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Mr. Nice Guy

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That’s what my sister, and her friends called him. At school, he used to come over, and talk to them on lunch about Feminists, and stuff.

You know the type, he didn’t wear an old timey hat, and a trenchcoat. He didn’t have no neck beard, neither. Not yet, he was only 13, or 14, and he graduated middle school the same year as my sister, and her friends. She just told me about him, and “Don’t talk to him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” but he came over to talk to her while we’re hanging around the gas station.

They had up picnic tables, and roach coaches. You know, big box vans, and trailers with hotdogs, and stuff, so you could get a bite to eat. It was a place to hang out, and drink cold drinks from the store in the shade. They had unbrellas set up to sit under, out of the sun, but she ran off with a boy to have sex outside. Since she can’t bring him home with mom, and dad there, so I followed them once.

He wasn’t a nice guy, he was just a boy, but I guess they were starting to date, because she met him there all the time, and sometimes I went with her. Then, I heard Mr. Nice Guy call the girls “Ladies.” Over at another table, they told him to F off, and leave them alone, there eating.

(Yeah, but eating hotdogs, because there only $0.50 cents each. So, you kinda have to expect the horn dogs are going to get horny if you tease them by eating them sexy like that. Mostly just squirting catchup in there to lick it out, and make “Ew” gross noises, since it looks bloody in the hotdog bun, but he’s the only one confident enough to walk up, and talk to a whole table full of girls about acting lezzy out in public, but there not really lezbos, there just play acting to gross each other out, and also tease the boys.)

So, I followed him around the corner, where he was taking a leak. I thought he was going to do something else, but nope. He just zipped up his pants, and turned around. “Hey,” I had my phone out, but I couldn’t get a picture, with his back turned in the corner.

“What are you doing back here? Your not calling the cops?”

“No,” I switched back to Video, and Saved Videos, “But maybe you can help me with something?” I turned it, and came over beside him, so we can watch the video together. “You want to try that?” I hit play.

“Eating pussy?”

“Well, 69ing. It’s called that because it looks like the number 69.”

“I know what it’s called, but.” He put his arm around me and looked around. I knew that he must be a sure thing, because he always wanted to talk about sex. Whatever you’re talking about, he always showed up, and changed the subject. So, he had to have a boner all the time, like some teenagers do.

“Is that your sister?”

“Oh, nohoho.” I laughed it off, “Just some porno from the internet.” There not 18 yet, so it’s technically illegal to take pictures and video of them having sex. Even oral sex, or naked at all, but he walked me down the hill, behind the gas station. “Why, do you think she looks like me?”

“Kinda, only with bigger tits.” He squeezed the side of my bra, so I twisted out.

“Huh, look. Nice guy, I know you think you know girls, and what we like, but negging isn’t the way to get what you want. It’s not nice, it’s just negative, and if you want to get a positive result, that’s like 2 steps forward, and 1 step back if you keep negging us like that.”

“Well, I thought you’re horny.”

“Uh, of course, but that’s not the point. You can’t just turn us on, and off again, that’s not how to get what you want.” I shook my head, “Okay, I forgive you, but unzip your pants, and lay down on the ground.” I turned the phone, sideways, “Like this.”

“So, you want to be on top. I get that, you’re a confident young lady, and you know how to get what you want, I like that.”

I nodded, “That’s better,” but he did what I said. So, I undid my shorts, and pulled them down. Came around to kneel on my shorts, so my knees didn’t get dirty, and lay down on his chest. “Hm.” I picked it up, and even though it wasn’t hard yet, it was pretty big, and thick. So, I gave it a few tugs to get it harder, and smell the foreskin.

He rubbed his nose in my crotch, and felt down my back, to slip his fingers in my panties, and push them down. “Snh, your pussy smells so good.”

“Thanks,” but I pushed his skin all the way back, and sniffed inside it. He did just take a piss, but with my panties down, he had to pull the crotch out of the way with his teeth, and then pick his head up to kiss me there.

“Uh,” I wiggled around, “Hold still, no hold your tongue still.” He stuck it out, and I had to scoot up a little to lift my hips, and rock them down. “UH!” I finally touched it. “Right there, lick it right there, no. Swirl it around and round in tiny circles. Uh, huh!” My clit, of course. It wasn’t exactly like I practiced, but my sister taught me this trick, she used to get through class. When she was really hot, horny, and fertile, she could stick a ball in her underwear, and sit on it. Then, cross the legs, and move her hips to roll it around. In tiny little circles, then up and down when you start getting close until it flipped your switch fast enough, and enough times to set you off. I even learned to hold it inside with a Kegel until I sat down, so I could pop it out, and roll it up to my clit.

