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Mother and son step across the line and become lovers Chapter 1

The next day on the slopes it had begun to snow, making the trail somewhat faster. This time it was Eric who challenged his mother to the race. He had a plan. As she took off down the slope, he intentionally stayed behind. When she had a good lead he headed after her. About halfway down the slope, they came to a spot where the trail veered right and left. Everyone, including Melissa went left.

Eric went right. It was a dangerous section, which only the best skiers attempted. Someone had told him yesterday that it was a way to get down the mountain much faster.

Eric moved swiftly onto the unfamiliar trail. It was dangerous, but the desire to win was even stronger. He owed his mother too many chores already. With all his skills, he moved swiftly down the slope. However, on one sharp turn, the snow under his ski’s crumbled and suddenly he was launched into the air, heading for a tree and rock strewn crevice. The binding on his skis snapped and they flew in different directions. He hurtled downward. Fortunately for him, he hit the top of a spruce tree and his descent was slowed. Trying to brace his fall with his hands, he still hit the snow-covered rocks hard.

Fortunately there had been a group of people on snowmobiles in the area and they saw Eric leave the trail. Otherwise it would have been hours before he was found and he could have bled to death.

* * * * *

Melissa looked behind her as she reached a straightaway, but she didn’t see Eric. She smiled, thinking he had probably fallen in his attempt to catch her. However, when she reached the bottom and she still didn’t see him, she became worried. A few minutes later she went to the ski patrol shack and asked if they could check on Eric.

The attendant radioed the patrol at the top of the hill and asked them to check the slopes. They radioed back that a snowmobiler had seen someone crash and they were on their way to the site.

It was almost an hour later when the ski patrol finally got back to her. Melissa was in a panic. “Is he okay? What happened to him?” she gasped breathlessly.

“They found him at the bottom of a crevice. He apparently took the dangerous route down the hill.”

“Oh God,” she gasped, “How is he?”

“Well, he was knocked out when he hit the rocks and he’s bruised up, but they don’t think there are any broken bones.”

Melissa was relieved by the attendant’s words, but still very worried.

A few minutes’ later two ski patrol members came sliding down the slope with Eric strapped to a stretcher between them.

Melissa climbed into the ambulance next to Eric, who was still unconscious. She held his hand and cried all the way to the hospital. It was her fault. She was the one that kept the challenge going. She should have let him win.

It was sometime later when the doctor came into the waiting room and asked for Mrs. Jacobs.

“That’s me,” Melissa said, standing up as the doctor walked over to her.

“I’m Doctor Spitzer,” he said holding his hand out to Melissa.

She shook it quickly and said, “How is Eric, Doctor?”

“Sit down please.”

That didn’t sound good. When Melissa was seated, the doctor sat in a chair beside her.

“Well, your husband is in good shape considering where he crashed,” said Dr. Spitzer in a heavy German accent. “He has a nasty bump on the back of his head and a concussion, but there doesn’t appear to be any internal head injury. He also has a number of bumps and bruises in other areas, including a bunch of sprained joints. I have put bandages on the areas I could. In general, he should be kept immobile for at least twelve hours. He is sedated, but you can take him home if you like as long as you keep a close eye on him.”

“Yes, I will.”

“You can get your car and the nurses will have him at the door in a few minutes.”

Suddenly Melissa had tears running down her cheeks … tears of relief. Through her sobs, Melissa thanked the doctor. Then she went to the parking lot and drove her car to the entrance of the hospital. She saw Eric sitting in a wheel chair on the sidewalk with a nurse holding an umbrella to protect him from the rapidly falling snow. There was an ice pack strapped to the back of his head, but she couldn’t see anything thing else since he had the hospital gown on and a blanket covering him. He was slumped over in the chair.

“He’s sedated,” a nurse said when she saw Melissa’s panicked look. Then she handed Melissa a bottle of pills and said, “Give him one of these every four hours. Keep the bandages from getting wet and make an appointment to see the doctor in three days.” Finally she handed her a bag of Eric’s clothes and added, “He’ll be fine. We’ve seen a lot worse from skiing accidents up here.”

