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Mom’s Hidden Urges


This story has an illustrated version.

Chapter 1

Andy and Linda were mother and son, but anyone that did not know them personally would think they were brother and sister. There was twenty year difference in their ages, Andy being 22 and Linda 42, but apart from a few crow’s feet at Linda’s eyes they looked close enough to be siblings. Andy was a strong and handsome boy, standing six foot two and weighting one hundred and eighty pounds. Linda was a large woman at five foot nine, and weighed almost one-fifty-five. She had a large bosom, a well rounded derriere, blond hair, blue eyes and gorgeous skin that seemed to have never been touched by the sun. Linda had been a model in her youth and worked for a clothing manufacturer. She had quit the profession after she met and married her husband. She had not gone back to work until after Andy was born and off to school. When she returned to work she became an elementary school teacher. A few years later she quit work again when her husband died suddenly. She felt that without a father, Andy would need more attention than a child who had both parents. He was all she had left.

Linda had grown up in a family of six and her parents followed an unusually strict moral code. Their views on sex and sexual activity were out of the mainstream. Linda was not allowed to date until she was eighteen, even missing her senior prom. As a result of her strict upbringing she was quite naive as to the ways of the world, especially when it came to sex. She had met and fell in love with her husband the year she graduated from high school and was a virgin when they married. He was a good man, but was not much of a lover. His idea of sex was to turn out the lights and roll over onto Linda and penetrate her until he got his relief, leaving Linda mostly frustrated. Yet, since Linda didn’t know the difference, she did not realize that a woman should receive pleasure too. Yes, she had had orgasms, but they were manually stimulated and few and far between. Whether it was normal sex or masturbation, afterward she always felt dirty; sex was dirty, or so she thought. She lived with mounting sexual frustration and mostly put sexual thoughts out of her mind. Yet, now at 42 years old, her body and mind were betraying her. There was an almost constant feeling of sexual stimulation, which was only briefly satiated when she masturbated.

The increase in her libido had steadily grown over the years, but it seemed to have gone wild a year earlier when she began to have recurring dreams of a sexual nature. She would wake up in such a state of sexual agitation that she had to masturbate to relieve the tension. In the past, a brief masturbation session had satisfied her carnal desires for long periods of time. However, now, it seemed to be happening almost every night. The worst thing about it was that somehow the men in her dreams all seemed to look alike and incredibly had a strange resemblance to her son, Andy. After months of struggling with her carnal thoughts and dreams, she began to wonder if she was going mad. As a result she finally summonsed enough courage to see a psychologist. It didn’t take the female psychologist long to realize that what Linda was experiencing was late stage sexual maturity. She explained to Linda that it was perfectly normal for a healthy woman to have sexual dreams; it was healthy and was occurring now as a result of her repressed sexual development. Of course Linda had not told the doctor that the men in her dreams resembled her 21 year old son. That would have shamed her beyond belief.

The psychologist tried to convince Linda that there was nothing dirty about sex. Yet Linda could not erase beliefs that had been so effectively forged into her brain by her parents. It had taken many years to put them there and talking to a professional was not going to change that over night. The doctor told her that her upbringing and her marriage had served to suppress normal and healthy sexual feelings. She encouraged Linda to date and experience the beauty of sexual relationship. Of course for Linda, dating was out of the question. She wanted Andy to move back home and she didn’t want anything to get in the way of that. Besides, he was the man in her life and she didn’t need anyone else.

It was with this background that the relationship between her and her son began to change. She had begun to wonder how her feelings of suppressed sexual desire had affected her son. She had very few discussions about sexual relationships with him and none she had initiated, so she wasn’t sure how much he knew. Andy had dated several different girls and she had, on several occasions, interrupted him in the mists of some type of sexual activity. While she did not verbally scold him, she let him know by her body language that what he was doing was inappropriate. Now, after discussions with the psychologist, she wondered about the legacy she had forced onto her son. Had she done the exact same thing her parents had done to her? Did he think sex was dirty? Was he sexually repressed like her? And, was he a virgin … at 22? There was no real way for her to find out, or so she thought.

