.”

“Shut up. I just don’t want to make her uncomvy…uncomfrey…feel bad.”

“OK, man, don’t wanna make you uncomfortable. Well, I’m off to bed.”

Sarah gets up from the table. Brushing off the drunken refuge off her dress. The motion of wiping crumbs off pulls her dress down slightly. In my drunken state, I notice the shape of her breast. They are large, round and ivory white. I look away, my hard cock stiff in my pants. I brush past her hand, I don’t know if it was because I was drunk. But her touch was electrifying. We held the contact for a second before it broke.

“I’m in room 4, feel free to crash there tonight.”


“I might be a while longer, think I’ll go for a walk.”

“Just knock, I don’t sleep much.”

“OK, see you in a bit.”

Sarah walks over to the exit, she stops and walks over to the black-haired women. Sarah bends over and whispers something in her ear. The women smiles and nods her head. Sarah walks to the exit, winking as she opens the door and leaves. The dark-haired women stands up, wobbles a bit. She steadies herself and walks over. I stood up as she reached out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Rachel.”

I shake her hand.


“Hi, I’m James.”

Rachel fumbles with her keys, trying to unlock her car. As I kissed the back of her neck, she shivered and squeezed my cock through my pants. I reach up and massage her breasts and she moans in my ear. She finally gets her car open and we move into her car. We split apart as we sit in the back seat. Rachel is a beautiful woman, early 40’s. Amazing blue eyes, soft features. Tiny signs of wrinkles in the corner of her eyes. Still a stunning woman. The raw lust in her eyes as she stares at me, was really hot. She leans in and whispers in my ear.

“I’ve never had sex in a car before.”

“Me neither. Should be fun though.”

Rachel leans over and starts kissing me again, moving her hands over my chest. She reaches down and starts to open my pants.

“Let’s see what we’re dealing with.”


She pulls my cock out of my pants, it’s already hard and ready. She starts stroking me up and down. Teasing.

“Wow, so much bigger than my ex-husband.”

“Can we not talk about him, please?”


Rachel leans down and takes my cock in her mouth. I moan. As she licks the tip of my cock. I lean back, letting her tongue dance over my head. Oh, Jesus. I look around, we seem to be alone. I let out a louder moan, one Rachel gives back. She takes more of me in my mouth and pleasure rockets up my spine. Rachel moves up and down, stroking my cock. Milking me, god this feels good. Massaging my balls, as she deep throats my cock. I feel my balls tighten, and consider cumming in her mouth. But I think she deserves better. I clasp Rachel’s head. Pulling her off me.

“What’s wrong.”


“Nothing, you were just going to make me cum. We can keep going if that’s want you want.”

“No, I need you inside me.”

God that alone, almost sent me over the edge. Rachel starts to pull her panties down, under her dress. I pull my pants down to my ankles. Freeing my wet, oozing cock. Rachel pulls her panties off and moves over straddling me. My cock is pressed between our bodies.

“Do you have a condom?” I ask.

“No, sorry I’m kinda rusty. Haven’t had a hook up in a long time.”

“Should we stop?”


“We can if you want.” Rachel leans back, and my cock slides between her legs. Rubbing against her pussy.

“But I don’t think you do.”

She rubbed her pussy against my cock. God, she was so wet. Fuck it, I went to my Dad’s funeral today. I deserve this. I place my hands on her face and kiss her. Our tongues meet, lust racing through us. She pulls her dress down, revealing her bra. I put my hands behind her back, unhooking the straps. Her breast’s fall out, small yet firm. Her dark, pink nipples. I take them in my mouth. Rachel moans, her head falling back. I massage and suck her. She starts to grind against my cock. Her lips folding around my shaft, lubing up my shaft. I moan into her breast, and Rachel pushes me against the seat.

“I need you inside me.” The pure, animalistic lust in her eyes was palpable. I nod. Rachel lifts herself and grasps my cock, guiding me to her pussy. She moves my tip to her opening and lowers herself onto me. We both moan together as I enter her. Every inch of the slide down my shaft is pure ecstasy. Rachel’s pussy walls shift as they move around my sensitive tip. As my whole cock enters Rachel, she has a small orgasm.

“Oh fuck.”

Her hips lift, as her whole body shudders. She grasps her hands behind my neck, as she moans into my ear. I just hold her as she comes down. Eventually, Rachel finishes and leans back. Gasping for air.


“Are you alright?” I ask, Rachel just smiles.

“Yeah, that…was great. It’s just been a while, and you had me going.”

“Well, it was really hot watching you cum.”

“Thanks.” She leans forward and grasps the headrest behind me.

“No, it’s your turn to cum.”

Rachel kisses me again, as she starts to ride me. Her hips moving, back and forth. Rising and falling, our skin slapping together. I feel her erect nipples, press against my shirt. I quickly unbutton it to feel her on my skin. She flicks her hair to the other side.


“Oh oh oh. I love how your cock feels.”

“Oh you feel so good, I’m not gonna last long.”

“That’s OK, just don’t cum inside me, OK?”

“Of course, I’ll warn you.”

Rachel speeds up her movements, my moans fill the car.

“Oh my god, fuck!”


Rachel smiles, loving what she’s doing to me. Can’t have that. I reach down and start to tease her clit. Now she starts to moans, I make circular motions. With my other hand, I reach under her dress. Pooling on my lap, and grasp her ass. As she continues to slam up and down on my cock. She reaches up, and grasp her hair. Keeping it up, as I feel her pussy wall’s quiver.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum again. Don’t stop James, please don’t stop.”

The way she says my name as she begins to come. Oh my god, that gets me going. Rachel leans back, I move my hand from her ass to her back. I support her as she rides me. Her hand wrapped around the door handle, as she cums again. Her eyes closed in ecstasy. That’s when I notice the movement.

