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More Than Just a Thank You Chapter 2: Desserts

My pace quickens up the stairs as I once again unbutton my chef coat, sliding it off my shoulders and dropping it, along with the table cloth on the steps below. I reach the top and come up from behind you, wrapping my arms around your slender waist running my hands wildly across your nakedness. Burying my face into your neck, kissing and licking along the edge of your right ear, and gently nibbling at your lobe. 

I softly peck at the curvature where your neck and shoulder meet, working my way across your body with devilish hands. You push your firm bottom into me nestling my cock between your soft cheeks, as you lift and stretch your right arm above your head and back so you can grip the back of my head, raking your fingers through my black hair. 

You moan, softly saying, “Where’s your bed, baby?” 

I reach for the switch flicking it on, bathing us in light. I drop my pants to let free the aching beast tucked away within. I bend my knees allowing my cock to slide easily between your silky caramel thighs, as I lift slightly to push the top of my cock against your tight dripping wet pussy. Sliding myself back and forth drenching my throbbing cock in your melting juices.

“Do we need it? We’re here… we have the whole place to ourselves baby,” I question, sweetly into your ear. 

“You’re right, but this cock and pussy need a bed baby, I want to take my time with you,” you whisper, bouncing against me and squeezing your legs tighter together, continuing with a sly grin.

“Do you feel that baby? How wet I am for you? That’s all for you baby, it’s my turn to serve you. And it’s the dish I wanted the most, chef – to taste my pussy on your Cock!”

I point to another door across the living room, showing you the way. You take a few tentative steps forward, turning around to face me. Taking my cock again in your sweet warm hands, gently pulling me with you, as you slide backward giggling. 

We make our way across the room, bumping into random furniture in the sparsely decorated space, our focuses wholly on each other and not the general surroundings, we stumble giggling across the room. Pawing, kissing, and gropingly we angle around end tables and lampshades as we spin haphazardly through open space. Ending with you, slamming my back heavily into the door and yourself into me. 

My meat pulsates in your tender grip, and I feel my cock pushing against your belly as we collide with the hardwood. You slide your fingers from base to tip and back as we do, my thick cock fitting perfectly against your chiseled well defined abdominal musculature. Holding me against yourself you begin to grind into me harder with your hand, using the ripples of your muscles to great effect, moving sensually up and down with your whole body.

My head lulls back, making a thud against the door. You bend your knees as you move, almost squatting down to encase me in your shiny sweat-covered cleavage, working your soft flesh against my knob, squeezing the life out of me between your enormous tits. 

Your tongue falls out of your mouth coated in saliva, drooling and dripping as you intentionally aim yourself to hover over my pink pulsating mushroom head. Letting loose strands of saliva down off the tip of your tongue to further lubricate your marvelous rack. My head spins as you squeeze and lick more and more of me, pulling my cock into your mouth as you go. 

Your lips suck and smack at my wide tip. Your tongue flicks and plays with my sensitive spaces on the underside of my cock head. Watching you slurping and smacking your lips along every inch of me your could reach, as you pull me from between your rack.

Dropping down to your knees in front of me now, you spread your legs wide like wings, revealing your pink dripping pussy to the open air. Spitting into your hand and sliding it slowly down your baby smooth pelvis adding to your already very lubed slit, bringing your finger up through the middle of your chiseled belly, making a honey trail for me to follow later. 

Returning your fingers between your legs massaging hard and deep into your soft tissues, squeezing your clit between tight, pulling fingers. You take a firm grip of me with your free hand sliding the bulbous tip of my pole through your luscious lips and between them with a suck.

Popping me in and out of your mouth, you take a second to admire your works, sloppily licking and kissing along my shaft from underneath, then finally pulling my cock back in, as deep into your mouth as you can take, using your soft, wet tongue to masterfully play in tune with the pulses of hot fluids that rushes through my whole body to their end at the very tip of me. You’re in full control of me as I grip the side of my thighs with one hand and gently run my fingers through your hair with the other. 

“Do you like that baby?” you gasp, pulling your head away from my meat and continuing to ask. “The way I suck you off? Do you like the way I tease your cock with my mouth? Oh yes, baby let’s get you all nice a wet for me,” you say, sucking me back in-between your bliss-filled lips.

