Mom was twenty when she had me. I was actually born out of wedlock as they said. My Dad had been planning to marry her but Pearl Harbor happened and he, like a thousand other guys, enlisted right away. She was afraid she’d never see him again and they had sex before he caught the train. As luck would have it, she got pregnant and he died on the USS Lexington. Her very religious family was angry and said she had shamed them. She told them and their religion off and left that small town. She found her way to Kansas City and got a job working as an operator. A lot of women were joining the military or moving to take factory jobs and they needed a switchboard operator. She stayed there doing that job for thirty years. She took early retirement in 1972. Seems she was smart enough to invest and was making a killing at it.

Anyway, my story is that I was always bullied at school. I was skinny and red-headed with freckles and glasses. But Mom treated me like a treasure. She loved and cared for me like I was the most important person in the world. I don’t remember many men in her life, I believe she did date for a while, but she did have a few very close girlfriends. Some of them stayed late into the night. Some of them stayed overnight. One stayed for a week once when Mom was hospitalized. But I knew nothing about sex, let alone lesbianism. Hell, no one talked about it at all.

There was a girl in High School I found I liked… a lot. She was Virginia Maycomb and she was a very pretty brunette. I found myself tutoring her in math. She was friendly when we were alone but standoffish at school. I realized she was unwilling to be seen with me. You know, peer pressure. I was the outcast, the unclean.

This of course dawned on me just when I had the nerve to ask her out. It was Thursday, my eighteenth birthday and I had asked her to go out. Just for burgers and shakes. Instead, I was crushed. I sat in my room and cried. Mom found me and sat on my bed talking to me for a long time. She left the room for a bit and then came back in. She stood facing me with her fists on her hips.

“Okay Lester,” she said in that matter-of-fact, no-nonsense voice. “Let’s deal with this. Head on, just like we’ve dealt with everything else that has come our way.”



“Look, I see you’re pining for a girl who won’t be seen with you. Fine. You don’t need shallow friends. The way I see it, your hormones got stirred up, then abandoned. I know exactly how that feels. So, the real problem is that you’re eighteen now and needing to sow your oats. Well mister, as much as I can sympathize with the yearning, I can’t have you knocking up some girl. Look what happened to me.”


“But nothing! I know it’s 1960 and times have changed, but not that much. Besides, I want you to go to college and if you get a girl pregnant and have to get married, that won’t happen. So we’re left with the fact that you need sex. Safe sex. That means a woman who can’t get pregnant.”

“What? You want me to have sex?”

“Of course! God love you child, but sex is great! Or at least it can be. God gave it to us and with the right person, it is the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience. But listen, to get there, well it takes practice. The first time you have sex is not going to be so great. But once you learn, it will get better and better. And as I see it, as your parent, it is my responsibility to teach you and prepare you for life as an adult. Now, this girl is stupid to let other people influence her opinion of you. But I know for a fact that it’s her loss. So let’s get on with lesson one, kissing.”



Before I could mentally process what she was saying, Mom stepped up to me and put her arms around my neck. She was almost as tall as me in her heels and suddenly I was kissing her full on the lips. Or rather, she was kissing me because I didn’t do much of anything.

“Oh lord, Lester! That won’t do. That won’t do at all!” she said. “Look, close your eyes, think about that girl and kiss me.”

I tried.

“Well, that’s a little better…” Mom sighed. “I know you can do better, much better. You’re just nervous.”

“Of course I’m nervous!” I said, “You’re my Mom! I’m not supposed to be kissing you!”

“Oh, honey!” Mom replied, “Is that what upsets you? Okay, listen close. I am your Mother. I am also your friend, right? And friends help each other. Now, I intend to help you.” She backed up a couple of steps and rested her chin on her knuckles as she thought.


“Well, I’m guessing that you have a lot of built-up sexual tension. I don’t suppose you’ve ever had a release, a sexual release have you?”


“Oh Lester, do you masturbate?”


“Do you play with yourself?”



“To ejaculation?”

“What? No!”

“Oh dear! Well, that could be part of the problem… You have no way to relieve the tension. I guess that’s my fault for not teaching you how. I suppose I just assumed you’d figure it out. Well then, let’s fix that right now. Drop your pants. No. Strip off all of your clothes. Let’s see what you look like. Besides you need to get used to getting naked. Sex is better naked.”

Mom clapped her hands once, loudly. “Go on, strip!”