Out of the corner of my eye, to the left. I see someone. It’s dark, the only lights are over the doors to the motel across the street. Someone is standing in a doorway, looking right at us. Smoking. I blink, trying to clear my vision. It’s…Sarah. It’s the door to her hotel room. She is looking right at the car. She’s easily 25 feet away. Can she see us, or is she just looking into the night? Her cigarette held loosely in her hands. She just takes a drag and watches.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, James!”

I feel Rachel’s pussy walls tighten around my cock, I’m also close, Rachel is blinded by her orgasm. As I just stare at Sarah. I don’t know if she can see me but she continues to stare back. I feel myself near the edge. Rachel’s orgasm is enormous, her whole body convulses as she creams all over my cock. A scream escapes her mouth, as I continue to pound up into her pussy.


“oh oh oh. Fuck me, fuck me James. Your cock is so good”

“Rachel, I’m close.”

“Just hold on a little longer, holy fuck.”

I try to hold off my load. Rachel’s orgasm pushes my right to the edge. I think about baseball, the pitches, the hits. How fast Jackie Robinson got to the bases. Joe DiMaggio hitting a home run. Anything to hold off. Rachel’s orgasm starts to subside. I manage to hold off mine, as she comes down.

“Holy shit, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Did you cum?”

“No, I managed to hold on.”


“Well, we can’t have that. To reward you for holding it. Is there a position you wanted?”

I think. My head is full of alcohol and a need to cum. Then the thought comes to me.

“Yeah, I really like fucking from behind.”

“Oh, OK big guy. Doggy style then.”

We both moan as I pull out of her, we rearrange ourselves. Rachel bent over. I grabbed her hips, and hold her as I enter her again.

“Oh fuck, I love you cock James. It’s incredible.”


“I love the sounds you make.” I pull out and push back in slowly as first.

“OH fuck. I love what it does to me.”

I start to fuck Rachel from behind, the sound of my balls hitting her stomach. Her tits hitting her chest. I start a good rhythm, Rachel moving back on my thrusts, I bend over and grasp her tits in my hands. Play with her nipples as she moans. I look up, I’m not that fond of doggy. I just wanted to fuck Rachel and be able to watch Sarah without Rachel knowing. It seems drunk me had lost all inhibitions. Sarah is still watching, calmly smoking. Not a care in the world. Rachel leans up to kiss me. I softly put my hand on her head and push her down. Getting a better angle to fuck her.

“This OK?” I ask, as her face is pressed into the seat.

“It’s great, I love it.”

I look back at Sarah. As I slam into Rachel. I lock eyes with Sarah, she just keeps staring. I notice now, she changed out of her dress. She’s just wearing a robe. Rachel moans into the leather. I can’t explain it, I was drawn to her. Just leaning against the wall, by her open door. Smoking, staring. I was building up speed, slamming into Rachel’s ass.


Without warning, Sarah opens her robe. Her large, ivory white tits, spill out. They droop a little, they’re not gravity defying. But still perky. Her large pink nipples are hard. A few freckles lead from her cleavage down her stomach. After letting them out Sarah just takes another drag of her cigarette. Fuck, her tits are amazing. The curves. How round they are. How soft they look. At that moment I wanted them. I imagined massaging them, licking them. Following the line of freckles down. How would it feel to put my cock between them? Slide in and out. Cum on them. Making Sarah cum. All these thoughts storming in my head, at once. Then a single word entered my mind. In Sarah’s electrifying, sultry voice, a single word she moaned out.


I was going to cum.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, OH YEAH!” I was definitely going to cum.

I pulled out at the last second and blew my load all over Rachel’s back. This was the most intense orgasm of my life. I thought my heart was going to explode or my soul would leave my body. Ropes of cum splatter onto Rachel’s back. As my brain explodes in orgasmic delight. I see stars. As my body bucks. I fall backwards. Rachel falls forward, onto the seat. Both of us catching our breath.

When my vision comes back to me. I look back to Sarah, just in time to see her close the door. Room 4. I sit there, as what just happened dawns on me.


“Oh. My. God. That was fucking spectacular. Who thought a car park fuck, would make me cum three times.”

“Three times? When was the third?”

“Right there at the end, didn’t you hear me?”

“No sorry, I was kinda in the zone.”

“Don’t you dare apologize. I have never been fucked like that before. I thought my heart was gonna give out.”

“Well, I’m glad I could be of service.” I go to wipe the copious amounts of cum from her back.


“Don’t you dare. I wanna let it sit. Feels good.”

“OK, I better go.”

“Wait, really.”

“Yeah, I have a flight back tomorrow.”

“Sure I can’t give you a ride. Maybe crash as my house. Have another round tomorrow? Imagine what we could do in a bed?” I look over to room 4.

“I’m sorry. I need the sleep.”


“OK. God, I wish you lived in the area. I would fuck your brains out on the reg.”

“Oh, I’m sure.” I put my pants on, and open the door to leave.

“Actually, pass me your phone.” Rachel puts her hand into her purse and pulls out her phone. I quickly put my number into it.

“If you find yourself in Boston. Give me a call. I’m sure we could find something to do.”

“Oh, you can be sure I will. Goodbye James.”

“Bye Rachel, drive safe.”


“Sure I can’t tempt you with some head?”

“I’m sure.” I quietly close the car door and walk over to the hotel.

I knocked on the motel door. I hear some movement and Sarah opens the door. Her robe is closed. Her hair looks wet from a shower.

“Ah hi there. I was starting to worry. Quite a long walk you were on.”

I look at Sarah. Not even a slight indication of anything being amiss. Just the same calm and collected Sarah I met today.

“Yeah, had to clear my head.”


“Of course, lots of junk blocking your head. Needed a release.”

Another of her wicked smiles. I closed the door behind me.

“Lock it.”

I pull the door latch across and lock it. I turn my attention to the motel room. Seemed clean enough. A double bed, a table and a couch. Sarah sits down on the right side of the bed.

“You should get some sleep. If you want to move your flight up to tomorrow? Dealing with airline staff usually makes me want to top myself.” Sarah pats the left side of the bed.