Your hand that’s gently gripping the base of my shaft begins to stoke ever so lightly, keeping a slower pace with your mouth, your rhythm quickens as your taste my pre-cum flow. You pop me out using your tongue to dance against my tip then slowly down my length, exploring every bump and vein along the way. 

Somehow I manage to find the doorknob slowly twisting till I hear the latch give, raising myself off the door just enough to not fall back while it opens. kicking the door open with minimal effort, causing it to swing wide, illuminating the dark space of my bedroom. Light floods in from the living room and I switch on the next set of lights, revealing a low frame four-poster bed, with grey silk sheets and a fluffy down cover to match. 

I lean against the door frame as you continue. Reaching down to help you to your feet, you push my hand away, pawing at my chest with both hands as you take me deeper into your mouth. Looking up at me in clear worship and lustful adoration, you suck my cock.

Your lips work magic tricks, wrapping around my widths, sliding your mouth up and down my meaty shaft. Your variety and technique make my legs turn to jelly. You kiss along every inch, licking every curvy vein and undulation, sliding down to my hanging balls, drawing in each in turn with your salivating tongue wetting my cum filled sack. 

You smile up at me with my cock throbbing and pulsating alongside your beautiful face. You kiss and nibble softly as you work your way back up my shaft to give me one final plunge, swallowing me deeper down your throat. Choking yourself on my thickness you reel back gasping happily before you turn your head towards my bed then back up at me with a wide smile.

I help you crawl your way up my body to your feet. You wobble a bit from your head rush and laugh, steadying yourself quickly against me, as you stand on the tips of your toes to kiss my lips and pull me from the door frame. We laugh and giggle like horny teenagers as we slowly spin and sway our way to the bed, feeling my calves hit the edge I give in to gravity, losing my balance with our momentum. You push into me hard falling with me, in a pure expression of absolute wanton lust.

Bouncing a few times before settling, my cock slaps against the both of us. You catch my love rod, as you slowly crawl your way over my body into a seated cowgirl position on top of me stopping at the top of my legs. Pulling your wavy black hair back behind you and stretching your elegant body upward, showing off your angelic curves against the light.

Bending over me with a look of the utter sexual intensity you aim directly into my eyes. You rake your nails downward along my upper body, dragging your long black hair behind. Pulling yourself down along my naked flesh, brushing along me with various parts of yours. Just stopping so that your breasts loosely graze my thick pole, you kiss and give me small bites across my chest and belly as you stick your juicy ass into the air, pushing your chest into my cock.

You move like liquid fire along my torso, our skin melted together as you dance your way up to my neck. I can feel your heat radiating from you as you ravage through and across me burning into my very soul, your truest nature and essences revealed to me. You push down with your hips grinding them into mine, releasing drop after drop of your nectar onto the underside of my cock. 

You grind and work along the length of me for a time, massaging and blanketing me in your inferno drippings. Capturing me in your flared lips that coat me in a warm embrace across my aching pole. Our flesh ripples into small bumps and the tiny hairs on our bodies stand on end.

I reach up with both hands, each finding their directions to take. My right hand moves along your chest, feeling and fondling along the curvature of your inner breasts. Gliding along with the back of my fingertips up to your neck, where I grip you firmly just under your chin. I gently squeeze once before releasing and moving my hand up to run my fingers through the back of your loose hair for a better grip, pulling you closer.

My left hand, still at your waistline caresses its way across the small of your back as you put your weight on me. My hand moves down onto your supple buttocks squeezing your right cheek, spreading you wide open. I feel lower and deeper as I bump into the tip of my head, gripping lightly and pull upwards. Rubbing my swollen veins and undulating cock meat into your wetness, hearing you beginning to purr and quietly moan aloud.

“Oh, fuck… I love how you tease me… mmmm. Fuck yes edge me out a bit more… make it last Jake, Ohhhh Fucking tease that Pussy baby!” you yell, from between clenching white teeth, tiny grins, and bitten lips. 

You take over for me, massaging and working the end of my cock with the sweet heat and juicy grip of your pussy Lips. Slowly working my cock head out and in, of your wet hole, in combination with long sliding strokes up and down and along my twitching shaft nestled between your dripping lips. 

On your next pass, I push upward catching you slightly off guard. Feeling your pussy grip my head tightly, dripping and oozing out your creamy juices. My hips slowly begin to pump pushing me in, ever deeper, sliding comfortably into the warm bath of your pussy.