“Oom phup!” I couldn’t hold still, so he started holding his tongue pointed. Right in the crease, between my little lips where they came together, so they split wide open, and the wet hood rolled up and down with my humping. Even better then the ball bearing, which is all I ever had in there besides my fingertips, but now it was really getting close, so I just held the head in my mouth, and the skin bunched up to kiss my lips to hold on, when the tingles started.

Spreading down my legs, and up my tummy so it twitched my pubes on his chin, and I had to spit it out to breathe. “Uh huh yeah ah yes yes yes!” I gave his face a couple more humps, then just relaxed. “Huh, oh huh! Yeah, huh! Yeah.” I just put my head down sideways, on his leg. A minute, just to feel the sharp pins and needles fade to tingles, until I caught my breath.

“Huh!” I grabbed his dick, and turned my hand over, so I could hold it up sideways, and pump it good and hard. “Yeah, cum now. You got me off, so you can cum now.” He rolled over, so I fell off on the ground, but he could lay sideways. With one leg up, and the other bent for me to pillow my head on. “Come on my face, come quick, before somebody else comes, and sees us!”

“UHHHH!” He held his breath, and started shaking. I closed my eyes, and bit my lips, but he mover my hand and took over. Aiming for my cheek, then up on my eye, so it ran down my nose, and dripped on his hairy leg. he was nice and hairy, not very muscular, except his legs, and not fat at all.

I guess that’s a myth, they always made nice guys like him look super fat, and neck bearded, with acne, and a disgusting look on his face. Not him, he was actually pretty cute, and good looking. He probably could have gotten a girlfriend sooner if he could just keep his mouth shut, but instead he tried to get laid by telling girls they want jerks instead of nice guys like him, but he did learn 1 lesson. he got one thing right, out of all that bullshit going around the internet.

Nice guys always finish last, just to make sure you get off. So he can leave you satisfied, with a thick creamy cum load all over your face, or at least half of my face. Turned over side by side like that, but it was more than enough for me.

“Huh!” He sat up, and fixed his pants next to me, while I just put my hands up under my cheek, to keep it out of the dirt. “How was that?”

“Great.” I wiped my eye so I could look at him, and pulled my short up. So, I could sit up in the dirt, without getting my wet pussy all muddy. “Huh, you want a girlfriend, or.”

“Yeah,” he even took my hand, and held it in his lap. “I’d love to go out with you as my girlfriend.” He even patted it.

“Well great, let me get your number then.” I wiped my fingers off on my shorts, and got my phone out.

“You’re not going to wipe that mess up off your face?”

“Hm, no.” I smiled, and switched to camera. Just to see my first facial, and the satisfied smile from my first 69 with a boy. No wait, a young man now. Maybe he’ll stop being such an incel, and listen to me now.

That’s the only way to fix them: First, you have to do them, so they’ll listen, and then they have to unlearn everything they got told by other virgins like them. “Besides, nobody will believe you actually got laid without the proof, so help me up.” We went back up the hill to the picnic tables, and I wiped it off with some napkins, after everybody got a good look.

“Oh, my god. You didn’t get a facial from that Incel, Jordan?”

“Yeah, but you can’t call him an incel no more.”

“Why not?”

“Because he’s not an incel any more, he’s my boyfriend.” They looked over, so I looked back, and he was getting high 5s from the other boys. “See?”

“Well, I’m not going to respect him or anything, just because he’s your boy toy.”

“Of course not, he’s going to have to learn to respect women, and girls first, but now he’ll listen to me.”

“Not if they have anything to do with it.” She pointed out the guys talking, and looking over at us.

I moved over to sit next to my sister on the picnic table, and cupped my mouth. “DON’T GET ANY IDEAS, GUYS!” I gave them all the fingers.

“Well, what kinds of ideas are you talking about?”

“You know,” like I’m a slut, and I’ll do anybody when i just got my first boyfriend, and I don’t want to ruin it with him. “A gangbang?”

“Yeah,” she grinned, and stuck her pinky out, to rub her lips with her fingernail.

“Now don’t you start getting ideas.”

“Well, come on. If you think about it, maybe we could hold a class for incels to teach them how to not be incels any more.”

I giggled, “Oh, we can call it a Semenar!” We both laughed, and joked about it, but when we got home. She got out an old notebook from school, so we could work out what we want to teach them. Now that I found the trick to change there minds.

She’s right, we have to compete with all the men on the internet, and all the stupid stuff they tell virgins to almost guarantee they’ll never get laid, but that’ll take forever if we try to do it 1 boy at a time.

The secret is, we have the pussies. So, they’ll listen, if they want any more. You just have to give them a taste, first…

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