I was so accustomed to obeying her that I didn’t stop to think about it. A moment later I was standing there naked as she looked me over. Only then did I feel awkward. I hadn’t been naked in front of her in seven or eight years. I automatically covered my groin with both hands.

Mom sighed. “My, you have grown up. When did that happen? You are healthy and normal if a bit skinny… I need to put a few pounds on you. But there is nothing unsightly or unpleasant about you. In fact, I think you look quite nice.”


She stepped closer and moved my hands.

“Oh my!” she said smiling. “You are no longer my little man. You, my son, are grown.”

She touched my penis and it twitched in response. I felt it growing and swelling in her hand. No one had ever touched it, held it before. I watched stunned as my Mom got down on her knees in front of me and examined my growing organ. Her touch was delicate and yet unavoidably arousing. She examined it closely, gently lifting and turning it, softly caressing it and my balls.

“Very nice.Very nice indeed,” she said as she stroked it. Her hands felt so good that I was quickly stiff and hard.

“I’d say it’s a good nine inches. You should be proud. It’s straight, long, and thick. This,” she said still slowly stroking it, “is going to make women very happy. Well, once you learn how to use it.”

Mom continued to stroke it slowly and looked up at me. Our eyes locked and I found myself wondering why I’d never noticed the green flecks in her hazel eyes before. She puckered her lips and kissed the tip. I felt something jolt me. Her mouth opened and she slid it in. Her tongue ran a few circles around my knob then she took it deeper. I felt her tongue on the bottom of the shaft and then she started stroking faster and squeezing tighter. It felt incredible and exhilarating.


“Ohhhhh…” I moaned.

Mom popped it out of her mouth and smiled.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she said as she continued to stroke a little faster. “You can do this whenever you feel the need… or if you want help, you can ask me.”

I felt a sudden warm rush and what felt like an internal explosion of ecstasy throughout my body as I had my first orgasm. My load blew, sending rope after rope of thick spunk shooting out. The first spurt caught Mom in the face as she was talking. The next several splattered her neck and dress.

I was shocked and stared as Mom simply smiled up at me. She licked her lips, wiped her face and licked her fingers, and swallowed.

“Oh my! Lester! That was impressive!” she said as she milked the last drops from my still twitching organ. She licked them up and looked at her dress.


“My goodness what a huge load!” She said as she stood up.

“What happened?” I asked. I felt weak and yet wonderful.

Mom smiled. “You climaxed, you orgasmed, silly. That’s what you do when your cock is stimulated enough by sex or in this case masturbation. This…” she said gesturing at the white ropes covering her dress, “is your semen or spunk. It carries the sperm you make. If you ejaculate like this inside a girl it will likely make her pregnant.”

Of course, it all made sense. All the trivial bits of sexual information I had acquired added up and I finally grasped the concept and saw the big picture, or at least most of it.

“So I have to get my…”

“Cock…” Mom said.


“Inside her? How?”

Mom’s eyebrows rose. “You don’t know?”

I just shook my head. “I’m not sure.”

“Well this dress is soaked and I need to get it off,” she said as she unzipped and stepped out of it. She stood there in front of me and stripped. I could recall seeing her bare breasts before as a small child but now as she dropped her bra I couldn’t help but stare.

Her breasts were full and round and still quite firm (she was only 38) and I would later check her bra to see the tag was 32C. Her areola were a pinkish-tan and her nipples were reddish-pink like the erasers on pencils. I saw she was watching me and she smiled.

“I suppose you’ve never seen a naked woman before,” she said as she stripped off her panties and kicked off her shoes.



“Well here it is,” she said and slowly turned in a circle before me. When she was facing me again she stepped closer and pushed me back to the bed.

“Sit,” she commanded and I did.

She stepped closer and put her right leg on the bed, her crotch in front of my face.

“This is my vulva which guards my vagina, that’s the opening which leads to the womb, and that’s where you put your cock during sex. Here, give me your hand.”

She placed my hand on her and I felt the warmth and the folds of her pussy. She guided me and I felt my finger slipping into a moist opening and as it slid in deeper she gasped.


“I’m supposed to put my… cock inside… here?”

“Yes, the act is very pleasant for both and the result is, hopefully, an orgasm for both of you.”

“But it feels small…”

“It will stretch, and as you arouse your lover with caresses and kisses, her desire causes her to become wet, making it easier. See?”