“Um, I think I should sleep on the couch.”


“Don’t be absurd it’s a big bed. There’s plenty of room, I promise. I don’t bite.”

After coming down from the earth-shattering orgasm. I felt what could only be described as shame. Like a shame hangover. I wasn’t even close to cumming, until I saw Sarah’s tits. They sent me right over the edge, and into the stratosphere.

I sit down on the couch.

“Could we talk about something?” A look of worry flashed across Sarah’s face.

She gets up from the bed and sits next to me on the couch.

“What’s wrong?”


“There is a lot of shit I’m dealing with right now. My mom, my Dad. All my family drama shit. But school is also something I have to deal with. I have a partial scholarship. So my fees are smaller than most. But the one fee I have to pay in full is accommodation. Which since Dad died, is kinda up in the air right now. So I was wondering since we live in the same city.”

“You want to live with me?” Sarah asked.

“Look it will be temporary, till I find a place of my own. After I get a job. Oh, do you have roommates? I didn’t even ask. Jesus James real dick move not even considering other people. Classic you and…” Sarah cut me off.

“Of course you can stay with me. It’s not even a question. I would die before I let you move back in with your mom. I’m sure you’ll figure out school and everything. Until then your more than welcome to stay. Your family.” Sarah squeezed my hand.

“Thanks, Aunt Sarah, it means the world.”

“Oh Jesus, one rule don’t call me Aunt Sarah. Fucking hell.”


“Sorry, I won’t.” Sarah walks back over to the bed.

“Are you sure I can’t tempt you with the bed?”

“I’m sure, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“OK, night James.”

“Night Aunt Sarah.”

“You little cock.”


I try to go to sleep, but my brain is racing at a thousand miles an hour. Did that really

happen? Did Sarah show me her tits? Is she into me? Or was it an accident, that I read into? All these and a thousand other question raced through my head. I refused to ever talk to my mom again. So having Sarah was a godsend. Right, when I needed someone she was there, a shoulder to cry on. Whatever happened with the robe, it’s done now. Don’t ruin this because you misread an accident. This is your Aunt, she is your family. You’ll be living together soon. Don’t fuck it up. Well, whatever happens. This is definitely the start of something.

Chapter 3

A Drive, a Fuck and a Fumble in the Dark

I slept better than I thought. The tryst with Rachel in the back of her car, was quite exerting. I sit up, my back not to happy to have slept on a couch. I look over at the bed, it’s empty. The duvet pulled back, and an obvious spot where someone slept. As my senses return to me, I hear the shower running. Sarah? Everything came rushing back, Sarah showing me her amazing tits, me having the most intense orgasm of my life. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with me? I hear movement in the bathroom, but no one leaves. I stand up, bones cracking as I do. Jesus I’m only 19. I took my shirt off in the night, and was only wearing my pants. I walk over to my bag to grab so fresh clothes.

I need a shower first. I stop and try to find my old shirt. It’s somehow under the couch. I put it on, as I do I notice a stain. Right at the bottom, about the size of a quarter. A round white stain. I sniff it, it’s cum. Great, so I came on myself last night as well as all the other shit I did last night. God, James your such a fucking mess. I rub my eyes, I need an energy drink and some food. I go to leave, I should ask Sarah is she wants anything. I walk over to the bathroom and knock.


“Hey Sarah.”

No answer


“I can’t hear you James, just open the door.”

I freeze, OK James just open the door. What if she’s naked though? Would I see her tits again, fuck I would love that. Are they wet? Inviting? Perky dark nipples waiting for my mouth. Maybe she soaped them up. I imagine sliding my cock between her soapy tits. Just with that thought, I almost cream my pants.

Jesus, James. Get a hold of yourself. You fucking child. She has been nothing but a saint. She is letting you stay with her. When you were desperate. Stop thinking of her like this. She wouldn’t ever want that from you. So just stop.


Oh shit, how long have I been waiting to open the door. Like too long?

“James, are you still there?” Sarah asks from behind the closed door. Man up. I open the door. Steam rushes out, as I look down.

“Hi, I was going to get some food. Did you want anything? Is there something you can’t eat, allergies or something?” I think I hear her laugh.

“No, I’ll eat anything. A red bull would be nice too.”

“Sure thing I’ll grab that now.” I turn around and leave.

I walk around the block, rock hard cock in my pants. Jesus, what is wrong with you? You sick little perverted freak. Sarah has been nothing but amazing too you. So you repay her by fantasizing and sexualising her. Your better than this. Sarah deserves better than this. I thought about leaving, just getting an uber to the airport. Just going. Boston is a big place the chances of me running into were so low. No, that fucking cowardice talking. Your an adult, you can have a relationship with someone you find attractive and not be a creep about it. You will grab the food, you will go back. You will treat her like the amazing person she is. Whose helping you out of a desperate situation. Don’t fuck this up James.


It’s a cold morning, no snow yet. I walk to a near by bakery grab the drinks and food. By the time I get back to the motel, it’s been 10 minutes. I knock on the motel door again.

“Come in.”

I open the door, Sarah is sitting on the foot of her bed. She’s braiding her long red hair. As I walk in. She stands up, and I see what she’s wearing. Black scuffed boots, worn over time. Jeans tucked into those boots, and a white cotton t-shirt. Tucked into her jeans. Really showing the curve from her large tits, to her flat stomach. Jesus Christ, how does she look so fucking hot in that. Focus James.

“You back, I thought you got lost again.”

“No, long line at the bakery.”

“Thought you might have gone for another walk. Needed to clear your head again.”


She hits me with another of her wicked smiles. Jesus, I’m getting mixed messages. I push that from my mind.

“Got some food, and your red bull.”

“Thanks, I had a thought. Since your gonna be crashing with me. We should probably get to know each other better.” A lump forms in my throat. But I think I play if off.

“Oh, OK. How would we do that?”