“Thank you,” said Melissa. She let a male hospital attendant put Eric into the passenger side of the car and then she headed home. The snowfall had grown heavier and it was coming down in large flakes, making it difficult to navigate back to the cabin. When she got to the caretaker’s house she stopped. Suddenly she wondered how she was going to get Eric to the cabin. It was at least 200 yards up the mountain to the front door. She got out of the car and knocked on Mr. Schmidt’s door.

When he answered, Melissa said, “I’m sorry to bother you Mr. Schmidt, but there’s been an accident.”

“Leon please,” he returned. “What happened?” he asked, looking at the car and seeing Eric with the ice pack on his head, leaning on the side window.

“Eric crashed on the ski slope this morning. He has a concussion and several sprains, but otherwise the doctor thinks he will be okay. Unfortunately, I can’t get him to the cabin by myself. He’s sedated.”

“No problem,” Leon said. He turned and called “Luke, Alexandra.” The two large dogs came running. “Let me get my sled and we can have your husband in the cabin in a few minutes.”

“Oh thank you so much. You are being so kind. I can pay you for your trouble.”

“No ma’am. Wouldn’t think of it. You’re guests here in Switzerland.”

Melissa felt like she had insulted him with the offer to pay. “Thank you, Leon,” she said again.

Leon retrieved a sled from the back of his house and put it in the trunk with the end sticking out of the back. Then he loaded the dogs in the car and climbed in with them.

Melissa drove up the hill, parked and then watched Leon place a collar on Luke and Alexandra and attach leather straps from their collars to the sled. Then she helped load Eric onto the sled. A few minutes later they were at the cabin.

“Just get him to the bed and I can take it from there,” Melissa said.

Leon helped a half-unconscious Eric onto his feet and walked him into the house. Melissa got on one side and with Leon on the other they managed to get Eric up to the bedroom. There they laid him on the bed.

“I don’t know how to thank you, Leon.”

“You have already thanked me. I hope your husband is okay,” he said as he started to leave. Then he stopped. “Oh, by the way, there is a real bad storm coming. Do you have everything you need in the cabin? You might not be able to get out for a few days.”

“Yes, I think so,” said Melissa.

“Good, because these storms can hit us hard this time of year. Still, if you need anything, you know where I am. Feel free to call on me.”

“I will and thank you again, Leon.”

“Take care, Mrs. Jacobs.”

With that, Melissa walked back into the cabin to Eric. She saw him lying where they had left him on the bed. He had on the green hospital gown. She sighed and went over to him, lifting him to a sitting position so she could take the gown off. He was naked underneath. A gasp came from her lips when she saw the cuts and bruises over his body. Most of them looked superficial, but there were scratches on his thigh that looked like a large cat had scratched him and he had a swollen bruise high on his thigh that looked ugly. She sat on the bed and took his hand. Unfortunately she couldn’t help looking at his naked form. Her eyes traveled up and down his body. He was a strong boy with a well-defined chest, narrow waist, and strong legs. Her eyes eventually fell to his penis, which was lying flaccid on his thigh. Although she tried to see him as her son and knew any other view was wrong, she couldn’t deny the unwanted excitement that trickled through her.

Eric’s penis was long and big around, even while soft. She knew how it looked hard. It had been years since she had seen it soft like this though. Although she felt guilty, she continued to stare. Her fingers were but inches from it and she tried to suppress the un-motherly urge to reach out and touch it. Finally, losing the battle, she reached her hand over to casually lay it on top of the long tube. Her heart was thumping in her chest now. Suddenly, she felt his penis move under her palm. It was warm, almost hot to the touch, and had a soft silky feeling. She could almost feel the blood pulsing through it. She lifted it and closed her fingers around the shaft.

For several long moments she held it, almost unconsciously squeezing the tube in her fingers. Inevitably, it began to grow larger in her hand until it was erect. Her mouth was open as she gasped for breath. The long tube felt alive in her hand. Suddenly she realized what she was doing and she quickly let it go. It throbbed and stood up like a statue. With one last look, she chastised herself and stood up. After pulling a sheet over him, she went into the kitchen on wobbling legs to make a cup of coffee.