Mom pulled my hand out and I saw my finger glistening with moisture.

“Smell it,” she said.


I did and found it strangely intriguing. Strong and a bit musky but sweet and pleasant.

“If your lover smells like that, sex is okay. If she smells sour or fishy, call it off, she isn’t clean or healthy.

This all made sense and I sniffed my finger again.

“I think it’s nice…”

Now I looked at Mom’s pussy again and hesitantly touched it. Mom’s hair was a natural dark red she called auburn. The hair on her mound was a bit darker but thinned out closer to her pussy. It felt soft on my skin and my touch seemed to trigger a response as she gasped and almost quivered as my fingers explored her folds, finally finding her vagina again. I slid my finger into her and found her even wetter. Instinct took over and I moved my finger in and out and she moaned a bit under her breath. It felt strange and exciting. I knew this was exceptional, taboo, and wrong in so many ways, yet I was intrigued and curious. I honestly expected her at any moment to end it. I couldn’t believe I was sitting on my bed fingering my naked mother. It all made sense. I understood finally what she was teaching me, showing me, and I understood the gravity of what she was doing. I realized she was allowing me to do what no mother should or would.

I also realized that I had another hard-on and wanted her. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted her to show me, teach me more. I slowly removed my hand and could not help but bring it to my nose and inhale her scent deeply. I sighed. I don’t know why, but I opened my mouth and tasted her fluid. It was sweet and I loved it. I realized what I had done and looked up at her.


Mom was staring at me. Her eyes flicked from my mouth to my cock, to my eyes. She put her foot back on the floor and pushed me back onto the bed. She straddled me on her hands and knees. I felt her breasts against my chest and her fur brushed my cock as she lowered herself onto me. I felt her wetness as she slid her pussy along my shaft a few times. Then she grasped it and guided it into her. She held it there for a moment then pushed. I felt my cock slide into her several inches, only for her to stop and pull back a little. She then pushed down further, paused, and pushed again. Suddenly I was fully and completely buried in her.

It felt fantastic! Nothing had ever felt so good and so right. It was soft, warm, and wet. Mom had her eyes closed while doing this and moaned softly. The whole experience however was too much and I blew my load deep inside of her.

“Oh no!” I gasped.

But Mom didn’t act upset, she seemed pleased in fact.

“Oh god, it feels so good…” she moaned as she sat up and caressed her belly as my cock finished belching my cum.

She rose up and I thought she was going to get off of it but instead she stopped with just the knob inside of her and slowly sank back down.


“Oh god…” I moaned.

“That is such a good cock, Lester. It has been too long since I had a nice big cock inside of me… Too long since I felt a hot load of spunk filling me… Too long…”

She leaned forward again, her tits pressed against me and she stared into my eyes as she rocked her hips up and down on my cock. Faster and faster she went. The room was filled with the sounds of my bed creaking and thumping against the wall, the wet sloppy, squishy sounds from our fluids seeking escape, and our labored breathing. She leaned closer and closer until our lips met. We kissed, far more passionate and for far longer. I loved the taste of her and relished the feel of her lips. My hands caressed her waist and hips. She broke the kiss and slid forward until her breasts were in my face. I kissed them and then began sucking on one. She gasped as I started thrusting in and out. I grasped her hips and held her tightly as my rutting instincts took over and I pounded her pussy harder and harder, faster and faster. She cried out, quite loudly,


I felt her body stiffen and quiver. Her pussy seemed to squeeze my cock tightly and pulsed. And amazingly I blew a third, albeit much smaller load. I relaxed as she trembled for a moment longer then slowly relaxed on top of me.

Now Mom wasn’t big, she had quite a nice trim figure, and I wrapped my arms around her and held her as we fought to catch our breath. Mom began to cry softly. Slowly she slid off of me and lay on my bed. I sat up, worried. But she was smiling at the same time.


After a few minutes, she sat up, reached out for me, and crawled into my lap. She kissed me and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“Thank you, Lester… I needed that. God how I needed that!”

“You mean you’re not upset?”

“God no!” she said. “I needed a good fucking and it’s been ten or twelve years since a man gave me a good orgasm. God, son, I could feel you spurting inside of me! It felt amazing and my orgasm was one of the best I’ve ever had! I’m not upset! I’m thrilled!”

“But what if you get pregnant now?”

