Moms ladies night

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When I was 12 my mom had a ladies night that turned very weird and it was the night I lost my virginity. It wasn’t normal but it was great.

My mom always had these weird ladies nights at our house once a month, her friends would bring their sons with them and we’d have a big sleep over, there were eight of us this night, all us boys would be upstairs playing on the console and stuffing out faces with sweets and the ladies would be downstairs doing whatever they were doing.

We were never allowed downstairs to see what they were getting up to though, until this night anyway.
Our mom’s called us all down in the front room at about 10pm at night, we were all in our pyjama’s, when we got in to the room all our moms were dressed provocatively and they had sex toys all over the place.


They were all drunk, they told us all to stand around the coffee table, then our mom’s got on the floor behind us all, yanked down all our bottoms and began to jerk on our cocks, it was very uncomfortable having our cocks exposed to everyone, especially our mom’s, but it was like a dream, a good dream.

In the middle of the coffee table was a large round punch bowl filled with alcohol and fruit, our mom’s jerked us all off and made us ejaculate in to the punch bowl, we saw our streams of spunk spinning around and sinking in to the punch as we shot our loads one by one.

Then our mom’s took glasses and filled them with the spunk infused punch from the bowl, then they stood around, clanked their glasses together and shouted, “Cheers.”, then they drunk it all down.

Then one by one our mom’s took one of us upstairs while the rest of us waited downstairs, the boys never came back down but when the mom’s returned they looked sweaty and their hair was all a mess, they were smiling and unsteady on their feet but looking really happy.

I was second to last, Paul’s mom took my hand and lead me upstairs in to my mom’s bedroom, she got me on the bed and took my clothes off, then she undressed, she held my head and pulled it towards her, squashing my face between her boobs.

Then she pushed me down on to my back and started to suck on my cock, it was my first blowjob and the best blowjob, she made my body feel so good, I couldn’t keep still and was moving around, stretching out my arms above my head and grabbing at the pillows behind me as she sucked my cock magnificently.


After a few minutes I always came but she seemed to know and stopped just before I ejaculated, she waited for me to calm down and then she straddled me, pushing my cock between her legs I felt the heat coming off her pussy, then she sat on it and I groaned in ecstasy as my cock slid inside her hole.

She bounced on my cock and fucked my virgin brains out until I eventually ejaculated in to her hole, then she just got up, put her clothes back on, told me to go back to my bedroom and then she left and went back downstairs.

When I got back to my room, which wasn’t easy because my legs were so unsteady and numb, all the other boys that had been taken upstairs before me where sitting on my bed and the floor in silence, no one said a word for ages.

We spent most of the night in silence trying to process what the hell had happened to us that night.
It didn’t happen again though and our mom’s never spoke of it afterwards.

For years afterwards I thought it was a normal thing to happen, like a coming of age thing all moms did with their sons when they reached a certain age…. Until I realised it wasn’t and that they’d actually abused us that night, but I didn’t care, I had a great time.

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