Several hours later, Melissa was sitting next to the bed reading when she heard Eric stir. She saw his eyes open and almost sighed in relief.

“Where … what happened?” he asked in a quiet voice.

“You crashed on the mountain.” Tears of relief filled her eyes as a smile crossed her face.

Eric tried to sit up.

“No. You have to stay immobile for several more hours,” Melissa said, pushing him back down.

Eric moaned and brought a hand up to his head. When he saw the bandages on his wrists and elbows he asked, “Shit, did I break my arms?”

“No, just sprains. The doctor says they should be okay in a couple of days, but he doesn’t want you to move them, or get the bandages wet.”

“I’m so stupid,” he whispered, dropping both arms back to the bed.

“It was an accident. My fault.”

“How was it your fault?” he said, the memory of what happened slowly coming back to him.

“I let the challenge go on. I should have stopped it.”

“Bull, Mother. It was my fault. I should have never tried that route down the hill.” Suddenly tears came to Eric’s eyes. “Now I’ve fu … screwed up our vacation.”

Melissa reached over and grasped his hand. “You didn’t screw it up. There’s a big storm blowing up so we couldn’t have skied for a couple of days anyway. Once the storm is over, we can do some sightseeing. I really wanted to see more of Switzerland anyway.”

Eric smiled indulgently at his mother. “Thanks, Mom.” Then he tried to sit up again.

“You can’t get up.”

“But I gotta pee,” he protested.

“Hmmm,” Melissa said. “Wait a minute.” She got up and went to the kitchen, coming back with a mason jar a few moments later. She held it out to Eric.

“What’s that for?” he asked. Then he suddenly realized what the jar was for. “I’m supposed to pee in the jar?” His face turned red. “Come on, Mom.”

“Sorry. You’re not supposed to get up, doctor’s orders. I can help if you want.”

“No,” Eric answered quickly. Then he reached for the jar. However, as soon as he took it, it slipped through his hands.

Melissa caught it. “Guess you don’t have much choice. Turn over on your side.”

“Oh, Jesus,” sighed Eric in resignation. He turned over facing his mother.

She pulled the sheet to his feet.

Eric closed his eyes.

Melissa reached out with a trembling hand and grasped her son’s penis, directing the large head inside the jar. She held it there for a minute or so. Suddenly his penis began to grow. A small smile came to her lips and she almost giggled.

With his eyes still closed, Eric said, “I don’t think I can do it. This is soooo embarrassing.”

“I know, honey, just try to concentrate on something else.” The penis in her hand continued to grow until it was half-hard.

“Mom, it’s not going to work,” Eric said, almost in a panic now.


“Your … your … hand … and uh … I … I … can’t concentrate with you watching and holding me.”

“Will this make it better?” Melissa said as she pulled the sheet back over him, keeping her hand on his still growing penis. A second after he was covered, his penis was fully hard and pulsing in her hand. Melissa knew she had a dilemma. He had to go to the bathroom and the doctor didn’t want him to get up. Yet, he couldn’t go while he was hard. Suddenly she knew what she had to do. She began to move the hand on his cock.

Eric opened his eyes wide when he felt her hand moving. “Mom!” he gasped.

“Shhhhh,” she whispered as she held the jar with one hand and began to pump his shaft. She couldn’t believe she was actually masturbating her son. She recalled the saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” At least that was her justification for what she was doing.

“Oh God,” he gasped. His facial expression showed that he still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Melissa could feel her panties soaking through as she pumped her son’s cock. The blood was rushing to her head, making her feel faint. She was glad she was sitting or she might have fallen. Yet, she told herself she had to do this. There was no other choice.

“Mom,” Eric gasped as his hips began to move with the pumping of her hand. It didn’t take long. “Mom, I’m going to …” he gasped and paused. Suddenly his body stiffened. “Ohhhhhh,” he moaned.