“Ohhh… fuck baby… you’re… you’re so fucking tight… mmmm fucking make that your cock baby, oh I need your cum… all over my cock.” I say as you push your chest against mine, holding yourself there as my hips gyrate beneath yours, slowly fucking your sweets box from below. 

I stop, suddenly feeling you pushing against me with your hips holding me down and forcing me to stand still. Pushing up with your arms and squeezing your juicy glistening breasts between your tensing biceps. I feel warm wave after wave of your wet love juices, soaking the both of us, lubricating our bodies. Your motions are a wild masterful blur as you control your grinding movements.

Rocking back and forth, sliding up and down, a rhythm with an attitude that matches my own, almost like you could read my thoughts. Maybe simply put you can read my cock as it pulsates and throbs. Feeling like I could pop at any moment, growing, thickening, even flexing inside you and you around me.

Your hands spring free their grip from my chest to raise to your own, grasping and squeezing your tits and twisting at your nipples. Tilting your head and lifting a breast to your mouth, licking at your nipple, first one then doing the same to the other, playfully flicking at them with the tips of your fingers. The undulating of your hips begin to slow and your moans turn to groans of agonized euphoric pleasure. I can feel the walls of your wet gash wrapping and tightening around my thick head as you begin to rock back and forth. Building up to a steady momentum as one of your hands reaches down to massage your sensitive clit. 

Your whole body begins to shake while you hold yourself as still as possible at the wide end of my cock, then allowing yourself to slide deeper and deeper, probing and massaging your pussy lips and clit, circling my shaft with eager fingers, feverishly feeling and indulging in your building energies. 

“Ohhh my fuu… Fuuck!” You whisper, as your eyes roll back and you continue. “Oh fuck, oh fuck… fuck yes your… your Cock! Make me cum, make me fucking cum… Jake! Ummmm,” you moan with growing excitement as you bite down on your lower lip, then letting loose a loud moan as your pussy squeezes my cock out of your little pussy with the tensing and flexing of your muscles. 

“Ohhhhh Fuck… your… Cock!…” your voice trailing off into heavy breathing, as you massage your clit vigorously and the dripping, tiny squirting hole just beneath. Slipping your fingers in and out, rubbing against your sweetest spot.

Your body shakes and trembles as a giddy sly grin stretches beautifully across your face. You collapse on top of me, gripping my chin with your hand soaking in pussy essence. Pressing your lips to mine, looking intoxicatingly into me through narrow eyes, directly into mine. I gently massage the small of your back making small circles, moving down through onto your shiny sweat, and love juice-covered bum.

I pull you upwards along my body as I sit up. My cock springs up with a tiny, soft slap firmly against your gushing clit, still very hard, and throbbing along with your small, soft wet box. your silky legs wrap around me holding my cock loosely in place there against your warmth. Lightly massaging the whole of your pink, puffy pussy against my cock, with the addition of small moves from my gently rocking hips.

Your eyes beam at me with the afterglow of your intense orgasm. Without saying a word you let me know how thoroughly you enjoyed yourself by squeezing your legs tighter together pushing down into me. Our lips graze one another’s, and our noses barely touch, and we deeply breathe in each other’s air as we catch out breaths.

“You still hard for me… chef,” you say coyly into my lips and continue, “does that mean I get a second helping, Jake… please, I’m still hungry baby,” rolling off of me to my side, releasing my hard meat out from underneath your firm supple behind. You turn on to your side presenting your perfectly round backside to me as if on a platter of delicate morsels. 

I cuddle up behind you, fitting perfectly against your rolling, slender curves. I run my fingers up then down your side while I kiss and peck at your shoulder. My hand sliding down now, feeling for the bend in your knee where I lift your leg at an angle to my own. Holding yourself there for me I reach down between us to slap my swollen rod onto your sensitive baby smooth, bliss-filled puss. 

You keep your leg up as I hold the base of my thick shaft, playfully teasing your warmth with fast vibrating shakes from my tip. I slap the full weight of cock against your clit one, two, three, and on the fourth, I drop my cock onto your thigh and quickly give your round elegant behind a firm smack with the palm of hand causing you to jump.

I pull you closer as you place your head down on my free arm. You bring my hand to your lips and suckle on my fingers as you squeeze your legs together, this time you’re the one to move, pushing and squeezing into me as I push back into you while I’m nestled between your smooth skin. Our timing is perfectly in sync, we writhe in each other’s ecstasy until we can no longer take the tease. Again I pull your leg up, and without letting go, you take hold of me, easily sliding me back into your tiny wet hole.  