Mom smiled, “That can’t happen, honey. Remember when I got sick and stayed in the hospital? Gosh, you were what? Ten? Eleven years old? Well, I got sick because there was something wrong with my womb. The Doctors had to take it out. So I can’t ever get pregnant!”


She stopped with a shocked look on her face. “Oh my god! I think your spunk is leaking!”

She hopped up and wiped her pussy, her hand had a small puddle of spunk and long tendrils running back to her folds.

“Wow!” she said surprised. “That’s never happened before! Well, no one has ever given me so much either… It… feels strange and yet good. I don’t know if I can keep it from leaking out though. My few lovers usually orgasm once and that’s all. You’ve orgasmed in me, what? Three times? That’s incredible!”

She bent over and wiped her messy hand on her soiled dress. When she stood, her eyes locked with mine.

“You must think I’ve lost my mind,” she said. “Well, maybe I have. What we’ve done, no… what I’ve done is wrong. So very wrong. If anyone knew…”

“Yeah,” I said, “But no one does. And I’m not gonna tell. People already think I’m weird. If they knew this? God! I’d die!”


Mom stopped and stepped closer. She bent over and put her hands on my shoulders.

“Lester, No one can ever know we did this. But I don’t want you feeling guilty or embarrassed either. This was special… for both of us. Yes, you needed this, uh education… But sweetheart, I needed this too. I needed a man and you were amazing. Thank you for doing that for me.”

Mom kissed me on the forehead and stood, smiling sweetly, her hands on her hips. I looked her over and for the first time ever, saw her as a woman, not my Mom. She stood 5’8″ and was gifted with an amazing figure. Her bust was 36″, her waist a mere 26″, and her hips 38″ (Later I would learn these measurements, but at this moment I just saw perfection.) Her legs were long and shapely, not skinny. Her skin tone was fair but flawless and her smile seemed suddenly brighter. I recognized that she was not just sexy, but beautiful.

“Mom, you are beautiful!” I blurted out.

“Oh! That’s just because I’m naked!” she replied.

“No! Really. You are a beautiful woman and I don’t know why guys aren’t lining up to take you out all the time.”


“What a sweet thing to say. Thank you.”

She started to turn away but stopped.

“You know… it might have something to do with my not looking for a man too, right?”

“You aren’t?”

She took a couple of steps over towards the door. I realized that I didn’t want her to leave, I didn’t want this magic to end.

“Why not? You said you needed a good fucking…” I said, surprising myself with the casual use of the word.


She stopped and stood there for a moment. She slowly turned and then leaned back against the door frame.

“I’m not sure I can talk about this right now, Lester. I might later… I hadn’t thought about discussing… certain things with you. But now, after this… maybe.”

She turned to go, I threw one more ploy.

“Mom, you forgot your clothes.”

She turned and laughed. “So I did. I guess I’m a little distracted.”

She walked over and bent over to pick them up. She had her back to me and kept her knees straight. This gave me a view of her ass and her pussy. She was close enough I could have touched her. I could even see thin tendrils of spunk hanging from her pussy. Too quickly the moment passed. She gathered her things and started to leave. She paused at the door.


“Lester, what just happened was special. This is not how we’re going to continue. This was a one-time thing. It was wrong… but it was necessary. I don’t regret it, but…”

She left the room.

Dinner was not typical. The TV was on and we listened to Walter Cronkite as we ate in silence. There was no conversation and she seemed to be trying to avoid eye contact. I did my homework while she did the dishes and some ironing. She surprised me by going to bed earlier than normal. She kissed me on the head and was gone. That night I did something unusual. I went to bed naked. I lay there and recalled how it felt to hold her, to kiss her. I got a hard-on and decided to masturbate. It was awkward at first but I managed to reach an orgasm. I was surprised by the amount of spunk and how far it shot. But it also made me feel better. I cleaned up and finally went to sleep.

Friday was weird. I went to school but avoided people. I no longer cared to be accepted or involved. I guess it showed because Steve Babcock, my off-and-on bully stopped me as we were walking home.

“Hey, Les! What’s your problem today? Huh? Why are you dodging everyone? You think you’re better than us because you make all A’s?’ he taunted, “Well I’m sick of it!” he threw a punch which I managed to block with my books.