“Well, this is just a suggestion. But we could both drive back. Instead of you taking a flight. It’s only 11 hours. We could smash that out in a couple of days. Nothing like a road trip to see if your compatible with someone.” I didn’t really like flying, and I think it would be good to get to know Sarah better.

“Yeah, that’s sound like a great idea.” Sarah smiles, God even her smile is breathtaking. Sarah has a resting face of contempt. I’ve gathered it doesn’t help with first impressions. So making her smile was an amazing feeling.


“I think you should probably have a shower first though. After your busy night.”

“Yeah, your probably right.” Sarah stands up and grabs her bag.

“I’m gonna get some gas and snacks. I’ll be back in a while. We should probably head out then.”

“Yeah, don’t really want to stay here any longer.”

“Cool. I’ll be back in a while. See you soon James.” Sarah winks as she leaves. A shiver goes down my spine. Get control of yourself man. I take my dirty clothes off, and put them in a smaller bag. I head into the shower. Turn the handle. The hot water starts to flow. I step into the shower, letting the hot water wash over me. Trying to wash away the shame I keep feeling.

As I washed myself, I leaned over to grab some soap off the basin. I brush past something, soft. I look over and placed on the basin. A pair of panties. They are slightly wrinkled, I think their used. Sarah must have accidentally left them. I hesitate then grab the soap, and pull the shower curtain across. I try to finish my shower. But a seed has been planted. Did Sarah leave those for me? Did she want me to touch them? My dick starts to grow. No, of course not you freak. She just left it accidentally. Your reading to much into it. I tried to finish my shower. But I was already hard. One of the boners that won’t go away. The idea of Sarah was storming in my head. If I was gonna jerk off it wouldn’t involve Sarah.


I start to stroke my cock, and try to find a memory to draw from. As I go through the orgasm lexicon. I land on Veronica Small. The women I lost my virginity too. She was incredibly beautiful. Dark skin, thick curly hair. I always had a crush on her. The only problem was she was my teacher. Well, not an actual teacher. She was a student teacher. But she wanted to teach Science. So me, obsessed with Engineering. We got on well. There was attraction there, but we never did anything. I was too shy, and she didn’t want to be arrested. A few weeks before graduation, Nicole broke up with me. I saw it coming. She was moving to California, to go to school. I was going to MIT. We promised to stay in touch. I went to prom with Elijah and his girlfriend Delilah. Yes, irony of their names were not lost on any of us. Delilah was cool. So we got on well.

Prom was good. I danced, hung out with my friends. Matt threw up on Jessica. That was funny. Near the end of the night. The party starts to wind down. A bunch of people leave. I notice Miss Small standing over by the punch bowl. Chaperoning with some other teachers. We lock eyes and she smiles. I leave Elijah and walk over.

“Miss Small”

“Mr Clark. How is your night going?”

“Good, thank you.” We stand next to each other. Awkwardly.

“Oh, I forgot to mention. I have your final presentation. If you want to pick it up.”


My final year Engineering project. All the other students had their projects returned. Mine took a lot longer. Mrs Small leans over and squeezes my arm.

“Swing by my office after prom. I’ll have it for you.”

“I’ll see you later.”

I walk over and hang with my friends.

I walk down the dark hallway of my school. It’s weird walking around school at night. I arrive at Mrs Small’s door. I knock.

“Mr Clark?”


“Yes Miss Small.”

“Come in.” I open the door, her office is like I remember. She is sitting behind her desk.

“James, wait here.” Mrs Small stands up, walks into her back office. A comes out with my project. A small engine, that runs on water. Wouldn’t work as anything bigger, though. Can’t keep the pressure up. She places it on her desk.

“Your project is amazing James. I’m so glad you got the MIT scholarship. I see great things in your future.”

“Well, I had a great teacher who believed in me.” Mrs Small walks around her desk and leans on it.

“Well I had a brilliant student.” I inch closer, she open her legs slowly.


“Technically I’m no longer a student. As of tomorrow.”

“Well, then anything could happen. You’d be an adult.” She looks up at me, her beautiful brown eyes. Her soft lips.

“There is something I’ve always wanted to ask you.”

“What is that Mr Clark.” Both our faces move closer.

“I would like to kiss you. Can I kiss you?”

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask that for a year.” We meet, our mouths smashing together. I was a bit aggressive. Mrs Small, pushes back.


“Slow down, James. Slow down.”


“It’s OK.” We meet again, softer. Her lips were so smooth, she smelled like vanilla. I grab her hips, and pull her in. She feels my chest, and slides her hand down grasping my ass. It’s electricity all the way down. It feels like a second and an eternity as we make out. Finally we break apart. Silently, Mrs Small walks over to the door and lock it. She turns back and unbuttons her blouse as she walks back. Taking it off as she gets back to me. Her breast are small, but they were the first I seen. So they were heavenly. We start kissing again, I reach up and massage her breast. Mrs Small moans, and my fetish for sounds begins. My cock is rock hard, it feels like it gonna rip out of my pants. Mrs Smalls, starts to unbutton my shirt. We break apart, and she starts to kiss down my chest and she gets on her knees.

“Oh my god, Mrs Small…”

“Please James, call me Veronica.”

“OK, OK, oh god.”


Veronica starts to open my pants, I feel like my heart is going to explode. Veronica pulls down my pants and my bulging cock fills my underpants. Veronica pulls it out, and my cock sits in her hands. Pre-cum already pooling at the tip of my cock. Veronica looks up at me, our eyes meet. Then silently, she takes me in her mouth. The moment of Nirvana I feel as she pulls back my foreskin and put her mouth over the tip of my cock.


I’m glad no one is around to hear me moan. I look back down, as Veronica takes my whole cock in her mouth. Pleasure rockets up my spine, as I lightly grasp Veronica’s head. Bobbing her head. It only takes a few bobs, my balls tighten.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum. Veronica I’m…” The words turn into guttural groans and my cock explodes. Veronica milks my cock, as I grasp her head. My hips start to buck, as I mouth fuck my science teacher. After a few seconds, of intense orgasm. I come down. My legs feel shaky. I have to sit on the desk. I look down at Veronica. She smiles, small amount of dripping from her mouth. As she swallows my load. Holy fuck that was hot. She stands up and I kiss her again. Tasting my cum in her mouth.