Letting go of your leg I take hold of my shaft spreading my finger along the length of my rod, plunging my head in and out of your moist gash, I dip my cock in, savoring your wet grip as I begin to thrust deeper and deeper into you, working and sliding my way in deeper with each push of my hips. 

Your body glides along with mine like golden silk, undulating against me as you bounce back with your hips, flexing and squeezing your pussy muscles together while pushing me in balls deep. I bury my face in your neck as I brush your wild dark hair aside, wrapping my lips and tongue around any part of your neck that I could. You look back at me with your dark eyes capturing my own in a passionate gaze as you flick at me with your tongue until I embrace and kiss your lips with my own.

We speak to each other in body language, with our tongues, and in unintelligible moans and grunts. We writhe and wiggle between our intertwined arms, pumping and grinding, feeling the rhythm and beat building inside us. Your quivering pussy tightens and squeezes out my cock on the outstroke, as you come close to orgasm again giving us both a break, but only for a second or two. 

You roll away from me onto your knees, bending over in a low doggie position stretching out your back. Your brown eyes look out at me from the strands of hair that fell across your face. Just one beautiful brown eye and half a smile stand out in contrast among your dark locks. You brush back your hair behind your ear, and you grin and giggle at me, wiggling your tail in the air.

“Cum here…,” you say with an almost kitten-like quality, placing just the right emphasis in your words to also tell me what you want and showing me how at the same time. 

You’re almost purring with excitement as I rolled over to crawl slowly over to you. As I come closer I can’t help but give your ass a firm slap on each juicy cheek, groping after each loud pop of my hand. Holding on to your magnificent ass with both hands. I take up position behind you, the heat from your pussy holding my face there. I plunge my mouth and tongue deeply in, making out with that delicate place between your cheeks, licking and slurping the juices, squeezing together your succulent cheeks, squishing my face deep into them. My flailing tongue wildly flailing, as if I hadn’t eaten in days, you tasting like mangoes and pineapples. Your voice is a wild moaning of stammering broken words.

“Ohhh Fuuu…ccckk! Mmmm… mmmm… Hhhaa… hhhhaaa… right there Fuck… right there baby.  Gooood… boy you deserve a meal yourself. Fuck yes baby, eat that tiny Fucking Pussy! My God, I’m so fucking wet for your baby. That’s it baby, lap me up… Ummm Yes!” You cry, slamming your palm repeatedly into the bed, pulling at the sheets, shaking your ass into my face. Drilling my twisting, twitching tongue further into your hot box lunch.

I use my whole body in the effort, pushing forward and upward, using your curves as a guide for my salivating lips and mouth. Starting from your clit,  flicking gently, up through and between your delicious lips, enveloping each in my own, lightly nibbling on them with my teeth. circling your radius again and again with my drooling tongue. 

I nuzzle your anus with the tip of my nose, running my tongue one final time through your wet warm pussy. bringing up with me a pearlescent mass of saliva, drool, and pussy juice. Raising my scooped tongue up and slowly drizzling our liquids together down your backside between your crack. I bring myself up, centering my hips with your own, as I grip the girth of my shaft sliding my hand down to the base, once again tapping the head of my cock against the liquid fires of your perfect pink cunt, then slapping it against each of your bouncy ass cheeks.

I plow myself slowly up and down in-between your pussy lips. I look down, opening my hand and gathering in my mouth all the residual essences of my earlier feast, allowing it to slip with some accuracy off my tongue, and onto my waiting shaft. I lube myself up, covering and stoking myself as I find your wet hole with the wide tip of my cock and slowly push and slide back into you.

I tease your pussy to start, by not pushing in all the way. Holding myself at a certain length as I work in and out of you, running my rippled veins along your slick inner walls. Slowly, sensually worshipping you from behind admiring every inch and curve devouring you with lusty eyes and tactile eager hands. 

I paced myself, only sliding in a few inches at a time: at times going deeper others, more shallow, changing the beat and frequency of my thrusts,  basing them on your sensual moans and the sensual rhythms of your body, learning the recipe of your delicious orgasms as I go. 