But somewhere deep inside a switch had been flipped. I realized that I was no longer a kid. I was eighteen, I had a big dick and had fucked a woman. I was not going to take this any longer. I managed to hold onto one book with my left hand. I held this in his face and he angrily batted it aside. My deep windup right punch was already on its way and he never saw it. He dropped instantly, out cold. His friends couldn’t believe it and stood stunned. I fully expected them to jump me but a little old man called out from his front porch.


“Just because a fella ain’t never been violent, don’t mean he ain’t. It just means he never had a reason. Now pick that fella up and take him home.”

I was walking on air when I got home. I was trying to decide how to tell Mom but was surprised to see she was home already. As I passed the ’55 Rambler I could hear the popping noises as the engine cooled. Mom was seated at the dinette and a bottle of Irish Cream sat in front of her. She was drinking in the middle of the afternoon! (Yeah, it wasn’t strong, but mom never drank that I knew of). She pointed to the fridge.

“There’s a six-pack of Dr.Pepper, why don’t you grab one?”

I did, popped the top, and sat down. I waited for her to speak, I realized she needed to talk. After a minute or two, she did.

“Lester, I had trouble sleeping last night. I worried that what we did would curse us or damn us. And it caused me to address… other issues in my life. I told my boss I wasn’t feeling well and came home early. It’s time I told you a few things.”

She took a drink, then continued, “You know I dated a few men when you were younger, but the reason I never married was that… well… I was looking for a man to satisfy my needs, my sexual needs. And I have to admit that I did indeed sleep with several of those men. But sadly none of them were good enough.” She sighed, “To be blunt honey, none of them made me orgasm. Your father made me orgasm several times the night we made love and I wanted that again. It’s addictive I guess. Well, I’d just about given up. It was chancy, what if I’d gotten pregnant? I tried to time it with my cycle so that the chances were slim but still it was risky. I had a friend. Her name was Madison. Madison was quite attractive. Well, one night I was confiding all of my worries to her and she said that maybe I was looking in the wrong place, that maybe I didn’t need a man. She said I could please myself until someday when the right man came along. I said I didn’t know how to do that. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She stripped and I watched as she masturbated in front of me. Watching her orgasm made me hungry for release. She undressed me and helped me. It was so liberating! But I couldn’t quite reach a climax… I was growing frustrated. Then…” Mom took a deep breath before continuing. “Then she helped me. She made me orgasm.”


Mom looked up at me. She was awaiting my reaction but honestly, I was clueless.

“Okay, cool.” I finally said.

“We… touched, kissed, and made love all that night.”

“You can do that?” I asked.

“Yes. Listen, sweetheart, when men love men it is called homosexuality. When women love women it is called lesbianism. I’ve not dated men because I’ve discovered women can please me sexually.”

“But I pleased you yesterday. You orgasmed…”


“Yes, and it was quite a shock to me.” she reached across the table and held my hand. “A very, very pleasant surprise I should say. So while I thought I was lesbian, now it seems I’m not.”

I thought it over for a minute. “Mom, it seems to me you needed her then like you needed me yesterday. It was a matter of who was available.”

“It’s not quite that simple, I was Madison’s lover for a year or so, then moved on. I’ve had and actually still have several girlfriends that I make love to.” She took another drink. “You know or knew them, Carol, Diane, Joyce, and currently Marie.”

I sat there lost in thought. I remembered all of them, especially Marie. All of them had spent late nights or all night. Sometimes Mom would get a babysitter when I was younger and go out with one of them. I tried to picture my Mom and each of them kissing and hugging naked. Surprisingly, it caused my cock to stiffen. I shook myself.

“Okay, so what?”

“Well honey, now that you know about sex, and about me, is it going to be a problem if I spend the night at Marie’s or if she spends the night here?”


I was shocked by the words coming out of my mouth but they escaped before I could stop myself.

“Mom you can have sex with anyone you want to, I just want to be one of them.”

Mom shot to her feet and left the room. I was so angry with myself, I wanted to bang my head on the wall. I finally got up and went to my bedroom. I had only been in there a few minutes when Mom left. When she didn’t return after an hour, I fixed a chicken pot pie and tried watching TV. I guessed she had gone to Marie’s and finally went to bed.

Saturday dawned and I woke up with another hard-on. I had been dreaming about Mom and started to masturbate again. I realized why the guys called it “jacking off”. But at that moment I heard a car door shut outside. I went to my window and glanced out. Our house was a small two-bedroom, one bath at the end of a dead-end road. We didn’t have neighbors very close (which was a good thing with the noise we made the other day, remember, we had no air conditioning and the windows were often open). I saw there was a car in the driveway. It was a white and green Chevy. I recognized it as being Barbara’s, a friend of Mom’s who I realized was not on her list of lovers. I threw on some chinos and a t-shirt.