“Well, that was intense.” Veronica wipes her mouth.

“Sorry, that was a first.”


“Wait, are you a virgin.”


“I thought you and Nicole would have done it.”

“No, she’s religious. I got a hand job once.”

“Well, we’ll have to fix that.” She leads me to the couch. Takes off her clothes. As I undress too. Both completely naked, Veronica lies down. I lie down on top of her.

“If that blowjob was any indication. I’m probably not gonna last long.” Veronica places her hand on my face. Stroking my face.


“That’s OK. I’m sure I’ll find something to enjoy.” She leans over, and take a condom from her pants.

“Remember how to put this on?”

“Sorry, I was focused on how you massaged that banana.”

“Your a funny man, Mr Clark.” She rips the condom, takes out the condom. Slips it onto my cock with ease, teasing my tip as she moves back. Making me moan.

“Let’s see if we can get you to stop talking.”

Veronica grasps my shaft, and guides me to her pussy. Placing my tip, against her entrance. I look into her eyes, and I enter her. Even thought he condom dulls the sensation, it is ecstasy as I enter her. The moan that escapes Veronica is incredible. I enter slowly, sliding my cock in inch by inch. Registering every sensation. I finally get balls deep. Stopping.


“Holy fuck, your so tight.”

“Your pretty big too.” I start to thrust. In and out, slowly. Savoring it all. Veronica leans up and kisses me. Putting her hands on my ass, pushing me to go faster. Her legs wrap around my waist. I feel my balls tighten, I try to slow down. But Veronica pushes my ass deeper into her.

“Don’t stop. Faster.”

“I can’t. I’m close. I want to make you cum.”

“It’s OK baby. We don’t have long. Cum for me.”

That last part makes my dick tingle. I speed up again, faster and faster. Slamming into her pussy. Veronica starts to moan. I feel my balls tighten.


“Oh, I’m gonna cum.”

“Do it. Cum for me James. Cum inside me.” That sends me over the edge.

“Oh yeah, Oh yeah, OH YEAH!”

I blow my load. Exploding hot semen into my condom.

My hips buck as I slam into her. I fall onto her. Veronica strokes my hair. As I try to catch my breath.

II’m back in the shower of the motel. Furiously beating off thinking of Veronica. But I can’t reach the edge. I hear a knock on the door.


“James, you still in there?” I turn the water off. I’m not finishing right now.

“Yeah just finishing now.” I lie.

I grab a towel and dry myself off. Ger dressed and fix my hair. Clean my glasses and open the door. My rock hard cock in my pants, begging for relief. But unable to. Sarah is standing there, just as stunning as ever.

“I was gone longer than I thought. You’ve been in there the whole time.” I hope the hot shower hides my red face.

“Yeah, I like long showers.”

“Well, I’m not looking forward to my water bill.” She opens the front door and motions me out. Hitting me with one of her wicked smiles as I leave.


We’ve been driving for a few hours. Chatting the whole way, getting to know each other. What food, music and movies we like. Finding out we have quite an overlap. Being so similar in age. Sarah drives this first part. Putting on some aviators when the sun gets bright. Her shitty little car puttering along. I don’t know why. But this felt good. As we talk, we suddenly pass a sign. DEMARCO DINER, BEST IN THE STATE.

Sarah got quite excited.

“Oh, we should stop in there. I ate there on my way past. The food is fucking amazing.”

“OK, I could eat.” We drove for another minute. As the diner came into view, a small squat building. Trying to pull off the 50’s diner aesthetic, but also some sort of Spanish villa. The two conflicting styles made for quite an interesting mood. That being said, the car park was full. So the food was probably good. Sarah stopped by the entrance.

“Go in and get us a table. I’ll try and find a park.”

I get out and walk into the diner. It is indeed packed. I look around, trying to find a table. I see one at the back, a corner booth. The smallest corner booth I’ve ever seen. I walk over and sit down. As I wait, a large man walks up to me. A short muscular man, his very tight shirt. Struggling against his enormous pecks. His slicked-back hair was past his neck. His name tag said, Dominic.


“Hey there man. What can I get you?” He smiles, his teeth are incredibly white. Against his tan skin.

“Um, I haven’t seen a menu.”

“Oh, my mad dude. I’ll get that now.” Dominic walks off. Sarah arrives a few minutes later. I wave her over.

“Wow, you managed to find the smallest seat in here.”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. More intimate.”


She sits down next to me. We have to squeeze together to fit. Pressed together doesn’t help my erection. Which has bet getting intermittently hard the whole trip. Begging for release. I try to take my mind off it.

“So they do this weird, Italian, Mexican, Diner fusion thing. Doesn’t sound nice, but it is.”

“It’s probably not too good for you though.”

“Oh good god no. But it tastes amazing.” Dominic returns, holding two menus.

“Ah, so a good to see you again. Sarah Bella.” He has an Italian accent now. Did he have one before?

“Oh, hey ah. Dominic right?”


“Ah, the bellissima women remebers me. Ah, I am a so lucky.” No, he definitely didn’t. Not a very good accent either. Kinda offensive.

“Yeah, your very memorable.”

“Oh well, a thank you. Oh but I a see your ah, how do you a say it? Your fidanzato. Your friend who is a boy.” Did he just look these up on google translate?

“Oh, my boyfriend. Well?” I interrupt.

“She’s my Aunt.” Sarah looks at me, scowling. Did I upset her?

“Oh, I don’t a believe you. More like a sister.”


“Your so charming Dominic. He’s a sweet boy.” Sarah squeezes my thigh. Rubbing against my dick, which had calmed slightly. Now fully erects. Did she feel it? She keeps her hand there.