She remembered a conversation that she had had with her son a few years ago when he was 18:

It was a wonderful winter day and she and Andy were sitting by the fire watching the snow trickle by the large picture window. They were holding cups of hot chocolate and were talking about their week when Andy brought up a subject that sent a chill through her. He had been acting strangely for the past week or so and she wondered if something had happened between him and his newest girlfriend. She had not seen Britta in almost a week.

“Mom, can I ask you something?” Andy asked.

“Sure, Sweetheart, you can ask me anything,” Linda answered with a smile.

“Well, I … uh … it is … I mean … uh … it is about … uh sex.”

Linda felt her face flush hot. At the time she thought it was strictly from embarrassment. Later as she thought back about it she realized it was much more than that. Of course she was surprised that her son was asking her about sex at his age. She felt that he was too old to have to have a discussion about the birds and the bees, even if she had been qualified to discuss it, which she was not. Her parents had never discussed sex with her, other then to say it was wrong and dirty. She did not want him to feel that it was dirty, at least after he was married, of course. She took a deep breath and said, “You can still ask me anything … even about … uh sex.”

“Well, Britta and I broke up last week.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, dear,” Linda said. Actually she was not at all sorry to hear that. She didn’t like any of the girls her son had dated. They were just not good enough for him.

“Thanks. It is the reason we broke up that is causing me a problem.” Andy paused, his face suddenly turning red.

Linda was thinking, he probably wanted his girlfriend to give him a hand job and she refused.

“Yes, go on.”

“It is really hard to discuss this, but I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it.” Again Andy paused, gathering his courage. “Mom, Britta wanted me to … to do … uh something and I … well I don’t know … it just seemed dirty.”

“Dirty?” Linda asked, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

“Uh … well, she has done … I mean she has you know … put her mouth on me … down there.”

“OH,” Linda said with surprise. Oh my God, she thought, that little slut. I knew she was a slut the first time I saw her she thought. Her mind was racing now … get a hold on yourself, calm down. “I see,” she said with a calmness that she did not feel. For some strange reason she was feeling a tingling down below, which was highly unusual.

“You see … uh Britta wants me to do the same to her.”

“Oh my God,” Linda blurted and was immediately sorry. “I’m sorry, Sweetheart … I mean … what did you do … I mean you didn’t do that did you?”

“No. But I … I kind of wanted too.”

Suddenly Linda was trembling. She didn’t realize that she was suddenly hugging herself as if she were cold. She had to fight the urge to jump up and run from the room. This was more than she ever expected when she agreed to talk to him about “anything”. She wondered what she was going to do now. If she told him that it was dirty and nasty wouldn’t she be just like her parents? Of course she knew the answer to that. Yet, it WAS dirty and nasty. But why was the thought of such a disgusting act making her heart race and her body tremble. She needed time to think, but had no idea how to end the conversation without embarrassing her son.

“Are you okay, Mom?” Andy asked.

“Uh … yes … so, go on,” Linda said, biting her lip almost till it bled.

“Well, since she had done it to me she said it was only right. I … know from the way guys talk that most of them do it … you know eat their girlfriends.”

“REALLY?” Linda said too loudly, her breath coming in gasps now.

“Yes. They are always talking about how they are eating this girl or that girl.”

She didn’t know what to say so she said, “Eating?’, don’t be crude, Andy.”

“What would you call it then?”

“I don’t know. It just sounds so … so nasty when you say eating it.”

“Well, all the guys say the girls love it and that they cum like crazy when they do it.”

“They do?”

“That is what they say. I was thinking, if all the guys really do it, can it be that dirty or nasty?”

“Well down there is where women … you know, pee and other things.” Linda fought hard to suppress the incredible tingling she was now feeling.

“I’m know, but they swear they do it.”

“Andy, I … uh … I forgot … I have some errands to run … we can continue this conversation later,” Linda said. Suddenly she saw Andy’s shoulder’s slump and his head dropped.

“I’m … sorry … I should have never brought it up.”