Melissa squeezed her legs together as she felt his cock pulse. Then she felt the cream rushing up the shaft of his throbbing cock. She could actually feel cum moving through his cock. Suddenly, as the juice began to squirt into the jar, her climax started. She tried to remain still, but her hips moved up and down as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her. It was an intense climax and lasted for a long time. When she finally recovered, she realized that Eric’s cock had grown soft in her hand. When she glanced over she saw that Eric still had his eyes closed. She squeezed his cock several more times before she let it go. “Now you should be able to pee.”

It took Eric a couple more minutes before he was finally able to relieve himself into the jar.

Chapter 8

Melissa was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when she heard Eric get out of bed. It sounded like he was coming down the steps haltingly. She moved the frying pans to a cold burner and hurried to the steps. She got there just as he disappeared into the bathroom.

“Mommmmm,” Eric gasped when his mother stepped into the bathroom.

“Sorry,” she said, I heard you come down the stairs and wanted to make sure you were all right. I’ll wait outside.”

“Can you get me something to wear?” he asked.

“Sure,” Melissa said and left the bathroom. A moment later she reached her hand into the door with a pair underpants and a T-shirt. He took them and began to put them on. It took him a long time to get the underwear on as he tried to avoid putting pressure on areas that hurt, which was most of his body. Then he tried to pull the shirt over his head and began to struggle again.

“Here, let me help,” Melissa said as she came into the bathroom.

When the shirt was over his head and pulled down Eric looked at the shower/tub and said, “I need to take a bath but I can’t see how with the bandages and all.”

“You’re right, you do need a bath. You have dried blood and hospital disinfectant all over you. Come on in to breakfast and we will figure something out.” She could feel her son’s eyes on her as she walked away. She had on the same pink nightgown she had worn the other day. Underneath she had thong panties and no bra.

As they sat down to eat, Melissa reached over and cut his food into small pieces. Then when she saw him try to pick up a fork in his bandaged hand without success, she placed one in his fingers.

He began to eat like he hadn’t eaten in days. During a brief pause in eating, his eyes went to his mother.

She could see him staring at her almost bare breasts. For a moment she thought of covering her breasts with her arms, but made no move to do so. She stared back at her son until he saw her. His face turned red and his eyes shifted to the window where the snow was coming down heavily outside.

“It really snows here when it snows,” he said nervously.

Melissa smiled. “Yes, I’ve been listening to CNN and they said it is going to be one of the worst blizzards that they had seen in this areas in a quarter of century.”

“Do we have enough food?” Eric asked.

“Yep. I checked everything and we could last for about a week. If the blizzard lasts longer than a week, the house will be buried anyway. It’s unlikely they will open the slopes until next week, so we aren’t missing anything.”

“Where’s Paul Bunyan when you need him,” Eric said and laughed.

“Are you feeling better?”

“A little. In fact pretty good considering what happened. My head is a little sore and my legs and arms hurt like hell, but otherwise I’m good.”

“Well, I guess you can’t do the dishes like you owe me.”

“Sorry,” he said, holding up both bandaged arms.

“You’ll do anything to get out of doing the dishes, but this is going a little too far,” Melissa said. Then she added, “The bandages can come off in a couple of days if we can get to the doctors office.” She got up and took dishes to the sink. When she turned around she saw Eric staring at her behind.

His face turned red with embarrassment. “Uh … uh … there isn’t much I can do for you or myself.”

“I know sweetie. Now, about that bath, I can help you.”

“You mean like wash me?” Eric asked incredulously.

“Well, yes. I’ve seen you naked you know. Remember I changed your diapers for a few years,” Melissa said with a smile. “You certainly can’t go for days without a bath. And, quite frankly you smell like hospital disinfectant … amongst other things.”

“I can try to do it myself if you fill the tub.”

“But you can’t sit in the tub.”

“Maybe I can stand and wash.”

“All right,” Melissa replied without conviction as she watched him go to the bathroom. A moment later she followed him. She stood in the doorway and watched him try to lather his face to shave.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed when the razor cut his cheek.

“Having trouble?” Melissa said as she stood in the doorway with her arms folded.

Eric looked exasperated. “Yes. I can’t even shave myself.” However he didn’t miss the fact that his mother had on the same see-thru nightgown he had seen previously. Her nipples were already hard.

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