“Well, I should a tell you the specials.” Sarah moves her hand slightly, adjusting. Or is she rubbing me? When she does move, my dick gives a violent twitch. As I feel the pre-cum starts to ooze. I have to get out of here.

“I have to go.”

“James, is everything ok?” Sorry, Sarah.

“Yeah just been a long drive. Need the toilet.”

I get up and rush over to the bathroom. Go into a stall and lock the door. It feels like my pants are gonna rip. I pull my cock out. It is engorged. The tip already oozing pre-cum. I feel like I was gonna burst. Get a hold of yourself, James. You’re an adult. You have control of your desires. You will not give in to one that is wrong. I grab some toilet paper. Wipe of my cock, put it away. I flush the toilet, wash my hands. Exit back into the diner. I walk over to the booth. But it’s empty. I look around, can’t see anyone. I look around. An elderly woman is eating by where I exited the bathroom. She meets my eyes and points to a back door. I walk over, thanking her as I pass. I open the door, it leads into a back alley. The diner was on the outskirts of a small town. I look around I couldn’t see anything. But I hear something. Distant talking? Down the alley. I walk down, trying to find the source. As I walk further down, I start to catch words.


“Right here? You sure babe?”

“Why are you questioning this?”

It sounds like Sarah. I see it’s coming from a second alley, halfway down. I get closer.

“Ok babe. Whatever you say.” I think that’s Dominic. His normal accent. I peek around the corner. Holy shit. I arrive just as Dominic enters Sarah. There only a few feet away. His pale white ass, tenses. Sarah has taken her jeans off. Her legs wrapped around him. Dominic’s back is to me, Sarah is grasping his back. Dominic starts to pound away immediately.

“Oh, you like that babe?” I can hear the sound of their skin slapping. I can only see Sarah’s face, she looks frustrated.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you babe.” Sarah pulls her shirt off, revealing her bra.


“Wow, nice tits babe.”

“Take my bra off.”

“Ok babe.” Dominic goes to loosen the clasp. His hands stay there. Fumbling behind her.

“Damn is this thing locked?” After a few seconds, Sarah just pushes his hands away. Taking it off herself. Her tits fall. Dominic grabs one, holding it as he continues to slam into her. She obviously isn’t into it. She looks down the alley, absent mindedly. Our eyes meet. I freeze. Sarah doesn’t say a thing. At that moment I don’t know what possessed me. But I walk out, into the entrance of the alley. Sarah keeps our eyes locked. I just stand and watch. I go to walk away.

“No, stay.” Sarah moans.

“What babe?” Dominic looks. Sarah pushes his head into her neck.


“Stay there, please? I need you.”

“Ok, babe whatever get you gushing.” Dominic keeps slamming away, while me and Sarah keep our eyes locked. I can see one of her bare breasts, she notices me staring. She massages her nipple, I reach down and feeling my cock. Twitching in my pants. Sarah follows my hand.

“I want it! I want it!.” Sarah moans, looking at me.

“You’re getting it, babe!” Her other hand reaches down between her legs. Working her clit. We both touch our selves, staring.

“I’m close, please.” Sarah looks at me pleading. I stay.

“Oh, fuck meee!” Sarah cums, her body convulses. Her hands scratch into Dominic’s back. As her legs wrap around his waist. She lifts herself up, slamming herself into Dominic cock. Our eyes locked the whole time. Sarah falls down, back onto the ledge.


“Wow, never made a chick cream that fast before.”

“Yeah well, first time for everything.”

As Dominic moves back, I turn and leave. Heading back into the restaurant. I sit down back at our booth. I order food while there gone. 5 minutes later, they both enter again. Sarah sits down next to me. I eat my food, silently. Sarah looks at hers.


“Yeah, I hope that’s ok.”

“No, that’s great. It’s just…”


“Don’t worry I got no tomato. I remember you said you didn’t like tomatoes..” Sarah looks at me. I have such an issue reading her face, she gives a small smile. Grabs a fork and starts eating. We don’t stay long, I’m out the door in 20 minutes. Dominic meets us at the door.

“Hey, Sasha.”

“It’s Sarah.”

“Right, sorry babe. I’m just not looking for a relationship right now.” Sarah chuckles.

“My loss.” Slaps his face playfully, and we leave.

We don’t talk for the rest of the drive. I stare out the window, trying to understand the last few hours. We’re a little over halfway to Boston when the rain hits. It starts soft, then gets heavy and dangerous. We stop at the first motel we find. Small, but rustic. A dozen 18 wheelers are parked across the streets. We go to get a key. Turns out, this is their busy season. A lot of truckers go through. They only have one room, with a double. We head in and get settled. Sarah has a shower, I’m trying to plug in my charger when my phone rings. My mom.


“Hey, mom.”

“James, where are you? I haven’t seen you since last night.”

“I decided to head home early.”

“What, you went back to Boston?”

“No, I’m about halfway. I think we’re somewhere around Syracuse.”

“You didn’t say goodbye.”


“Yeah well, you didn’t tell me you had a sister.” She doesn’t respond.

“Not only that. A sister who lives in the same city as me. You knew I was worried about finding a place to live. But you didn’t tell me.”

“James it’s not that simple…”

“You wanted me back, under your control again.”

“James don’t be ridiculous.” The shower shuts off.

“Look mom I can’t talk right now.”


“Is there someone with you?”


“Who?” I don’t answer.


“It’s Sarah.”

“Oh my god. What has she told you? You can’t listen to her.”


“Mom please.”

“No, you shouldn’t be with her. She a leech. She bleed my parents dry, now she’s after your money.”

“She hasn’t asked for anything like that.”

“Just wait, she’ll get her claws into you. She’s done it with dozens of men. Probably some women too.”

“Mom what are you talking about?”

“I never talked about her because she’s a disgrace.”


“Don’t you dare. Sarah has been nothing but kind and generous. Giving me a place to live.”

“Wait, your living with her?”

“Just for a bit, till I get on my feet.”

