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Mother Fucker 1

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The brutal rape of a mother by her own son

I was out of jail. After nearly a year. For something stupid I did, which I don’t regret per se, but in my childhood stupidity ended up getting caught up in more trouble than I could handle.

I fondled a neighborhood girl. She belonged to a middle-class family from the North and I had barely entered her, before I was caught.

Now the juvenile system in India is fucked. So, I just got 6 months. My original sentencing at a Juvenile home. Then I got myself involved with some gang activities and ended up extending it to 6 more months.

Went inside 14, as a wild child and came outside nearly 16, a permanent monster. My father had cut ties with the family, leaving the rest of my family distraught. Or so I believed.

My younger sisters were taken in by my Aunt, while my mother, that sweet, innocent lady whom I thought I knew the best, had married twice and divorced my father and her second husband.

That whore of a mother still loved me though and was the only one who was ready to take me in, so I bided my time. After being released, I saw her standing outside the gate.

Abida was this 40 year old woman, the only piece of pussy I had got a chance to lay eyes on for nearly a year. My mind clicked and my dick throbbed, as I met my mother’s embrace with glee.

I stared down at the rickshaw puller who was eyeing her figure and he turned front. Ammi had tears streaming down her face, which I believed were true but nothing was going to change me. Not now.

I was too busy eyeing her body. She had a good amount of plumpness around her. I always remembered her huge breasts. Proper C cup breasts, so huge my palms couldn’t grab them. And saggy ass, just like her boobs with strained marks across them, for her tight fitting clothes or the Hijab I guess.

A piece of meat for raw consumption. I still wonder, whatever the hell she was thinking by agreeing to take me in. Stupid whore. She got what she deserved, didn’t she?

Enacting the plan to brutally rape his mother

All along the long ride, from the rickshaw to the bus stand then walking to her house, Ammi kept rubbing my arm. Taking comfort from me, rather than comforting me. She kept muttering how good it was to see me and how she was happy that I was free.

I just couldn’t resist, for being exposed to her like that, seeing her fat lips move as she talked to me so I pulled her to me and faced her, before kissing her firmly on her lips. I tried to pull her neck, but I was too slow. She pulled away and stared at me, not believing what I had done. I managed by telling her that I had missed her too and wanted to show my love. She didn’t respond much and I pulled her hand to jolt her from the kiss.

The new house was definitely bigger than what we lived in before I was in jail. Removing our footwear outside, we both entered and Ammi was looking at me for some sort of approval.

“Kaisa hai ghar?” (How is the house?) She asked me, smiling from ear to ear.

“Great. It’s marvellous what a woman’s pussy can achieve when put to work. Right?” I passed that comment and didn’t wait for her shocked reaction.

I looked around the house. There was a second floor upstairs, with the connecting stairs inside. I explored the rooms above and below. Everything was neat.

I came back downstairs to see Ammi had unpacked most of my meagre stuff from my bag. I chugged a water bottle down and removed my shirt. I caught my mother briefly looking at me, before she stood up. Of course, now that she had uninhibited use of her body, why would she even bother with me.

Throwing away my shirt casually, I proceeded to remove my pants. That elicited the response I was waiting for, as I heard a gasp emerge from Ammi.

“Ay, Ammi keep some hot water for me.”

Yes, yes she nodded and went inside the master bedroom. I waited for a while before I headed in. I had locked the bedroom door before I switched off the running tap in the attached bathroom and switched on the shower, with my mother still inside.

“What are you doing?” She shrieked but I kept mute as I allowed both of us to be drenched in cold water, after holding her tightly from behind. Ammi was shorter than me and if jail had taught me one thing, it was how to effectively subdue your captive. I closed her mouth with my hand and gently probed all over Ammi with my free hand.

Overpowering her is a tough motherfucker

Satisfyingly wet, I moved away from Ammi who was holding her hands away from her and wanting to be rid off her wet clothes which were sticking to her body. But I was with her. So she hugged herself instead. Under shock, I still believed she was. She wiped her face off dripping water and spit some out, not in an offensive way. But I took offense nonetheless.

“Remove your dress, Ammi. Or you’ll catch a cold.” I stood leaning on the bathroom wall staring at her. I removed my wet underwear to encourage her. She didn’t bite and began to say something about the inappropriateness of the situation. I shut her up by slapping her once, then pulling her to me by her face.

“Strip or get another slap.” She burst into tears as she began to obey me. Her wet salwar needed some help from me. I happily obliged and when she was completely naked, I pushed her wet self to the bed.

I was prepared for a fight and when I got the first resistance, I instinctively held both of my mom’s wrists together and made her lay face down on the bed. Her legs were on the ground, her upper body bent over. I stood behind her, no I was actually sitting on her back, pressing on her hands which I had pulled back to sit on them and shouted at her to stop whimpering.

Mashallah! Just 16 and about to rape my own mother. I could only guess what the papers were going to say and just count the years I would get for my new prison sentence.

Her bare ass, my Ammi’s bare ass was there now for my taking. I was hard the instant she was naked. I touched the bare tip of my dick and was quite surprised at how wet I was. I played with the fluids for a while. Like a child exploring his body innocently. I winced when I fell my balls were pinched by Ammi, in a desperate attempt to make me lose my grasp on her. It only succeeded in me losing my temper.

I pulled a pillow and stuffed it under her face and twisted her already bent arms further causing her pain and making her stretch her pussy and ass together. Ammi’s muffled cries echoed in the room as I rubbed myself on her pussy opening. She uttered a lot of nonsense about forgiveness, pity, shame. Not a lot I remember, for I was engrossed in fucking her and mostly ended up shushing her up and telling her to give up.

But the sassy and stubborn cunt never did. She kept thrashing for no reason other than that it was me who was on top of her, not anyone else.

I saw her turn her face to the side to weep for freely and getting impatient with my loss of control over her, I held her down and entered her vagina in one brutal thrust. Unbelievable. I felt her walls stretch to accommodate me and I knew I was tiny so to alleviate her humiliation, the only other way to make her pay, was to pound her with extra force.

Enjoying the brutal rape of his lovely Ammi

The bed wasn’t old, so there was no satisfying creaking noise. But what it gave was even better. A soft bang against the wall each time I pushed into my Ammi’s whoring cunt, coupled with the blood curdling screams that came from her mouth.

I had pushed up Ammi’s body upwards on the bed and was like a child riding on his mother’s back. The sloppy sounds my dick made as it vandalised her pussy, with the slapping sounds my body made with her ass enthralled me.

The pillow under Ammi’s face was wet with her tears and saliva, the covers beneath our incestuous union was equally drenched. I looked back as I slowed down and thrust back harder again, to see her legs rise up as I broached her, then fall back when I withdrew from her. Her anklets jingled everytime I did this. I pulled up my mother’s hands and saw her fingers still struggling. I licked some of her fingers and placed them back down beneath my balls as I began to feel my climax nearing.

I cannot properly describe the thrusting motions I made, not able to aptly describe the frenzy with which I did. I kept my back still while my ass moved like a piston, in and out of my mother with force. I literally pulled back on my mother’s hands for support pulling her up and stretching her as I gave into my pleasure and came in a bountiful quantity inside Ammi’s pussy.

“Aah! Aaaah! Aah! Aah!” I shuddered with each wave and gave cringe worthy grunts to show my happy ending. I didn’t pull out yet and sat on my mother’s back. I was afraid I had literally pulled her apart when I had got hold of her hands in my pleasure state. I hadn’t, but that didn’t mean the damage I had done to her was anything less. She was too afraid to move. Not with me still inside of her.

God, I had enjoyed raping her.

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