Linda felt her heart break. “No, no, Sweetheart. I am glad you did. But I have some things to do. We can continue this conversation at a later time,” she said and suddenly hurried from the room. She knew it was wrong to leave him like this, but she couldn’t stay there for a moment longer. She rushed to her bedroom and closed the door quickly. She leaned back against it, her breath coming in great gasps. Her body was trembling and her private parts were throbbing. With a moan of surrender she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. Then she hurried over to the bed and fell on it. Her fingers went to her pussy and she gasped … the lips were incredibly swollen and juice was literally running from her opening. She opened her pussy lips and found a huge nub of flesh. She had to look down to make sure it was in fact her clitoris … it had always been a tiny thing at the top of her pussy lips … something she had to work to find. Now, it was clearly visible, protruding from the hood, looking like a large fleshy pea. She gasped when she touched it and saw it throb. She touched it again and got the same results. She began to rub it. “Oh God, oh God,” she gasped. It took her but a few seconds before she was climaxing. It was like nothing she had ever felt in her life. Her body went into convulsions and she rolled on the bed as if she were having a fit. The waves of pleasure shot up and down her body, making her toes curl. From somewhere far off she could hear moaning and realized it was coming from her, as one climax blended into another. The pleasure went on for so long she wondered if she were going to expire. She didn’t, but she did pass out.

After that incident Linda never quite looked at Andy in the same way. They never finished the conversation, but nothing overt happened between them until some years later.

Chapter 2

Andy had moved out of Linda’s house when he was 20, but it had been difficult to make ends meet. He had scraped by for two years until he began to have serious financial problems. As a result he asked his mother if he could move back for a while, at least until he was on his feet again. Linda was ecstatic. She had missed him greatly and while he visited often, it wasn’t the same. She said yes and he moved back in immediately. Things quickly slipped back into a routine and their relationship continued as it had before he had left. Andy was the love of her life and she would do anything for him. Yet, she saw the way he looked at her sometimes and it made her uncomfortable. There was a look in his eyes that she didn’t understand … or maybe she did and that was what bothered her. She would see him gazing at her when he didn’t know she was looking.

After Andy had left home two years earlier, Linda had begun to wear less around the house … more comfortable clothes. She did not dress for anyone to see her and therefore the clothes tended to revealed more of her mature curves. Now that Andy was returning she wondered if she should go back to her more modest way of dressing. But she had convinced herself that she was silly. She was twenty years older then him so why would he look at her other than as a mother. She remembered thinking when she was twenty that a man or woman at 40 was way too old to be attractive.

While Linda had put on some weight in the past couple of years since Andy left, she knew she was still attractive, in a full figured mature woman way. She had seen plenty of men give her a second glance. Now, since Andy had moved back in, he seemed to look at her much like those anonymous men. Linda tried to deny the feeling she got when she would catch him looking. But it harkened her back to that time many years ago when he had shared the story about his girlfriend. She had tried to put that out of her mind, but now it was coming back to her. She wished she had finished that conversation. She wondered if he had followed through on his girlfriend’s request to use his mouth on her … “eat” her as he said. Outwardly she still believed that it was nasty, but she could readily remembered her conversation with the doctor, she wondered if she had been wrong. And if it was wrong, why did the thought of it still make her tremble with an unwanted excitement?

There was a strange incident that occurred soon after Andy moved back in that was incredibly embarrassing. It was an unusually warm afternoon and Linda had been used to leaving the doors open all over the house to keep the air flowing, including the bathroom door. One afternoon she was using the bathroom and forgot to close the door. She was sitting on the toilet when she suddenly looked up and saw him standing in the doorway. He was staring between her legs and did not see her looking at him. Linda was too shocked to even say anything for a few moments. In that time she saw a very strange look in his eyes.

“Andy!” Linda almost screamed.

“Oh, sorry, Mom,” Andy said with a red face and he hurried off.

Incredibly after Linda closed the door she sat back down on the toilet and masturbated.

After that Linda tried to keep a level of privacy by making sure the bathroom and the bedroom doors were closed at all times. Yet it was not the last time she masturbated thinking about the incident.

Then, something happened that changed everything. One afternoon Andy came home from work excited. He said a friend had a cabin in the mountains and said that he could use it whenever he wanted.