“You can’t it’s not safe.”

“Oh, Jesus mom what? Is gonna eat me?”

“She’s a criminal.”



mom I’m hanging up now.”

“She’s a hooker.” I freeze.


“That’s why our parents kicked her out. She was fucking men in alleys for cash. Like some fucking junkie. James, you can’t live with her she’ll…”

“Good night mom.”


“James…” I hang up. I sit on the bed, a few seconds later the bathroom door opens. Sarah walks out. Dressed in her pyjamas. Long sleeve shirt and pants. Her wet hair, hanging. She sits on the bed, drying her hair.

“Talking to you mom?”


We sit silent, sitting away from each other. Sarah looks over at me, I can’t meet her eyes. My head is buzzing, harsher than it ever has.

“She told you I used to be a sex worker. Didn’t she.”



“Carol always hated me for that. Being myself. Too sexual, too promiscuous, too me.”

“That sounds like mom.”

“I never apologized to her for being who I am. I won’t apologize to you.”

“I…I don’t…”

“Don’t bother, seems everyone in your family act the same way when they find out.” I can’t, the words won’t form. My throat is dry, my head is buzzing.

“I’m not going to throw you out onto the street or anything. You can still stay with me. But I think it’s best you find somewhere else soon.”


Sarah lies down. My mind is drowned in the buzzing, the anger races through me. My knuckles go white, squeezing my phone. All the emotions of the last few days flow to the surface. Tears sting in my eyes. I must start sobbing, Sarah turns over.


“I can believe her.”


“Turning her back on her family. The only one she has.”

“Oh James.” Sarah puts her hand on my shoulder. It’s comforting.


“I thought I lost my family. My Dad died inside years ago and my mom died to me soon after. Then I met you, and I wasn’t alone. I had a family. I had family who was there for each other. Who stood up to my mom. A family I didn’t know about. Why didn’t I know? Because she turned her back on them, all for a reason as petty and cruel as you being a sex worker. I don’t need you to apologize. Because I don’t think you should.”

“Oh, James you sweet, kind man.” Sarah crawls over and sits next to me.

“I thought you were judging me.”

“Never, my mom always judged people. I couldn’t stand it, still can’t.” Sarah reaches up, strokes my face. I look into her silver-grey eyes. Sarah starts to breathe heavier, I place my hand on her hip. We move closer.

“James?” Her voice, oh god her voice. Just saying my name sends electricity down my spine. I can’t help it. I lean in.

“Can I…?”


I don’t even finish my sentence. Sarah kisses me, and I, her. Out tounges meet, dripping with lust. She places her hand on the back of my head. I lean in, She lays back as I get on top of her. Never breaking our kiss. I run my hands through her hair, she moans as I do. We break apart, pausing. Staring into each other’s eyes. Seeing if either has the will to stop, we both realize at the same time. We don’t. Sarah pulls her shirt off as I do the same. My breath leaves me as she shows me her breasts. I stare at them, too afraid to touch them. Scared my hands will go through, as I awake from this nirvana-like dream. Sarah looks up at me, pleading.

“Touch me. Please.”

That’s all I need. I place my hand on her breast, we both moan. I experience every inch of them. First with my hands than with my mouth. I wanted to taste every inch of her, she was a goddess to me. As I fantasied only yesterday I follow the trail of freckles down her stomach. I pull her pants off and am greeted with the sight. As Sarah open her legs, her pussy welcomes me. Stunning in every way. Her creamy white thighs accentuated her fiery red pubes. Thick and wet.

“I’m sorry I didn’t have time to sha…” I don’t need her to finish, I enter her with my tongue as a shout escapes her. I take her all in. Taste, smell, touch. I want her all. She wraps her perfect thighs around my head, staring down at me. I just see her eyes, between heaving breasts. The way I make her feel good is everything I have ever wanted. I need to to feel good, I need her.

“Oh James. Please, don’t stop.” My cock begs for release, but not now. Now it’s Sarah’s time. I lean up.

“What do you like? How can I please you?”


“Circular motions for my clit, and my nipples are sensitive.”

That’s all I need, she moans my name when I put my fingers in. She cries out when I touch her nipples. She screams when I put my tongue on her clit. It only takes a few minutes of all three for her to cum. It’s hard and fast.

“James, James. I’m going to cum.”

My fingers rapidly moving, grazing her g-spot. My tongue gliding around her clit, and my hand. Teasing and playing with her nipples.

“Oh fuck me. FUCK ME!” She smashes her pussy into my face, grinding on me. It is heaven. I take the ride, as her body convulses. Bucking up and down. She screams my name. As she comes down I keep going. But Sarah stops me.

“No, no stop. I am painfully sensitive after I cum. Best just stop.” I pull out, the moan makes me crazy.


“Well, what shall we do know.” I stand up. Sarah gives me one of her wicked smiles.

“I can think of a few things.” She crawls over to me, getting up on her knees. Kissing me again, I pull her into me. Feeling her breast against my skin is almost enough to make me cum right there. She looks me in the eyes, those fucking eyes. Pats the side of the bed, I sit. She grabs one of the pillows, placed it on the floor and kneels. Her head, by my cock.

“I need you in my mouth.” I don’t argue.

Sarah pulls my pants, and my cock flops free. Rock hard. Sarah gently places her hand on my shaft. It twitches at her mere touch.

“Of the many things that you do that turns me on, James. I how much I can mould you with my hands. Like putty.” She gives me one full stroke of my cock, I gasp. Tingling up my spine.

“You really know how to make a girl feel special.”


“I’m not going to last long.”

“I don’t care how long you last. I just want you to cum in my mouth.”

Sarah takes me in her mouth, and my soul leaves my body. The ecstasy that I feel, I have never felt with another person. Even my first time with Mrs Small was nothing like this. That was physical, this is something more. I look down, as Sarah takes all of me in. I run my hands through her hair, her moans as I’m in the back of her throat. Makes me moan. Massaging my balls with one hand, she strokes me with the other. As her tongue dances over the tip of my cock. She sucks her cheeks in as my cock passes. Adding more sensations, all building as I feel inevitable. My balls start to tighten, as I feel myself near the edge.