My hands slide up to grasp your waist, giving me the leverage necessary to fully control my bucking movements. Our skin played out a beat for us, my balls slapping against your clit, your ass against my hips, my hand on occasion, slapping your ass to hear your muffled cooing moans of excited pleasure, as you pull and bite into my sheets.

I slow down, running my fingers through your hair grabbing it from the base, and sliding through to about mid-length to pull. You pull back against me as you rise onto your hands. Beginning to take up the pace, wiggling and pushing back into me with a fevered jiggling bounce. Your stupendous peach clapping vigorously against me, your sloshing pussy swallowing me whole pulling me apart then putting me back together in a whirlwind of heated thrusts. 

I give into you, as I fall forward, quickly placing my arms in a position to brace my collapse onto you. We come together as I carefully bring down my weight, laying you flat, thrusting my cock deep, and holding it there as I weigh you down. My hips begin to move into you, like the piston arms of a great engine rolling and building into each other’s rhythmic gears.

I fall to my elbows, bringing your body to trembles as bring my body up, change my angle, rocking back and forth your sensitive ribbed pussy wall. Supporting myself with one arm, I run the fingers of the other hand over the elegantly fit sides of your torso, over the fine definition of your abs, sliding up across your breasts, jumping to your open mouth to tease your lips. 

Raising myself to a seat position, straddling your upper thighs, putting my weight on my knees. I continue to pump into your delightfully hot wet hole again changing my approach. You with your arms at your sides, gripping and clawing at my legs as you quiver from each stroke. I stop, feeling your tightening pussy about to cum, pulling out and sliding down your legs. Raising myself off, to let you up onto your knees, looking back at me you ask.

“Oh fuck baby why did you stop?

I reply by again pulling your back into me, breathlessly whispering into your ear, “So we can try this position love,” using no hands to feel for your wet void with the wide end of my slick pole.

You place your hands on my knees to hold yourself as you bring your legs together. I spread my legs wider kneeling behind your incredible body, making myself the perfect seat for you to bounce on, fitting me again perfectly inside yourself as your lean backward against my chest.

Our actions become a languid, fluid-like motion as we slow the pace. You push yourself forward again back in the doggie position with the tip of my cock inside you, pulling me along with your tight engulfing grip. Resting your pussy as I move gently back and forth still savoring every drop of you. 

I pull my thick pole from your honey pot, watching your little gaping hole slowly retract and tighten. Sliding myself back in to feel your renewing grip, pushing in deep, then again slowly pulling out again and again. Each time hearing your exhausted moans as I do.

“Um baby put it back in,” you gasp as I tease around your drenched pussy lips with my head. “Oh please don’t stop, oh just like that… ahhh fuck me, baby,” as I slip back in.

I pull out a final time giving your ass a firm slap to your left cheek noticing a little red hand mark appearing. Hungrily tilting my head, looking over your naked figure on my bed. Deciding how and in which way I want you next, then realizing with a sudden inspiration I say.

“Flip over love,” the words falling from my mouth, and you aptly comply, with a long breath and a beaming smile. 

Rolling over, looking back at me giggling, going over my sweat-covered frame still with that ever-hungry lust in your eyes. Watching as I shake and stroke my cock, rubbing and soaking in your hot sweet sauces. On your back, I look upon you in awe, as you run your fingers up and down, from the tops of your thighs all the way up along your glistening body, and back. Your immaculate tits jiggling as you laugh. Your hands stop at the V between your legs, rubbing, squeezing, and spreading your fingers deep into your juicy cunt.

Your left hand continues up squeezing your breast, tweaking your nipple, still moving up to end at your lips biting the tip of your index finger sucking the nectar off as you watch me, watching you. I move to crawl back into your warm embrace but I’m stopped by your tiny slender foot in my chest and a playful little laugh as you take another look at the state of me. Taking your foot in hand I bring your toes to my lips running my tongue across and between your dainty digits. Pulling your big toe into my mouth for a second to suckle on, as you had just sucked on your finger.

I work my way up to your leg kissing, groping, squeezing, and licking. Until my face can feel the heat of your pussy on my cheeks, smelling the sex, and sweet musk of you. My eyes widening, I dip my tongue and mouth into your warmth and wetness yet again. Lapping and licking like a wild animal never satisfied. Delighting in every warm drop as I did before but with more excitement, laughing into you with every twitch of your body and moan from your mouth.