“Can we go up there for vacation, Mom, please,” he begged.

“A cabin, in the woods? I don’t know, Andy, I am not much for cabins, or the woods.”

“He says it is rustic, but very nice. We could hike and swim in a nearby pond … you know get back to nature. He said there was even a lagoon with a giant waterfall. It would be wonderful, just you and me.”

Linda blushed at his enthusiasm at wanting to be with his mother. She started to say, why don’t you find a friend to go with you, but then stopped. What if he had a female friend that would go with him? She didn’t want him in the mountains with some hussy or slut. After a long and thoughtful pause she said, “I guess we could go for a few days.”

Andy jumped up and hugged his mother. “Wonderful … great. You will love it and it will be a time for just you and me to get to know each other again.”

Suddenly Linda was a bit worried. Just she and him together? Was that a good idea, she wondered. Yet he was so excited and she had already said yes, so it was really too late to change her mind.


Two weeks later Andy and Linda were in a rented Jeep, driving along a winding trail toward the cabin. It was a warm summer day, the leaves shimmered in the gentle breeze and the sky was crystal blue. Linda felt refreshed. Just breathing the fresh mountain air gave her a sense of serenity, something she sorely needed. Maybe this was going to be fun after all, she thought. Yet, while she had tried to put all her concerns behind her, there was still the nagging doubt about being alone with Andy. It seemed crazy because she was alone at home with him all the time. But this seemed so much more intimate. She told herself that he was her son and she was his mother, and it would be good for them to share time together. What could go wrong?

Andy was lost in his own thoughts. He was incredibly excited to be going away with his mother. While he didn’t know anything about how his mother was feeling, he had his own illicit feelings. He of course loved his mother, but it was so much more than that. While he had dated enough, no girl had ever really compared to her. They were always too immature, and way to skinny. His view of beauty in a woman was more … well was more like how his mother looked. He glanced over as he drove. He loved her gorgeous blue eyes and her shoulder length blond hair, which was tied in two pony tails for the trip, and framed her round face creating the image of a much younger woman. He loved how her large breasts bounced as the Jeep hit bumps in the road. He loved the way they jutted out and curved maturely downward without sagging.

It had been a surprise to Andy when his mother came out of the house wearing short shorts, and a tank top without a bra underneath. Not that she needed one. He had also eyed her tight jean short shorts, loving the way they lifted and shaped her well rounded buttocks. One of his many fantasies about his mother was to bury his face between those cheeks and lick and kiss every inch of her. And those nipples, which were as hard as two pearls in a mature oyster, were incredible and made for sucking. He pushed the thought from his mind as he began to get erect. Unlike his mother, however, he had no hang ups about sex. He had enjoyed it with a number of girls since high school, but invariable as he was making love to them, he pictured his mother. He no longer thought about if it was right or wrong to think about his mother this way. As long as no one knew, especially his mother, then what was the harm.

As they moved further into the wilderness, the road turned from pavement to dirt/gravel and the climb grew steeper. They drove across a rickety bridge spanning a rushing river. The rapidly moving water was only a few feet below the surface of the bridge. It was a bit frightening, but invigorating and exciting as well.

“That must be the water fall that my friend talked about,” Andy said, pointing to a large water fall to their left and upward toward the mountain. “So we must be close.”

“Good, my butt is getting sore,” Linda said with a laugh.

I’ll massage it for you Andy thought but did not say.

Linda had not seen a house in several hours and the desolation made her a bit more concerned about what they had gotten themselves into. She had never been camping, nor had she ever wanted to go. Yet she could not refuse Andy, especially since he seemed so excited about the trip. Now, as they moved further and further from civilization she began to feel a bit of regret. But the desolation was not all that was bothering her. She could feel Andy’s eyes on her and regretted that she had not put on a bra. She could feel her breasts bouncing even more as they traveled along the rutted path. The chafing of her top on her nipples made them as hard as rocks … and the stimulation kept sending unwanted tremors down her spine … not to mention the effect his eyes were having on her. It almost felt like he could see

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