“Sarah, I’m gonna cum. Oh my god.” Sarah quickens her pace, I can only grab her head as my orgasm arrives.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, OH YEAH!” My mind shatters, I’m blinded as my whole body shudders. It’s Sarah’s turn to make me scream, and I do. All other inputs disappear as all I feel is my soul leaving my body. Out my dick, and promptly down Sarah’s throat.

I fall onto the bed, my heart racing. As I try to catch my breath. Sarah gets off the ground and lies down next to me. Watching me. Fascination and arousal on her face.


“Dear God, you cum hard.”

“No.” That is the only word I can make. It feels like I’m winded.

“That wasn’t hard?”

“No. Only. With. You.”

I look over to her, her normal stone face shatters. Her vulnerability and need for connection finally come through.

“Oh James.” We kiss again, not hard. Passionate. We lie, naked together. Just being with each other. Eventually, we stop.


“How long till you can go again? I need you inside me.” Sarah strokes my poor, exhausted cock.

“I am going to need 15 minutes, and some food.” Sarah laughs.

“I can do that.” She gets up and grabs her clothes.

“I can come too.”I try to get up, but my legs are rubber. I wobble a bit then fall on the bed.

“I think you’ve cum enough for now. At least until I get back.” Sarah finishes dressing. She goes to leave, stops. Walks over, and passionately kisses me again. I hold her. We break.

“I’ll be back soon.” Sarah stands up and leaves.


As soon as I have a moment of silence to myself. The realisation kicks in. Did that just happen? Again with the greatest orgasm of my life. The way Sarah makes me feel is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Not with just anyone, but with my Aunt. Is she my Aunt? I only met her yesterday. Jesus, only yesterday, with all that’s been going on. It feels like a year. Only yesterday. What scares me, is not how with her. I reach the heights of orgasmic pleasure. But how she makes me feel otherwise. The time we spent, has been the best of my life. I know it’s only been a day. But everything feels right.

I am ripped out of this though with vibration, as I look over and my phone is ringing. It’s my mom. I have missed 5 calls. I answer.

“James? James are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

“I was busy.” I think back to five minutes ago. My cock would get hard if the little guy wasn’t all drained out.


“Jesus, I can’t believe you would scare me like that.”

“I don’t care about what you feel anymore. You have hurt me for the last time. This is it, mom. We’re done. Don’t call me.”

“Where is this coming from? Why are you attacking me right now.” I hear sobbing through the line. She always was good at crying.

“Just after I bury my husband.”

“You can’t use that over me anymore. I’m done.” Sarah opens the door and walks back in with a brown bag. She looks at me.

“I’ve found something, better for me.” I hang up. I don’t know how or why I feel these things. But I do. I know it’s complicated most things in life are. But I need to see where this goes. Even if it ends in heartbreak, the journey will be worth it.


I stand up and walk over, I grab the bag of food. Placing it on the table.

“James is everything ok?”

I close and lock the door. I kiss Sarah. She wraps her arms around me. She yelps as I pick her up, she wasn’t expecting it. Her legs wraps around me now. As I walk over to the bed, laying her down. As I climb

on top of her. She starts to pull her clothes off, I help her. As the last but of clothing leaves her. I position myself, ready to enter her. Sarah looks up, breathing hard. I can feel her heart, beating in her chest. I put my tip against her, feeling how wet she is. I move my cock, coating the tip. I look into her eyes, so submissive right now. I like it. I freeze, my wind goes white. One word echoes, condom. Sarah notices my face.

“James are you broken.”

“No, it’s just. Do you have protection? I don’t know if you need it. NOT, to imply you aren’t worthy of it. Or that it’s impractical for you. I don’t know your choices, I shouldn’t assume. I..don’t…um. I’m stuttering aren’t I?” Sarah just smiles.


“You were doing so well there for a second.”

“Yeah, I know. All dominant then. Crash.”

“Well, luckily for you. I like both. Dominant and adorable.” She flips me over, now she’s on top. Straddling me.

“It is sweet of you to ask. I’m on the pill. So feel free to finish inside me.” That very thought, get my dick rock hard. Sarah leans back, grasping my cock. Aiming for her pussy.

“Are you sure you want this James?” I look up at her.



“Are you sure? No going back from here.”

I sit up, look deep into her eyes.

“I don’t know how this will go. But I want to find out. I have never met anyone like you. I intend to stick around.”

Tears fall down her face, as Sarah kisses me again. She deftly guides me in, as we moan into each other’s mouths. The sensation of entering Sarah is incredible. We both need a minute. As we recover, Sarah pushes me down. Grabbing my hands, pinning them above my head. She gives me a wicked smile, as she starts to ride me. Her breast pressed against my chest, slow and deliberate. At first, savouring the feeling, every inch of her. Sarah gasps, hips raised. As I put her nipple in my mouth. Her entire breast sits on my face, I taste every inch of it. We discover that with each other it doesn’t take long. Sarah goes first, gyrating on my cock sends her over the edge. She sits up, riding me with speed. Ramping up to her orgasm. This frees my hand, I grasp her hips. Moving with them, helping her.

“Oh fuck. I’m close. So close.”

“I’m right here.” I place my thumb on her clit, and work it and she cums.


“OH FUCK ME!!!” Sarah grabs the back of my head, pushing mine into hers. Holding our foreheads together as she cums. I enjoy every second of ecstasy on her face, as she rides an intense wave. When she comes down, I pull out.

“Oh, Jesus. I think that was my big one.”

“Well, I loved every second of it.”

“Oh, you did? Did you.” She looks down at my cock.

“You didn’t cum?”

“No, it was a bit too soon after. But we got going, didn’t want to ruin the flow.” Sarah reaches out and grasps my shaft. Stroking it.


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