When I opened the door, Barbara simply pushed past me and walked on in. I closed the door and followed. She was wearing a long trench coat, tied at the waist. Standing in the living room she faced me. She was a loud, bold redhead.

“Les, your Mother and I had an interesting talk last night. Now I understand that I am to give you this letter first and you must read it. No, I don’t have any idea what’s in it.”


I opened the envelope and read,


Trust Barbara, but only so far. Do whatever she says, but DO NOT tell her about Thursday. She thinks you are still a virgin. I love you.


I shoved the letter into my pocket and looked up. Barbara sighed.

“Okay then, your Mother has called in a favor. Understand this though, if you ever breathe a word of this to anyone I will cut your dick off! Got it? Good, now let’s get this over with.”


Barbara untied the coat and let it fall. She wore no dress underneath, only heels, stockings, and a garter belt. Her breasts were bigger than Mom’s, in fact, her waist was a bit thicker and her hips wider. She was an inch shorter but still quite sexy.

“Well?” she barked, “Do you want to fuck me?”


“Then get undressed!”

I stripped and my cock quickly swelled.

“Oh, myyy…” Barbara said as she sat on the sofa. “Come over here,” she beckoned me to stand in front of her and she touched, squeezed, and stroked my stiffening cock. “My, my, my, what a nice cock you have Les. I suppose you know what to do with it?”


“I think so…” I answered and she smiled.

“First, you need to warm me up,” she said as she patted the sofa next to her. I sat and we began to kiss. I still needed lots of practice there and it showed. It only seemed to confirm to her that I was indeed a virgin. She coached me and seemed quite content to make me practice. She let me caress and squeeze her big tits, even allowing me to suck on them a bit. It seemed that she liked it. As I sucked, she whispered in my ear,

“Have you ever heard of cunnilingus?”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You kiss and lick a woman’s pussy. It’s very pleasing to her if you do it right and pleasing for you as well. It’s okay, go on. Try it. I imagine you want to get a close look at a pussy anyway…”

Well, I did want to look at her pussy so as she reclined on the sofa, I knelt on the floor in front of her as she lifted and spread her legs.


Oh my god. Comparing her pussy to Mom’s was a shock. Barbara was a natural redhead and the hair on her pussy was very light and very thin, thus giving me a much better view of her pussy. What I would later discover were labia were thicker, fatter. And her lips were longer and her love button, her clitoris was larger, much larger. Taking Mom’s advice I sniffed and she smelled nice, I followed Barbara’s directions and started kissing her pussy. She continued to talk me through the lesson and I was soon licking her pussy from the bottom to the top. She produced a sweet moisture and I loved it. The taste and the scent were very addictive. I forgot all about wanting to fuck her and stayed where I was. She explained what a clitoris was and how delicate and sensitive it was. I was finally allowed to kiss and lick it. I paid very close attention to what she said and after what seemed like an eternity, she started squeezing her tits and moaned.

“That’s so good, so good… Oh my god boy! Stick your thumb in my pussy! Stick it in! Yes! Now gently suck on my clitty, Not too hard! Lick it! Lick it! Faster! Faster!”

I started flicking the tip of my tongue back and forth across her button and she orgasmed with a long, drawn-out groan.

“Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, huhhhhhh, huhhhhhh, huhhhhhhhhh…. Oh god, oh god oh god…”

I was surprised as well. I of course had no idea you could make a woman climax this way. My cock was a bit limp having become bored when it wasn’t immediately buried in her pussy. I sucked her wetness off of my thumb and smiled innocently.

“How did I do?”


Barbara shook herself and smiled. “You’re a natural! God, the girls are gonna love you! Come here and kiss me you rascal!”

We kissed and she seemed unfazed by the wetness on my face. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and introduced me to French Kissing. She stroked my cock until I was stiff. Okay, it only took a couple of strokes. Then she laid down on the sofa and spread her legs. I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. I started off slow and eased it in as I had with Mom but Barbara grabbed my arms and used her legs to pull us together.

“Don’t be shy! Bury that cock deep! Come on boy! Fuck me!”