I continue up stopping briefly at your belly button for a quick tonguing, making my way to your breast jiggling them with my face. Nuzzling my cheeks between them as I look about your tits on my course upward, giving your chest tiny kisses along the way. I bring my body to a stop on top of yours our sweat and juices mix as we slide against each other. Our eyes lock and narrow to slits as we deeply kiss. Allowing our tongues proper time to meet and enjoy each other. Your legs wrap around my waist as I slip my way back into the moist warmth of your tight pussy.

You keep me deep inside you with your legs tightly squeezing, restricting my range of motion. I grind hard not holding back anymore letting my mind and body go as your leg loosen their grip. Trusting and sliding in and out of you. Building and changing the pace, momentum, and depth randomly as I feel you tightening around and drenching my throbbing member.

Your lips in my ear gasp, “ahahhhahhh we…we cum together baby… cum… with… me ohhhhahahahaaaa… I need to taste your cum… I want your cum, give it to me Jake more… more… more… right there oh yes… Fuck Yesss Baby!” You moan loudly into my neck, then biting into the firm flesh of my shoulder. 

Raking your fingers deep into my back, your legs hook around mine, pulling down, your body tenses and quivers. Your pussy explodes in a drenching spray dowsing the both of us, your hot messy oh so delicious cum sprays and spills out of you. Squeezing me out, shiny, and slick with your delicious fluids.

I have no words to reply with, there are none, as my hand instinctively reaches down, grips my shaft, and strokes vigorously against your dripping slit making sure to massage your clit along the way. I pull myself upwards still able to feel your wrapping around my cock, and my hand wrapping around that feeling, just in time to feel my spasmodic release and convulsions of my orgasmic explosion.  

A wave of pulsating muscles from inside detonate ejecting an unpredictable spray of hot sticky cum across your beautiful heaving nakedness, the bulk of which covers the distance of your body and hits just under your nose covering your mouth and chin. Dripping down where the rest lands onto your chest just above your gorgeous round breasts.

Your mouth drops open, as a laugh straight from your belly escapes your smiling lips. “Hahaha… how… haha oh yes… ummm just what I ordered, oh you certainly know how to satisfy your customers… Chef….Jake,” You giggle, Lightly licking at the pearly strands at your lips. 

Slowly indulging yourself, playing in the hot sticky mess we made. You use two fingers to wipe your mouth, leaving a little left to dangle from your chin. You go to lick at your fingers, extending your tongue out before stopping to look coyly at me smiling. Then tilting your hand, raising it just above your extended pink tongue, letting my cum drip down in pearly strands onto it. 

I slide up next to you beaming, dragging my hand as I went, feeling the smooth touch of your warm skin against mine. Mixing and swirling our sex juices as I go. Gathering them on two fingers and bringing them to your mouth. You open up letting me place my digits on your outstretched tongue, where you pulled them in with a quick suck. 

“Ummm… That was wonderful, when is the second seating baby, I wouldn’t mind thirds to be honest.” You say jokingly but with that same look, you gave me from before this whole sensual escapade started.

I say with my nose to your neck just below your ear. “In about half an hour if your patient enough.” I say jokingly, “But don’t you have somewhere to be? Aren’t you on a lunch break or something? Sorry I didn’t ask…”

You press your finger into my lips stopping dead my rambling. “Shhhh… I called in sick today so I could come here… to see you,” you softly whisper.  “I knew exactly what I wanted… but wasn’t exactly sure it’d be on the menu, but you’re a very accommodating host… Jake.” The last said with a beaming little smile. As you push into me for a cuddle. 

My arm once again wraps around your waist, and yours around my arms, pulling in a little tighter. Your ass pushes against my now subsiding wood fitting perfectly there in-between. We hold each other, gently intertwining our hands and fingers. Playfully, carefully, going back over all of the tender spots of each other’s bodies we could reach from where we lay. 

You roll over towards me nodding your head in the direction behind me where you notice the shower through the door saying. “Umm… so do get dirtier before we get clean? or clean up before we get dirty again? 

“Who says we can’t get dirty while we get clean, baby?” I say, moving to push you off. But with a huge smile, you push me back down climbing on top of me straddling my lap saying.

“Oh, the best of both, the best idea,” while connecting again to my eyes, meeting my lips with the kiss of kisses. 

You roll off me, edging off the bed to stand, almost glowing in the light of the room, shaking your ass as you do. gliding towards the bathroom, then looking back you ask.

“Well, are you coming baby?”

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