We fucked and I came embarrassingly quickly. She didn’t seem to care, simply shoving a tit in my face and urging me on. We fucked off and on for the whole morning. We did it with her on top, she showed me doggie style and we did it standing with me behind her as she bent over the sofa. I loved this position as it allowed me to watch my cock disappearing into her pussy and then emerging, glistening with moisture. She seemed to truly relish everything we did too. She was loud and always either aching me or praising me. I climaxed several times and her pussy was sooo full it was leaking out everywhere. The wild thing was that Barbara didn’t just not care, she reveled in it. She kept up a constant commentary on the feeling of the cum in her or coming out, or the mess it was making. She introduced me to a blow job (or so she believed) and like everything we did, I feigned ignorance, confusion, or surprise. To tell the truth, I was thrilled to try everything she suggested. About the only thing we didn’t do was anal. I didn’t know it was a thing and in 1960 it wasn’t as well known or discussed.

Finally, around noon she proclaimed that we were finished and cleaned up a bit. Donning her trench coat she paused and the door for one last long, deep kiss.

“Well Les, it’s been fun. A lot of fun. Now don’t tell anyone where you learned to fuck and don’t go getting a girl pregnant.”


“So this was a one-time thing?” I asked, “We can’t do it again?”

Barbara smiled and sighed heavily. “Look, Your Mom said you needed to fuck, to lose your virginity and she asked me to do it. Let’s just say I’ve done this a few times so she knew I would be willing. But the fact is, I am married and happy. I don’t need affairs. I just simply love introducing boys to the joys of sex. I’m not worried about my husband finding out because he knows and approves. I’ll go home, we’ll make love and I’ll tell him all about it, I only leave out the names. He then gets to prove to me that, however good this morning was with you, he’s a better lover. That makes him happy. Now, I think you have some cleaning up to do. You don’t want your Mother coming home to this mess, do you?”

She left and I got busy cleaning up. It was late April and the house was open, warm breezes helped to carry away the smell of sex. I was still naked as it simply felt good and daring. I cleaned everything as best I could, still I flipped the sofa cushions over as they were still damp. I was finally finished and was sitting at the table eating lunch when Mom came home around two. I hadn’t heard the car and was surprised when the door opened. She ignored my nudity and looked the house over. After a bit she went into her bedroom. When she emerged she too was naked. She made a sandwich and sat across from me and ate.

“Did you and Barbara have fun?”

“Uhm… yeah, you could say that.”

“Much cleaning up to do?”


“Yeah, a lot actually.”

“I see you flipped the cushions…”

“Yeah, they’re still damp where I washed them.”

“I want to ask if you enjoyed it but I know Barbara. I’m sure you did. I also want to ask if Barbara enjoyed you, but I know from experience that she had to. So I will ask if she has any clue that she wasn’t your first?”

“Nope, I think she believed it. After all, I only got to fuck you once, I fucked her a dozen times or more… yeah it had to be more… She showed me so many ways to do it and taught me cunnyling…ing…”

“Cunnilingus” Mom corrected me.


“Yeah, that. And I made her climax doing it!”

“Oh really?” Mom looked skeptical.

“I think I like that… a lot!”

“Okay, so mister so what was your favorite, uhm, position?”

“Well I really loved it when she bent over the sofa and I stood behind her. She seemed tighter and she was really loving it, really loud, and I could watch my cock… God, this seems so weird talking about this stuff with you.”

“Well Les, it feels weird to me too,” she said. “But so is sitting naked, eating lunch with my naked son. Why are you naked by the way?”


“Oh, I dunno. I was hot, I figured why bother? I finished and realized I was starving. Why are you naked?”

Mom smiled and leaned back in her chair, hands in her lap, tits on full display. “I’m not sure. There have been times, with my girlfriends, that we strip and stay naked for as long as we can. It feels good, liberating, daring. I also wanted to cool off, it’s rather warm today.”

I decided to take a risk. “Do you want to have sex?”

Mom sighed. “Oh Lester, there is nothing I would rather do. But we can’t. You are my son. It’s wrong for us to have sex.”

“But we did.”

“Yes. I have been thinking about that. I realize that I was desperate for sex and saw a chance and took it. It was wrong. I took advantage of you.”


“So what now?” I asked.

Mom got up and said, “We go sit down and talk. Rather I talk and you listen.”

I followed her into the front room, she reclined on the sofa and I sat in the big armchair.

I dashed out on you because I was afraid of giving in and having more sex with you. See I was still very aroused and felt I would give in. I went down to the payphone and called Marie, she told me to come over. She asked what had upset me and of course, I couldn’t tell her the truth. I said that I was feeling aroused when I walked in on you as you were masturbating. I told her I watched you and felt desire for an orgasm and fled lest I do something unnatural.”

She shifted and crossed her legs. “Believe it or not, Marie asked if you had a big cock. I said it was and showed her like this (Mom gestured with her hands), and she shook her head. Lester, she actually asked me if I would fuck you if you weren’t my son. Of course, I said yes. She asked if you were a virgin and of course, I said you were as far as I knew. So then she suggested we call Barbara. I realized this might backfire but thought it would be good for you.”

Mom smiled and stretched.


“Of course I knew it would be good for her too! I’m glad it worked out.”

“What did you mean that it could backfire?”

“Well if you somehow let it slip that we had fucked, or that sex with Barb might make you… uhm… hungrier?”

“Oh! Well, maybe.”

Mom stared up at the ceiling. “Marie and I stripped, bathed together, made love, ate dinner, made love some more… it was wonderful.”

“Tell me about it, please? I want to understand.”


Mom smiled and sighed, “Okay, so Barbara introduced you to cunnilingus. Well, women and do that to each other too. We also use our hands to caress each other. Sometimes we insert a finger or two inside of each other and stroke, sometimes we use a toy. Marie has one made of ivory. It is carved to very closely resemble an erect male organ. When she uses that on me… and then puts her mouth on my pussy… I always climax.”

She looked at me, “It’s usually slower, more gentle than sex with a man, or at least in my experience.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, if you don’t want to have sex with me… Could I do those kinds of things for you? When you want to? And instead of fucking me, you could just use your hands and mouth like the first time…”

Mom started to speak but stopped. I rushed ahead.

“You said you would do it for me if I asked…”

Mom looked surprised. “Oh! I-I suppose I did, didn’t I. Well, that was a mistake… on my part.”


“Why? What do you mean?” I asked.

Mom sighed and rubbed her nose for a moment. She sat up and faced me.

“Look Lester, I want to help you explore your sexuality, to learn and grow, to become an amazing lover for the women who are going to come into your life. My actions the other day were with that goal in mind. I just didn’t expect my boy to have such a nice cock, nor did I expect my desire to so weaken me. I thought I could take it slow and just help you climax. I had no intention of having sex with you. I thought it would be a thrill for you to see a naked woman, I had no idea it would thrill me too. I knew you would get excited to touch and feel a real pussy, but I got too excited myself and lost control. We are not supposed to be naked like this, but here we are. What I should have done is just set you up with Barbara from the get-go, but I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“So, why are we naked?”

“Lester, If you are not comfortable being naked, not comfortable with your body, the way you look, well, you won’t exude the confidence of a good lover. You need to be able to ignore your nudity and in a way, hers. If you focus on meeting her needs, pleasing her rather than pleasing yourself, she will see that and feel appreciated rather than used.”



Mom got up and turned on the television. We sat and watched for a couple of hours. I decided to go take a shower. When I came out, Mom was finishing up a phone call.

“Lester, I know I was out all night, but Marie just called to ask me to come back tonight. She said she had a surprise for me. I didn’t want to go but she insisted. Do you mind?”

“No Mom, go on.”

Mom smiled and went into her bedroom leaving the door open. After freshening up and touching up her makeup, she called out,

“What do you think I should wear?”

I wandered in and decided to have some fun. I looked through her lingerie drawer and handed her a garter belt, some stockings, and a bra and panty set. I paused and put the panties back.


Mom raised an eyebrow and smiled, “No panties?”

“Barbara wore only a garter belt, stockings, and a trenchcoat.”

“Oh my god!” Mom exclaimed. “That woman is so daring!”

As she donned these I went to her closet and looked for a particular dress I liked. I found it and held it out for her. It was a short-sleeved dress, red with tiny white polka dots, a white collar, and white buttons all the way down the front. It fit her nicely, stopping an inch below her knee. I waited until she donned the dress and her heels before stopping her. I unbuttoned the top three buttons then knelt and unbuttoned the bottom three. She looked in the mirror and moved a little, posing. Then she unbuttoned another on the top and bottom as well. This allowed the dress to gap and show off the top of her stockings and some of her chest.

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